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La consolante

La consolante By Anna Gavalda La consolante Charles Balanda ans architecte Paris apprend incidemment la mort d une femme qu il a connue quand il tait enfant et adolescent Il d chire la lettre et la jette dans la poubelle de la cuisine Qu

  • Title: La consolante
  • Author: Anna Gavalda
  • ISBN: 9782842631529
  • Page: 244
  • Format: None
  • La consolante By Anna Gavalda Charles Balanda, 47 ans, architecte Paris, apprend incidemment la mort d une femme qu il a connue quand il tait enfant, et adolescent Il d chire la lettre et la jette dans la poubelle de la cuisine Quand il rel ve son pied de la p dale et que le couvercle retombe, clac, il a l impression d avoir referm , temps, une esp ce de bo te de Pandore, et, puisqu il est de Charles Balanda, 47 ans, architecte Paris, apprend incidemment la mort d une femme qu il a connue quand il tait enfant, et adolescent Il d chire la lettre et la jette dans la poubelle de la cuisine Quand il rel ve son pied de la p dale et que le couvercle retombe, clac, il a l impression d avoir referm , temps, une esp ce de bo te de Pandore, et, puisqu il est devant l vier, s asperge le visage en g missant.Retourne ensuite vers les autres Vers la vie Se sent mieux d j Allez C est fini.C est fini, tu comprends Le probl me, c est que non, il ne comprend pas Et il n y retourne pas, vers la vie Il perd l app tit, le sommeil, abandonne plans et projets et va essayer de comprendre pourquoi tour se fissure en lui Et autour de lui Commence alors un long travail de deuil au bout duquel il est oblig de se rendre l vidence l chelle de cette vie ci est illisible et il faut tout reb tir.
    La consolante By Anna Gavalda

    • [PDF] La consolante | by ✓ Anna Gavalda
      244 Anna Gavalda
    La consolante

    One thought on “La consolante

    1. Julia on said:

      This one is hard to read from the beginning I wanted to put this book down than once but as I was waiting for my connecting flight at the airport and had no other book on hand I kept on reading for a few hours and am so happy about it This book gets you and is such a book about love love and love And about a midlife crises and how you can really live your dreams even if its the difficult way to live It is beautiful written from the middle to the end and I really was sad when I finished it.

    2. Andrea Hickman Walker on said:

      This is a rather odd book It reminds me of Elizabeth Goudge and Rumer Godden because nothing really seems to happen but there s a story there that s awfully compelling This is a story about life falling apart and coming together About life and death and living despite being dead and the slow decaying death that is a meaningless life of going through the motions.There s a main character, a man I don t particularly like and who I thought very little of until I reached the almost end of the book Th [...]

    3. Anna on said:

      This book tortured me for about 2 weeks No, it s brilliant, it s captivating, but it hits right in the weakest point of the reader This book is about each of us and none of us Characters Charles his work in Moscow, how funny, how sad I love Gavalda s books but so far this is the one I m endlessly in love with her style Short sentences but so full of irony, so full with love.

    4. Jess on said:

      While I always enjoy Anna Gavalda s books, this is perhaps my least favourite so far Charles, while reasonably likeable, did not grab me as the central protagonist, and the sudden shift into bucolic fantasy in the last third of the book felt so whimsical that it was ridiculous Both Kate and Anouk read as Manic Dream Pixie Girls rather than characters with whom I could connect Nevertheless, there are dimensions to Gavalda s writing style that I enjoy, such as her occasional bursts of almost strea [...]

    5. Lotte on said:

      Der Roman handelt von dem erfolgreichen Architekten Charles Balanda Charles lebt eigentlich schon eine Weile nicht mehr richtig Er funktioniert nur noch Seine Frau und seine Stieftochter sind nur Randfiguren, weil er vielmehr mit Arbeiten besch ftigt ist Eines Tages bekommt er einen Brief, der ihn vollkommen aus der Bahn wirft In dem Brief stehen nur drei Worte Anouk ist totCharles holt die Vergangheit ein, er verliert sich in ihr und nur widerstrebend setzt er sich mit ihr auseinander Je n her [...]

    6. Maguxy Ruiz on said:

      mmm qu he aprendido de este libro que si no te gusta una novela la dejes en las primeras p ginas y no intentes darle oportunidades Para algunos este libro estar escrito maravillosamente, pero yo veo a una t a que se ha comprado un port til, le ha instalado el word, se ha comprado el libro de cr tica literaria y ha cre do entender el concepto de stream of conciousness y quer a copiarlo.Batiburrillo de ideas sin sentido, historia que puede ser interesante pero la forma de narrala prrrrrrrr ruido d [...]

    7. Her Royal Orangeness on said:

      The plot of Consolation is essentially this a man falls headlong into a mid life crisis after learning of the death of a childhood friend But as always seems to be the case with Anna Gavalda, her books are not about plot but about characters She creates people who are so rich and multifaceted that they seem far real than imaginary Consolation is a beautiful musing on love and second chances and guilt and responsibility I must confess, though, that I only gave the book a 3.5 Star rating, and if [...]

    8. Sandra on said:

      Worte hab ich nicht wirklich f r dieses Buch Es hat mir gefallen, sehr gut gefallen Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen, wei aber nicht, ob es jedermanns Sache ist Auch wenn es in den Bestsellerlisten ist, ich bezweifle, dass es jeder zu Ende liest Ich konnte das Ende kaum erwarten, aber wollte es doch hinausz gern, weil es ein Vergn gen, ein Genuss war, dieses Buch zu lesen.

    9. Maris on said:

      Like many others have already commented, the first half was very difficult to read The author challenged the reader, no question about it.But the story was with me long time after I had finished reading the book, it had a lot to tell me.

    10. Catie on said:

      This book is so well splashed with tears and bathwater that I couldn t loan it out, even if I wanted to.

    11. Sandra on said:

      Non facile commentare in modo compiuto questo libro.Dire che non mi sia piaciuto per niente sarebbe inesatto, cos come non sarebbe vero dire che mi abbia lasciato un indelebile segno.E stata una lettura a intermittenza.Le prime 300 pagine tante sono stata una salita ripida e tortuosa, irta di difficolt ero senza fiato, accaldata e affaticata.Lo stile della Gavalda mi ha messo in difficolt i numerosissimi e ripetuti puntini di sospensione che lasciano tutto detto e non detto i periodi brevi che f [...]

    12. Christina on said:

      Un mot pour d finir ce livre rebondissement Un livre plein d humanit , comme tr s souvent chez Anna Gavalda Ce roman est fait d inattendus et de surprises Comment la vie d un homme peut basculer, comment peut il s en relever Il semble ordinaire, reconnu dans son m tier par ses paires, en manque affectif mais il n y pr te gu re attention Il suffira d une lettre pour tout bouleverser On suit la vie de cet homme attachant, de sa vie d avant sa descente aux enfers, puis sa renaissance avec toute l n [...]

    13. Catherine Matte on said:

      J ai tent , deux reprises, de lire ce livre, sans succ s j avais bien appr ci ensemble, c est tout , un bon petit roman divertissant et sympathique Pour celui l , quoique je ne m attendais pas un chef d oeuvre, j tais bien contente de m adonner sa lecture La premi re tentative de lire la consolante s est sold rapidement par un chec la deuxi me fois, j ai achet le livre usag , heureusement je ne me rappelais plus que j avais d j tent de le lire Cela m a pris quelques pages pour me souvenir de la [...]

    14. Jenny on said:

      After having read Hunting Gathering by the same author, a true masterpiece, I had very high expectations of this novel But I am markedly disappointed with this read, and I had to make a great effort finishing it The protagonist Charles Balanda had no characteristics or happenings at all that intrigued me whatsoever I really didn t want to know whether he sorted out his ordeals or not Maybe I am in the wrong life phase to appreciate this one I only looked forward to the ending, so I could start a [...]

    15. Melanie on said:

      I don t know yet what to think about this book I don t really like the way how it s written or the translation and I can t sympathize with the main characters At this point I don t care about them at allat s surprising because other stories of Anna Gavalda made me feel home On the other hand I m curious enough to continue reading Finally finished the book and I m dissappointed.The second part became better than the first 300 pages but that s only because the character of Kate appears I love her [...]

    16. Esther on said:

      Une histoire touchante, mais vrai dire plut t un conte de f es qu un roman.Parfois un peu difficile suivre, parfois tr s lente, parfois incroyable, parfois d concertant, mais g n ralement un plaisir lire Pour moi c taient les personnages plusieurs couches un peu comme dans ensemble c est tout que j ai appr ci s le plus dans ce livre Chaque personne d voile ses c t s sympas, choquantes, tristes, mais surtout aimables et cela pendant une histoire qui nous promet que la vie nous a beaucoup offrir s [...]

    17. Yannick on said:

      this book is too slow The story is basic but one moment you want to go foward in order to know what happened in her life with this woman Also the writting is complicated to follow You have to remember perflectly each charactere, beause the author will jump from his childhood to his actual like to the time where he met his wife It is messy, and when I read a book, I hate coming few pages back, in order to understaned what I am reading

    18. Mireille on said:

      The first 300 pages were terrible Seriously I had read somewhere on the Internet that it started getting good at about half, and they weren t lying It was a pain before hate the main character, hate the writing style lots of and no pronouns, what is that about When Kate comes around it starts being awesome It was weird.

    19. Jessica Weir on said:

      I loved this book It was so touching and inspiring It was a bit weird in English, especially as it was the Irish edition I will read it again I m sure Embracing and letting go of childhood and taking second chances Now that is an ellipsis.

    20. Jennifer on said:

      2 1 2 aurait t plus juste Une premi re partie longue et p nible qui m a souvent donn le go t de laisser tomber et une deuxi me partie plus int ressante partir de la rencontre avec Kate qui se lit toute seule Pas une lecture indispensable, vraiment.

    21. Patricia Mauerhofer on said:

      Quatre toiles, car la fin est fine et g niale Le d but, fulminant, inoui, style saccad extra ordinaire avec un lan de r cit qui m a fascin J ai failli arr ter de lire deux fois, car la partie au milieu est trop r p titive et je me suis vraiment ennui e On l a compris, Charles, 47 ans, a du succ s la surface, et par dessous Seulement apr s avoir consult quelques revues ici je me suis donn la peine de patienter Et cela valait la peine.

    22. Mirela Voiculescu on said:

      A book about love, love for humans, in new and liberating forms, even when coming with loving self sacrifice, about dramatic stops to waist life and start living A book about love in surprising, daunting, confused, enlightened forms.

    23. Juliette on said:

      J ai lu La Consolante suite mon gros coup de c ur pour Ensemble c est tout et pour la plume d Anna Gavalda dans ce roman Je pense que je m attendais donc et peut tre trop retrouver les m mes motions dans ce roman Je n ai pas t sp cialement s duite par le r sum mais j ai tout de m me tent l aventure, m attendant avoir une surprise au niveau du contenu Mais a n a pas du tout t le cas C est un roman long, tr s long Je ne dis pas cela sp cialement pour le nombre de pages m me si je crois qu il en fa [...]

    24. Veronica on said:

      OK, I can t go on reading this It s just dire I didn t expect it to be a masterpiece, but I bought it cheap paperback fortunately because I enjoyed Ensemble c est Tout it was a pleasant, undemanding read Many of the reviews on said that the first 300 pages were hard going, but it got better Well, yes, they were hard going But then it got worse.Some French reviewers whinged about the grammar and structure in the first part lack of personal pronouns making it hard to follow, mingling of past and [...]

    25. Inga on said:

      Audiobook Rezension Zun chst dachte ich, es l ge an der Form des Audiobooks, aber bei Alles Gl ck kommt nie fiel es mir deutlich schwerer, mich an Erz hlstil und die Protagonisten zu gew hnen, als bei den anderen Romanen von Anna Gavalda Dieser Mann, dieser Charles, wollte mir nicht recht sympathisch werden in seiner Midlife Crisis Offenkundig hatte er die Sicht auf sein Leben verloren und beginnt, angesto en durch den Tod von Anouk, seiner ersten Liebe, eine Nabelschau und Suche nach sich selbs [...]

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