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Three Tales Of My Father's Dragon

Three Tales Of My Father's Dragon By Ruth Stiles Gannett Ruth Chrisman Gannett Three Tales Of My Father s Dragon My Father s Dragon Elmer And The Dragon The Dragons Of BluelandAlso includes an introduction by the author

  • Title: Three Tales Of My Father's Dragon
  • Author: Ruth Stiles Gannett Ruth Chrisman Gannett
  • ISBN: 9780679889113
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Three Tales Of My Father's Dragon By Ruth Stiles Gannett Ruth Chrisman Gannett My Father s Dragon, Elmer And The Dragon, The Dragons Of BluelandAlso includes an introduction by the author.
    Three Tales Of My Father's Dragon By Ruth Stiles Gannett Ruth Chrisman Gannett

    Three Tales Flaubert Three Tales May , This film on three technological advancements of the th century the Hindenburg, an atomic test at Bikini Atoll, and cloning Three Tales ultimately contains a message regarding technology and life While the film generally succeeds in conveying this message, flaws reduce this to a slightly above average movie. Three Tales of My Father s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett Three Tales of My Father s Dragon is the compilation of a children s series written by the author in the s and s The three stories that make up this collection are My Father s Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon, and The Dragons of Blueland In My Father s Dragon, we meet Elmer Elevator as he ventures out to save a baby dragon. Three Tales of My Father s Dragon Gannett, Ruth Stiles Three Tales of My Father s Dragon We already have the three books but I wanted to get a set for my son s school I ordered this one but noticed how short it is The third book is only a few pages long It didn t say abridged anywhere in the info or on the book jacket. Three tales of attribution in cyberspace EU Cyber Direct Three tales of attribution in cyberspace Criminal law, international law and policy debates Introduction Attribution can be broadly defined as the process of assigning responsibility for a malicious cyber activity to a specific actor on the basis of the available evidence, including all source intelligence, Below Tales of Arcadia TV Series Dec , Created by Guillermo del Toro With Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna, Nick Offerman, Frank Welker A pair of teenage royals and their bodyguard escape from their home planet and try to blend in

    • [PDF] Three Tales Of My Father's Dragon | by ✓ Ruth Stiles Gannett Ruth Chrisman Gannett
      367 Ruth Stiles Gannett Ruth Chrisman Gannett

    One thought on “Three Tales Of My Father's Dragon

    1. Tanya D on said:

      I ve been reading chapter books to my seven year old, with my four year old kinda listening and mostly jumping on us We all liked these three tales about Elmer and Boris the dragon I liked that the chapters are short, good for bedtime and reading aloud It had fun illustrations every couple page to keep my four year old interested too I loved that the story was fun and exciting while at the same time being so simple and innocent So many children books have sad and terrible things happening in the [...]

    2. Cheryl on said:

      As the author states in her introduction, the first story was written for amusement, and practically wrote itself The second two were difficult And in my opinion it shows they just aren t as lively enchanting But then, I ve never been a huge fan of the first, so what do I know Judge for yourself Very quick read.

    3. Claudia Badiu on said:

      O poveste construit din trei pove ti, despre prietenie, ajutor, colaborare i bun tate O poveste n care se contureaz imagini inedite cu animale din jungl care ron ie dulciuri sau cu dragoni colora i n cele mai ciudate combina ii posibile Mi a pl cut imagina ia i neobi nuitele nt mpl ri, ns nu am n eles de ce e vorba de dragonul tat lui i de ce autoarea nu ofer unele explica ii referitoare la acest lucru De asemenea au fost unele detalii care, n opinia mea, i iau pu in din str lucire, ns cartea e [...]

    4. Razvan Zamfirescu on said:

      In categoria sa, cartea isi merita, cu siguranta, calificativul de clasica Doar ca ar trebui sa fiti cu bagare de seama pentru ca daca obisnuiti sa cititi cu placere, pe langa fictiunea si non fictiunea de zi cu zi, si carti gen Mary Poppins sau Roald Dahl, asa cum fac eu, acest titlu s ar putea sa nu va aduca o placere la fel de mare, de vreme ce cartea are un public mult mai tanar Daca veti reusi sa o priviti prin ochii unui copil de 5 6 ani, sunt convins ca o veti aprecia, dar eu nu am reusit [...]

    5. Liz on said:

      I typically reserve five stars for great works of literature, but reading this book aloud to my four year old was an experience I d like to never forget To him, at his age, it absolutely is an amazing piece of literature He would have sat through an entire book if I d let him Reading just three chapters at a time was hardly a fast enough pace for him And I was shocked by his comprehension Even at the end of the first story, he could recall all ten chapters in great detail He studied the simple d [...]

    6. Amy on said:

      All three books in the series I read them to my daughter She loved them Its an adventure series short chapter books perfect for early readers or for ages 3 as a parent read aloud book My Father s Dragon was my favorite of the three.

    7. Shanae on said:

      Such a great introduction to chapter books book My boys read and re read this series They re captivated by the adventure and love them all It gives good problem solving discussions, is fun to read aloud with many voices, and is a short read I think it was audiobook was 2 hours for all 3 books Good, light, children s fiction Perfect for a reader just venturing into chapter books.

    8. Becky on said:

      I really enjoyed reading My Father s Dragon 1948 , Elmer And the Dragon 1950 , and The Dragons of Blueland 1951 , all by Ruth Stiles Gannett My Father s Dragon was a Newbery Honor book for 1949 I d read My Father s Dragon before many years ago long before I started blogging but this was my first opportunity, I believe, to read the two sequels.I loved the way My Father s Dragon opens One cold rainy day when my father was a little boy, he met an old alley cat on his street The cat was very drippy [...]

    9. kingshearte on said:

      My Father s Dragon and its two sequels are books that Da read to us when we were little, and they re very cute I d actually kind of forgotten about them until I started working with books and saw them again Then I spotted an edition of all three books in one hardcover volume at a used book sale, and snapped it up I don t have a blurb for it because it didn t have its dust jacket at that time, but suffice it to say that it s about a boy named Elmer who has adventures with a baby dragon named Bori [...]

    10. Krista on said:

      My 4 year old son got this for Christmas this year and loved it I ve lost count of the number of times we have read through it This volume is a compilation of three books that all center on the relationship between a boy sometimes called My Father and sometimes Elmer and a dragon Boris that he rescues from some mean, wild animals It has all the elements of a great adventure planning, travel, secrecy, danger, friendship, and a safe return home that a little boy wants This is one of our favorites

    11. Nancy on said:

      This was a lovely book My Vintage Book Circle group all loved it We liked the dragons a lot I remember being so amazed at how prepared he was He had just the right thing for every circumstance One person said this was the book that made her become a librarian We all thought that it would capture the imagination of children today despite the fact that it was written in 1948 Excellent first chapter book for third graders, I would think.

    12. Anjali Williams on said:

      I missed this series as a child but read them aloud to both my kids They are perfect early chapter books for younger children, because there are whimsical illustrations on nearly every page, kind and resourceful characters, and nothing too scary Sienna liked that Elmer would risk his life to make a baby dragon happy But she didn t like the sad parts that, for example, the dragon needs to be rescued , which made her rate it a 3, instead of 4.

    13. Sherri on said:

      Great chapter book to read aloud to young children about a young boy and his baby dragon friend I think the age window for reading this book to kids is pretty short 3 10 I read it to my eight year old and 11 year old The eight year old was completely enthralled the 11 year old liked it, but was bored at times Also, it s a little dated.

    14. Jackie "the Librarian" on said:

      All three of the My Father s Dragon books in one volume They really are all just one big story, so this makes perfect sense The only drawback is that you lose the cover art for the first two books.A perfect read aloud for kids ages 4 8, especially those not ready for Harry Potter.

    15. Naomi on said:

      Reading this with Arianna She is really enjoying it, and often asks for one chapter.

    16. Michelle on said:

      My children love this as a bedtime story We read a few chapters each night, but they re begging for The simple, black and white illustrations are engaging This is one we read again and again

    17. Renee Priddis on said:

      A fantastic book I read this to my kids They enjoyed it and so did Ia children s beginner chapter book that kept everyone s attention Success

    18. Bethany on said:

      I read the first story in this book years ago, but I can t remember anything about them other than a vaguely pleasant sentiment This time, I read it aloud to my 4 year old I don t like to push things on her, I want reading to be fun and all that, so I read it to her on nights she asked for it, which she did often than not, but definitely not every night, so it took us a while to get through all three stories But still, she liked it, remembered what was happening for the most part, and she liked [...]

    19. Ellie on said:

      I revisited this after many years I remember reading it together with my father when I was young It is still a delightful read My favorite aspect of the book is the way that the author treats the reader with such dignity never simplifying a situation because the book is directed towards younger readers I also like how the book humanizes an adult by talking about the adventures of his youth it s such a nice change from the typical treatment of adults as idiots or villains that is so common in mid [...]

    20. Stefanie Delinois on said:

      I recently read this to our 4 year old It seems appropriate for her age FYI if you read it to your children The mother spanks, I think they said whips her boy for bringing the stray cat in the house Also, some of the animals threaten the boy with violence while he is rescuing the baby dragon I might have used different language to communicate the same idea when reading it aloud to my child Overall, it is an adventure story about a little boy who rescues a baby dragon from some wild animals His w [...]

    21. Sheri S. on said:

      I really enjoyed each of these imaginative tales about a boy and a baby dragon Gannett does an excellent job of painting a picture in one s imagination of a brilliantly colored baby dragon who is off on some kind of an adventure He s accompanied by the boy, Elmer Elevator, who assists the dragon in any way he can I found the names given to the various animals in the first tale to be particularly amusing Overall, I would say this is a great book for kids and fun for adults to listen to as well

    22. Grace on said:

      3.5 stars I read this aloud to my four year old He liked looking at the pictures while I read, but I don t think he was very engaged in the story at all I think it s a good starting point for a read aloud chapter book with your little one, but it s not overly interesting throughout Cute stories don t get me wrong, with fun and silly things that happen, but I wasn t overly impressed I understand that it s a classic children s book and I m glad we read it together.

    23. Elena Halvorsen on said:

      Wonderful read aloudWhen I taught second grade I did a whole unit with My Fathers Dragon and the students loved it This summer I got to read it to my own daughter who is going into second grade and she was enthralled Such a sweet and imaginative trilogy to read aloud to children.

    24. Sarah on said:

      This was very cute We had been looking for chapter books to read out loud to a preschooler, and this was definitely a winner He loved the stories, and now he even likes to eat tangerinese Elmer Elevator eats tangerines.

    25. Kate on said:

      Read it to my four year old daughter She loved it It s imaginative but simple enough for her to follow It has some suspense but no violence, and she loved the adventure There were simple black and white illustrations every other page or so Great for transitioning to chapter books.

    26. Ellen on said:

      Loved these cute, amusing, and funny little stories I laughed out loud several times I enjoyed the adventures of Elmer and the dragon I m excited to read this with my little boy I think this is a really good book for little kids The adventures are exciting and yet simple to follow.

    27. Callie Rose Tyler on said:

      Not my cup of tea Very repetitive, even for a children s book Just felt very bland, not the type of story that warms the hearts of children and adults alike The plot reads like a picture book.

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