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Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth

Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth By Ed Gray Left in the Wind A Novel of the Lost Colony The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth In the men women and children of the Lost Colony were abandoned by their governor on what is now Roanoke Island North Carolina and never heard from again In this fictional journal Emme

  • Title: Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth
  • Author: Ed Gray
  • ISBN: 9781681771267
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth By Ed Gray In 1587, the 118 men, women, and children of the Lost Colony were abandoned by their governor on what is now Roanoke Island, North Carolina, and never heard from again.In this fictional journal, Emme Merrimoth one of the actual colonists of Roanoke recounts the harrowing journey that brought the colonists to the New World During the voyage, Emme becomes involved with GoIn 1587, the 118 men, women, and children of the Lost Colony were abandoned by their governor on what is now Roanoke Island, North Carolina, and never heard from again.In this fictional journal, Emme Merrimoth one of the actual colonists of Roanoke recounts the harrowing journey that brought the colonists to the New World During the voyage, Emme becomes involved with Governor John White, who reassigns her to his household and then asks her to marry him With no better prospects and happy to be free of her bland former employers, Emme agrees.Once on Roanoke, the colonist restore the village abandoned by former English settlers and realize, when faced with hostile natives, that they have been misled by White White plots to return to England to avoid the hardship of the New World, and he and his supporters drive a hard bargain with the colonists they will send back much needed supplies from England if they allow White to flee without interference Faced with little choice, the colonists agree, and are left to fare on their own.Emme, due to a scandalous past, is accused of witchcraft, shunned by the colonists, and enslaved by a nearby tribe But throughout these dramatic turn of events, Emme commits herself to putting down on paper her every memory of the Lost Colony.
    Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth By Ed Gray

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    • ↠ Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth Ì Ed Gray
      416 Ed Gray

    One thought on “Left in the Wind: A Novel of the Lost Colony: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth

    1. Leah on said:

      Yeah, this was not the book for me I wanted a historical fiction novel about Roanoke What I got was essentially 1580s New World erotica The MC sleeps with 4 men throughout the novel, is nearly raped by 2 , and references her past as a prostitute it s never directly stated, but she talks about entertaining members of a Mason guild Naturally Emme is gorgeous and has ridiculously big boobs that make all the men White and Native American want her Especially once she begins mingling with the Croatoan [...]

    2. Erin on said:

      Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I wish I d read the reviews of Ed Gray s Left in the Wind A Novel of the Lost Colony The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth before picking it up Gray s thesis is intriguing, but his presentation isn t the kind I appreciate and the creative license exercised by the author has forever tainted my interest in the early settlement I know that sounds dramatic, but it s true I ll never be able to think of John White or Ananias Dare the same way again.M [...]

    3. Sandra Guerfi on said:

      I received this an an ARC from the publisher but the review is my own.This was for me a very frustrating read I liked the concept of one of the original settlers of Roanoke having written a journal of her journey from England there it s founding and ultimately, its failure History has left us with many questions as to what happened to this lost colony and what might have been the reason for it being left to fade into the annals of time Even to this day with prestigious names such as Raleigh atta [...]

    4. Alicea on said:

      The book in today s post was generously sent to me by Pegasus Books There are some publishers that totally get the kind of books that I like and Pegasus is right at the top of the list They sent me a copy of A Novel of the Lost Colony, Left in the Wind The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth by Ed Gray which comes out on May 2nd of this year It s a historical fiction book about the English that attempted to colonize Roanoke at the end of the 16th centuryd were never heard from again Gray took that [...]

    5. Penmouse on said:

      I tried very hard to like Left in the Wind A Novel of the Lost Colony The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth by Ed Gray Sadly, the author lost my interest at the very start of his book as his book is inaccurate and the main character is depicted as a promiscuous woman To start with the author has the character, Emme Merrimoth, working as a servant for a couple who plan to emigrate to the New World Merrimoth was supposed to work as a midwife and wet nurse for the couple after their baby was born i [...]

    6. Holly Weiss on said:

      I thank Pegasus Publishing for sending me an ARC.Great fascination filled me as opened the pages of a story of the lost colony of Roanoke Very little is known about these intrepid people and their fate What a wonderful opportunity to create a fictional story I really wanted to love this book.The book is formatted as a journal by a widow, Emmie, young, beautiful, and well endowed Tell us about her character, you may say My thoughts matched those as I read The story was lean on substance, althoug [...]

    7. MaryannC.Book Fiend on said:

      Fascinated by this story of the Lost colony of Roanoke, haunting as well because we will never know what became of them.

    8. Melissa on said:

      I chose this as my read historical fiction set before 1900 Read Harder , but it s really historical fantasy and the fact that it was a poor choice is my fault The historical part 1 In 1585 6 an English colony was set down at Roanoke, the fleet left to get supplies, there was an attack by peoples of the First Nations which was repelled.2 In 1586 Sir Francis Drake happened by and collected those that wanted to return to England with him With them they also brought the following potatoes, tobacco, [...]

    9. Gary Close on said:

      We are, all of us, caught up in the chaos of our times seemingly in control of our destinies but not And European settlement of the New World was a gritty affair, the summation of all the desires and hopes of a people crammed in the Old World but willing to chance everything on the edge of another Thrown into this mix is the character Emme Merrimoth who must make her way through the ambition of a fledgling British Empire complicated by the personal desires of the colonists themselves including E [...]

    10. Thebooktrail on said:

      This has to be one of the most interesting and fascinating novels I ve read in a long while The story of the Lost Colony is apparently very familiar to most Americans but elsewhere, less so I don t know why as you would think people going missing en masse would raise an eyebrow or two There are than a few historical links to the British as well.It was a late 16th century attempt by none other than Queen Elizabeth I to establish a permanent English settlement and was even founded by Sir Walter R [...]

    11. Judy on said:

      After visiting Roanoke island and the site of the lost colony several years ago, I read a short history of what some think happened there I wanted to read something about the settlement in the historical fiction genre This is the first book I ve tried, and it was somewhat lacking Emme Merrimoth is the main character a fictitious person because there is a list of all the colonist who went to live on Roanoke That didn t bother me, but several things about her didn t ring true with me First she was [...]

    12. Merilee on said:

      so, I almost didnt read this thinking it wouldnt be my type of book But, I m trying to branch out from my YA books, and this was on a Check It Out list from my local library, so I gave it a shot i surprised myself by actually liking it I dodnt LOVE it, but I was pleasantly surprised i have always been fascinated by Roanoke, and this idea of what could have happened really sparked my interest i enjoyed Emme, as she was kind of a bad ass i would reccommend it to anyone who likes historical fiction [...]

    13. Katie McGuire on said:

      My first acquisition for Pegasus I hope you all love LEFT IN THE WIND and the clever Emme as much as I do

    14. Stephanie on said:

      This was a disappointment The main character, widow Emme Merrimoth, is meant to be an independent thinker, a voice of reason among colonists who are depicted as being pretty clueless But Emme s story involves being passed among four men over the course of the story, and having her ample bosom leered at by countless others In all of her sexual encounters, none of which she initiates, she s depicted as initially resistant, then giving in to her secret physical passion Another reviewer called this [...]

    15. Roni Jennings on said:

      This is an historical fiction account of the Roanoke Colony as written in the fictional journal of an actual member of the colony Emme Merrimoth and her journal give us a glimpse into the politics and the relationships within the colony She also writes about the native peoples Manteo, Wanchese, Skiko and others individuals as well as their tribes.Intrigue, sometimes thrilling, sometimes court like The manner in which each of the characters depended on a collective of others for safety and surviv [...]

    16. Marilee Steffen on said:

      The Lost Colony of 1587 mystery has never been solved One hundred eighteen men, women, and children were abandoned on Roanoke Island, North Carolina by their governor who went back to England and did not return for 3 years When he did the colony had vanished The fictional story of what happened to the colony is narrated, in her personal journal, by Emme Merrimoth, who actually was a member of the colony.

    17. Jennifer on said:

      Quick read, but very bizarre The whole reason for Emme going to the New World was to be a midwife wetnurse for her boss family, but she has no midwife experience, and considering she isn t pregnant mother to a baby at the time, the wet nurse thing seems pretty farfetched as well.Beyond that, the plot is just very we do this, and then this happens, then this Just seemed repetitive Wouldn t recommend.

    18. Dorothy Hodder on said:

      This imagined version of what might have happened to the Lost Colony has a sort of 16th century House of Cards flavor, with sex, power plays, backstabbing, and sex It s a fast read with a plot that s creative if not completely plausible Narrator Emme Merrimoth is bright, pragmatic, feisty, and likable enough, but her journal is a particularly implausible literary device.

    19. Ronald Aylward on said:

      Portrays what it might have been like as a immigrant coming to the United States and settling in Roanoke.

    20. Jamie on said:

      I really wanted to like this book, as the first chapter grabbed my attention with details of the colonists of the Roanoke colony going mad from fears of neighboring Indian attacks But as soon as the main character Emme Merrimoth goes back in time to describe how everything got started it went downhill frighteningly quickly A lack of reasonable motivation on the part of the characters was my biggest problem with the book In the first instance, Emme apparently traipses off to the New World just be [...]

    21. Marybeth Quattrone hueter on said:

      Finally An historical fiction I THOUGHT I could enjoy Until almost immediately the main character is described as a well endowed blonde who enjoys sexual interludes Ruined it, even though I liked the author s writing style A blonde with a large bosom cliche.

    22. karen on said:

      Not too awful, kept me interested enough in what little I could glean from the conjectured history t finish the book, especially accounts of the first People I was not as enad with the depiction of the protagonist, Emme found her actions and attitudes to be fairly unrealistic and contradictory to what was conventional behavior of women of that time period Also, way too much foreshadowing.

    23. Dale on said:

      Left in the Wind The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth by Ed GrayMy thanks to Katie McGuire at Pegasus Books for my hardcover review copy of this book You are backing another winner To any child in American Schools the story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, NC is a familiar one On July 22, 1587, 115 colonists under the command of Governor John White, appointed by Sir Walter Raleigh landed on Roanoke Island.Although there had been a garrison of 107 soldier under command of Ralph Lane left on [...]

    24. Mary Czarnecki on said:

      This was fascinating I never really thought much abt the lost colony of Roanoke, but there are several theories abt what happened there This is a fictional memoir her real name was on the manifest written by a member of the colonists, a single woman named Emme Merrimoth who has outlived 2 husbands is maybe in the market for another She comes along in 1587 on the rough voyage to the new world as servant nursemaid to a couple expecting a baby, Gov John White s daughter husband, the Dares Even the [...]

    25. Peggy Geiger on said:

      Genre Literature FictionHistoricalBiographicalMysteryQueen Elizabeth I of England attempted to permanently colonize the New World in 1587 by sending 115 men, women and children to Roanoke Island This story is a fictionalized account of Puritan journalist, widow Emme Merrimoth, based on historical fact The tiny doomed colony, under governor John White, ultimately failed and disappeared into history The only clue to the whereabouts of the settlers was the word Croatoan found carved on a post.When [...]

    26. Ashley on said:

      I received this as an ARC from NetGalley I have to say that I did like the way the author introduced the story by stating that this was a work of fiction and it should be read that way I know for me and I am sure many others it is hard to read historical fiction books, especially ones that have been covered numerous times, to separate the fiction from the facts It was a good disclaimer to start the book and I had to keep reminding myself of this as I read the book I felt that the story moved rat [...]

    27. Sarah-Hope on said:

      One might think that by now the tale of the lost colony of Roanoke had been done to death, but one would be wrong Ed Gray s Left in the Wind is a solid addition to the fictional explorations of this colony s doomed history.In this version of the story the expedition s leader, Governor John White, realizing the project is failing, abandons the colonists and sails to England, claiming he is going to secure additional supplies Meanwhile, the colonists face Indian tribes of varying levels of hostili [...]

    28. Kat LeMaster on said:

      This is a fictional novel about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, per title In this take on history, we see events unfold from the eyes of twice windowed Emme Merrimoth She is a bit loose my 1500 s style and finds herself at times an outcast because of her promiscuous ways After a failed colony from England, another is sent Because of a disagreement between governor, John White, and captain, they end up in a different location than originally planned.John White turns out to be power hungry and ends up [...]

    29. Holly Ites on said:

      This could have been an engrossing story However, Ed Gray doesn t even try to make it interesting, choosing instead to adopt the style of Danielle Steele and create a narrative that bears little resemblance to anything factual about the intrepid colonists of North Carolina, other than using the names of actual people The heroine of the story, Emme Merrimoth, sounds like a free love flower child of the 1960s rather than a God fearing woman of the 1600s, as she shamelessly moves from man to man w [...]

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