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Immortal Destiny

Immortal Destiny By Aiden James Immortal Destiny In this third installment of The Judas Chronicles William Barrow AKA Judas Iscariot is faced with recovering the silver coin he dreads above all others Known as the Singing Coin among the ancients t

  • Title: Immortal Destiny
  • Author: Aiden James
  • ISBN: 9781512166514
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • Immortal Destiny By Aiden James In this third installment of The Judas Chronicles, William Barrow AKA Judas Iscariot is faced with recovering the silver coin he dreads above all others Known as the Singing Coin among the ancients, this shekel was originally lost long agoon the very night of Jesus Christ s arrest in Jerusalem Hoping to save it for last, until after the other twenty nine coins areIn this third installment of The Judas Chronicles, William Barrow AKA Judas Iscariot is faced with recovering the silver coin he dreads above all others Known as the Singing Coin among the ancients, this shekel was originally lost long agoon the very night of Jesus Christ s arrest in Jerusalem Hoping to save it for last, until after the other twenty nine coins are recovered, Viktor Kaslow s recent designs for the coin thwart William s plan A new murder spree has begun for the ruthless Kaslow, who races against William and the immortal Roderick Cooley to obtain the coin from a reclusive Essene sect residing in the Bolivian Andes But unlike William and Kaslow s previous confrontations, this one involves many outside interests, since this coin contains unusual properties If it falls into the wrong hands, the entire world will be brought to its trembling knees The stakes have never been higher for William, his family, and the welfare of mankind To stop Kaslow, William must rely on the help of Roderick, Alistair, and a host of others both mortal and immortal to have any hope of reclaiming blood coin number twenty four before time runs out.
    Immortal Destiny By Aiden James

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      353 Aiden James
    Immortal Destiny

    One thought on “Immortal Destiny

    1. Julie Carter on said:

      Book number 3 in the Judas Chronicles sends us on another hunt for a coin This coin holds special meaning for William Barrow and he takes not only Alistair but Amy as well on his quest I thought it was a fun adventure and have already started book 4

    2. Heather on said:

      I got the first three books for free and thought the premise sounded really interesting Well, the premise is interesting than the actual books The first two were okay enough for me to keep reading, but this one seems to be dragging on and I can t bring myself to keep reading it.

    3. Su Srikanth on said:

      may contain spoilers I liked the first book in the series and that made me buy the other books This book talks about the search of the coins by Judas Iscariot William Barrow I like reading these books as it is a fast read Period.

    4. Kelly Pinella on said:

      The idea of an eternal Judas walking on Earth, cursed by separation from the Almighty, caught my attention Judas the Betrayer has taken on a new name, William Barrow, as the main character in this adventurous book The setting becomes clear when the scene includes cars and airships, and when the reader learns about current countries The reader soon finds out that William Judas is on a quest He is on a quest to collect the famous lost thirty pieces of silver, which pulled me further into the story [...]

    5. Thom Swennes on said:

      Trust me, Judas This clash of immortals takes the reader around the world as good fights evil The thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot for his betrayal of Jesus Christ play a pivoted role in this missive spanning two thousand years This very Judas, now going under the name for the most part of William Barrow, protects mortals from diabolical fellow immortals Good versus evil, on the highest level results in a clash of immortals, without perimeters of time or area The Russian, Viktor Ka [...]

    6. James Frederick on said:

      I have enjoyed this series, but this book is starting to cross too much into utter fantasy The premise of the series is that Judas Iscariot is immortal and is seeking out the silver coins that were given to him in exchange for betraying Jesus The implication is that once he recovers all of these coins, the curse on his life will be lifted and he will be able to move on So given the utter fantasy of that premise, why am I knocking THIS book Well, the first two books in the series focused on peopl [...]

    7. Ed on said:

      Destiny of Coins or Immortal Destiny is the third book in the Judas Chronicles series Judas Iscariot a reluctant and cursed immortal going by the name William Barrow is searching for another one of the legendary 30 pieces of silver the coins originally paid for betraying Jesus This particular blood coin 24 is in Bolivia, in possession of a group of Essenes , who know all about Judas and are not averse to helping him Unfortunately for William, his Russian nemesis, the newly immortal Victor Kaslow [...]

    8. Leah Speller on said:

      WowThis book grabbed and did not let go As one critic said sleep is overrated, at least for me I do not have a schedule where I must get up the next day If you are a fast reader I suggest reading this on the weekend so that when you read into the night it will not be a problem A nice weekend would work nicely And I did not just read this during the two days as indicated time either snickers I do have some priorities giggles Just not that many, at least I own up to it.I am not going to give any s [...]

    9. Andreea Pausan on said:

      Angels and demons and immortals are real and they battle against each other with the mortal world in balance Judas is such an immortal, plagued by doubts and guilt he is trying to recover his 30 silver coins and get redemption For this, he journeys to South America to get the 30th coin, one that sings a song that only really pure and wicked can hear I liked the flash backs and the banter with his friend the druid, the alternate world they crossed into I could not understand the relation with the [...]

    10. Roderick Baxter on said:

      Iterdimensional AdventureIn his obsessive search for the last few blood coins, William Barrow aka Judas Iscariot.has been to many exotic locations Including the mythical Garden of Eden Now, we find him in La Paz, Bolivia, traveling toward the fabled castle of the Esene, high in the Bolivian Andes En route however, the party is attacked, to be rescued by Tampara and whisked away on, his transdimensional hovercraft to be eventually taken to the castle where the coin awaits Unfortunately, Victor Ka [...]

    11. Juliana on said:

      Good in any DimensionMore inventive than Book II, William Barrow aka Judas Iscariot travels to Bolivia to save one of the 30 pieces of silver from his arch enemy, Victor Kaslow His journey takes us to different dimensions and puts us in the company of angels and demons While shards of the crystal Tree of Life have rejuvenated his loved ones, it has also made Judas nemesis immortal and super human My only quibble is how the Essene community is portrayed as living in sharp contrast to how the hist [...]

    12. Camille on said:

      Another great book following Judas Iscariot in the guise of William Barrow as he seeks to find the remaining silver shekels he was paid to betray Jesus to the Pharisees.In this third book, William encounters an Immortal colleague who tells him that he must find locate the 30th coin because his enemy Viktor Kaslow is actively seeking this most dangerous coin Also this was a coin William was saving for last Aiden James writes a very interesting installment which has action, travel between dimensio [...]

    13. Pugazhendhi Krishnamoorthi on said:

      This is my first book of Aiden, at first When I ran through few lines thought that it would another gospel like story or a horror novel as he spoke about the previous life But it changed once I am through the book Aiden has carefully plotted the story so that the reader doesn t feel he is reading a historical story and also not lost the advanced present Judas in the story as he travels through he takes us to the places where he is currently in either it is in modern world or wiith jesus and also [...]

    14. Virginia on said:

      Book 3 the best yetThis book is the author s best out of 3 in my opinion Or, maybe I just liked the ending the best Whatever the case, I think the author s writing has progressed along with the story It s a bit fictionalized but has elements still within the realm of future possibilities, depending on ones own beliefs As much as I enjoyed this book I am not proceeding to Book 4 I need a break Something else I will however keep the follow up books on my wish list for the future.

    15. Valerie on said:

      Another wondrous adventure of the immortals and the Barrow clan I enjoyed the introduction of new characters and dimensions, definitely unexpected I will not spoil this for the reader It s truly awesome and getting ready to start Book 4 Immortal Dragon.I am throughly enjoying this series and highly recommend it to historical and fun filled adventure seekers who cannot predict the next twist or turn

    16. JacyHahn on said:

      Love is series Interesting spin on Judas Iscariot and his search, adventures and harrowing encounters in trying to find all of the 30 pieces of silver that he received for deceiving Jesus and his immortal life that he has used to find the coins and ask God for forgiveness enter the kingdom of God.

    17. Ramona Voight on said:

      Time travel, giant aliens, US CIA agents , Jesus disciple living in Washington DC, Tree of Life crystals from the Garden of Eden, an immortal Druid, a medieval castle in the Andes built by angelsed I say Oh, I left out the interdimension traversing space ship Two stars just for sheer audacity.

    18. Jen on said:

      i liked this better than 2 still love the concept of this series, and the characters are engaging This one had some great visual scenes and a creative storyline I found myself wanting to keep sneaking a couple pages while I worked The relationship of William and his wife is a bit awkward to me, and a little weird, but I m happy to see where it goes.

    19. Amber on said:

      This one was slower going than the first two, but I still enjoyed the storyline I will probably look for the rest of the series to read I find the idea that God would give Judas Iscariot a chance at redemption interesting and I love how close to our world the spirit supernatural world is presented.

    20. A.M. Johnson on said:

      AwesomeI love this entire seriesA series about Judas, trying to get the coins he was bribed with, to betray Christ,back.e adventures that ensue in the series are awesomeAiden James has a forever fan in meI love it

    21. John R. Dailey Jr. on said:

      ANOTHER GRAND TALE OF A VERY, VERY OLD MAN IT ISHello, old Judas is at it again A wonderful adventure is held in this story Second chances are never easy Good stuff Thanks.

    22. Barbara on said:

      Really like this series Can t wait for the next one This book sends William in search for the next coin, but not the one he anticipates A lot of adventure in this one Can t say too much or it will be a spoiler.

    23. Uma Aiyer on said:

      I m getting a sense of the boredom that the author felt while working on this book The plot was not well developed, the new characters got very little screen time for us to get to know them better and even the dialogues were unimaginative I sincerely hope it gets better

    24. grundoon on said:

      3.5 Coin collecting moves to Bolivia Certainly a enjoyable plot than the previous two, with religion playing a bigger role sort of , though now we re supposed to accept the addition of dimensionality to the mix Might we at least finally, and thankfully, be rid of the Russian

    25. Julie on said:

      I enjoy this series Judas as a sympathetic hero is kind of an odd idea but he s trying to find forgiveness by collecting all 30 of his cursed coins This one set in Bolivia They do wander the globe looking for these coins Interesting read.

    26. Terry Parrish on said:

      A quick and fast read Wow, the things Judas has to do to get his coins Loved the dimension that they all went through to get away from Viktor And do hope that s the last we see of him, but somehow I doubt it Now on to the next one The books and story line get better with each one

    27. Brian on said:

      This one was a little slow to build up momentum but was still a good book Looking forward to the next book and love the series.

    28. Vivek Agarwal on said:

      Average compared to the first 2 books in the series However there is an element of magical lands and dinosaurs Over all it s ok

    29. William Bitner Jr. on said:

      This series gets better with each book Looking forward to book 4.

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