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Dark Territory

Dark Territory By Susan Philpott Dark Territory In her newest assignment for the Line Signy Shepherd embarks on a rescue mission to save Lizzy Stone and her baby boy in Susan Philpott s heart racing thriller Dark Territory Cut off from the Line

  • Title: Dark Territory
  • Author: Susan Philpott
  • ISBN: 9781476765310
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Territory By Susan Philpott In her newest assignment for the Line, Signy Shepherd embarks on a rescue mission to save Lizzy Stone and her baby boy in Susan Philpott s heart racing thriller, Dark Territory.Cut off from the Line, what will Signy Shepherd do when the very people she protects become dangerous than the threats they re escaping Signy Shepherd has spent her career with the Line, a modeIn her newest assignment for the Line, Signy Shepherd embarks on a rescue mission to save Lizzy Stone and her baby boy in Susan Philpott s heart racing thriller, Dark Territory.Cut off from the Line, what will Signy Shepherd do when the very people she protects become dangerous than the threats they re escaping Signy Shepherd has spent her career with the Line, a modern underground railroad, shepherding at risk women out of peril When Signy takes Lizzy, a young woman desperate to save her infant son, under her protection, the case appears to be like any other With a severe winter storm on the horizon, Signy drives Lizzy and her son out of the city Suddenly, she finds the police hot on their tail, and when Lizzy s erratic behavior propels them into further danger, Signy begins to suspect that her new ward is not the victim she claims to be.Meanwhile, Signy s PTSD stricken mentor, Grace, investigates Lizzy s husband But Lizzy s husband is hiding secrets of his own, and soon Grace finds herself out of her depth As the treacherous blizzard closes in, the entire operation spirals out of control Isolated and relying on nothing but her instincts, Signy is confronted with a choice that will force her to risk not only her own life, but those of the people she cares about most.Expertly plotted and featuring a fiery protagonist, Dark Territory is a taut, high speed thriller about a young woman who will stop at nothing
    Dark Territory By Susan Philpott

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      436 Susan Philpott
    Dark Territory

    One thought on “Dark Territory

    1. Krissy on said:

      Originally posted at wanderlustbooksandteaDark Territory is the second book in the Signy Shepherd series by Susan Philpott The first book, Blown Red, was released last year and it was fantastic This book was even better, in my opinion.Signy works for the Line, which is an underground railway of sorts that helps women escape terrible situations, which is as empowering as it sounds Signy helps transport the women to their new lives, and of course, runs into trouble along the way.In this book, Sign [...]

    2. Rodney on said:

      I was sent an ARC copy of this book from Simon Schuster Canada.I really enjoyed this book I hadn t read the first book in the series, so I was a little lost in the beginning, as there were a lot of flashbacks to the first story, but once I got into the plot of this book I just became immersed in this amazing thriller Fast paced action throughout Twist and turns every other page Really keeps you guessing You think you ve figured things out when you re thrown for a loop again Great writing, great [...]

    3. Wendy Jensen on said:

      The Underground Railroad where conductors help women escape from bad situations but for the most part, all they have to go on is the woman s say so Signy wonders about her new passenger as things are not quite adding up A severe winter storm plays havoc with their travels and an amber alert for her passenger and her baby creates a lot problems Then there is Signy s brother, The Tracker, who just recently showed up in her life Signy s mentor, Grace, goes to interview the passenger s husband, a c [...]

    4. Dean Cummings on said:

      Signey Shepherd is given her newest assignment, to rescue Lizzy Stone and her baby boy from an abusive household While safeguarding the two, she becomes cut off from her Line support It s just about that time that she discovers that the person she s protecting may be of a threat than those of the rescued woman s husband Philpott s story was terrifying in several places, but she wasn t overly descriptive with the gory details A solid, well developed story, but it didn t quite reach me the way I [...]

    5. Graeme Stuart Waymark on said:

      If any of my friends would like to read a new Canadian author, Susan Philpott is good She is entertaining and strong in her character development The fact that both this novel and its prequel, also read and reviewed by me, discuss a Canadian Line is curious for us Canadians Yet this line is not without precedent as there has been at least two young people s help lines across the country that I was aware of in the sixties and seventies especially during the Hippie Era when many a youngster became [...]

    6. Lori Twining on said:

      In Dark Territory, Signy Shepherd is back for another adventure, only this time she is transporting a mother with a young child to Lake Placid in the United States Things aren t what they seem Danger is surrounding Signy at every turn People are telling lies and they are hiding secrets but whom should she trust The answer is definitely not clear I must admit, this second book reads better than the first book It gets deeper into the minds of deceitful people People who want to succeed at any cost [...]

    7. ashley | citygirlscapes on said:

      Originally posted on citygirlscapes.A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Susan Philpott s Signy Shepard in the thrilling Blown Red I remember not expecting too much when I was sent the book, but I really enjoyed it and was an instant fan of Signy When the follow up novel Dark Territory was released, it somehow squeaked past my radar, but as soon as I realized I missed the train, I did what I could to catch up.In my opinion, Dark Territory was even better than it s predecessor What I missed [...]

    8. Vontel on said:

      This is the second Signy Shepherd book, after Blown Red , which I have read Again, there is difficult subject matter, given that the books are about the Underground Railroad to help abused women and their children escape dangerous situations and recreate themselves somewhere else in North America The books also detail the dangers to those volunteers who are conductors on the railroad This one has its improbable elements, or at least we can only hope that they are improbable, since the alternativ [...]

    9. Ian Wooder on said:

      Do you like mysteries that have dark undertones Books that will keep you guessing til the very end Maybe you enjoy books that will have your heart beating fast and your nerves on edge hoping that what appears is most likely going to happen will change at the last minute.If you do, this book is for you.You ll notice that it only took me four days to read it, which is unusual due to working full time and looking after 5 kids at home I just couldn t put this book down when I had even a few minutes [...]

    10. Anna on said:

      4.5 stars Won as part of dgiveaways Easy reading mystery thriller Interesting subject matter underground railroad for victims of domestic violence I could have done with about 17 less your fat friend s from the villain though He could have changed up his vocabulary a bit Continuity from book 1 which I didn t read was addressed and mostly just confused me a few times before I kinda put it together Now I understand why many procedurals do a mini summary of previous plot threads Great read within t [...]

    11. Lesslie on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd Signy Shepherd book The character development was exceptional.If you re looking for a fast paced, thriller ride into the underground world of women desperate to escape abusive relationships this is the book for you The twists and turns are abundant and even SHOCKING Perfect summer beach reading You ll be looking for the next book

    12. Linda Cain on said:

      Excellent book, hard to put down.Good development of characters and lots of action and suspense.Looking forward to her next book

    13. Ainy K on said:

      The book was awesome I really enjoyed it, I read the book very fast i couldn t put it down I have some favourite characters but can t say might be spoilers It is good mix of mystery thriller.

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