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Revenge of the Witch

Revenge of the Witch By Joseph Delaney PatrickArrasmith Revenge of the Witch For years Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county ridding the local villages of evil Now his time is coming to an end But who will take over for him Twenty nine apprentices have tried some flo

  • Title: Revenge of the Witch
  • Author: Joseph Delaney PatrickArrasmith
  • ISBN: 9780060766207
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revenge of the Witch By Joseph Delaney PatrickArrasmith For years, Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county, ridding the local villages of evil Now his time is coming to an end But who will take over for him Twenty nine apprentices have tried some floundered, some fled, some failed to stay alive.Only Thomas Ward is left He s the last hope, the last apprentice.
    Revenge of the Witch By Joseph Delaney PatrickArrasmith

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    • ê Revenge of the Witch ↠ Joseph Delaney PatrickArrasmith
      133 Joseph Delaney PatrickArrasmith

    One thought on “Revenge of the Witch

    1. Evgeny on said:

      Warning my long and boring rants follow There are some things that bug me and this review happened to be a good place for them Sorry.If you own a farm you never split it between your children, otherwise several generations later there will be nothing left to split You give the farm to the oldest child which leaves you a very tough problem to find a place in life for the rest of your kids Now imagine you have seven sons and you yourself were the seventh son, but managed to come up with some money [...]

    2. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) on said:

      I read YA and survived Imagine that.Now now, no need to be slightly horrified, my Little Barnacles, or fear for the future of the planet The fact that I did not convulse while reading the book doesn t mean I loved it Which means doom and destruction will have to wait for a bit insert sighs of utter, total and complete relief here Okay, to be honestly honest, I didn t, you know, not love the book and stuff I might even have enjoyed it a little you didn t read that You re drunk But I didn t, you k [...]

    3. Mario on said:

      Warning Not to be Read after Dark This is written on the back of the book And I really wish I took that advice Cause for a children s ya book, this one is freaking scary.From the beginning this book grabbed my attention, and it held it all the way to the end I liked the characters, especially Tom and Alice I loved how Tom grew throughout this book, and I enjoyed reading about his journey I liked the world, this was set in I also really liked where the story went, and there were even some plot tw [...]

    4. Amelia, the pragmatic idealist on said:

      Excellent Excellent Excellent I have a very, very good feeling about the rest of the books in the Wardstone Chronicles after completing this book it s called Revenge of the Witch in the US First of all, a very, very engaging and rather original plot It s similar to HARRY POTTER in this both take place in England, and both have a lot to do with folkoric creatures and legends witches, boggarts, and the like But there s where the similarities end You can read the synopsis up at the top and know tha [...]

    5. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      I d really rather give this one 4.5 stars, because it was an excellent book Although a young adult book, it is definitely sophisticated enough for an adult to enjoy it I don t consider myself sophisticated, but I still think a person who is would like it I liked that the suspense builds There are no cheap thrills or shock value scares Instead, the author takes his time and builds up the menace so that you spend your time trying to prepare yourself for the scare Even still, you won t hear someone [...]

    6. Marian on said:

      Intensely scary There was a time or two I raced up the stairs to jump into the safety of my bed after listening to this book Thank goodness I m left handed which, according to the book, gives me a slight advantage over anything creepy that goes bump in the night One star had to go for things like coffin maggots and carnivorous hogs gross Of the books I have recently listened to on CD this one has the best narration by far It is excellent.

    7. Gorgona Grim on said:

      Baukov egrt je prva od 13 knjiga u serijalu, kod nas je naravno i jedina prevedena hvala u i Googleu na postojanju Pomalo mi je krivo zbog toga jer je ovo jedna od boljih knjiga za mlade koju sam pro itala u poslednjih nekoliko godina.Pre svega, otvara nam se novi svet u kojem postoje raznolika bi a za koje smo delimi no uli ve tice, bukavci, duhovi, a tu su i razli ite biljke koje je potrebno izu avati u okviru botanike i mnogo toga drugog Kako bi se odr ao mir i za titili nedu ni, sa zlo estim [...]

    8. Xabi1990 on said:

      Bah , nada nuevo ni especialmente bien contado Brujas secuestrani os y un aprendiz de brujo en terminolog a Sapkovskiana que aqu llaman Espectro Lo dicho, prescindible Tres estrellas porque al menos me lo he acabado Anda, si hay peli del libro Pues para la famosa madre del topo.

    9. Jonathan Terrington on said:

      As has grown it seems there are and people looking for recommendations for YA series in a similar vein to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games As you can guess from the tangent I m making this is one of those books.If you re not into Dark Young Adult Fantasy then it may take you a minute to adjust to this book And I must warn you that the series gets darker and darker highlighting the adult part of young adult But all that said, there is a film adaptation on the way, along with the final book and [...]

    10. Mel on said:

      This was pretty good I enjoyed it It wasn t much and it wasn t complicated but I liked this as a simple middle grade fantasy series I don t have a lot to say about it, but I will likely continue with the series

    11. Shadowdenizen on said:

      I liked this book overall, certainly far better than the movie based on it A little slow paced initally, but very moody and evocative, and certainly seems to set the stage for some plot threads to be followed up in further books.3.5 stars Rounded up to 4.

    12. Tatjana on said:

      Simpati na pri a predominantno YA anra, no lako je mentalno se vratiti u te godine obzirom na izuzetno lagan, pitak stil pisanja Kome treba psihi ko opu tanje topla preporuka

    13. Cooper on said:

      Although clearly written as a children s book over explanation and reminders of what has previously occurred it is quite dark, with bone witches and strip the flesh from fresh corpses and blood witches that drain blood from living children, eat babies and make blood cakes to increase their strength It does a good job of watering these parts down, but they are still there, I would not recommend it for it s target audience, and it definitely would not be night time reading for that age unless you [...]

    14. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      Okay.t let give a sort of introduction I liked this book, and that s a relief as the last several YA books I ve read have been, disappointing Since I read the Harry Potter books each as it came out with my own children though they were grown by the time the series completed I ve continued occasionally reading a YA book as some of them are excellent and not to be missedeven if we are old, grown up, and decrepit LOLNow as to this book I considered giving it a lower rating, and after this I ll say [...]

    15. Victoria on said:

      Vraiment tr s sympa C est jeunesse, mais certains moments font frissonner, et l univers en g n ral est tr s int ressant, avec diverses cr atures mal fiques, et une ambiance qui s assombrit Je lirai avec plaisir la suite l occasion Mention sp ciale pour les petits bonus de mon dition une carte, une pr sentation des personnages, des pages du carnet de Tom

    16. Anne on said:

      2.5 starsI read this in the hopes it would be something my son might want to read I m thinking this wouldn t really be his thing, though The setting is old timey and the writing is a bit dry compared to what he normally seems to prefer I had a pretty easy time putting it down, and considering it took me three days to read 160 pages YeahI m probably not going to be passing this one on to him.Anyhoo, this would probably work for a kid who is looking for a spooky series, and doesn t mind the above [...]

    17. Stuart on said:

      Spook s is such a quaint English tale that it almost disarms you when the real horror begins.Spook s Apprentice is was a YA debut novel by Joseph Delaney, so I ll be find crosses heart Spook s is one of those a typical British fantasy novels, where it takes a lot of influences through the English countryside and English mannerisms J R R Tolken, C S Lewis etc It reminded me of sitting in front of the TV when I was 10, watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe being scared half to death while [...]

    18. Cait (Paper Fury) on said:

      While it was good it was decidedly ungreat, which disappoints me I m a HUGE fan of Rangers Apprentice The Ruins of Gorlan and The False Princewhich seemed to have a similar vibe to The Spook s Apprentice So I fully expected to adore this I honestly felt much to old Which is sad, because I agree with CS Lewis on his quote A children s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children s story in the slightest Very wise So that s why I m confused that I didn t attach myself to this [...]

    19. Traci on said:

      This young adult book actually offers chills and thrills than adult horror books I have read Surprisingly well written There were moments that actually made me have that feeling we all know of when we are watching a horror movie and we want to cover our eyes The language and words the author chose made for a very eerie atmosphere In my limited experience in reading horror Stephen King, John Saul I have rarely gotten frightened by anything I have read Though when it comes to movies I am wimp Thi [...]

    20. Charity on said:

      So the other day I was bored common occurrence with me and plucked the movie Seventh Son off the library shelf even though most of the reviews said it was rubbish, and two hours later I thought, Eh, that wasn t too bad, bet the book is better Imagine my surprise when the movie is almost nothing like the book and the book, had it been turned into a movie, is about a hundred times creepier than anything the movie came up with I liked the book a lot The boggart who fixes breakfast and takes the sha [...]

    21. JP Capili on said:

      Plot A young boy apprentices to the Spook and learns to defend the County and combat the growing threat from the witches.Good interesting plot, good illustrationsBad no character depthI have decided to give this book a shot because it is being adapted into a major film This was definitely a children s book, but the horror element may be too gory for very young kids The writing was simple It had an interesting plot, but the characters were under developed The book felt like a summary than a hear [...]

    22. Elizabetha on said:

      En realidad 4.5, s lo porque me hubiese gustado que desarrollara algunas partes de la trama de una manera m s extensa, pero, a veces como dec a mi profesora de Historia Moderna , menos es m s Se agradece, pues esto es algo que generalmente los autores de literatura juvenil no entienden y es as como nos llenamos de trilog as innecesarias y de libros que, m s que tramas bien construidas, le sobran hojas.La historia engancha, la prosa est muy bien utilizada y hay partes que realmente dan un poco de [...]

    23. Sesana on said:

      Neat world building I like how Delaney draws from Medieval ideas about witches, while still having a lot of elements that strike me as being rather original The witches are really quite dangerous, and the options for dealing with them are very limited Adds a nice bit of tension Unfortunately, the story depends on the main character doing something very foolish for no apparent reason For somebody training to be what is essentially an exorcist, he s horribly lacking in genre savvy I mean, if someb [...]

    24. Jessica on said:

      How did I not know about this series sooner I mean, I vaguely remember seeing them in bookstores but NO ONE has told me to read them I picked this up when I saw the trailer for the rather silly looking movie version that is coming with Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes And what did I find An excellent fantasy adventure, set in a place that feels very much like witch hunt era England or even America , about a young man who is apprenticing as a witch hunter It was fast paced, it was pretty spooky, and [...]

    25. Simona Stoica on said:

      O serie perfectalarisme chef carti 76 car S vezi viitorul este periculos i s dezv lui ce vezi este de dou ori mai periculos Magistrul t u trebuie s i urmeze calea lui Trebuie s i g seasc propria lui cale Fiecare dintre noi are o voin liber Dar exist o ntunecare naintea noastr i trebuie s fac tot ce mi st n puteri s pre nt mpin lucrurile cele mai rele care s ar putea nt mpla.

    26. Clarice on said:

      Although this is categorized as a Young Adult book and has a little blood and gore, to me it really seems tame enough to read with your 7 year olds, probably ok for 11 year olds to read on their own and might appeal to some adults as well The story is told in first person from the 12 year old protagonist s perspective He is the 7th son of a 7th son, and, although he does have a gift , he is not a super hero He is a very likable and believable character He is not supremely self confident, but he [...]

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