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Lily's Crossing

Lily's Crossing By Patricia Reilly Giff Lily s Crossing Author Patricia Reilly Giff s Newbery Honor winning Lily s Crossing is now available for the first time in paperback Every summer Lily and her father go to her family s house in Rockaway near the Atl

  • Title: Lily's Crossing
  • Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
  • ISBN: 9780440414537
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lily's Crossing By Patricia Reilly Giff Author Patricia Reilly Giff s Newbery Honor winning Lily s Crossing is now available for the first time in paperback Every summer Lily and her father go to her family s house in Rockaway, near the Atlantic Ocean But the summer of 1944 is different World War II has called Lily s father overseas, Lily s best friend Margaret had to move with her family to a wartime factoryAuthor Patricia Reilly Giff s Newbery Honor winning Lily s Crossing is now available for the first time in paperback Every summer Lily and her father go to her family s house in Rockaway, near the Atlantic Ocean But the summer of 1944 is different World War II has called Lily s father overseas, Lily s best friend Margaret had to move with her family to a wartime factory town, and Lily is forced to live with her grandmother But then a boy named Albert, a refugee from Hungary, comes to live in Rockaway He has lost most of his family to the war Soon he and Lily form a special friendship, and they have secrets to share But they have both told lies, and Lily s lie may cost Albert his life.
    Lily's Crossing By Patricia Reilly Giff

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      379 Patricia Reilly Giff
    Lily's Crossing

    One thought on “Lily's Crossing

    1. Donna on said:

      This book is a children s book that won a Newbery Honor in 1998 It is set during WWII as a little girl s father goes off to war and she is living with her grandmother She is a bit of a brat, but I like the way the author opens her up and makes it so that she can be understood, even in her naughty ways As hard as she thinks she has it, she meets someone who has it even harder I m clearly not the target audience for this book, but I like that there are books like these that can get kids to wonder. [...]

    2. Corena Fitch on said:

      Lily s Crossing is a historical fiction book that takes place in the summer of 1944, during World War II Lily is a young girl who is about to start her summer in Rockaway Beach with her grandmother She has plans to fish and spend time with her good friend Margret who lives there Her father is supposed to visit every weekend and share in her time there Nothing goes as it is planned though Margret s family has to move because her father must start making bomber planes for the war and Lily s father [...]

    3. Linda Lipko on said:

      Lily loves to lie The lies flow fast and easy Each time she vows not to lie, another one slides right on out of her mouth Lily just cannot help herself.The setting is Rockaway, NJ where Lily, her grandmother and father spend idyllic summers But the summer of 1944 is different and lives are changed because of WWII Lily s best friend moves to Detroit where her father can build bombs, the seaside boardwalk is empty and Lily s father is going oversees to fight in the war.Having lost a mother in chil [...]

    4. Christina on said:

      Eh, it wasn t a bad book really, but I was a little disappointed I wanted to like this book The summary sounded interesting, and the reason I picked it up in the first place was because I read Patricia Reilly Giff s book Wild Girl recently and thought it was great But this book it just didn t do it for me Lily is a brat, as is Margaret, so right from the beginning I found myself disliking her and hoping that she would get into trouble With the introduction of Albert good guy, but written a litt [...]

    5. Brandi on said:

      I saw this at the library it s a Newbery awarded book so I thought I would read it This book was set near the end of WWII and offers a different perspective of the war than I had previously read It s an easy summer read and I think for kids, a good eye opener to some of the hard things kids had to go through during the war.What I didn t like The protagonist is naughty, she steals, lies, sneaks into movies, and is mean to her grandmother The whole first half of the book all I could think was I ho [...]

    6. Heatherk on said:

      This is the first book I am rating so it might no be very good Anyway, Lilly s Crossing is about a girl in the hard times of World War 2 she is all alone in her summer home until an immigrant her age comes to town his name is Albert from Hungary he had to leave his sister in France He is alone too But they come very close But after the summer when Lilly leaves to go back to school will they ever see each other again this book is historical fiction heather kroesche

    7. booklady on said:

      You know how there are some characters you just can t warm up to I didn t care for this little girl at all in the beginning of this story Lily is dishonest, rude and disrespectful right off the bat I suppose I knew she had her reasons and usually I m much empathetic towards children in stories assuming their naughty behavior has an explanation So I m still not sure why I never quite took to Lily.

    8. Chinook on said:

      Meh It was fine and there would be a lot of good discussion points in a classroom , but it bored me a bit.

    9. Gilbert Saller on said:

      There s a lot of things wrong with this book Lily is shown as a liar, thief, indifferent to most things, disdainful there s no good reason to like the main character Poppy Lily s father is an extremely clich angelic like character, not realistic or dimensional at all None of the characters are, really, and I didn t care for any of them The writing is difficult and choppy, the thoughts ill conceived You know how some stories can make scenes come alive in your head This book really didn t do that [...]

    10. Maria Allison on said:

      I really enjoyed this coming of age story that explored the relationships with family and friends, told from the point of view of a 11 year old girl during World War II I thought that the character development was excellent Sometimes the plot moved a little slowly, but it really picked up towards the end and ended beautifully and emotionally I would recommend this book to children aged 10 and up I will definitely use this book when I do historical fiction book clubs with my students.

    11. Karen on said:

      Listening to the audio at lunch times CC2 World Wars study My mom has already listened to this and really liked itb 3 2 17Good audio Ellie and Mom rates 3 1 2 stars Seeing the war through the eyes of children and the effects it had on themb 3 13 17

    12. Amber Harper on said:

      Literature helps us see life from others perspectives, and Lily s Crossing has the potential to show upper elementary students what it would have felt like firsthand to have lived during World War II In this story, Lily has always looked forward to summers on the beach in Rockaway with her dad, but this year is going to be different Lily s father has gone to Europe to fight in the war, and Margaret Lily s constant summer sidekick in years past has moved with her family to Michigan to help with t [...]

    13. Pandora on said:

      My major problem with this book is that I really couldn t understand why I was suppose to like Lily She lies, sneaks in to moives, likes to accuse people of being Nazi which can be dangerous , she is an indifferent student except for books , eats candy with her friend that was suppose go to a soilder, and doesn t want to pratice the piano Then again when I was 12 I never understood why I was suppose to like Harriet in Harriet the Spy So right from the start it was hard for me to get into this st [...]

    14. Barb Terpstra on said:

      As I consider what I liked best about this story, I think it is the expression of Lily s contrary feelings Remember when you were young and you loved your mom, but you disliked her too When your mom showed you expressions of love, you may have shunned them Contrary A perfect expression of those teenage emotions And stubborn Too stubborn to give in to those soft feelings.Lily has those feelings towards her Gram She feels mad at her dad who is leaving her to serve in the war She doesn t have a mom [...]

    15. Darcy Stewart on said:

      In Lily s Crossing, Lily must move to Rockaway, NY for the summer Her father is sent to Europe Her father promises to tell her where he is secretly Her best friend Margaret must move near a factory where her dad works Albert a refugee from Hungary stays with the Orbans for the summer Albert is looking for his sister Ruth who got sick in France and was taken a nunnery Lily promises him that she will go with him to France to help find his sister Over time Lily and Albert become best friends At the [...]

    16. Kathy on said:

      I wanted to read Lily s Crossing to make sure it was age appropriate for my niece It was and I hope she will enjoy it Lily lives in Brooklyn and summers in Rockaway beach it is 1944 and the war is effecting Lily and her friends, Margaret and Albert Each has a member of their family away due to the war Lily has a way of exaggerating the truth which gets her in trouble and Albert is a boy from Hungary who just wants to be with his family again There is a childlike innocence to the story that is no [...]

    17. Katie Jackson on said:

      This book is a winner of the Newbery book award Lily loves to lie but when her dad is sent over seas for the war she meets a friend, Albert who is a Hungary refugee, she feels that she can t lie to They become great friends but at the end of the summer they leave the Atlantic Alber goes to Canada and Lily goes back to her house When returning to the Atlantic, Lily didn t know that Albert came back She was excited to see him and his sister Rose who was left in Hungary because she was ill Lily s f [...]

    18. Ariana on said:

      I really enjoy Newbery Award Winners and Honors because they typically are highlights of what all childrens literature should be like This book was well written and had a historical setting, but I never felt like it quite deserved a Newbery It s a short book and I could barely drag myself through it Unengaging and honestly pretty boring.

    19. Michael Fitzgerald on said:

      Having read a number of children s books about WWII written in the 1940s and 1950s, I felt that the writing style of this book just didn t work It has a modern feel that doesn t fit well, and the references to music, etc seem contrived and researched even though the author was born in 1935 and lived through the period.

    20. Julie on said:

      Great read aloud option for 5th grade and up It reminded me of Harriet the Spy during World War II.The characters were warm and easily relatable.Lily experiences the joys of summertime and new friendships with the hardships of war.

    21. Nicole on said:

      This book was amazing I don t know why it was great but the concept was clean and fresh This book made me cry to be honest, because every chapter was a new surprise Patricia Riley Giff, make another

    22. Lucy on said:

      I thought that this book told a cute story a bout lily a 11 year old girl and her freinds.And sad because she hardly got to see he father because he was at war with her friends brother.

    23. Veronica on said:

      WWII summer by the beach for Lily who meets a refuge boy and becomes fast friends.

    24. Theresa on said:

      I made it to chapter 6 I hate Lily I don t want to know what kinds of awful, selfish things she does to her friends DNF

    25. Mackenzie Ford on said:

      Title Lily s CrossingAuthor Patricia Reilly Giff Illustrator N AGenre Historical Fiction Theme s Fiction, World War 1939 1945 , Refugees, Beaches, Friendship, SeparationOpening Line Sentence Lily Mollahan s bedroom was at the top if the stairs, the only one on the second floor Brief Book Summary This book was about a young girl dealing with the separation of a best friend and her father due to the war during her summer Lily s father was sent to Europe to help defeat the Nazis, which she never im [...]

    26. Morgan on said:

      Lily s Crossing is written by Patricia Reilly Giff This book is about a girl named Lily and her summer adventures during World War II I was impressed with this book because it has good use of figurative language and a thrilling mood I believe the author uses good descriptive words and figurative language For instance, the author uses a simile Giff compares the boats coming towards the shore to an ocean that s stormy, Lily had seen the news at the movies, boats coming close to the shore, the wate [...]

    27. Alexis on said:

      Summary Lily and her family look forward to their yearly trips to the beach each summer Lily looks forward to spending time with her parents and best friend This year, however, things are changing Lily s father is being forced and shipped off to join in the fight during World War II, and her best friend moved away For the first time, Lily is all alone and isolated, using her spare time to invent creative lies and scenarios Things change when she meets a Hungarian immigrant, Albert They begin to [...]

    28. Reikista on said:

      Lily is excited to be going to her Gram s house on the shore in Rockaway, to see her friend Margaret and feel free this summer But Margaret s father moves the family to Detroit where he will work on an assembly line building bombers, and Lily s father will be going to France to support the Allies work in the war It s turning out to be a sad summer, except for the excitement of the arrival of Alfred, from Hungary Maybe he will solve one of Lily s problems, number three on her list Friends, need L [...]

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