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A Gift for the King

A Gift for the King By SaraFields A Gift for the King For an ordinary twenty two year old college student like Lana the idea of being kidnapped from Earth by aliens would have sounded absurd until the day it happened As Lana quickly discovers however

  • Title: A Gift for the King
  • Author: SaraFields
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Gift for the King By SaraFields For an ordinary twenty two year old college student like Lana, the idea of being kidnapped from Earth by aliens would have sounded absurd until the day it happened As Lana quickly discovers, however, her abduction is not even the most alarming part of her situation To her shock, she soon learns that she is to be stripped naked and sold as a slave to the highest bidderor an ordinary twenty two year old college student like Lana, the idea of being kidnapped from Earth by aliens would have sounded absurd until the day it happened As Lana quickly discovers, however, her abduction is not even the most alarming part of her situation To her shock, she soon learns that she is to be stripped naked and sold as a slave to the highest bidder.When she resists the intimate, deeply humiliating procedures necessary to prepare her for the auction, Lana merely earns herself a long, hard, bare bottom spanking, but her passionate defiance catches the attention of her captor and results in a change in his plans Instead of being sold, Lana will be given as a gift to Dante, the region s powerful king.Dante makes it abundantly clear that he will expect absolute obedience and that any misbehavior will be dealt with sternly, yet in spite of everything Lana cannot help feeling safe and cared for in the handsome ruler s arms Even when Dante s punishments leave her with flaming cheeks and a bottom sore from than just a spanking, it only sets her desire for him burning hotter.But though Dante s dominant lovemaking brings her pleasure beyond anything she ever imagined, Lana fears she may never be than a plaything to him, and her fears soon lead to rebellion When an escape attempt goes awry and she is captured by Dante s most dangerous enemy, she is left to wonder if her master cares for her enough to
    A Gift for the King By SaraFields

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    • í A Gift for the King ↠ SaraFields
      381 SaraFields

    One thought on “A Gift for the King

    1. WhiteWitch on said:

      Terranovum is a planet filled with great beauty, wonder, and true magic But nothing is ever perfect, regardless of how wondrous it might seem When native women from Terranovum give birth to female children, those females are infertile As a result, the Terranovans got creative long ago Their solution Kidnap females from Earth to keep Terranovum s population stable and thriving The Earth females are trained and auctioned as slaves Some are fortunate enough to earn a place in Terranovan society as [...]

    2. Patti Ashley on said:

      This book was not to my taste The woman Lana is stolen from Earth and taken as a sex slave to another planet She is given to the King Dante, who strangely enough appears in jeans.The author seems to have a fascination with beatings which she calls spankings All I saw was pain and humiliation at the desire of a man inflicted on a helpless woman with no rights Lana then falls in love with Dante who only seems to inflict pain and humiliation Pain and humiliation are not attractive traits for me Boo [...]

    3. SH on said:

      I so enjoyed this book I was drawn in from page one and had to just keep on reading to find out what was going to happen next I love books that can do that This book offers a wonderful sci fi element, strong characters, danger, suspense, and some steam I am hoping there will be another book to follow Nicely done I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

    4. Tammy on said:

      Sexy sci fi This is a fast paced read with lots of suspense and drama Lana is kidnapped by aliens and is given to Dante a region s king as a gift Dante expects obedience from Lana and if he doesn t receive it she will be punished Lana wants to be than a toy to Dante, is she It is a good story with plenty of steamy punishments and hot sex I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

    5. Michmar on said:

      This book is terribleIt reads like a rough draft and the ending made no sense Was it a cliff hanger Don t get it Poorly written and disjointed Lana gave up too easily and never thought of home again even though she had friends who would be frantic at her disappearance Was not realistic behavior Waste of money

    6. MRS SAMANTHA J THOMAS on said:

      Great readingWonderful story telling Full of action bad drama with a strong helping of dominance This is an author I will keep an eye out for from this point Awaiting Morgana s story.

    7. Gskm on said:

      Good readI liked this story Yes it was heavy on the spanking but it didn t seem abusive The story was really interesting and the author could write sci fi without the heavy emphasis on spanking and do really well.

    8. Mary Larsen on said:

      Good storyI enjoyed this story It not only had a great romance but the story was interesting as well Even the story was short the characters were very intriguing.

    9. Space Cowgirl on said:

      Stolen For The Spankmeister King Lana is a college student going on spring break in Cozamel, with the love of her life, Jake Only he doesn t know it They were friends for years, and have been there for each other since, but he doesn t seem to feel the sexual pull that Lana does Lana and her friend, Rebecca, get one room, and Jake and his friend, Nathan, the other Lana is going to tell Jake she loves him on this trip After a few drinks, she asks Jake to take her for a walk on the beach When she k [...]

    10. ValerieC on said:

      2.5 StarsThis was better written than I expected and had fairly good world building for a book of this genre There are little to no editing typo errors However, it s a spanking beating fetish book that carries this to an extreme, mostly foregoing other types of erotica that would be exciting to read In short, it s a bore in that respect I just skimmed those scenes after the second one.I liked the heroine, Alana Lana , and somewhat liked the H, King Dante, but I felt his character was sort of un [...]

    11. Barbara Suralik on said:

      Creative and enjoyable read.Very fast read I enjoy read this kind of sexy abduction with wonderfully strong men and independent women to submitted to their will Only give it three stars because I wanted to read The next book in the series has less than 200 pages and it s 4.95 I read too much to purchase all four books and pay that price for each book.

    12. Melinda Kaye on said:

      This was an enjoyable story, and the beginning to a series, I hope There was enough good to make me keep reading The timeline was awfully condensed, and her lack of worry about her friends on earth was upsetting, but the rest was interesting.

    13. LuDena Radford on said:

      SurprisedI was Surprised how much I enjoyed it I do wonder about the beginning of the book What about her friends on earth What is James secret Why isn t Dante strong enough to over come nero Will Nero ever be defeated

    14. Nenna on said:

      First book in my dnf folder This book leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth and nauseous as all hell.

    15. Tammy Crawford on said:

      I enjoyed this book A Gift for the King was full of heartbreak, danger, dominance, romance, and a lot of spanking Couldn t put this down Highly recommend.

    16. Jonathan Mochrie on said:

      If you have never read a book by this author Your really missing out,this is just a fantastic book.

    17. Jan on said:

      I really enjoyed this book I have to say I was uncertain when at first we started off with college students going on a break to Mexico When Lana told her long time friend, Jake, that she liked him and he obviously didnt feel the same way things changed up At first you think that Wes will be the love interest But actually he is the Kings Higher up and kidnapped Lana from Earth She is then gifted to the king Well actually the king chooses her But before that, she is put up for sale but is told tha [...]

    18. Becca on said:

      It really isn t a good idea to buy several books in the same sub genre, read them one after another, and try to keep them straight I ll put the blame squarely on All Romance ebooks Valentine s Day special and my lack of willpower In my last review, Taken by the Admiral, I mentioned that it felt as if a checklist had been used I think that checklist must be quite popular among authors recently To be fair, there are several differences between the two books and my memory is just ghastly, so I coul [...]

    19. Kathy Heare Watts on said:

      YOUR SUBMISSION IS MUC MORE OF A GIFT TO ME THAN ANYTHING I WOULD FORCE YOU TO DOTaking a spring break from college in Arizona with her friends to Cozumel, Mexico takes an unexpected turn with Lana being kidnapped by Wes, an alien of Terranovum They need human females to continue their race and she will be stripped, examined and then sold to the highest bidder Wes looks forward to his King, Dante, seeing this new human.From Earth to Terranovum will come with some things being familiar and others [...]

    20. Audrey on said:

      There was an idea but I liked the overall idea There was a sense or originality to it But as soon as the author reveal the origins of the king it spoiled the thing for me.I do not feel any strong or romantic feeling developing between the two main protagonists.The fact that she called him sir all the time is annoying and put a strong emotional barrier between them in my opinion And I strongly had the impression she was addressing her father and him his daughter, the way they were speaking to eac [...]

    21. Katherine Deane on said:

      What a fast paced, action, science fiction, thrill ride Wow, the world building in this story was pretty amazing I liked the descriptions of the different alien beings, and factions and kingdoms The unrest and warring creating some nice action.Dante, the King, was pretty hot and dominant, but also caring and kind, for Lana.Lana confused me a bit at times, but I grew to like her, and really loved the ending I can t wait to see from Morgana The spankings and sex were hot.The plot was pretty fast [...]

    22. Chantel on said:

      Wavering magicThis book wasn t bad It had a few missteps that had nothing to do with grammar and to the way the characters were written Both the male and the female lead struggled to always be strong in my mind The Lana came across as flighty and scattered Dante maintained his dominate personality, but at times seemed over done I did enjoy their relationship but wanted them both to be Overall it was a story I enjoyed and finished easily Could things have been smoother in the story, but I liked [...]

    23. Renee on said:

      This is an interesting story, it pulls the reader into an alternative universe I liked the characters, and the world building had enough detail that a reader could picture the world and desired to know what happens in the next book The female character was so sassy and the male characters are very alpha and yummy, and I like that A page turner that I did not want to put down.

    24. Karolyne on said:

      ExcellentThis was a very enjoyable read from this new author I am really looking forward to reading about Morgana s story when it s released Hopefully the wait won t be too long I highly recommend this book.

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