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Joy of Man's Desiring

Joy of Man's Desiring By Jean Giono Katherine A. Clarke Joy of Man s Desiring A true forebear of magical realism Giono creates men and women rooted in the folklore of provincial France With a poet s grace and imagination he weaves a grand story of the earth and of passion of

  • Title: Joy of Man's Desiring
  • Author: Jean Giono Katherine A. Clarke
  • ISBN: 9781582430447
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Joy of Man's Desiring By Jean Giono Katherine A. Clarke A true forebear of magical realism, Giono creates men and women rooted in the folklore of provincial France With a poet s grace and imagination, he weaves a grand story of the earth and of passion, of animals and weather, of the miracles we now call the laws of nature.
    Joy of Man's Desiring By Jean Giono Katherine A. Clarke

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    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Joy of Man's Desiring : by Jean Giono Katherine A. Clarke
      487 Jean Giono Katherine A. Clarke

    One thought on “Joy of Man's Desiring

    1. Chrissie on said:

      After reading I do not like Joy of Man s Desiring I have decided to not finish it Just as The Man Who Planted Trees has a central theme focused upon nature, this does too, but it is just too imaginary for my tastes Animals speak with people and such The dialogs are perfunctory You can tell it is the same author, but is too fantastical for my tastes.Don t pick up this book first Start with The Horseman on the Roof and then Blue Boy or The Man Who Planted Trees Jean Giono is a good writer, but nev [...]

    2. Victor Morosoff on said:

      Superbe Giono r alise, dans ce livre, l loge poignant de l espoir et de la joie l aide d un pouvoir lyrique extraordinaire, il met en sc ne une histoire entour e de magie et d une po sie ternelle Je garderai, coup s r, le souvenir des descriptions de la nature et notamment celles du ciel un ciel comme moi, je pense, je n en ai jamais vu de plus beau et expressif a m a fait r ver Et a habitera mon esprit pour longtemps 4,5 5 C est difficile, dit il, de jouer avec les toiles Non, dit Bobi, ce n es [...]

    3. Maureen on said:

      Loved it A friend gave it to me in 1978 because a character in one of my short stories reminded her of a character in the book It s lyrical, beautiful, mystical and gives a contemporary perspective on what we lose when we let big business take over our farms.

    4. Niklas Spitz on said:

      Beautiful, hauntingly evocative prose, elemental rural landscapes, rich in poetic thought Compelling and accomplished the song of the earth comes lyrically through this writer.

    5. Tamra Karl on said:

      Giono is like the French version of Thomas Hardy in his scenic descriptions Only someone who has spent a lifetime in nature for entire days and weeks on end will have the insights shared in this book and only a poet could bring them to life like Giono I felt simultaneously a memory for having experienced the native intimacy he describes and a longing to immerse myself in the wild enough to have those experiences only imagined.

    6. Kc on said:

      This reissue of this 1935 French novel has Mother Nature and the human condition as its main characters The characters are there to be acted upon by nature and to find the core of what humans need and want in the process I can t say I loved it, but it had a point of view which certainly makes you think.

    7. Karen on said:

      Giono s most beautiful prose I know it is a translation, but if it is, it is perfect I often read it over again, picking up passages that reflect Nature so well The feeling of being a part of the vast universe while standing in a field at night under the stars

    8. Chris Sherman on said:

      This book is bizarre duh, its postmodern but there was some truth to it and I loved how distinctly French it is and the characters in it are Its interesting too how early it was written, for lots of thematic elements are things contemporary writers are just now teasing out and sorting through.

    9. christopher leibow on said:

      From the man who wrote, The Man Who Planted Trees, Amazing, sublime.

    10. Thomas on said:

      Une lecture laborieuse et prouvante mais un certain nombre de belles pages et de r compenses la cl dans ce roman dont la petite musique est celle d un Beckett migr en terre de Provence.

    11. Jessica on said:

      A pastoral poem of a novel And one of the most beautiful books i have ever read.

    12. Emily on said:

      This was perhaps one of the strangest texts I ve ever encountered, but it is breathtaking Not for the skeptic or over analytical reader.

    13. Camille on said:

      Alors que j tais perdue dans la routine parisienne, Que ma joie demeure m est tomb dans les mains comme Bobi au milieu de la Jourdane Un bref sursis dans ce quotidien maussade, pour ouvrir les yeux sur un monde oubli.Il m a fallu du temps pour terminer ce roman dont l intrigue n est que peu perceptible L int r t n tait pas l J y vois davantage la peinture non pas d une soci t mais des hommes d une mani re g n rale, et de leur rapport la vie Cette fa on qu ils ont de l oublier au profit des appar [...]

    14. Kathryn on said:

      What was it about this book What is it about Jean Giono As I read this book, many years ago now, I was truly beguiled, bewitched by the beauty of the prose, and the remarkable whole ness of his vision of life I must confess that I had a lot of trouble reading this book, easy as it was, just because of the intense beauty of the vision and the prose That made me wonder if there was an issue with the writing, or if, as Hamlet tells us, the fault is in our stars It is hard, possibly almost indecent, [...]

    15. Lolo on said:

      Sur un plateau proven al, quelques familles vivant de la terre souffrent sans s en apercevoir de leur isolement et du manque d harmonie avec l univers qui les entoure L arriv e d un homme nigmatique va peut tre bouleverser leurs habitudes et leur fa on de penser Comme le titre le sugg re, l auteur, au travers de ce roman, parle de la joie, du genre de qu te qui pourrait y conduire ou encore de la possibilit d en trouver une durable En parall le, il est question d j il y a plus de 50 ans de la fa [...]

    16. Maggie on said:

      My neighbor loaned me this book I had a like, bothered relationship with it I kept reminding myself that it was originally a French book so some things are lost in translation The story behind the random writings about deer and nature pulled me in How it ended continued the confusion, yet I still wanted to read it.

    17. Geoff Balme on said:

      Recommended by Henry Miller in his Books In My Life Giono also wrote a famous story about a lone shepherd who reforested miles of European hills with oaks that became a famous animation shown to millions of french and quebequois kids This story is a curious one of rural people visited by an unusual stranger and mainly filled with a kind of tapestry of feeling and tastes I deplore the unnecessary violence at the end, but it is otherwise a beautiful and almost experimental novel.

    18. Heather on said:

      A dreamy feel of pastoral relationships focused on people and less on pastoral Although the relationship stories were often a delight in their minimal structure, simple joys, true heart struggle, nuances ultimately a disappointment because it lacked dynamics Nothing to keep the experience fresh, alive, honest, progressing made me feel a bit tired, sad and annoyed, happy for the book to be over So I never finished it Giono does, however, have true talent, promise I d gladly try a change in title [...]

    19. Andrei on said:

      Aceasta este una dintre cartile descoperite in biblioteca bunicii, o editie din anii 40 pe care a trebuti sa o citesc cu deosebita grija pentru a nu o deteriora Este una dintre cartile care mi a placut cel mai mult Dincolo de imputarile aduse autorului pentru exagerarea legaturii dintre om si natura, apreciez puterea evocarilor si imagistica Acuratetea cu care sunt descrise trairile personajelor si fantasticul amestecat in dulcele mediu rural, revelatiile mistico supranaturale sunt ceva ce nu am [...]

    20. Nancy on said:

      I read this book so so long ago Should get back to it, and re read I remember being completely enveloped in the world created here very rural, very small community, very human yet magical at the same time I remember loving it madly but now remember very few details, just a sense of the sublime.

    21. Tim on said:

      All you need to know about my opinion of this book is that I would read Twilight twenty times before reading this again Horribly written, pretentious, and boring It tries to be a novel of ideas, but only succeeds at being dull with the occasional scene of bestiality.

    22. Dawn on said:

      Perfect book to be reading as the year sinks into its darkest time.

    23. Marie-aimée on said:

      L uvre de Giono qui d montre le plus son hymne la nature et la vie Quoique la fin des personnages principaux soient traumatisantes.

    24. Eloïx on said:

      Un rythme de narration lent qui permet de vivre chaque moment en prenant son temps, tous nos sens ayant leur r le jouer Simplicit , joie et po sie.

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