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Seven-Day Magic

Seven-Day Magic By Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker Seven Day Magic A seven day book of magic proves to be fractious for five children who must learn the book s rules and tame its magic

  • Title: Seven-Day Magic
  • Author: Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker
  • ISBN: 9780152020798
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Seven-Day Magic By Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker A seven day book of magic proves to be fractious for five children, who must learn the book s rules and tame its magic.
    Seven-Day Magic By Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker

    Seven Day Magic by Edward Eager Seven Day Magic by Edward Eager is about a girl named, Susan who receives a strange library book She realizes this book is magical and most of the pages are left blank They are left blank in order for Susan and her friends to wish the book full of adventures. Seven Day Magic Tales of Magic Eager, Edward Seven Day Magic Tales of Magic Eager, Edward, Bodecker, N M on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Seven Day Magic Tales of Magic Seven Day Magic Tales of Magic Series by Edward Eager Up to sh backAug , It s hard for any book with magic in it not to pale next to the Harry Potter phenomenon However, Seven Day Magic can just about stoop to the challenge Has a timeless feel Children s Literature From the Publisher Seven Day Magic HMH Books Seven Day Magic All books are magic, but some are magical than others When Susan opens a strange library book, she discovers it is about her and her friends, leading up to the moment when she opened the book Beyond that, the pages are blank waiting for Seven Day Magic NPR Jan , A seven day book of magic proves to be fractious for five children, who must learn the book s rules and tame its magic. SEVEN DAY MAGIC Kirkus Reviews Apr , SEVEN DAY MAGIC illustrated by N.M Bodecker by Edward Eager RELEASE DATE Oct , The best kind of book says Barnaby is a magic book This Eager truism, reflected in the words of one of the gangsters here, has double meaning, in both the Eager philosophy and this new and refreshing dip into the world of fantasy.

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      296 Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker

    One thought on “Seven-Day Magic

    1. Megan Baxter on said:

      Of all the Edward Eager books, this is probably the one I know least well, the one I don t think I first sat down and read until I was an adult which means, unfortunately, that it missed out on that golden period where I devoured books as a child, reread them ad nauseam, and now carry them forever with me.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smo [...]

    2. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance on said:

      The best kind of book, says Barnaby, is a magic book Oh, yes, I thought, nodding, of course.I remember reading this book when I was a little ten year old girl.I found Half Magic on the bottom shelf, dusty, almost unread,and felt like I d discovered a whole new world Imagine how sadI was to find that there were only two Edward Eager booksin our library, which composed for me the entire extent of my book world The book was every bit as good to me as a forty seven year old as it was so many years [...]

    3. Emily on said:

      I know I read this as a child, but it must have been only once, because so much of it seemed fresh and new to me Tommy was enthusiastic, especially at first, because he has lately been really into spotting references in books and TV shows this largely brought about by his current fixation with The Simpsons So it was exciting to him, that the first magical adventure referenced the Oz books, the second Half Magic and the third the Little House books, all of which he s somewhat familiar with Then h [...]

    4. Felicity on said:

      I loved Edward Eager books as a child, and they re still fun Seven Day Magic is charming because it s about the magic of books and a bookish sort of magic Eager certainly is, as Bellow said of writers, a reader moved to emulation, and this one drips with his love of books It s sweet, good fun.That said, when I was a child, I was like Fredericka in this book actually, I suppose I WAS Fredericka, down to long, funny F name and favorite Oz book and liked magic adventure s , with wizards and witches [...]

    5. Chana Billet on said:

      I finished the last of the Edward Eager books with my kids We plowed through the seven book series as a family read aloud Each book was better than the next I am enthralled by the strong, independent characters Eager brings to life These children are mature, responsible, funny kids who use their imagination and creativity in useful and engaging ways I am jealous of the era he paints where unplugged kids grow up in the antithesis of what has become the Nanny State, where free range kids are not c [...]

    6. Melody on said:

      One of my favorites I love the bookishness of the seven day magic The self references are great too Eager brings up all his other books herein Or a lot of them There s even some character crossover I love how the kids in this book have such definite ideas about how the magic will and will not work Of course, they re right And the magical book itself is a delight Read Edward Eager, pick any one You can t go wrong.

    7. Eowyn on said:

      I like all of Edward Eager s books and this is one of my favorites The five children in the book have magical adventures related to books they love and each one is funny, exciting and charming I particularly liked the Laura Ingalls Wilder esque chapter w Granny, and I also liked that the father of 3 of the kids is a singer actor and this is offered as a viable career for a dad A good read aloud that Walt and I book liked than our last one, Magic or Not.

    8. Rick Stuckwisch on said:

      I did not find this final Edward Eager book to be quite as charming as the previous six, but it did make for a nice concluding wrap up to the series Lots of literary references, even so than usual, and some quaint adventures on the part of the five children who serve as the book s protagonists Certainly a worthwhile read aloud for parents and children to share together.

    9. Kailey (BooksforMKs) on said:

      In this last book of the series, a whole new set of characters take center stage for another magical adventure These children love visiting the library every week and checking out piles of books, and when Susan finds a mysterious old book without a title, she opens it to discover that the book is all about her and her friends making wishes and going on adventures The children take turns making their wishes on the book with mixed results Wizards and dragons are not all they seem to be, and when t [...]

    10. Eliza Thomas on said:

      FantasyThis book was very creative and entertaining It tells the story of a library book that comes to life when children discover its magic Whatever they wish for comes true and takes place in the blank pages of the book It contains elements of fantasy such as magic and dragons I would use this book as an interactive read aloud Students could discuss elements of fantasy and point them out as they discover them in the story Then students could write their own fantasy story This is a chapter book [...]

    11. Chrisinny on said:

      Edward Eager was my favorite series writer when I was growing up this was one of his books that resonated with me the most Five children are avowed book worms they go to the library each Saturday to get new and old favorite books to check out One nondescript book, only available as a 7 day loan, is checked out and becomes the doorway to magical adventures for the group I remember wishing very hard that someday some magical talisman would appear and let me experience my own magical adventures The [...]

    12. Ari on said:

      I hated this book because it wasn t interesting I hated it even because it didn t make sense.

    13. Natalie Hart on said:

      After reading this story, the best thing is that now I ll be wandering around, imagining which story I d like to wish myself into.

    14. JessicaVan Tassell on said:

      I am legit sad to have finished this series, as they always brought a smile to my face They remind me of a simpler time, of books I used to check out and devour from the public library, of kind siblings and friendship They aren t exotic or full of action, just old fashioned adventures that make me happy.

    15. Volkert on said:

      Five children check out a seven day book from the library that grants wishes, send the kids into some hilarious, as well as heartwarming, travels to imaginary places and to other times The overall theme is that books are magic This book grew on me.

    16. Janelle on said:

      A wonderfully happy book I m sad the series only has 7 books I liked the little twist at the end how it all wraps up.

    17. Gable Roth on said:

      I really liked all the tie ins with his other magic stories This was a fun adventure filled with real magic I enjoyed it quite a lot.

    18. Twyla on said:

      my favorite part was when the book was returned to the library, and that the magic was back where it belonged My least favorite part was when the book had pages torn out.

    19. Courtney on said:

      I liked the story with the grandmother, I liked that this one was very book centered It did, however, feel like the tired end of a delightful series.

    20. Lisa Downey on said:

      such a happy childhood book made me want to seek the rest of the series out all over again

    21. Charity on said:

      I just finished reading the last chapter of this book to my kids at lunch today, and I feel a little bit sad that we re done with the series.I keep looking for biographical information about Edward Eager the fact that he was an Ohioan is especially intriguing to me I kind of collect Ohioans , but there s just not much information out there about him.At any rate, my children and I loved this book I think I liked The Time Garden a little better, but the chapter in this one where Grannie got her w [...]

    22. Ashley on said:

      readfantasybooks.wordpressI loved Seven Day Magic so much than the previous few books It was a bit different, magical, and magic entertaining the some of the other books in the series.Five children come across a very special book at a library and when they begin to read it they find out that it is about them and everything they had just done The rest of the book was blank and up to them to fill up Each child gets his own wish upon the book and the first one ended up being the most interesting I [...]

    23. Robert on said:

      Like other book in its series, Seven Day Magic by Edward Eager is full of emotional feelings and mystery, but this time, it has even fantasy When a group of 5 children opened a mysterious seven day book that was what it was called , they noticed that it had magical properties It all seemed wonderful until they, after a few tryouts, realized that it had its own enormous power and was difficult to handle This book is interesting in that the characters realized that they were actually in a book an [...]

    24. D.M. Dutcher on said:

      A really odd book, almost a post modern one It spends time name dropping and referring to other books than it does making a memorable story.Even the premise is a riff on Five Children and It, where five kids take turns getting wishes from an unreliable source In this case, it s a magic book from a library, and it dumps the kids into adventures vaguely reminiscent of other books, when it doesn t simply borrow the characters from one entirely There s some clever turns to the stories beware of kit [...]

    25. Beth on said:

      I adored this one, then and now It s a madcap adventure story based around books and fantasy storytelling, and it s utterly charming There are discussions as to what sorts of magic stories are best How adults could better write for children Returning library books late One room schoolhouses during blizzards Household remedies for dragon threats Flying I also thought it was one of Eager s clearest homages to E Nesbit particularly the bit about being thwarted by magic There are also moments of kee [...]

    26. Hamster on said:

      My least favorite yet A lack luster conclusion to a mediocre series Just read Half Magic and be done with it.

    27. Elizabeth on said:

      Adriana and I both enjoyed this story of bookish magic, although not as much as Half Magic Five children check out a magic book from the library and slowly uncover the rules of it The children go off to Oz, meet up with the little girl from the end of Half Magic, and have a Little House on the Prairie sort of adventure It was nice that Adriana actually has heard all those stories The language was sometimes a little beyond Adriana, but I think that s good for her, and she does seem to be able to [...]

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