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The Bridge on the Drina

The Bridge on the Drina By Ivo Andrić Lovett F. Edwards William Hardy McNeill The Bridge on the Drina In the small Bosnian town of Visegrad the stone bridge of the novel s title built in the sixteenth century on the instruction of a grand vezir bears witness to three centuries of conflict Visegrad h

  • Title: The Bridge on the Drina
  • Author: Ivo Andrić Lovett F. Edwards William Hardy McNeill
  • ISBN: 9780226020457
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bridge on the Drina By Ivo Andrić Lovett F. Edwards William Hardy McNeill In the small Bosnian town of Visegrad the stone bridge of the novel s title, built in the sixteenth century on the instruction of a grand vezir, bears witness to three centuries of conflict Visegrad has long been a bone of contention between the Ottoman and Austro Hungarian Empires, but the bridge survives unscathed until 1914, when the collision of forces in the BalkansIn the small Bosnian town of Visegrad the stone bridge of the novel s title, built in the sixteenth century on the instruction of a grand vezir, bears witness to three centuries of conflict Visegrad has long been a bone of contention between the Ottoman and Austro Hungarian Empires, but the bridge survives unscathed until 1914, when the collision of forces in the Balkans triggers the outbreak of World War I.The bridge spans generations, nationalities and creeds, silent testament to the lives played out on it Radisav, a workman, tries to hinder its construction and is impaled alive on its highest point beautiful Fata leaps from its parapet to escape an arranged marriage Milan, inveterate gambler, risks all in one last game on it With humour and compassion, Andri chronicles the lives of Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox Christians unable to reconcile their disparate loyalties.
    The Bridge on the Drina By Ivo Andrić Lovett F. Edwards William Hardy McNeill

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      274 Ivo Andrić Lovett F. Edwards William Hardy McNeill

    One thought on “The Bridge on the Drina

    1. Chrissie on said:

      Finished About a bridge, a beautiful bridge Through this bridge one finds hope But the book is also about the passage of time and the folly of man and the peoples and cultures of the Balkans One percieves the smallness of man There are no clear answers Is it foolish to hope for a better future, and what is better How does one judge progress If there is kindness isn t life good People are weak and mean and foolish, but at the same time they are kind and good and hard working Both are true, and bo [...]

    2. Jonfaith on said:

      Images and myths purport to the mythic Ivo Andric crafted a monument to those expectations in his novel of stories He challenges the eternal with a construct, much as engineers spanned the natural with bridges Once present, the innovations often appear eternal, timeless It is a sincere hope that The Bridge on the Drina enjoys that privilege.It remains unclear whether I have finished this novel before Scenes like the impalement and the flood were rooted firmly in my memory The instances and intru [...]

    3. Carlos on said:

      Este libro es muy importante para m gracias a esto, descubr mucho de lo que hoy en d a s sobre Bosnia y los balcanes Un libro que recorre siglos de historia que, en este lado del mundo, no se habla nada o muy poco.No es f cil escribir acerca de esto de la manera que Andri lo hizo r pida, din mica, interesante, f cil de digerir Ivo te hace so ar e imaginarte ese hermoso puente lleno de historias y las mezclas de religiones Musulmana, Cristiana y Jud a Uf , tantas cosas que pasaron ah , tanta hist [...]

    4. Fionnuala on said:

      Between the fear that something would happen and the hope that still it wouldn t, there is much space than one thinks On that narrow, hard, bare and dark space a lot of us spend our lives Ivo Andri Published in 1945 but written earlier, probably during the war years when Nobel Prize winner Andri had given up his diplomatic work and was living as quietly as anyone could in Belgrade during those years of upheaval, The Bridge Over the Drina is the rather unusually told history of the town of Vi eg [...]

    5. Lea on said:

      Beautiful stories centered around one bridge, following the society and individual fates throughout centuries It made me feel nostalgic and melancholic like most Bosnian authors make me feel It reminded me of writings of Me a Selimovi , who is one of my favorite authors I admire Ivo Andri ability to shape and describe characters, they felt so alive and so deeply tragic Some of the stories were too heart breaking for me to handle, and I have to admit that the description of torture and execution [...]

    6. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Na Drini uprija Bosnian Trilogy 1 , Ivo Andri 1979 1341 377 1960 1357

    7. Juliane on said:

      Stunning, sweeping and awesome fiction book that gives the history of the Balkans through the lens of the life of a bridge from the 16th century to the World War II by the Nobel Prize winning author Ivo Andric A must read for anyone who wants to understand the complexity of Balkan conflict A tragic story, but very touching and beautifully written.

    8. Karen on said:

      About five years ago, an American friend of mine, whose book taste I completely respected, told me about this book He was so enthusiastic I knew someday I would read it, even though I had never heard of the author, never heard of the book, and knew nothing about Bosnia I never suspected then, that I would eventually be living in Istanbul someday, be familiar with Ottoman history up close, and have walked a historic Mimar Sinan stone bridge with my very own feet What a book What an author And wha [...]

    9. M. on said:

      Tesad f, Ederlezi geliyordu hep m zik listemde o y zden duyguland rd Bir k pr merkezinde birka as r boyunca de i en ya am , insan ili kilerini, gelenekleri anlat yor Drina K pr s M sl manlar, Hristiyanlar, Yahudiler ve ingenelerin Hatta talyanlar, Macarlar, Avusturyal lar ortak noktalar hepsinin bu k pr yle ilgili an lar n n olmas Sokolovi in b y k ideallerle yapt rd o k pr , yaln zca Asya ile Avrupay ba lam yor, b t n bu toplumlar da ba l yor birbirine nsanl k tarihinde o u zaman g r ld gibi, b [...]

    10. amapola on said:

      A partire dal 1500 fino alle soglie della Prima Guerra Mondiale, il romanzo ci accompagna lungo quattrocento anni di storia, e sebbene il teatro delle vicende sia una piccola cittadina della Bosnia Visegrad , il racconto ha una dimensione universale.Con il suo stile sobrio, senza fronzoli, ma dal respiro epico, Andric narra l intrecciarsi di destini, commerci, religioni, culture, ed evoca i racconti e le leggende connessi con l origine e la costruzione del ponte, nei quali si mescolano e si intr [...]

    11. João Carlos on said:

      Ponte sobre o rio Drina Visegrad B snia e HerzegovinaO romance hist rico A Ponte Sobre o Drina , publicado em 1945, foi a minha estreia liter ria com o escritor Ivo Andric 1892 1975 , nascido na antiga Jugosl via, e Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 1961.Estamos no s culo XVI na pequena cidade de Visegrad, na fronteira entre a S rvia e a B snia nas margens do rio Drina.A constru o da ponte sobre o Drina um pretexto para revelar a hist ria ou as hist rias que se estendem por cerca de quatro s culos, [...]

    12. Hafeth on said:

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    13. Skorofido Skorofido on said:

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    14. Nadja on said:

      4.5Samo u ovo da ostavim ovde Ono to bi se za njih naro ito moglo kazati, to je da nije bilo odavno pokoljenja koje je vi e i smelije ma talo i govorilo o ivotu, u ivanju, i slobodi, a koje je manje imalo od ivota, gore stradalo, te e robovalo i vi e ginulo nego to e stradati, robovati i ginuti ovo Ali za tih letnjih dana 1913 godine sve je to bilo jo u smelim ali neodre enim nagove tajima Sve je izgledalo kao uzbudljiva i nova igra na ovom drevnom mostu koji se na mese ini julskih no i belasao [...]

    15. Mariafrancesca di natura viperesca on said:

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    16. Ijon Tichy on said:

      Kitapta Drina zerinde bulunan k pr n n, yap lmaya ba land y ldan I D nya Sava na kadar nerdeyse 400 y l s ren sessiz tan kl anlat lmaktad r Bu tan kl k ise b lgede ya ayan Bosnal lar ile S rplar n hayatlar , kaderleri ve ili kileri zerindedir D nya ba ta yava yava , sonra h zla de i irken Drina K pr s hi de i meyen bir varl k gibi hep orada sessiz, sakin, dayan kl bir ekilde ayakta durmakta, evresindeki de i imleri izlemektedir Kasabadaki b t n nemli olaylar n, e lencenin, dostlu un, ac lar n me [...]

    17. Paul on said:

      A remarkable book with a grand sweep of almost 500 years from the building of the bridge over the Drina in the 1560s to the First World War There are human stories throughout interwoven with the political upheavals with various factions gaining and losing ascendancy In the town Turks, Serbs and Bosnians mix, as do Christians and Muslims The centre of the bridge is wider and this kapia becomes the meeting point for parts of the community over the centuries It is the lives, loves and tragedies of [...]

    18. Elalma on said:

      Quando scrisse questo libro, a met strada tra romanzo e analisi storica, Andri non poteva sapere quali drammatici eventi la Bosnia avrebbe vissuto Eppure in queste pagine, se ne intravedono i prodromi Sul ponte ci si chiede cosa vuol dire essere turco, musulmano, ebreo, serbo Ci si chiede cos l Europa, da dove nasce, dove va Un ponte che sembra dividere, dunque, eppure in quasi quattro secoli di storia ci sono stati anche momenti sereni, di unione, dove piccole storie si incrociavano con grandi [...]

    19. Ena Hasečić on said:

      Andri ovaj roman zapo inje pri om o gradnji mosta prema naredbi Mehmed pa e Sokolovi a, velikog vezira porijeklom iz Bosne, a zavr ava 1914 godine, dolaskom I Svjetskog rata U ta etiri stolje a on pripovijeda o mostu kao glavnom subjektu romana i stanovnicima okolnih sela iji je ivot usko vezan uz sam most On tako daje hronolo ki pregled ivota na mostu i oko njega, izmjene vlasti koje su se ticale stanovnika i njihova me usobna neslaganja U svim pri anjima o li nim, porodi nim i zajedni kim do i [...]

    20. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly on said:

      A case of putting in one s mouth than what he can swallow Or, maybe precisely, swallowing than what his stomach can digest.This book ends in the year 1914 and starts some three hundred years before, just before this great stone bridge was built on the powerful river named Drina Three hundred fourteen pages of three hundred or so years, roughly one page per year not that the author actually attempted to feature each year of these three centuries many he just skipped by fast forwarding the pass [...]

    21. Ana Carvalheira on said:

      Na senda da leitura de, pelo menos, um livro dos autores que receberam o Pr mio Nobel da Literatura, optei desta feita, por esta encantadora e surpreendente narrativa que comp em e qualificam a considerada obra prima do autor b snio Ivo Andric A Ponte Sobre o Drina eleva a ponte de pedra sobre o rio Drina, na B snia, categoria de personagem principal de um enredo que, aos poucos, devagarinho, nos vai conquistando e seduzindo n o apenas pela beleza e eleg ncia da prosa de Andric como tamb m pelas [...]

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