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Deadline By Chris Crutcher Deadline Ben Wolf has big things planned for his senior year Had big things planned Now what he has is some very bad news and only one year left to make his mark on the world How can a pint sized smart ass se

  • Title: Deadline
  • Author: Chris Crutcher
  • ISBN: 9780060850890
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Deadline By Chris Crutcher Ben Wolf has big things planned for his senior year Had big things planned Now what he has is some very bad news and only one year left to make his mark on the world.How can a pint sized, smart ass seventeen year old do anything significant in the nowheresville of Trout, Idaho First, Ben makes sure that no one else knows what is going on not his superstar quarterback broBen Wolf has big things planned for his senior year Had big things planned Now what he has is some very bad news and only one year left to make his mark on the world.How can a pint sized, smart ass seventeen year old do anything significant in the nowheresville of Trout, Idaho First, Ben makes sure that no one else knows what is going on not his superstar quarterback brother, Cody, not his parents, not his coach, no one Next, he decides to become the best 127 pound football player Trout High has ever seen to give his close minded civics teacher a daily migraine and to help the local drunk clean up his act.And then there s Dallas Suzuki Amazingly perfect, fascinating Dallas Suzuki, who may or may not give Ben the time of day Really, she s first on the list.Living with a secret isn t easy, though, and Ben s resolve begins to crumble especially when he realizes that he isn t the only person in Trout with secrets.
    Deadline By Chris Crutcher

    Deadline Hollywood Entertainment Breaking News Deadline is always the first to break up to the minute entertainment, Hollywood and media news, with an unfiltered, no holds barred analysis of events. Deadline Definition of Deadline by Merriam Webster Deadline definition is a line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot How to use deadline in a sentence. TV Deadline The NBC owned affiliates in New York and Los Angeles are launching p.m local newscasts on Monday, bumping Access Hollywood to p.m and going up against Jeopardy and Inside Edition. Deadline definition of deadline by The Free Dictionary noun time limit, cutoff point, target date or time, limit, finish date or time The deadline for submission of entries is the end of May Collins Thesaurus of the English Language Complete and Unabridged nd Edition HarperCollins Publishers , Deadline Definition of Deadline at Dictionary noun the time by which something must be finished or submitted the latest time for finishing something a five o clock deadline a line or limit that must not be passed formerly a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards. DEADLINE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary a time or day by which something must be done There s no way I can meet that deadline We re working to a tight deadline we do not have much time to finish the work I m afraid you ve missed the Film Deadline Film news that is up to the minute Get breaking Film information and an unfiltered, no holds barred analysis of Film related events. Deadline Harper undertakes the investigation despite the opposition of his publisher, violent threats from mysterious forces, a break up with his fiancee and his father s cancer diagnosis Deadline is a story of murder, family, race, and of redemption for a small Southern town and for Matt Harper Written by Mark Ethridge Plot Summary Add Synopsis Deadline White House on MSNBC with Nicolle Wallace Jun , Watch Deadline White House today at MSNBC Nicole Wallace covers white house news, briefings and lockdowns Hear the latest white house breaking news. SPOILERS Handmaid s Tale Star Joe Fiennes deadline day agoDEADLINE Bruce, as Joe noted, the reference to the Commander s end is very fleeting in The Handmaid s Tale the novel, so why did decide this was the time and this was the manner in which

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      347 Chris Crutcher

    One thought on “Deadline

    1. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) on said:

      2.5 starsAn 18 year old boy with big plans for his life finds out that he only has a year to live He decides to refuse treatment and to keep his diagnosis a secret Instead of telling his family the truth, he is determined to make the most of the time he has left He joins the football team, even though he is extremely short, and he finally gathers the courage to approach the girl he s been admiring from afar for as long as he can remember Deadline is actually a pretty decent story Despite its man [...]

    2. Marya on said:

      If you want a great teen book about football and male camaraderie, read The Knights of the Hill Country.If you want a great teen book about dying, read Before I Die.If you want an OK teen book that tries to connect football and dying in trite statements like those you d see on inspirational store fridge magnets, read this book.

    3. Agatha Donkar on said:

      I don t even know what to write in a review of this anything I could say about how much it moved me, how utterly perfect it was, would give away the ending and the power of the book Regardless this one kept me up until almost 3 a.m on Friday because I just couldn t stop turning the pages Crutcher s a great writer, the style s fantastic, and the narrator is unlike any narrator I ve ever met before though he may strike some readers as a bit of a Gary Stu I honestly didn t mind his perfection becau [...]

    4. Stacy on said:

      this would have been a pretty good book except for 2 things 1 LANGUAGE PROBLEMS on every page f bombs everywhere2 Political smears from the left throughout the bookDON T WASTE YOUR TIME

    5. Patrick on said:

      The good news is this is a great novel about life, death, and the truth that lies in between The voice of Ben is very strong smart, sarcastic, and always searching for truth The story itself is just fine as well with all the elements one expects in a Crutcher novel the not quite perfect romance, the sports angle, the distant slightly tortured parents, the helpful if overmatched therapist, and the school based subplot with good guy hero standing up against bad guy teacher Ben s journey is that of [...]

    6. Amy on said:

      Okay, I don t know what s wrong with me, but I really, really didn t like this book It s about a high school senior who finds out he s dying and decides not to tell anyone It s so far out of my realm of possibilities that I just read it to see if Crutcher could convince me of it s plausibility He didn t The dude s voice really irked me too I think the author went too far with the perfectly blended confident clever smart athletic but still humble character he always writes Anyone care to argue

    7. Kathryn on said:

      About once a year I find a book that makes me cry at the beginning and again at the end and changes my life somewhere in between Last year that book was Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, the year before it was Louis Sachar s Small Steps, and the year before that it was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares But now, at the tale end of this year, I can tell you that Deadline has changed the way I look at life, given me hope for the future and made me a better person, all within 316 page [...]

    8. Thomas on said:

      Ben Wolf is used to being out of the limelight He is dwarf sized and constantly overshadowed by his younger brother Cody, who is also the school football team s quarterback Not that he really minds, because as brothers they have always been tight He also has a crazy, possibly bipolar, mom whose ups and downs always affect him than he would like Couple that up with a very strict, by the book Civics teacher and an impossibly beautiful Dallas Suzuki, his senior year should be one heck of a ride Ho [...]

    9. M on said:

      Maybe its my having spent too much time in the classroom, or maybe it s because Back in My Day teens were slapped for this sort of thing, but my threshold of tolerance for Obnoxious Teens is really, really low There is a thin yet very much there line between charming and smart mouth The narrator here is a guy who is diagnosed with an unnamed because who cares disease and will die within the year He snot nosedly tells off the doctor who is begging this incredibly annoying boy to get treatment, he [...]

    10. Emily on said:

      This was a really good book I liked Ben as a character His personality and smart remarks make the book what it is The ending was really sad, but also happy Even though Ben died, he got his Malcolm X Avenue and people remembered him how he wanted them to I think this is one of my new favorites.

    11. Sam on said:

      I wanted to make sure that I read this book after the brouhaha around it and Crutcher s heated response on his MySpace page It seemed like a good selection to get around to for Banned Books Week, and it didn t let me down.Deadline features the story of Ben Wolf, a young man on the brink of high school graduation who is diagnosed with a terminal illness never specified, just identified as a blood disease during a physical for cross country the summer before his senior year After finding out that [...]

    12. Jojo on said:

      Chris Crutcher is usually good, and this one is ok, but I think he tried to do way too much here and ended up with width, not depth Let s see fatal blood disease, alcoholism, mental illness, rampant sexual abuse, physical abuse, teen parenting, bad bad parenting, brotherly rivalry, racism, car accidents, hidden pasts of all kinds, lies my teacher told me is there anything I missed My head is spinning from all of the big issues Chris Crutcher tries to cover here I get that his main point is we al [...]

    13. Melissapalmer404 on said:

      Book 100 Read in 2017Deadline by Chris CrutcherThis is actually a re read for me I read it years ago when it first came out It will be our next class read in my Young Adult Literature class Ben, a senior, finds out that he has an aggressive terminal illness He decides to forgo treatment in order to have a normal senior year He also decides to keep news of illness to himself This proves problematic as he develops new friendships and he realizes he has to let his friends and family know While the [...]

    14. Janie Johnson on said:

      I decided to read this book for the TBRTakedown 2.0 read a thon for the challenge of Choose a book that has been on your shelves for over a year Well try 3 years I figured this would be a good one to choose for the challenge.In this story you have 18 year old Ben wolf who finds out he has a year to live He makes the decision to not have treatments just to get a little time He would rather live a great life for a year than to be sick from chemo treatments The worst part of it, he does not tell a [...]

    15. Kathy on said:

      I loved Marla the therapist She was believable and interesting That saidis book felt so contrived I disliked the main character and did not care what happened to him He was very egotistical and unbelievable Everything went right for him I couldn t believe that he would get the girl, I couldn t believe that Rudy would change I don t understand why Dallas and Rudy had the backgrounds that they did There was no preparation for any of that I read 182 without any connection The only reason I finished [...]

    16. Michelle on said:

      This book was a bit weird for me I liked that the general fact of the novel, that the protagonist is going to die, is presented at the very beginning but the way it was written wasn t as agreeable for me to begin with I think that of all the books that I have read so far, this one was a bit harder for me to read because I kept getting distracted I don t think that the idea that an eighteen year old will keep the secret that he has been told that he is going to die is entirely implausible, I thin [...]

    17. Cornmaven on said:

      I was really disappointed with this book, considering how much I liked The Sledding Hill I think Crutcher tried to do too much in this book, and couldn t decide what he wanted to emphasize the most Plot of kid who turns 18 then finds out he has a terminal illness and then refuses treatment and keeps it all secret so he can live a normal life was interesting I liked the scenes which had him challenging the smarmy history government teacher those seemed very real But having the kid s mother be man [...]

    18. Mackenzie on said:

      This is the second book I ve read recently that s been about choices Choosing between life or death And I have to say, I think I liked this one better than If I Stay, which don t get me wrong, was amazing, but I think Deadline was absolutely stunning.I was really moved by this novel The only thing that had me slightly confused was all the football stuff I m not a football fan by any means hockey is my sport so all the stuff about football, it s terminology and everything went a little over my he [...]

    19. Erika on said:

      Before reading this book, I was under the impression it was a boys book I had heard a lot of it was dedicated to football so I wasn t sure it was going to be my thing I couldn t have been wrong I absolutely loved it Perhaps it was growing up watching sports all my life or my respect and fascination with the bond between brothers but I couldn t put this book down.As a reader, I really enjoyed the main character s voice He was witty and entertaining but we also got to hear his inner feelings and [...]

    20. Ben on said:

      This book was very depressing, however, it carries a very important message about life and human nature I recommend this book to fans of young adult fiction and realistic fiction.

    21. Meredith on said:

      I would have given this book a better rating, but there were two things that bothered me 1 I did not understand any of the football lingo at all Now, that doesn t really mean too much coming from me, since my knowledge of football is on the same level as my knowledge of advanced calculus, but I had to skim over dozens of pages because I had no idea what was going on.2 While I respect the right of the patient, I was really bothered by the main character s reasons for refusing medical treatment He [...]

    22. Anna on said:

      Why are all of the ratings so low for this book I m shocked, mainly because THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING Everything about it was simply perfect from the ideas Ben brought up to the characters themselves I felt like I really got to know Ben, and I was devastated when he died at the endI knew he was going to, but it still hurt especially the scene where he told his brother And somehow, even while dealing with a multitude of different problems sexual assault, suicide, racism, terminal diseases, mental ill [...]

    23. Mari on said:

      i think i m becoming a sucker for tearjerkers this book made me cry so much my nose was red and runny when i finally got to the end i loved the relationship between ben and cody also, reading about football made me interested to check out other football books e.g friday night lights, etc p.s i think dallas suzuki is one of the coolest names ever.

    24. Angela Juline on said:

      I can definitely understand why a teenager would like itbut I thought it had just a bit too much drama or rather, too many traumatic events but I did laugh and I did cry, which always boosts a book s score for me

    25. Jane on said:

      This book first came out when I was smack in the middle of high school but never picked up I don t think I would have appreciated it as much then, especially with some of the crowd I was hanging around with, particularly in regards to systemic racism.Anyway, the book The writing was pretty good and pulled me right in Ben was an interesting protagonist He was a smart ass but I didn t find him to be John Green level of insufferable Sometimes his thoughts in regards to Dallas made me cringe I don t [...]

    26. Foster on said:

      In the story, Deadline by Chris Crutcher a high schooler Ben find out he had a deadly disease that only gives him a year to live Ben decided to live his life as normally as he could without treatment Ben had a big project throughout the story, Malcom X which is what he is wants to be remembered for Bens life seems to get better throughout the story but gets only worse once reality hits that he only has that year I believe this book was actually pretty interesting and eye opening I think this boo [...]

    27. Ziggy_D1 on said:

      Deadline s a young adult book that takes readers on an emotional ride with Ben Wolf Deadline s about an 18 year old boy named Ben Wolf who only lives for one year I would recommend this book to anyone who s interested in American football and that you should enjoy every day of your life.

    28. Jennifer Wolf on said:

      I think when you re dying you start looking for important things in the corners You can t let anything that seems even semi important pass, because it passes forever Things take on meaning.

    29. Emily Butler on said:

      Deadline by Chris Crutcher was by the longest I waited to read a book for this class but I am happy to say that it pleasantly surprised me After speaking with some of my classmates who had started the book before me I was spectacle to start the book because the main character seemed kind of like a Buttface For a lack of better word The fact that the main character Ben had not only given up on his own life but also decided that it was best for him not to share this news with any of the people clo [...]

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