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أسعد امرأة في العالم

أسعد امرأة في العالم By عائض القرني waqfeya bookp bid

  • Title: أسعد امرأة في العالم
  • Author: عائض القرني
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 390
  • Format: None
  • أسعد امرأة في العالم By عائض القرني waqfeya bookp bid 3442
    أسعد امرأة في العالم By عائض القرني

    • ✓ أسعد امرأة في العالم ✓ عائض القرني
      390 عائض القرني
    أسعد امرأة في العالم

    One thought on “أسعد امرأة في العالم

    1. Deemah Al-Otaibi on said:

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    2. Komal on said:

      HERE WE GO AGAIN.For every good religious person I meet, there are 50 morons, and seemingly half of the latter have published a book I d like to draw attention to one of these books once again about telling Muslim women how to live their lives Instructions include SMILE PRAY BE GRATEFUL Yeah ok So helpful Optimistically titled You Can Be The Happiest Woman In the World , the book presents an interesting look into the starkly primeval mind of a strange little man and his opinions on women It was [...]

    3. Aaliya on said:

      This book suffers from a disjointed and chaotic structure The author can be condescending and simplistic in his core messages, one of which encourages the reader to think of those who are less happy and surely not be glad about it, for that would be Schadenfreude and to be grateful that their own life isn t worse There are many old fashioned views with regards to the role of women stay at home, obey your husband, avoid typical female vices like gossiping The book takes a condemnatory tone when d [...]

    4. Rachel on said:

      I really loved this inspirational novel of short stories Quran narratives inspirational stories directed toward the Muslim woman I refer to it often and find it enlightening and helpful when I need a pick me up Whomever wrote this book is truly blessed to have been such a good influence in so many lives Alhamduallah

    5. Raghad Zandaqi on said:

      WOW, amazing book and magnificent author, the way he writes, and the way he choose his words, he can left you from the bottom to the top, from depression to happyness, he makes you feel so good and so precious He is my number one author The book is a must read, if you want to feel that you can survive any thing and that you are blessed

    6. Fathima on said:

      I was looking for this kind of book in my whole life, finally my friend let me borrow,, when i read few pages I thought i need this book for myself, so i can relax and take my time.So I bought this book, and read it twice, i really love it, It helped me to organize my life and take of my kids and family and have time for worshiping and for my self I really love this book.

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