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Writer By Erec Stebbins Writer From hatred Love From many One A scifi epic about the tragic destiny of profoundly star crossed lovers with a galaxy s fate in their hands Speculative fiction with time travel metaphysical mysterie

  • Title: Writer
  • Author: Erec Stebbins
  • ISBN: 9780986057
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Writer By Erec Stebbins From hatred, Love From many, One A scifi epic about the tragic destiny of profoundly star crossed lovers with a galaxy s fate in their hands Speculative fiction with time travel, metaphysical mysteries, action, adventure, cosmology, cybernetics, religion, and romance A work of literary fiction that transcends its genre Read this novel Immediately Portland Book RevFrom hatred, Love From many, One A scifi epic about the tragic destiny of profoundly star crossed lovers with a galaxy s fate in their hands Speculative fiction with time travel, metaphysical mysteries, action, adventure, cosmology, cybernetics, religion, and romance A work of literary fiction that transcends its genre Read this novel Immediately Portland Book Review Deeply thoughtful and exciting, warping the expectations of the genre It stays fun while plumbing unexpected depths, and reminds me of Dan Simmons Hyperion and Endymion, though approachable San Francisco Book Review Stebbins s trilogy remains both fascinating and unpredictable WRITER possesses all of the style, elegance, and tension that made READER gripping Those who loved the first book will find themselves enraptured by the second, which secures a ready audience for what will surely be a stunning conclusion ForeWord Clarion Reviews Anticipate trips through time and space, wrenching separations and confrontations that will test the lovers bond to each other and to their world be prepared for another epic story that turns on a dime and leaves its ending open for yet added attractions later Midwest Book Review
    Writer By Erec Stebbins

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      171 Erec Stebbins

    One thought on “Writer

    1. Ann Gilbertson on said:

      MehI m disappointed I thought the first book was innovative and creative This one just seemed like a techno soap opera More drama than a junior high school dance, and about as deep I was bored by the end I also was struck by the lack of concern about anything other than humanoid consciousness there are a few other species on this planet, ya know I have no interest whatsoever in reading the third book I could barely get through this one Bleah.

    2. Dianne on said:

      Deeply intricate and powerfully intense, Writer by Erec Stebbins once again showcases his ability to create new worlds, as he shares what he imagines with his readers Humans, as well as alien races, struggle for power and the control of Ambra Dawn, whose powers can make the winner nearly omnipotent She is the ultimate prize, this girl whose appearance is flawed by a huge brain tumor that gives her incredible god like abilities to shift through time and space may be the one being who can end the [...]

    3. Richard Bunning on said:

      Stebbins has done it again He has created a wonderful sequel to your marvellous Reader I suggest reading in order, though that isn t vital However, doing so will help you understand and empathise with the expanding vision that is the mind of Ambra Dawn I sure this book stands alone, but there is a definite downsides to the lack of story revision All authors of book series have the same impossible problem of balancing back story and progress that can never satisfy all readers This is a second vis [...]

    4. Lynelle Clark on said:

      I received the book from the author for an honest review I really loved these books The author s absolute flair with words as he painted the love between the two main characters, Ambra Dawn, and Captain Nitin Ratava, with so much depth and passion that you feel like a third person most of the time when they met As if you are invading their privacy I have never read a science fiction book with this much romance in it that it really grasps your attention all through its pages The turmoil of their [...]

    5. Teresa Vogt on said:

      Can the Universe and Earth stand another fight with the Dram, and the cloned Ambra s made from her eggs This review is from Writer Daughter of Time Book 2 Kindle Edition Erec Stebbins once again takes you on an emotional roller coaster in this second part of his Daughter Of Time trilogy Ambra Dawn has lived and been glorified as the savior of Earth Yet once again the Dram the race that abducted and abused her so horribly in the first book is back, with a race of Anti, Chaos beings The stolen egg [...]

    6. Norm Hamilton on said:

      Extraordinary Literary DescriptionsIn this second installment of the Daughter of Time series, author Erec Stebbins continues the saga of Ambra Dawn, The Daughter of Time.This is a tale of survival and cooperation between species and races, an account of hatred, vengeance and annihilation But woven throughout is a remarkable love story.The Dram and their allies, the Anti, created the ultimate weapon to use against the Daughter of Time one she would never suspect one that could not fail Can the co [...]

    7. Bob Clarkson on said:

      After I read the book, I read the reviews It was immediately apparent you really liked the book 4or 5 stars or you hated it 1 star.This book, the second in the series, was much complex than book one It changed focus from the individual into a projected many It did a good job in the authors dimension and required the reader to stretch his her mind to understand several of the concepts.I don t personnally buy into the theory that a group mind is what our ultimate goal is, but it is a fairly commo [...]

    8. Julie on said:

      I really enjoyed Reader and expected Writer to be of the same.Writer is in a way a continuation of Reader Yet it is completely different as it is from the perspective of Ambra Dawn s lover, Nitin As a love story it is okay As a novel it is not particularly engaging If I say that I like watercolours and Reader was a watercolour Then Writer was an overworked oil painting It was too heavy and intense in the way it was presented and I found myself skipping bits to move the story along I wanted to k [...]

    9. Bookman on said:

      I received this book for free through First Reads.Writer is the second book in the Daughter of Time series The point of view has changed from Ambra Book 1 to Nitin Ratava Book 2 , who is Ambra s prophesied love interest I thought the book was well written, though perhaps with a bit too much foreshadowing I enjoyed the combat sequences, some of which reminded me of something David Drake would write Daughter of Time has been a solid series so far, I am interested to see what the third book will br [...]

    10. Gretchen Fatouros on said:

      Book 2 is a bit confusing to start because it goes from book 1, where Ambra Dawn narrated to book 2 narrated by someone else, who you find is writing 200 years after the 1st bookThis is a very unusual series I am not sure how to explain it to say whether you would enjoy it or not Sort of like how do you explain the Sixth Sense before someone sees it Some how I find myself thinking in lines of the Matrix movies There is no other way to describe this book and the previous one without experiencing [...]

    11. Ken Rideout on said:

      A series that keeps getting better can t wait for the third book Love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter The book is like several of the quotes a cross between Olaf Stapledon and Carl Sagan We are the Universe s way of knowing itself

    12. Dawn Lennox on said:

      Good story, different from the first book and continued the plot from the first book Definitely for me, reading the first book helped to enhance the story of Ambra Dawn, and what is needed for her to survive.

    13. Siva Kumar S A on said:

      Amazing continuation of series Has some vivid imagination that is unlike anything that I have read.

    14. Laurel on said:

      I absolutely loved the first book in this trilogy, but the second book has disappointed me across the board I won t be finishing this series, and cannot recommend it.

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