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Making History

Making History By Stephen Fry Making History In Making History Stephen Fry has bitten off a rather meaty chunk by tackling an at first deceptively simple premise What if Hitler had never been born An unquestionable improvement one would reason

  • Title: Making History
  • Author: Stephen Fry
  • ISBN: 9780099457060
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Making History By Stephen Fry In Making History, Stephen Fry has bitten off a rather meaty chunk by tackling an at first deceptively simple premise What if Hitler had never been born An unquestionable improvement, one would reason and so an earnest history grad student and an aging German physicist idealistically undertake to bring this about by preventing Adolf s conception And with their successIn Making History, Stephen Fry has bitten off a rather meaty chunk by tackling an at first deceptively simple premise What if Hitler had never been born An unquestionable improvement, one would reason and so an earnest history grad student and an aging German physicist idealistically undertake to bring this about by preventing Adolf s conception And with their success is launched a brave new world that is in some ways better than ours but in most ways even worse Fry s experiment in history makes for his most ambitious novel yet, and his most affecting His first book to be set mostly in America, it is a thriller with a funny streak, a futuristic fantasy based on one of mankind s darkest realities It is, in every sense, a story of our times
    Making History By Stephen Fry

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    • [PDF] Making History | by ✓ Stephen Fry
      209 Stephen Fry

    One thought on “Making History

    1. BrokenTune on said:

      Can you have a mid life crisis at twenty four Or is it just the usual crisis of adulthood, something I was going to have to get used to until I doddered into oblivion For the past year, I realised, I had been suffering from this pain, this leaking of hot lead in my stomach Every morning when I awoke and stared at the ceiling and listened to Jane s gentle snoring it flooded my gut, a dark swell of recognition that here was another pissing day to be got through as me How can you tell if that s fre [...]

    2. Katie Muffett on said:

      My favourite Fry book His jumps between narratives and playful use of various lit devices is only possible for Stephen Fry As usual, you instantly adore the protagonist and watch his every fumbling step with the same paternal yet slightly benevolently lecherous gaze as Fry The action in this is perfectly paced, the history glitters with colour, the humanity is raw, the politics aren t preachy or overdone, the love is true, and the voices are clear and exact Above all of course, is the humour I w [...]

    3. Ben Babcock on said:

      So you invent a time machine, and what s the first thing you do You go back in time and kill Hitler, of course Except you can t TVTropes , because either it doesn t work or it screws up the timeline even Thus resolving one of the burning questions surrounding time travel if it s possible, why do we still have Hitler Stephen Fry tackles this in a best of all possible worlds way in Making History, where his protagonist succeeds in averting Hitler s birth only for someone charismatic and cunning [...]

    4. Hugh Malcolm on said:

      The book started well enough, young chap at Cambridge Fry s alma mater immersed in the history of Hitler, working towards spending his life at Cambridge in a paid capacity, is having a tough time with his hard nosed scientist girlfriend who finally leaves him I found her interesting than our hero, stronger, and capable of carrying a story, and was sorry to see her go Young man makes a hash of his thesis, dissertation, whatever, by being way too inventive for historical research, but bumps lite [...]

    5. Thomas Strömquist on said:

      Probably my favorite fiction book by the wonderful Stephen Fry when you have read his autobiography, my suggestion is to go for this one The story, obviously, is about the changing of history and the consequences thereof Wonderful, live and likeable characters and some not likeable at all, of course and has all the trademark Fry English humor, wit, and beautiful language At no point in this book this feels overdone, but I felt that he hit just the tone and pace here The outcome of the meddling i [...]

    6. Rebecca on said:

      You can read this review and on my blogIn a nutshell Making History is an equally fun and thought provoking read about an alternative history where Hitler was never born.This was not only my first Stephen Fry novel but my first read for 2015 It was a wonderful beginning on both accounts I ve wanted to read something by Fry for a while now and Making History was a perfect book for me to start with I m a history student like the protagonist and I m fascinated by alternative history, especially re [...]

    7. Shelley on said:

      Slow to get started, but once the set up ended around page 150 , it got completely awesome and very interesting Michael and Leo try to fix the world by making it so that Hitler was never born, except the world that results is even worse I loved the glimpses of the technology in the alternate world I think the premise that the world ends up in a perpetual state of the 1950s is fascinating I liked how Michael and Steve s relationship evolved, although I d have liked to see a bit of it It was real [...]

    8. Jason on said:

      Thoroughly good book The idea this book is based on is nothing new, people have discussed this many times, but this is the first time I have seen the idea written down It has been very well done, the different writing styles used keep you entertained Michael and Leo are very good characters and some of their dialogue had me in stitches.The first book I have read by Mr Fry, I will be back to read some .

    9. Laura on said:

      Amazing My absolute favorite of Fry s excellent works, and one of my favorite books, period Hilarious, it goes without saying Intelligent, playful, silly serious Romantic No one but Fry could write a book about Hitler that can make you cry with laughter Sodding pants.

    10. Mosharraf Hossain on said:

      , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Uchronia , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , to make the world a better place by ensuring that Adolf Hitler lived and prospered , , , , , , , , , , , ,

    11. Marina on said:

      This is such an unusual book for me, mainly in a sense that I don t tend to read SciFi and time travel and the like.But I knew that anything written by Stephen Fry would be funny and witty, and the description sounded very intriguing.Well then, imagine my shock when I read the first couple of chapters and discovered that not only is it funny but also very approachable and human and real, and that the description doesn t do the plot justice, in the sense that we are not only being told about the [...]

    12. Wendy on said:

      This amazing novel is a blend of science fiction, history, and time travel, and I thought it brilliant If you re over the age of sixteen, chances are that you have spent a minute or two in school or outside of it pondering what our world would be like if the Germans had won World War II, or if Adolf Hitler had never been born, and that s exactly what this novel is about Fry explores a spectrum of potential realities historical, political, scientific, cultural, and sexual, and his speculations sm [...]

    13. Steve on said:

      When someone as talented, witty, and educated as Stephen Fry writes a book, you half expect brilliance on every page While his genius was clearly in evidence, it was only every other page or so where it struck me still a helluva good rate.Fry did not lack for ambition But it was always going to be difficult to display humor, humanity, romance, and imagination when the fate of the whole continent s Jewish population was at stake The book asks whither a world without Hitler Fry s treatment and ton [...]

    14. Alytha on said:

      I think I read somewhere once that the first rule of timetravel is that you try to kill Hitler, and the second rule is that it either doesn t work, or things get even worse.This book falls into the second category So, in terms of concept, it s not entirely new, but the execution is really really good.The book does an excellent job of capturing the human emotional level of the whole insane thing, and it s much funnier than you d expect this kind of book to be.This is not really a science fiction [...]

    15. Heather(Gibby) on said:

      This was the first book by Stephen Fry that I have read It is an enjoyable easy read, dealing with one of my favorite genres, time travel I found the chapters that were written to mimic a movie scripts were very distracting, and don t really understand its use as a literary style does Fry do this often The storyline is a fairly classic one, What would happen if you travelled back in time and prevented Hitler from being born The clever consequences of this action make this a very interesting read [...]

    16. Franziska on said:

      Wow this book was amazing In the beginning, the switch between past and present was a bit odd and I had a hard time to find into the book But after several chapters, you see how all of it fits to the story and then I couldn t stop reading So I am really happy that I had the opportunity to read it can only recommend it

    17. S.J. Higbee on said:

      This is the first time I ve picked up a Stephen Fry novel, and it was an enjoyable, if slightly uneven, experience Thumbing through the opening pages, I noticed that this book was first published in 1996, which begins to make sense when considering some of the faultlines running through this alternate history offering.The book is an intriguing premise two men decide, for very different reasons, to tamper with history by ensuring the one man responsible for the rise of Nazi Germany is never born [...]

    18. Michelle on said:

      This book is about Michael Young, a PhD candidate in the field of history, and Leo Zuckermann, a professor They both attend Cambridge and have a big interest in World War II, and in Hitler especially Young is writing his thesis about Hitler s life, while Zuckermann creates a time machine When these two people meet, they decide to eliminate one of the biggest evils that this world has ever known Hitler They succeed, but what they did not know is that the world may had been better off with Hitler, [...]

    19. Malquiviades on said:

      This is my first approach to Fry s books.It is an entertaining read He is a talented and cultured man and that it is what you see while reading.A book is always embedded with the author s feelings likes and dislikes and opinions about anything It is his creature after all No surprises there However, it may seem here that the story is just a necessary background against which Fry s impress many of its thoughts academia s live and fauna, Scientific vs Humanist views, English vs American, social an [...]

    20. Jelena on said:

      There are not so many books which manage to get in your head in such a way that you ask yourself all those questions even though you know you won t get an answer And it does so in such a light way filled with humor but it talks about topics darker than the night sky What if Hitler had never been born Would have this world been a Utopia or would it be even worse Is there always a worse possibility And should we ever, if given the chance, tamper with time and past events and what not What ifs and [...]

    21. Hadas Sloin on said:

      Although it took me a while to get into it the beginning of the book is slow , I greatly enjoyed Making History Fry manages to take a well discussed topic and a well known even worn idea, and shape them into a funny and insightful story Mostly, I m amazed by his ability to meaningfully discuss such a complex and heavy topic, and still leave me with a smile on my face.While I didn t like Fry s writing style and his peculiar protagonist at first, I learned to love them both by the end of the book. [...]

    22. Trevor on said:

      Loved this book from the first page, Stephen Fry has a wonderful turn of phrase and the way, which is so easy to read.The story is different take on time travel and results in history being worse after the first bout of time travel than it originally was However all things end up as they should by the end, or do they At times it was very funny, at other times quite serious, but a great read overall.

    23. Bookguide on said:

      What if This reminds me of a late night student discussion of what would have happened if Germany had won WWII, what if Hitler hadn t been born, and what if you had the ability to change history If you changed one thing, would that make the present better In Terminator , somebody returning to the past changes the future for the better, but even though one butterfly flapping its wings in Japan can theoretically change events on the other side of the world, will removing one major agent for evil b [...]

    24. Robert on said:

      I really like Stephen Fry, and I love historical counterfactuals , so this rambling thought experiment hit all the right buttons for meuntil the second half when the action shifts location from a spot on mid 90s Cambridge to a less than believable alternative reality Princeton, NJ And the happy ending was a real head scratcher, let s just leave it at that One gets the impression that the author was pressed for time to get the book done and move on to other projects what a curse it must be to be [...]

    25. Dimitris Hall on said:

      I don t know why I find it intensely erotic to stand naked before an open fridge, but I do Maybe it s something to do with the expectation of a hunger soon to be satisfied, maybe it s that the spill of light on my body makes me feel like a professional stripper Maybe something weird happened to me when I was young It is an alarming feeling, mind, because all those assembled food stuffs put ideas in your head you re on the rise Stories of what you can do with the unsalted butter on ripe melons or [...]

    26. Dimitrije Vojnov on said:

      MAKING HISTORY, roman Stephena Frya iz 1996 godine ne spada u alternativnu istoriju iz prostog razloga to kre e iz na eg doba mada danas je to ve prili na pro lost i govori o promeni istorijskih okolnosti usled kori enja novootkrivene mogu nosti da se intrveni e u pro losti i time promeni tok istorije Me utim, ovaj SF triler o putovanju kroz vreme vrlo detaljno prikazuje to novo vreme stvorenom intervencijom u pro losti, pa bih ga po itala kom ugo aju svakako mogao uklopiti u alternativnu istori [...]

    27. Jeff Bishop on said:

      4 5My first stab at aStephen Fry book.A very eloquent and well written science fiction what if book about the question of what might have happened if the sperm of Alois Hitler never hit the ovum of Klara P lzl, resulting in the non birth, for lack of a better word, of Adolf Hitler.Would the world be better, the same or worse Usually one expects the world to be better off if you d rid it of the Gr faz Yet Fry goes the other way and creates a very sinister alternate reality, after a Cambridge hist [...]

    28. Haje on said:

      Making History, first published in 1996, is a book written by Stephen Fry, and is essentially a long and thorough answer to the question If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, would you.The book is a piece of fiction writing, 600 odd pages long, and is an unusual novel indeed It interweaves a set of stories A young history student s doctoral thesis, a historical account from the trenches of the first world war, and the main story line, set partially in New Jersey, and partially in Cambrid [...]

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