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Babyville By Jane Green Babyville Meet Julia a wildly successful television producer who appears to have the picture perfect life But beneath the surface things are not as perfect as they seem Stuck in a loveless relationship with h

  • Title: Babyville
  • Author: Jane Green
  • ISBN: 9780767912242
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • Babyville By Jane Green Meet Julia, a wildly successful television producer who appears to have the picture perfect life But beneath the surface, things are not as perfect as they seem Stuck in a loveless relationship with her boyfriend, Mark, Julia thinks a baby is the answer but she may want a baby than she wants her boyfriend Will a trip to New York City with a jet setting friendMeet Julia, a wildly successful television producer who appears to have the picture perfect life But beneath the surface, things are not as perfect as they seem Stuck in a loveless relationship with her boyfriend, Mark, Julia thinks a baby is the answer but she may want a baby than she wants her boyfriend Will a trip to New York City with a jet setting friend and all the glittering energy and eligible men the city brings help her discover what she really needs Maeve, on the other hand, is allergic to commitment A feisty, red haired, high power career girl, she cherishes her ability to do just as she pleases and breaks out in a rash every time she passes a stroller But when her no strings attached nightlife leads to an unexpected pregnancy, her reaction may be just as unexpected.And then there s Samantha happily married and eager to be the perfect June Cleaveresque mother But baby George brings only exhaustion, extra pounds, and marital strife to her once tidy life Is having an affair with a friend s incredibly sexy husband the answer
    Babyville By Jane Green

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    • [PDF] Babyville | by Ù Jane Green
      206 Jane Green

    One thought on “Babyville

    1. Candice on said:

      Oh my Having a hard time with this one I m about 115 pages in and its pretty insipid total SNORESVILLE and predictable I might have to give up soon I have no idea how someone could give this anything than 2 stars I keep thinking it might pick up or get interesting or betterah, if I could give it 1.5 stars I would, but overall, yeasch half star would go for the humiliation at the end of the book heard over the baby monitor wow, that was terrible Other than that, ugh.

    2. Cristina on said:

      This is another that I already have forgotten what happened It s a good nothing else to read book that won t disappoint with lower expectations.The problem with Jane Green novels is that after reading one, you ve kind of read them all HOWEVER, I still enjoy them They are easy and go so fast They make great vacation books.

    3. Jennifer on said:

      This was not my favorite Jane Green novel It was the story of three women Julia, Maeve and Sam All three women are struggling with their relationships and truthfully their identity I get that we as women struggle with who we are and how to define ourselves apart from our better half and our ability to procreate I really do get that I guess I struggled with taking it seriously with this book which is probably why I didn t like it too much I had little empathy for any of the characters I didn t f [...]

    4. Alyssa on said:

      I don t know how this book is possibly rated so highly on The story itself seemed generally relatable and appealing mid 30s woman feels the biological clock ticking, wants to have a baby with boyfriend she isn t interested in so much after 4 years, she s jealous of friends with babies I was interested to read it because it would represent mommy lit as a subgenre of chick lit However, the writing was SO awful that I could not finish the book I gave it a chance and read the first 60 pages, but cou [...]

    5. Julie Hedlund on said:

      I tried to force myself to finish this book after reading the Julia segment Ultimately, I failed I am an avid reader of all types of books, including chick lit As the mother of two young children, I had looked forward to some light summer reading about women going through the same phase of life However, these women are nothing like me or any of the many thirty something women and mothers that I know For example, how many women are DESPERATE to get pregnant, and then dash off to New York, forget [...]

    6. Kelly (TheWellReadRedhead) on said:

      I loved Jemima J, and thought Mr Maybe was so so I was prepared to go either way with this one, and I did enjoy it quite a bit I thought the 3 perspectives in the novel were interesting, and I took a particular liking to Maeve Green did a great job of weaving all the stories together A fun, light read

    7. Lauren on said:

      This book is about three women in their thirties, Julia, Maeve, and Sam Julia is a producer with a live in boyfriend who is trapped in a boring relationship Like so many people I know in real life, she realizes deep down that she is not happy, but after investing 4 years in a relationship she is determined to make it work She figures that the spark always goes out in a relationship Julia, like so many people in real life, doesn t know how to make herself happy and when her boyfriend Mark does no [...]

    8. Angela on said:

      Quite possibly one of the worst books I ever read It makes women look flightly and indecisive without really addressing serious issues the characters face in a way that is appropriate to their problems Also, if you are even remotely thinking of having a baby, don t read this book It makes having kids sound like a death sentence

    9. Farah on said:

      Akhir akhir ini gue selalu bermasalah sama novel terjemahan.Nemu kalimat yang berasa ngga enak dikit, langsung turn off Males lanjutin baca Itu yang terjadi sama beberapa buku yang udah mulai gue baca dari berbulan bulan lalu tapi sampe sekarang masih aja belom kelar Itu karena gue tinggalin acara baca bukunya di tengah jalan Lanjutin bacanya entar aja kapan kapan hiahahaha.Tapi novel ini salah satu yang selamat dari perasaan sudden turn off Mungkin karena seperti The Man I Should Have Married, [...]

    10. Ayuwidya Ayuwidya on said:

      Bercerita dari tiga sudut pandang perempuan dan kehidupannya Julia, perempuan yang terobsesi punya bayi, tapi saat ia cuti kantor ia meyakini sebuah kebenaran yang selama ini tidak berani ia akui Ia tidak yakin bahwa pasangannya, Mark, adalah orang yang tepat untuknya Maeve, perempuan yang tidak berencana punya anak, malah punya anak dari Mark Ia berencana untuk aborsi dan berkeras untuk tidak hidup bersama Mark Sam, sahabat Julia yang kemudian juga jadi sahabat Maeve Ibu rumah tangga yang kelim [...]

    11. Weni on said:

      Semua tentang bayiAda Julia yang terobsesi utk punya bayi Menganggap hadirnya seorang anak akan menjadi solusi atas hubungannya yang semakin hambar dengan Mark mereka blm nikah, tp tinggal bersama Situasi makin memburuk ketika Julia mengungkapkan kekecewaannya, seolah Mark lah yang tdk bisa punya anak Julia sdh pernah hamil dan menggugurkan kandungannya Julia akhirnya pergi ke New York bersama Bella, merasa lega krn tdk lagi bersama Mark, bahkan tdk lagi terobsesi untuk punya anak.Lalu ada Maeve [...]

    12. Redfox5 on said:

      I thought I had read this before but I couldn t remember anything about it, so maybe I didn t One chick lit book is very much like another This is the story of 3 women Julia, Sam and Maeve seriously, whose called Maeve nowdays.Jane tells the story in three sections, one at a time which doesn t always seem to work I wish she had alternated viewpoints in chapters as we seemed to miss some important bits of the story.I really wanted to see Julia s reaction to Mark getting Maeve pregnant but we neve [...]

    13. Brooke on said:

      It has been a while since I delved into the British Chick Lit scenee title of this book caught my attention from the book share table at my gym and I m so glad it did While not a stellar piece of fiction, I really enjoyed this book Being early on in my pregnancy when reading it 4 months I was able to relate with most of the characters loved their growth Even when some of the characters were doing not so happy things, you could understand where they were coming from blinders on to relationship is [...]

    14. Connie Fischer on said:

      Julia wants a baby desperately and is unable to conceive She focuses so hard on becoming pregnant to the point that she drives her boyfriend away Maeve almost breaks out in a rash at the thought of being a mother However, a night of oops unprotected sex changes all of that for her At first, she tries to convince herself that she couldn t possibly be pregnant and tries to ignore the whole thing Then, she is determined to have an abortion yet keeps putting it off until it s too late Samantha wants [...]

    15. Jackie Bromagin on said:

      This was a re read for me When I was not really reading very much about 5 6 years ago, this was a book that I read and re read multiple times It s sort of weird to think about a 24 year old single woman who doesn t want kinds rereading a book called Babyville but alas that was my life.I went on a bit of a chick lit binge at the end of November I read two Sophie Kinsella books and then I decided I wanted to read one of my old favorites so I did Babyville is about 3 women in London Julia is a woma [...]

    16. Abby on said:

      As the title would suggest, this book is all about babies Trying to get pregnant, trying not to get pregnant, and adjusting to life after pregnancy with a newborn What could have been an interesting look at the topic was spoiled by three of the most unlikeable main characters I have ever encountered in a fictional book, as well as a completely, pat, happy ending undeserved by the characters All three women were completely selfish and self absorbed, and it s next to immpossible to enjoy a book wh [...]

    17. Melynda Yesenia on said:

      i m really glad this was a trashbook, totally freetal, unabashed chicklit however, this also managed to keep me interested past the first three pages which is usually all i can stand of the genre a quick pace, imperfect characters and rotating narrators all help to temper the fluff factor of the story and writing style still, i couldn t ultimately care some of the resolutions refrained from being totally cookie cutter perfect but i still wanted one of the women to become a real person past her b [...]

    18. Carrie on said:

      I liked most of this book I debated between 3 and 4 stars The story is split into thirds, three different women s stories, although all three are interconnected To put it bluntly, I hated the first story I found Julia s character so self centered it was almost intolerable But then I really enjoyed the second story and really connected with Maeve s journey Finally, the third story, Sam s, I went back and forth on I also wasn t a huge fan of Sam s, although I was sympathetic towards her than I wa [...]

    19. Jennifer Cason on said:

      I have no one to blame but myself for reading this I knew it would be 1 star when I bought it I knew it on page 10, 20, 30 and so on I ve read a past Jane Green and the best I can say is that she is consistent with her 1 star writing I d like to find some way to soften this review Give it up as a brainless summer read, but reallyn t do it There are just so many better bad summer books out there.

    20. Donna on said:

      This rating review is based on getting to about page 60 of this book I couldn t read past that I found the storyline to be not all that interesting Hardly any of the main characters were likable people And it was coarse and vulgar After 60 pages, I knew I couldn t read another couple of hundred pages of this Disappointing chick lit

    21. Jane on said:

      Surprisingly goodHits super close to home especially the third part Funny and charming and actually well written The characters feel human, with all the foibles and uncertainties of real people, ones I could be friends with being a career woman in my thirties.

    22. Emily on said:

      When i read this book i just couldn t put it down i wanted to know what was going to happen next for the characters in the book I love the fact that each of the three main women in the book are concentrated on with there own little mini books in the book

    23. Suraima on said:

      Really liked it Very realistic about relationships, babies and what sometimes goes on in womens heads Has some really nice twists wrapped in there as well I am really glad I read it and I would recommend it to any female friends.

    24. penelope_bathwater on said:

      I like Jane green because most of her books read like a dramatic long episode of Friends with a sprinkle of Bridget Jones This was the first jg book I read in a few years, and it was good to be back in the land of teacups and tidy endings.

    25. Jess (Shepherdjel) on said:

      I thought this was ok, I really hope and pray that I never have to deal with the stress with having a baby, it is scary how stressful it can be and how it can sometimes destroy a relationship.

    26. Gina on said:

      I ve enjoyed a good Jane Green book now and again, and this one was fine, but not something I d say, ooh, you don t want to miss this Fairly predictable with lots of whiny women in it.

    27. Paul Hamilton on said:

      From time to time I like to check out one of the books my wife enjoys and or recommends She s been a rabid Jane Green fan for some time so I decided to give one a chance.I feel like I want to get my literary snootiness out of the way up front so I can talk about the novel itself, so let me just say that I don t feel like Ms Green s writing style at least not the one on display in this book is really for me Her point of view dancing and tense shifting frustrated me to the point where occasionally [...]

    28. Lynne M on said:

      Okay, so I actually forgot I read this one until just recently looking at my book shelf This book is better to me than some of Jane Green s other books like Mr maybe or Straight Talking I liked Maeve the best of the three leads, probably because she is most like me I didn t relate to Sam that much, and thought she was treating her husband horribly However, I did feel bad for Sam when she finally got a slap of reality I really could not stand Julia, and did not relate to her at all.

    29. Liz Destefano on said:

      Julia who wants a baby I cannot have a baby with Mark Maeve who just wants a career and I was a one nighter me to Julius ex boyfriend Mark and ends up being pregnant Sam who is very happily married who has a baby but has post depression put on extra pounds and think she wants to have an affair with her one of her husbands friends this book takes you through their lives and how everything changes pretty funny book

    30. Sharon Sanders on said:

      The interweaving of three characters and their foray into motherhood One wants it so bad she is going crazy, even though her relationship is stagnant, another gets pregnant without trying, but motherhood is NOT what she expected, and the third gets pregnant on accident and struggles with keeping the baby or not Good read, except you want to slap the snot out of one of the characters or throttle her until she finds the sense she somehow lost.

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