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White Heart

White Heart By Sherry Jones White Heart A historical eBook about Blanche the White Queen of France the manipulative mother in law of Marguerite in Sherry Jones s Four Sisters All Queens A woman s power lies in her beauty For years Blanc

  • Title: White Heart
  • Author: Sherry Jones
  • ISBN: 9781451683523
  • Page: 380
  • Format: ebook
  • White Heart By Sherry Jones A historical eBook about Blanche, the White Queen of France, the manipulative mother in law of Marguerite in Sherry Jones s Four Sisters, All Queens.A woman s power lies in her beauty For years, Blanche de Castille, the White Queen of France, has lived by this maxim passed on by her grandmother, El onore d Aquitaine, as she took the girl to marry King Louis VIII When herA historical eBook about Blanche, the White Queen of France, the manipulative mother in law of Marguerite in Sherry Jones s Four Sisters, All Queens.A woman s power lies in her beauty For years, Blanche de Castille, the White Queen of France, has lived by this maxim passed on by her grandmother, El onore d Aquitaine, as she took the girl to marry King Louis VIII When her husband dies unexpectedly, however, Blanche finds that beauty is not enough to hold, and command, a kingdom against usurpers eager to wrest the Crown from her woman s grasp Faced with an English invasion, barons uprisings, and slanderous rumors, Blanche must look within herself for the strength she needs to guard the throne for her young son Her bold response shocks the kingdom and shapes her into the formidable, seemingly heartless mother in law to Marguerite of Provence, wife of King Louis IX Saint Louis and the eldest of the Four Sisters, All Queens in Sherry Jones s forthcoming novel.Includes an excerpt to the upcoming Four Sisters, All Queens, to be published by Gallery Books, May 8, 2012.
    White Heart By Sherry Jones

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    One thought on “White Heart

    1. Amanda on said:

      In this novella prequel to Four Sisters, All Queens, author Sherry Jones tackles the story of Blanche de Castille, the White Queen of France, and mother in law of one of the four sister queens Blanche has built her life on the advice of her grandmother Eleanor of Aquitaine, though she finds that such advice tends to run thin under distress When Blanche s husband, King Louis VIII turns up dead, she must navigate a treacherous court mired in politics and ambition to place her young son on the thro [...]

    2. Erin on said:

      Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I finished Sherry Jones White Heart yesterday and my head is still spinning See, I hadn t planned on revisiting the Capets so soon after reading Sophie Perinot s Sister Queens Not being overly familiar with the family, I had hoped to do a little research of my own before attempting another fictionalized account of their history Oh well, best laid plans right I had never even heard of Blanche prior to reading Sister Queen [...]

    3. Cel Jel on said:

      This is an e book that tells the story of the mother in law of one of the Queens in the book to be released later this year by Sherry Jones From the moment it starts you are caught up with the story of Blanche who came from Castille as a girl, and was married to Louis of France We have the opening scene where she is proving to the court that she is not pregnant by another man, not her husband, for if she was, she would have committed treason It is an amazing scene, with colour used to reinforce [...]

    4. Amy Bruno on said:

      After the death of her husband, King Louis VIII of France, Blanche of Castille is distraught by grief over the loss of her love, but knows she must remain strong and prepare for the battle that s to come to retain control of the crown for her young son Against the odds and a multitude of enemies, both home and abroad, who have no intention of being ruled by a women or a young boy, Blanche prevails over her foes by relying on her courage, strength, passion and cunning She truly exudes the traits [...]

    5. Jemidar on said:

      Readable long short story about Blanche of Castile, mother of Louis IX of France who later became known as Saint Louis I believe this serves a prequel of sorts to Jones recently released novel, Four Sisters, All Queens but IMO it can be read as a stand alone.

    6. David Ebsworth on said:

      I ve read a few novellas but ONLY a few in the past, and enjoyed none of them But this story of Blanche de Castille, recently widowed following the untimely death of Louis VIII, is compelling Not only must she protect her son against growing numbers of jealous enemies, but she must also fulfil her own ambition to retain the crown of France Stunning prequel Congratulations, Sherry

    7. Erin Al-Mehairi on said:

      Awesome insight into why this woman became her legendary figure Must read Here is my full review of White Heart and Four Sisters, All Queens on my blog at the link hookofabook.wordpress 2012Review of White Heart White Heart, prequel to Four Sisters, All Queens, is Jones novella about Blanche of Castile, the notorious B itch of a mother of Louis IX, who ran France after the death of her husband and put her son on the throne, while managing to wield her political power and strong arm every man in [...]

    8. Kathleen on said:

      The White Heart was the prequel to a book I already read and immensely enjoyed, Four Sisters All Queens by Sherry Jones This wonderful interpretation of four sisters of 13th century Provence was entrancing and superbly researched The author loved each of these sisters and brought them to life in these pages in an admirable and scholarly fashion.Marguerite, Queen of France, Eleonore, Queen of England, Sanchia, Queen of Germany and Beatrice, Queen of Sicily are sisters of the royal family of Prove [...]

    9. Arleigh on said:

      This short novel, based on Jones s character of The White Queen , Blanche of Castile, is a companion to her full length novel, Four Sisters, All Queens With a tight grip on her son, King Louis IX, Blanche alienates her daughter in law, Margaret of Provence, and has the reader wondering why her young husband allowed his mother to rule beside him.This intimate view into the year after the death of Blanche s husband, King Louis VIII, gives us a glimpse into her persona her strengths and weaknesses [...]

    10. Bethany on said:

      Blanche de Castille, known for her beauty, uses her beauty, but perhaps it is that beauty that gets her husband, King Louis VIII, killed, leaving her with a spoiled son who is too young to rule with confidence I liked the queen, her spirit and fight This novella seems to be driven by a need to know what comes before, a prequel to Four Sisters, All Queens Because I love historical novels, I enjoyed being transported to France in 1226 and hobnobbing with Queens and Royal Courts I knew before I sta [...]

    11. Aubrie Dionne on said:

      Engrossing Political IntrigueBlanche de Castille is the White Queen of France, using her beauty for power Little does she know the very beauty she flaunts inspires a traitor to poison the King, and by her own vanity, she loses her first love forever Now she must defend her young son s throne and herself against suitors that would steal it under her nose White Heart flows like beautiful music, every sentence crafted in a smooth lyrical tone that entranced me as I read I was so impressed with how [...]

    12. Erin Germain on said:

      This was a very short, very quick read that was really of a companion piece to Jones Four Sisters, All Queens novel, which I read last year I wish I d known about it at the time, because I think reading it before Four Sisters would have given me a little understanding of Blanche, but it also works on its own A quick look into her head upon the death of her husband and how she held France together for her young son It s easy to forget how difficult it was for women in the past The occasional ma [...]

    13. Jennifer on said:

      This was a great short story about Blanche of Castille grand daughter to Eleanor of Aquitaine and just as remarkable a woman I found it very interesting to read words that were penned as if from Blanche s perspective, as she was portrated as a bit of a villian in Four Sisters, All Queens and also in Sophie Perinot s Sister Queens It was a refreshing change to see Blanche behind close doors as it were, rather than through the eyes of her daughter in law, Margueritte.In very few pages the author w [...]

    14. Rebecca Hill on said:

      This was an interesting read It puts Blanche of Castille into a new light, one of unforgiving steadfastness and interest only in holding the kingdom together for her young son after her husband dies She was truly a force to be reckoned with It was a quick read as well, it took me about four hours to read through the entire book.Her life was truly interesting, she was determined to prove that she was not just a weak woman, but one who was capable of other and better things She held fast and was a [...]

    15. Meg - A Bookish Affair on said:

      This short novella is a prequel to Sherry Jones Four Sisters All Queens It covers Blanche of Castile, who becomes the mother in law to Marguerite, one of the Four Sister Queens, who marries her son, Louis and becomes Queen of France Blanche of Castile is not my favorite character in history She was kind of a mean person, especially to her daughter in law She was uber religious and took it to quite the extreme and passed that on to her son, Louis.Even though this book did not make me like her any [...]

    16. AllisonMacias on said:

      Blanche of Castile is a woman used to power Granddaughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Blanche learned much at the knee of her grandmother When she is widowed, she learns that a woman s power doesn t always lie in her beauty as her Grandmother taught her Blanche must prove her pure heart and fight for the throne of France Her cunning nature and her determination make her a formidable force as she fights for the Crown of France.Jones balances Blanche s strengths against her foe s weaknesses Readers w [...]

    17. Bella on said:

      Given that it is my first time reading anything by Sherry Jones I have to say that I am impress with her writing prose She has a great story line with a strong female character and excellent attention to details Her vocabulary is captivating The only one thing that kept turning me off was the constant use of God in almost every other sentence As a christian I find it somewhat irritating to see the name of God used so lightly You might think me silly for saying it but that s how it is for me I fe [...]

    18. Miss Melly on said:

      A very short account of Blanche of Castille, who became Queen of France when she married the ultimate mummy s boy , Louis VIII.Blanche eventually gives birth to the insanely devout Louis IX, and rules France in his name.One of history s strongest women and much than just the evil mother in law to Marguerite from Provence.A great taster that leaves you wanting to know much about this strong and beautiful woman.Her story continues in Four Sisters, All Queens where she fulfills her role as the mo [...]

    19. Stacey on said:

      A short little novella that serves as a prequel to Four Sisters, All Queens It was interesting to read about a historical figure and the period that I haven t read before As is the case with most short stories or novellas, it just wasn t long enough for character development but it did pique my interest about the time period I look forward to reading Four Sisters, All Queens

    20. Alice on said:

      I am concurrently reading 4 sisters and finished the short story White Heart Sherry Jones makes Blanche of Castille a compelling AND unlikable character much as Phillipa Gregory did the same with Margaret Beaufort of Lancaster.This is hard for an author to do especially from a first person POV There were disturbing aspects of this story that were found in the Four Sisters novel That would be Queen Blanche s relationship to he son, the Dauphin.It would have been good to have Blanche s POV of Marg [...]

    21. Angie on said:

      For a novella length book, I thought this was great I love historical fiction, and the author is able to get us into the heart and mind of the main character, Blanche, very easily which is hard to do in a short book I am very excited to try other works by her Re read 3 28 13 after finishing Four sisters, all queens It s still good

    22. Janet Richards on said:

      A very quick read about Blanche, a newly widowed queen of France It starts off in a provocative manner and takes you through a year of her life trying to protect her young son as a Queen mother in a man s world.I read this before starting the longer book about Blanche s daughter in law and her sisters Four Sisters, All Queens After reading, I m looking forward to the longer book.

    23. Darlene Williams on said:

      Read my complete review at darleneelizabethwilliamsauthor

    24. Mary Alaga on said:

      Short and sweet Read it in a day Interesting writing style that makes you think through each sentence I ll put her next book, Four Sisters, All Queens, on my To read shelf.

    25. Carole Rae on said:

      Like earlier stated this is a short story it s going to be rather short It was about 100 pages, so things are going to happen quickly.First offI simply LOVED how this book started Normally people in power ignore rumors or just say its not true and brush it off However, Queen Blanche takes it a step further to prove her innocence Took a lot of courage to pretty much strip naked in front of the court and those tongue wagglers Tsk on them From page one I realized I really liked Queen Blanche Throug [...]

    26. Morgan Dhu on said:

      The novella White Heart, by Sherry Jones, is intended as a prequel to her novel Four Sisters, All Queens Its focus is Blanche of Castile, grand daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine, daughter of Alfonso VIII, king of Castile, and Eleanor of England, wife of Louis VIII of France, mother and regent of Louis IX and a significant character in the novel, as one of the sisters is her son s wife.Unfortunately, the novella did not impress me Covering the period just after the death of her husband, with occas [...]

    27. Erin on said:

      Sherry Jones has a knack for writing compelling stories about women of royal blood In this prequel to Four Sisters, All Queens, Jones explores the life of Blanche of Castille, who as Queen of France will eventually become the mother in law to one of the sisters, Marguerite Like her grandmother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Blanche is a determined woman who is not going to back down from a fight The story takes place after Blanche has learned that her husband Louis is dead, and their 13 year old son tak [...]

    28. Lenora Good on said:

      I expected a novel, not a short story, in that regard, I was sorely disappointed It was a great read, just too short And, I do want , so will pick up Four Sisters, All Queens.European history is not my most favorite reading I tend toward Asian histories so it was a switch for me to read this story of Blanche of Castille and how she wrested control of France after her husband s death for her son, the 9th Louis, and managed to keep it.If you re looking for a novel, don t pick it up If you re looki [...]

    29. Kristen on said:

      I didn t know anything about Blanche before reading this novella but by the time it was done, I cared about her and her son and honestly wished it was longer so I could find out about what happened to her.

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