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The Computer Connection

The Computer Connection By Alfred Bester The Computer Connection A band of immortals recruit a new member the brilliant Cherokee physicist Sequoya Guess Dr Guess with the group s help gains control of Extro the super computer that controls all mechanical activi

  • Title: The Computer Connection
  • Author: Alfred Bester
  • ISBN: 9780743487139
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Computer Connection By Alfred Bester A band of immortals recruit a new member, the brilliant Cherokee physicist Sequoya Guess Dr Guess, with the group s help, gains control of Extro, the super computer that controls all mechanical activity on Earth They plan to rid Earth of political repression and to further Guess s researches which may lead to a great leap in human evolution to produce a race of supermenA band of immortals recruit a new member, the brilliant Cherokee physicist Sequoya Guess Dr Guess, with the group s help, gains control of Extro, the super computer that controls all mechanical activity on Earth They plan to rid Earth of political repression and to further Guess s researches which may lead to a great leap in human evolution to produce a race of supermen But Extro takes over Guess instead and turns malevolent The task of the merry band suddenly becomes a fight in deadly earnest for the future of Earth.
    The Computer Connection By Alfred Bester

    The Computer Connection by Alfred Bester In the Computer Connection, Bester tackles a Group of immortals, or molecule men We meet Guest, a.k.a the Chief, a.k.a Sequoia, a native american physicist, who may be prime material to join the Group, if he survives of course, heh heh heh. The Computer Connection The Computer Connection Bester, Alfred Alfred Bester s The Computer Connection is a s era computer dystopia that hasn t aged well over the years In the near distant future the world is a caricature of what the s thought the future would be like with the added feature of a group of immortals They learn of their immortality by dying in a certain way and then recovering. Home The Computer Connection, LLC Welcome to The Computer Connection The Computer Connection will assist you with computer hardware sales, upgrades and repair We can create, configure and maintain your office LAN and workstations We ll install, configure and provide regular maintenance for your hardware and software Old systems acting up Computer Connection Photos Reviews IT Services reviews of Computer Connection My computers have crapped out on me several times, and when in I m Marin, this is the place I go to get them working again The guys that work here are very skilled at repairing computers, and are very friendly and helpful throughout the process Their price for labor isn t too cheap, but is it anywhere If you ever need help with you computer, it just isn t

    • The Computer Connection Best Read || [Alfred Bester]
      191 Alfred Bester

    One thought on “The Computer Connection

    1. Megan Baxter on said:

      This is a strange little book, and far from Bester s best But it was nominated for a Hugo, and so I read it, and it s weird With some redeeming moments And a lot of vaguely uncomfortable but yet vaguely progressive gender and racial politics I don t quite know how to wrap my head around it I guess that s what this review is here to do.Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can [...]

    2. Nick on said:

      Alfred Bester wrote The Stars My Destination and The Demolished Man, two must reads for any serious fan of science fiction literature They are classics worthy of study, as well as just good books.Then, he stopped writing novels for many years Sadly, he returned to writing in order to write this book.Having loved Bester s classic works, I was surprised to stumble across this book in a book sale I didn t recognize the title or remember the premise, so I figured, How bad could it be It s written by [...]

    3. Stian on said:

      Stopped around page 120 Officially the first book in my life that I have stopped reading because of its sheer awfulness What the hell were you thinking, Alfred This is bad and you should feel bad.

    4. Denis on said:

      Alfred Bester was a very creative writer In the 1950 s, he wrote two classic SF novel The Demolished Man which won a Hugo and Tiger Tiger aka The Stars are my Destination which is considered one of if not the best SF novel of the 1950 s He also wrote several excellent short stories throughout his life time.One can tell a Bester work just from looking at the text It is common practice these days, but back then in the fifties , he liked doing odd graphic things with the letters of his type And he [...]

    5. Erik on said:

      Alfred Bester was one of the grandmaster class of science fiction writers The Demolished Man and Stars my Destination are widely considered among the best of the genre In the first one it was peepers and murder in a crimeless society in the second it was the new human technology of jaunting and a rollicking revenge plot based on the Count of Monte Cristo In the Computer Connection, Bester tackles a Group of immortals, or molecule men We meet Guest, a.k.a the Chief, a.k.a Sequoia, a native americ [...]

    6. fromcouchtomoon on said:

      D.N.F If cryology recycles ontogeny, then freeze this piece of crap for 100 days in space and maybe it will do us all a favor and reverse its own existence.Reads like an old fashioned douche is trying to be hip with the kids by doing EDGY stuff, but all he can do is stir up a lot of anti PC nonplots because that s so EDGY and funny and not just a big, steaming pile of stale and unoriginal gags that don t even make sense to sane people BORING AND DUMB I should have known when I saw and promptly s [...]

    7. Tyler Hill on said:

      This book got better as it went on The first few pages were almost incomprehensible in it s amount of slang that is unexplained E.g the first sentence I tore down the Continental Shelf off the Bogue Bank while the pogo made periscope hops trying to track me.What But as I read through the book it actually began to make and sense, and by the middle I was actually invested in the characters and story.Something about this book made me want to read it at break neck speed, I don t have the energy to [...]

    8. Nick on said:

      Although somewhat dated now, this is still a very good Alfred Bester novel, which means it is a very good story.

    9. Jason Bergman on said:

      Alfred Bester is unquestionably one of the greatest sci fi writers of all time The Stars My Destination and The Demolished Man are absolute classics This book is not of the same caliber It s not entirely without merit Bester does do some interesting things with language, similar to his other works And it has some genuinely funny slapstick moments.But for the most part it s just not very good It moves too quickly, the gags linguistic or otherwise don t always work, and it all falls flat I m glad [...]

    10. maryann on said:

      i just re read this disclaimer bester is one of my favorite authors of all time i think his writing style is just incredible but this book starts strong and then gets less and less interesting as it continues the style is almost as neat as in the stars my destination and demolished man , but then the plot loses its oOmph and the story doesn t seem very tight and the characters aren t as witty as you want them to be and blah suddenly it s over and you re left feeling that something was lackingEVE [...]

    11. Olethros on said:

      La New Wave daba coletazos G nero Ciencia ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Un grupo de inmortales mantienen cierta amistad y contacto Cuando uno de ellos conoce a un candidato potencial, un f sico de origen cherokee, busca la manera de reclutarlo mientras les comienza a llamar la atenci n un proyecto cient fico para crear un superordenador que puede controlar cualquier funci n mec nica Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite librosdeolethros

    12. Pickle on said:

      if i could give in 0 5 i would, this was terrible and i finally gave up on page 163 from 216 Its seems to be a story of some kind where and indian man dies and comes back to life merged, in mind only, with the super computer Extro with a massive amount of nonsense filling the rest of the book.i couldnt read any and had to give up Complete rubbish, do not read.

    13. Victor Chernov on said:

      It was like a very ugly person you can t take you eye off him her, because of the ugliness The ideas, by themselves, are nice, but the story is weird and quite badly written and executed But hey, I didn t drop it in the middle.

    14. Paige on said:

      A couple interesting concepts, but on the whole not an engaging novel Maybe don t mention this one when recommending people Bester.

    15. David Allen on said:

      Bester s comeback novel after a 19 year layoff was packed with ideas, slang and sly jokes Perhaps too packed, though.

    16. Wilson on said:

      I m hard pressed to say if my uncertainties about this book relate to the age of it, or simply to the general style With The Stars My Destination I didn t have any sense of age, but then that was perhaps a typical sci fi story, whereas The Computer Connection is grounded in modern day Earth, which naturally leads to things feeling off given the age of the book But I think the comedic nature of the story might be the bigger issue, and this was something I only really picked up on after I finis [...]

    17. Chris Harris on said:

      I first read this as a teenager when it was published in the UK with the title Extro because a it was Bester and b it had been nominated for the Nebula and Hugo awards I remember being hugely disappointed back then returning to it after forty years I was hoping for a better experience the second time around I didn t get it Oh dear I get that, given the protagonist s nickname, the style is intended to be a gory, violent puppet show But even puppet shows can have nuanced plots this just feels hack [...]

    18. David Mann on said:

      Crazy stuffI loved Demolished Man and Stars My Destination This book though is just plain nuts A demented combination of late Heinlein, Phil Farmer, and William S Burroughs, the story is a little difficult to follow It involves some immortals, an evil computer, and the end of the world, but that doesn t really do it justice The language, known as XX for 20th century , takes a while to get used to Some political incorrectiveness including every slang term for Native American as well as outmoded c [...]

    19. Walter Underwood on said:

      There was a strain of exuberant writing in the late 1960s and early 1970s and this is solidly in that vein It ranged from Hunter S Thompson to Richard Brautigan and beyond This is solidly in that micro tradition.Let go and join the flow Don t try to figure out the science or the slang or any of those things you are used to digging into in an SF novel This is a wild ride with fireworks at every turn.

    20. Charl on said:

      It s weird, and a little wacko, but actually not that hard to follow I m not sure it wasn t excellent, but I m not sure it was, either So I ll split the difference.If you like Zelazney, Dick and other surreal authors, try this It s not like Bester s other works at all, and very out there.

    21. Mike Pearce on said:

      Not as good as The Stars My Destination and quite hard to read, but the core story is pretty cool.

    22. Valerie on said:

      I read this when it first came out, in serial form in Analog, as I recall, but I m not sure we were taking quite a few SF mags at the time.The story begins with the narrator traveling back in time to try to rescue Thomas Chatterton from his suicide by poisoning The narrator is called the Grand Guignol by his compatriots, because he keeps trying to kill people in horrible, lingering ways and then rescue them at the eleventh hour but he keeps botching the rescues It s not clear why he s doing this [...]

    23. Flying_Monkey on said:

      Although in the introduction of the edition I read, the always over the top Harlan Ellison does a fantastic job convincing you that this book is the equal of Bester s greats, The Demolished Man and The Stars My Destination , it isn t quite in that class.Don t let that put you off, however The Computer Connection packs in wacky offbeat ideas in a single book than most writers have in a lifetime, and it is all done at a breakneck velocity fast enough to pass the likes of Michael Marshall Smith in [...]

    24. Algot Runeman on said:

      Lots of intriguing ideas mix into the story of the main character, Grand Quignol Guig , who is effectively immortal and part of a group of others who call themselvese group Membership includes lots of famous people from history from around the world, including H.G Wells It isn t easy to become a member First, you have to die and then miraculously survive My favorite group member is Hic Haec Hoc, the Neanderthal The book is mostly about the events which surround a new member, one who establishes [...]

    25. Deni Loubert on said:

      Leave it to Alred Bester, who wrote The Stars My Destination, to write a very witty and original concept of human immortals Like a lot of the scifi written in the early 70s it has some pretty obscure and dating feeling language full of hipsterisms, but once I got used to that I found myself absorbed in the story It s the far future, computers run everything and a band of immortals decide to save the world That is really all you need to know, because the story is really about Bester s world crea [...]

    26. Cathrine Bonham on said:

      Like all of Bester s work this novel does take some thought But that is why I like it You really need to think about what is going on and not just casualy skim the words Bester makes you think Some of the allusions may be dated but they are not beyond the grasp of modern readers.As far as plot line goes it was not quite on par with Stars my Destination or Demolished Man but it was still pure Bester The bare outline might run something like this The worlds most advanced supercomputer has discover [...]

    27. Simon on said:

      The first third of the book crackles with energy Ideas leap off the page with the ferocity of a Chinese firecracker on steroids, unmatched by any other author except Gaiman.Past the halfway point, the story settles down and pulls you deeper There are a couple of strong plot twists, a couple deus ex machinas, and unhappily the author chickens out and neuters said plot twists into a happy ending That s a star off of the rating.I suppose there could have been exposition and resolution towards the [...]

    28. Dave Lefevre on said:

      I don t have any idea what to say about this one It s screwball sci fi and kind of like the Kilgore Trout book that Philip Jose Farmer wrote with a lot less sex It s a good read One of the interesting literary elements worth noting is that Bester seems to have a good feel for how language could evolve over years in a society that is global and even extra global It also has speculation about what the world would look like if the trends of the 60s took hold and continued indefinitely, and while w [...]

    29. Jose Angel on said:

      La novela es bastante inconexa y atropellada, parece que el autor tuviera un limite de paginas a la hora de escribirla, eso o intentando darle ritmo a la narraci n falla estrepitosamente Seguimos a los personajes un grupo de inmortales en una desesperada carrera por salvar la humanidad de un compatriota suyo y una inteligencia artificial.Aunque por la novela circulan un grupo interesante de personajes, estos meramente estas desarrollados y solo podemos suponer sus motivaciones, por los nombres d [...]

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