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Ride a Mule

Ride a Mule By M.H. Boroson Ride a Mule A short story that takes place a month or two after the events in THE GIRL WITH GHOST EYES Li lin is called upon to exorcise a strange spirit at a cigar factory but things may not be what they seem

  • Title: Ride a Mule
  • Author: M.H. Boroson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 452
  • Format: None
  • Ride a Mule By M.H. Boroson A short story that takes place a month or two after the events in THE GIRL WITH GHOST EYES Li lin is called upon to exorcise a strange spirit at a cigar factory but things may not be what they seem.
    Ride a Mule By M.H. Boroson

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    • Ride a Mule Best Read || [M.H. Boroson]
      452 M.H. Boroson
    Ride a Mule

    One thought on “Ride a Mule

    1. The Captain on said:

      Ahoy there mateys For those new to me crew, this be a category for those novels whose stories of acquisition be strange and unusual like the time someone commandeered me 12 pages There be a tale to tell on how I got me grubby mitts on this one .Ye see this short story is not available to just any scalawag with a hankerin It is given to only those few who belong to a secret society of book lovers And how does one join this society and get to add this treasure to their tally of booty Well sit back [...]

    2. Minna on said:

      Absolutely terrific short story Yes it was unfortunately very short, but in perfect keeping with what I like to think of as the requirements for a good short story Complex characters a feat and a half in a short story, as there is little time to establish characters A good setting this particular short story benefits from the setting established in The Girl With Ghost Eyes, but its features are nonetheless developed further here A developed conflict, plot, and climax Check, check and check again [...]

    3. Adan on said:

      A short story adventure into netherworld of Chinese mythology with Xian Li Lin.Several weeks after the events of The Girl With Ghost Eyes , Xian Li Lin is assigned to perform an exorcism at a nearby factory However, upon Li Lin s initial investigation she finds something very strange about the ghost responsible for terrifying the Chinese laborers I totally devoured this 20 page short story in a single reading Everything I loved about The Girl With Ghost Eyes managed to fit in a condensed format [...]

    4. Sierra Chandler on said:

      This short story was an excellent taste of Li Lin s adventures while we wait for the second book Although painfully short I felt it was a satisfying glimpse into our heroine s life roughly one month after the conclusion of The Girl with Ghost Eyes Overall, the connecting metaphor of ride a mule to ride a horse was one we can all relate to, perhaps particularly in the historical setting of the USA during the immigration rush The story s conclusion, most poignantly, was bittersweet The sentiment o [...]

    5. Rob Trans on said:

      Nice short story entry into the Xian Li lin series Well worth the read Doesn t provide as much background on the Chinese occult as Ghost Eyes, but sheds some light on how Chinese immigrants lived in late 19th century San Francisco.

    6. Anna Marie on said:

      A short story and very well written You have to be careful what you brag about, it might give people ideas Li lin is sent to exorcise a cigar factory Quick paced and action packed, her quick think saves any workers from getting hurt.

    7. Serena W. Sorrell on said:

      A good little story to follow The Girl With Ghost Eyes A point off for mixing tenses, lack of clarity, and too much explanation which detracted from the flow of the story.

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