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127 Hours

127 Hours By Aron Ralston Hours None

  • Title: 127 Hours
  • Author: Aron Ralston
  • ISBN: 9781849835596
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • 127 Hours By Aron Ralston None
    127 Hours By Aron Ralston

    Hours Jan , Hours is the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston s remarkable adventure to save himself after a fallen boulder crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon in Utah. Hours Hours Rotten Tomatoes Hours is a classic, albeit internalized, adventure story juiced up with Boyle s attention deficit disorder camera work, which renders the world a pop music fueled, caffeinated frenzy, as Watch Hours Prime Video Hours is unsurprisingly only eight nine minutes in length The first ten minutes introduces Ralston through a dutch angled bike ride across the park Darude s Sandstorm anyone before presenting the main claustrophobic event.

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      445 Aron Ralston

    One thought on “127 Hours

    1. Phillip Harben on said:

      The book was fine, quite gripping in the cavern sections, not so much when telling us about his past What came through was that this extraordinary man was lucky not to have been killed many times in the past with his somewhat lackadaisical attitude to safety Not bad, but not a book I m willing to re read in the future.

    2. Tina Cunningham on said:

      This was my second reading and I ve seen the movie as well A gripping story about an extraordinary young man who faced death and won It s like watching Titanic you know how the story ends but getting there is harrowing Aron Ralston may be either an adrenaline junky or an adventurer who seeks ever challenging physical adventures His story is full of technical info about climbing, skiing, and hiking which can be skimmed if you re not into that level of detail It s amazing that he was able to reca [...]

    3. Leah on said:

      Wow If this guy wasn t so busy climbing riding over things, he should have been a writer His writing was quite lyrical at times I love his descriptions of things The only criticism I have of the book was it drove me crazy, especially towards the end of the book when he d switch over to what everyone else was doing in the last 20 30 hrs Anyway, he is a very inspiring man O

    4. David Pedersen on said:

      Was the perfect book to read before my trip to southern Utah watched the film shortly after finishing the book The first person account from Aron was phenomenal you were literally allowed inside his head and line of thinking to truly understand how such a catastrophe took place

    5. Is on said:

      I feel it to be presumptuous to even think about a review of a story that tells the story of someone who lived through a horrendous experience but I can share how I felt after I am glad he lived, I feel sorry for what he lived through I am impressed of his self description, putting him not into the most likeable category I appreciate what felt to me like honesty Am I glad I read this book NoWould I recommend it to someone Only if that someone shows resemblance to Aaron in his pursuit of outdoor [...]

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