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The Men of Brewster Place

The Men of Brewster Place By Gloria Naylor Christine Weathersbee The Men of Brewster Place Naylor returns to the fictional neighborhood this time focusing on the men behind the women who inhabited that desolate block of row houses telling their tragic sad funny and heroic stories

  • Title: The Men of Brewster Place
  • Author: Gloria Naylor Christine Weathersbee
  • ISBN: 9780786884056
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Men of Brewster Place By Gloria Naylor Christine Weathersbee Naylor returns to the fictional neighborhood, this time focusing on the men behind the women who inhabited that desolate block of row houses, telling their tragic, sad, funny, and heroic stories.
    The Men of Brewster Place By Gloria Naylor Christine Weathersbee

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    • ✓ The Men of Brewster Place ↠ Gloria Naylor Christine Weathersbee
      419 Gloria Naylor Christine Weathersbee

    One thought on “The Men of Brewster Place

    1. Ananya Ghosh on said:

      Well, I had to read The Women of Brewster Place in class last year And it was my first African American literature read And I had quite liked it But, this This is another level I loved it so, so much The way it was written, the emotions every word, every story carries, its too deep and I can t even begin to explain the depth of it all In Women , we see the men leaving the women behind and getting on with their lives god knows where with all these women having to fend for themselves and live in t [...]

    2. Tamara Evans on said:

      I wasn t really expecting anything from this book.I didn t think it would leave a imprint in my memory or it would make me think of the problems that black men endure in their lives.In both of these cases, I was wrong.Not only did this book make me think of black men in an entirely different way, but also, it made me see that some things are timeless in life and some problems never go away Through the course of the book, the reader is introduced to various characters and are also invited to list [...]

    3. Yve on said:

      Like The Women of Brewster Place, this is a series of pretty short character portraits, all tied together by that rundown dead end street and through the voice of the superintendent Ben whose spirit Naylor uses as the narrator For some reason, perhaps a lighter and breezier writing style, I felt The Men was much shorter than The Women But even though I prefer Naylor s magic realism works, I did enjoy this one The stories sections whatever you want to call them were a little bare bones in places [...]

    4. Nakia on said:

      Decided to read this on a whim after my book club read The Women of Brewster Place TWOBP for our Classic Novel selection, and I discovered I owned a copy It was OK I think having read it so close to finishing its predecessor made it nearly impossible not to set the bar extremely high TWOBP touched me immediately All of it felt real, like the characters were living and breathing family members, neighbors, and friends The Men of Brewster Place, on the other hand, just felt like a story And there i [...]

    5. Adrienne on said:

      I read this book to find out what happened with Basil, but became engrossed in the other men s stories.I think sometimes we only see our own pain and hardships as women and the trials men go through can be lost In the Women of Brewster Place, I disliked most of these men or never got a feel for them, but this book gave them depth and redeeming qualities.

    6. Idza on said:

      Ok, so I was minding my business in Mombasa, browsing through my favorite thrift shop s o to Soko Ndogo Ltd when I saw The Men of Brewster Place GLORY Now, I didn t even KNOW that Gloria Naylor had done a follow up to her first novel, so I was pretty excited.The book is gorgeous and I think I actually sort of, kind of, possibly like it a little than The Women of Brewster Place.Again, same format could stand alone short stories weaved into a novel, with the lovely voice of Ben holding the entire [...]

    7. Beverlee on said:

      I wasn t sure if I d be able to avoid comparing The Women of Brewster Place vs The Men of Brewster Place Luckily, I didn t pick up the same vibe from The Men as I did in The Women The Men, I think is apologetic and explanatory with a degree of proclamation of manhood The men of Brewster Place shared the same living experiences as the women in a sense, as Ben puts it I m not about to argue was it harder for some than others who s got it worse, the him with nothing or the her waiting on the other [...]

    8. Kia on said:

      The only reason why I read this book was to get some kind of closure from the first book I wanted to know what happened to Basil I was disappointed in his part of the story He was a spoiled no count brat in Women of brewster place and his part in Men didn t even make sense He s dating a woman whose cousin has two sons that she doesn t take good care of he becomes attached to the boys and decides to dump girlfriend for her cousin so he can adopt the boys HUH I didn t enjoy CCs part I wanted to kn [...]

    9. Cheryl Durham on said:

      I loved this book This was a recommendation for our Book Club I am so glad that it was recommended The voices of the men needed to be heard Gloria Naylor did a phenomenal job with the information If you didn t read the Women of Brewster Place you could still contribute to a conversation if discussing this work She recaptured the plight of the men as it was illustrated in the Women of Brewster Place But she delved into their upbringing, the baggage that was brought into the relationship with the [...]

    10. kelly on said:

      I read The Women of Brewster Place back in 1999 was completely blown away by it, the story was so flawlessly written it rocked me to my core To this day TWOBP is still one of my all time favorite books, if I were stranded on a desert island, I d take this and some Toni Morrison with me This one, its companion, I m not so thrilled about While its always refreshing to see a woman write from a male s perspective, the characters here seem to lack depth Eugene, Basil, and CC are revisited but here th [...]

    11. Diana on said:

      I don t really know what to say about this book of excuses for a bunch of men who treated their women like crap for the most part with no explanation because, oh right, men aren t good at expressing themselves I really read this because I wanted to know what happened with Basil mostly and his story disappointed me Basil wasn t a nice guy and no one is going to make me believe otherwise He was a spoiled rotten brat and he didn t care about anyone but himself so why Ms Naylor decided to turn into [...]

    12. Carol on said:

      Gloria Naylor takes the men from her previous book The Women of Brewster Place and tells their stories, mostly through the voice and observations of Ben the bulding s janitor maintenance man I was impressed at the authenticity of male voice from the female author Some women are fairly adept at pulling this off, and it s not easy Naylor does a great job My only minor complaint is that the novel is fairly short and leaves some opened endings But otherwise, I d recommend reading this, especially if [...]

    13. Mark Maguire on said:

      I had not read Naylor s The Women of Brewster Place in over two decades when I stumbled across this find at a thrift store While I know I would appreciate it by referring to her prior volume, I did enjoy this book as a standalone The switches in narration, honest depictions internal and external of her characters and her overall language weave a sad, but strong, story All in all, not a great uplifter, but very good American realism.

    14. Beth on said:

      I loved Naylor s earlier books, but this one didn t get the best reviews when it came out Picked it up this week in a booksale and devoured it in an afternoon Loved it, as I had her earlier books Her characters have great voices, and she paints great little visions of the lives of each of them.

    15. Titilayo on said:

      Talk about a mind blower As many times as i had read The Women of Brewster Place only once or twice had i thought about the Men There presence was felt drastically by all the women, sometimes so much that they consumed the stories of each chapter, but there was no mention about where they were or what they were doing Talk about shock and awe when i turned the pages of this book Amazing

    16. Nedra on said:

      Overall, the book was an easy quick read it filled in a lot of gaps about the men however, this book left me searching for answers much like the first I would ve liked to see the storylines completed, instead of left to the readers imagination.

    17. Love on said:

      This book was as good as The Women Of Brewster PlaceI don t usually get in to fiction but I loved this book so easy to read and get through Gloria Naylor is one of those writers that you can almost smell and see what you are reading I hope to read of her works in the future

    18. Gerry on said:

      A highly sympathetic portrait of the men who so often failed their women on Brewster Place A series of character sketches rather than a true novel, this book holds interest only as a follow up to Naylor s earlier book, and would not likely stand alone.

    19. Ryan Mishap on said:

      Totally fails to capture the beauty and vibe of The Women While there are a couple good bits, it seems like a book written because she didn t have a better idea at the time and this was an obvious choice Sigh.

    20. India on said:

      I loved this book The characters are beautifully written There is sadness in many of their lives but they are always hoping for I will have to read the women of Brewster place.

    21. Asha Cohen on said:

      I just thought it as being OK Just OK The best story in my opinion is Ben.

    22. Kelly on said:

      I like that Naylor chose to revisit the scene of her famous Women of Brewster Place It helped me to see the male point of view.

    23. Thakore CoCo O'Neal on said:

      I am going to venture to read this book It was slow paced to me I attempted to finish it but I haven t I am going to put it on my finish list.

    24. Emily on said:

      It tells the back story to most of the men from The Women of Brewster Place but it wasn t as skillfully written and I found many of their stories to be unexpected, even unbelievable.

    25. Corri on said:

      Read by Joe MortonDescribes the men in the lives of The Women of Brewster Place as a follow up Depressing and sad, but people are still able to triumph A world of sadness and glory.

    26. Nranger7 on said:

      Really good It stands on its own but I still would recommend reading The Women of Brewster Place or watch the movie first.

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