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Love's Enduring Promise

Love's Enduring Promise By Janette Oke Love s Enduring Promise Tragedy brought them together but love bound them into a family Clark and Marty Davis the pioneer couple thrown together after the death of their first spouses now preside over a growing number of

  • Title: Love's Enduring Promise
  • Author: Janette Oke
  • ISBN: 9780764228490
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love's Enduring Promise By Janette Oke Tragedy brought them together, but love bound them into a family.Clark and Marty Davis, the pioneer couple thrown together after the death of their first spouses, now preside over a growing number of youngsters in their prairie home Together they face the joys and trials of life on a homesteader s farm.Will they be able to find a suitable teacher for the long awaited newTragedy brought them together, but love bound them into a family.Clark and Marty Davis, the pioneer couple thrown together after the death of their first spouses, now preside over a growing number of youngsters in their prairie home Together they face the joys and trials of life on a homesteader s farm.Will they be able to find a suitable teacher for the long awaited new school Is the very learned Eastern preacher going to be able to communicate with the simple people of the West And how do Clark and Marty guide their lovely daughter, now grown to womanhood, in her choice of a partner
    Love's Enduring Promise By Janette Oke

    Love s Enduring Promise TV Movie Nov , Love s Enduring Promise Love s Enduring Promise Devout, wild west farmer, Clark Davis, works his tail off to provide for his wife, sons Aaron and Arnie, and daughter Missie When his doted upon, equally devoted oldest son Aaron is Love s Enduring Promise Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Love s Enduring Promise Starring Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkiff About the Movie Love s Enduring Promise. Love s Enduring Promise Hallmark Drama Love s Enduring Promise Starring Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkiff About the Movie Love s Enduring Promise. Love s Enduring Promise Rotten Tomatoes Jul , Love s Enduring Promise is an adaptation of a series of novels written by Janette Oke The film stars Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkiff as a pioneer couple who began their relationship out of

    • [PDF] Love's Enduring Promise | by ✓ Janette Oke
      401 Janette Oke

    One thought on “Love's Enduring Promise

    1. Elaina on said:

      I liked the last book a lot, but I think I enjoyed this one even D There was a lot going on this book least it felt like it lol With all the weddings and babies being born P But it did cover about ten years though so it is understandable I guess haha xDI don t know what is so special to me about these booksey are just so nice and relaxing to read You don t have to think too hard when you read these, or worry about missing anything important if you didn t read carefully enoughk I am terrible at [...]

    2. Christy on said:

      Janette Oke has an endearing writing quality that can tug at you a little bit While I did enjoy number two in this series I did find myself wishing that instead of everybody growing up and out so quickly that the pace could have been day to day I wanted to linger over coffee at the table with a friend while the children were laughing and picking strawberries I wanted a quilting bee in town where friends were gathered to discuss hearth and home and a little gossip and giggles Everything was jus [...]

    3. Kelly on said:

      I read this book, having previously seen all the movie versions of the books in the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke I enjoyed this book than the first, but them movie seems to depart even farther from this book than the first, and there is quite a bit of liberty taken with the first book It is almost as if one could put a disclaimer on the movie that any similarity between this movie and the book it is based upon is coincidental Seeing as I think this book was better than the first or p [...]

    4. Jessica on said:

      This is the second book in this series and probably the last one I will read It was sweet, but if I have to be perfectly honest, a bit boring I kept waiting for some sort of prairie disaster to happen, like a fire, snow storm, or bear mauling, but no such luck Also, I felt the author side stepped any difficult issue For example, one of the sons of the heroine s friends falls in love with an Indian woman Rather than dealing with the cultural racial implications of this union, the problem is dealt [...]

    5. Julianna on said:

      Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars I m pretty certain I read Love s Enduring Promise years ago in my teens, but prior to picking it up again, I couldn t really remember a thing about the story As a consequence and knowing that this was a continuation of Clark and Marty s relationship, I was kind of expecting an epic love story which isn t quite what this novel is all about The book opens about two years after the ending of Love Comes Softly It is still primarily about Clark, Marty, and their gro [...]

    6. Bethann on said:

      I read these books ages ago when I was a pre teen and though it would be fun to revisit them The first one is quite charming simple, not overly complex but touching and even a bit believable This second one however raced along from year to year haphazardly but through all that somehow remained, as one reviewer put it, a little boring It ran into trouble for me when Marty Clark have their disagreement about whether or not she should visit Wanda Marshall Although Clark was clearly intended to be i [...]

    7. Tiffany on said:

      The second book in the Love Comes Softly series After finishing the first novel I found myself aching for I immediately picked up this book with my hot chocolate and dug in Started at 9 30am and finished at 2pm Great read Having watched the movie series I was sad to find the book completely different, but was glad to learn about this wonderful family and watch them grow I can t wait to start the third, but needed to shower and check emailoff I go.

    8. Shirlene on said:

      Marty Davis woke up to a bad dream of being all alone Clark was there to comfort her and remind her that she wasn t alone any She had him, his daughter Missie 5 and her son, Clare She was pregnant and soon delivered another son, Arnold Joseph or Little Arnie The towns people all got together before plowing time and built a schoolhouse The finishing touches were done during free time in the summer months.Wanda stopped by to tell them that she was pregnant She told them that Cam said that if it wa [...]

    9. Janet on said:

      Spoiler Alert It was suggested I do that although I don t believe I m giving anything way but just to be safe Other than the ending, this book is nothing like the movie of the same title Not sure why Hallmark Michael Landon Jr deviated so far from the original story but they did Unlike the first book, Love Comes Softly , this book is at a much quicker pace Missie, the two year old daughter of Clark s in the first book, starts off at age 5 in this book and and is 18, getting married, by the end A [...]

    10. Whitney on said:

      I really wavered between 3 and 4 stars on this one I LOVED the story very sweet I also loved the characters however, I thought the story could have used development Quite a few years pass rather quickly and we re simply told someone had a baby, and someone died, and someone is now 4 and not an infant I wanted it to slow down a little bit That said, I still really enjoyed the goodness of the characters They are pure, honest, humble, hard working people who are easy to look to as examples I recen [...]

    11. Joy Gerbode on said:

      Wonderful again This one spans quite a few years, so moves very quickly but the stories of each time really help you know the family as it grows, along with all the neighbors More importantly, it shares a life style that would, in many ways, really be wonderful They did work awfully hard, though makes me very grateful for all that I have.April 2015 once again a wonderful story, continuing the family life of Clark and Marty and their children The good times, and the hardships, the tragedies, and [...]

    12. Helen on said:

      This is the second in the Love Comes Softly series Clark and Marty continue to add to their family by taking in the two Larson girls as well as their own Ellie and Luke In this story, the children are growing up and beginning to make their own lives as Clark and Marty help to build up their community by adding a school and church, as well as a teacher and preacher Clark builds a large new house, Clae Larson goes to normal school to become a teacher, Missie grows up and follows in Clae s path to [...]

    13. Kirsten Hobbs on said:

      I was so deeply sad when I read this book because it moved way too fast, and did not give me the details I desperately craved after finishing Love Comes Softly I still loved the story It was a simple yet very fulfilling read, but I was hoping to get details of those early years between Clark and Marty I felt like Marty became seasoned and wise like Ma Graham over night,and I missed hearing about her struggles and learning processes Still, this book left me with a warm heart, and a greater appre [...]

    14. Sheila on said:

      I didn t think I could read another book in this series after the first one because I cannot stand the writing style It drives me crazy, but I promised the young girls at my church that I would give it another try Even though I did like the book but haven t decided yet if I m going to continue reading them or not Part of me wishes that I had never watched the movies based on this series, because I love them so much and they are very different from the books Loves Long Journey is my favorite and [...]

    15. Tyra on said:

      Book two to the series I watched some of the movies an thought it would be fun to read the books Unfortunately I think it would have been much interesting to read the books before I saw the movies.

    16. Joy C. on said:

      a lovely continuation to Clark and Marty s family this one had some very funny scenes, but also some sad and touching ones too Enduring Promise is quite unlike the movie adaption, so that was interesting I wonder what will Missie and Willie s story be like in Love s Long Journey .

    17. Pandamonkey on said:

      The plot was fine But I hated the book because of the uneducated english they spoke Example if him be thinkin it be wise me thinkin i aint have no say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    18. Jerry on said:

      It moved a bit too fast, and the dialogue was annoying other than that, I enjoyed it.

    19. e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄ on said:

      Loved it 3

    20. Reneein Dallas on said:

      After Reading this series I felt I knew the characters intimately and they were my friends.

    21. Katie Glenn on said:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole series I can t say much else about it I have read and re read them over and over since I was 13 Definitely worth the read

    22. Laura on said:

      I absolutely adore this series and really enjoyed this book Janette Oke does an exceptional job of putting the thoughts and emotions of the human experience into words through her characters It s not a fairytale It s the simplicity of the joys and hardships that any person may have gone through a couple of hundred years ago no extreme violence, zombies, or vampires Just reality.I wish I could rate it higher than a three star, but I really had some difficulties with the pacing of this book The fi [...]

    23. Sarah on said:

      A large period of time goes by in the second installment of the Love Comes Softly series At the start, the Davis family is Clark, Marty, Missie, and Clare In this book, Arnie, Ellie, Luke are all born Nandry Clae Larson come to live there Missie starts school and eventually becomes the school teacher Nandry and Clae both marry Clae marries the pastor the town grows to include a school and church Missie grows up to be courted and marries thet Willie LaHaye I was a little worried after reading thi [...]

    24. Daisie Dandelion on said:

      The second book in the Love Comes Softly series, this is a sweet story of everyday life in the frontier I liked it because it depicts real life a very simple life of hard work and faith in God We are often attracted to fiction because it depicts excitement, adventure and change But in all reality, life is a lot of simplicity Which is beautifully portrayed in this book Second book in the series.

    25. Toni J. on said:

      This book continues the story of some wonderful people I really fell in love with just how real or at least realistic this story is I enjoyed every moment of reading this second book and became even attached to the characters within the pages This book grabs you and you feel like you are right there with them It is why I had to give this book five stars.

    26. Ritajane on said:

      Another visit with Clark and MartyYup, that s how I started reading this book after reading the first in the series I really enjoyed how their lives started and continue to evolve Cant wait to start on number 3 ,,

    27. Jessica on said:

      Great Book I love how easy ylthe book was to read and the development of the characters in the book.

    28. Celia Walters on said:

      very light and upbeat The previous book made you love the characters now you gotta find out what happens

    29. Owilcox on said:

      This book has good characters and lots of faith I enjoyed reading it.

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