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The Visit

The Visit By Friedrich Dürrenmatt Patrick Bowles The Visit This is the first complete English translation of the play that many critics consider to be Durrenmatt s finest work Unlike an earlier version adapted for the English language stage this translation

  • Title: The Visit
  • Author: Friedrich Dürrenmatt Patrick Bowles
  • ISBN: 9780802130662
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Visit By Friedrich Dürrenmatt Patrick Bowles This is the first complete English translation of the play that many critics consider to be Durrenmatt s finest work Unlike an earlier version adapted for the English language stage, this translation adheres faithfully to the author s original play as it was published and performed in German.The action of The Visit takes place in the small town of Guellen, somewhere in CThis is the first complete English translation of the play that many critics consider to be Durrenmatt s finest work Unlike an earlier version adapted for the English language stage, this translation adheres faithfully to the author s original play as it was published and performed in German.The action of The Visit takes place in the small town of Guellen, somewhere in Central Europe An elderly millionairesse, Claire Zachanassian, returns to Guellen, her home town, after an absence of many years Merely on the promise of her millions, she shortly turns what has been a depressed area into a boom town But there is a condition attached to her largess, which the natives of Guellen realize only after they have become enmeshed in her vengeful plot murder Out of these elements, Durrenmatt has fashioned a many leveled play which is at once a macabre parable, a deeply moving tragedy, and a scathing indictment of the power of greed.
    The Visit By Friedrich Dürrenmatt Patrick Bowles

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      397 Friedrich Dürrenmatt Patrick Bowles
    The Visit

    One thought on “The Visit

    1. James on said:

      Friedrich Durrenmatt is a wonderful Swiss writer who wrote some of the sparest and most compelling words I have ever read Words which challenge, confound and cause you to happily ponder away for hours while never preaching The play takes on utilitarianism with a broadside aimed at the famous Bentham quote it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong.In a small Central European city which bears a marked resemblance to an entire number of german speaki [...]

    2. Kai on said:

      D rrenmatt is simply hilarious I had to read this for school and I m telling you, in my 12 years of school there are not many books that I enjoyed but I definitely enjoyed the Visit.On one hand this play is witty and philosophical, it criticizes our society On the other hand it is smart and funny, as D rrenmatt sets his characters in a light, which doesn t let us take them and the whole deadly situation too serious.Thumbs up for the Visit.

    3. Pia on said:

      Brilliant I ve compared this book to fine German engineering every perfected detail has a purpose and nothing is superfluous Swiss born Durrenmatt was a minister s son who lived through WW2, and spent his life working and re working and re re working these plots while figuring out his own standings on faith and human nature He s an intellectual but not an idealist, believing in the goodness of human nature while knowing full well its limits The book is rich with insights into the hypocracies in [...]

    4. Natascha on said:

      Ein besonderes Theaterst ck, das Humor und Tragik hervorragend miteinander verbindet und den Leser mit der Frage zur ckl sst, wie weit man selbst bereit w re zu gehen, wenn die eigene Existenz davon abh ngen w rde.

    5. Bastet on said:

      La tentaci n es demasiado grande y la pobreza demasiado amarga , se lamenta el maestro, el personaje m s reflexivo, honesto y sincero de todos, un humanista recalcitrante, como se observa en la escena en que se emborracha ya se sabe que los borrachos siempre dicen la verdad Friedrich D rrenmatt escribi la obra de teatro La visita de la vieja dama en 1955, y la estren cuatro a os despu s Se trata de una tragicomedia cl sica en tres actos La influencia de S focles se aprecia en los coros al estilo [...]

    6. Juliane on said:

      Really loved this tragicomedy D rrenmatt s works are timeless, but they are also the product of a Swiss vantage during cold war In The Visit or in German Der Besuch der alten Dame an old lady who becomes the wealthiest person in the world returns to the village that cast her out as a young woman and offers riches to the town in exchange for the life of Alfred Ill, who once disgraced her It s all about an immoral deal if the town wants her financial support, she wants something in return Therefor [...]

    7. Claudia / BeautyButterflies on said:

      1 Tag 1 BuchKlar, da als Theaterst ck geschrieben lesen sich die Seiten schnell Aber auch weil es einfach grandios gut ist Die Geschichte und die Umsetzung sind einfach genial Ich freue mich es nach ber 15 Jahren nochmal gelesen zu haben und kann es jedem ans Herz legen, wenn er es noch nicht kennt

    8. Bên Phía Nhà Z on said:

      v a h i v a kinh vcd en t i kinh d b n d ch c a Ph m Th Ho i th h i v i coi b n ti ng Anh xem th n o v me Ho i chuy n h t sang Vi t Nam r i

    9. Aleshanee on said:

      KlappentextClaire Zachanassian kehrt als steinreiche Frau in ihr Heimatdorf G llen zur ck, wo ihr einst das Herz gebrochen und die Ehre geraubt wurde Nun will sie sich r chen und bietet der G llener Bev lkerung eine Milliarde daf r, dass ihr damaliger Liebhaber Ill f r sein Vergehen mit dem Tod bestraft wird Ein Angebot, das die B rger entr stet zur ckweisen Zun chst.Meine MeinungSolche Theaterverschnitte bzw Klassiker lese ich ja sehr selten, aber hier hat mich der Klappentext gereizt und nat r [...]

    10. Kerstin Herbert on said:

      berraschend gut Manchmal etwas bizarr und berzeichnet, aber genau das gef llt mir Absoluter Lesetipp

    11. Sandra on said:

      Chi Claire Zachanassian, la vecchia signora multimilionaria ridotta ad un rottame umano, che dopo tanti anni di assenza torna a Gullen, la sua cittadina natale ridotta allo stremo per la miseria,con le fabbriche chiuse e la gente senza lavoro Io l ho vista come personificazione del capitalismo avanzato, inteso come espressione di un modello sociale spietato e cinico in cui quello che conta solo ed esclusivamente il potere economico finanziario Che cosa vuole Claire Zachanassian in cambio dell of [...]

    12. Ruby on said:

      Ich beschreibe Menschen, nicht Marionetten, eine Handlung, nicht eine Allegorie, stelle eine Welt auf, keine Moral Friedrich D rrenmatt, Anmerkung I, p 141The quotation cited above is useful information, because I came up with some weird and rather nasty interpretations of this play while reading it D rrenmatt s emphasis on taking this text at face value is reassuring in this case It may perhaps also be the most useful and accurate interpretation, in that it comes closest to the unexplained ambi [...]

    13. Giulia Teufel on said:

      Enjoyed reading der Besuch der alten Dame in my German class It s the first time I m reading a book in this genre and that s why I won t be rating it I don t consider myself well informed enough to be able to compare it with other books I hope I ll be able to read books by D rrenmatt and maybe once see this play live.

    14. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      I wasn t sure whether or not I d like this play at first, but the way the scenery is described and the realistic and deep characters really made it progress into something unforgettable as it went along.

    15. Nadja on said:

      Wie weit darf man gehen, um sich selbst zu retten Lustig, b se, genial Ein Klassiker ber Gerechtigkeit und Rache.

    16. Núria on said:

      La visita de la vieja dama de Friedrich D rrenmatt escritor suizo en lengua alemana tiene un primer acto que es el de una farsa La acci n se ambienta en G llen, una peque a ciudad de provincias que en el pasado hab a sido pr spera pero que ahora est totalmente arruinada y ni siquiera los trenes se detienen en su estaci n Sin embargo, puede que las cosas cambien, porque una antigua habitante del pueblo, convertida ahora en pr cticamente la mujer m s rica del mundo, ha anunciado su visita y todo e [...]

    17. Rick on said:

      The Visit stands as a small masterpiece of misanthropy, a play whose cynicism is so thickly layered that the greed driving the plot at its surface seems almost the least of its characters sins For Durrenmatt, people, not money, are the root of all evil Unlike Miller s The Crucible , a contemporary play, this is not an exercise in puritanical hand wringing but a black and grotesque Grimm fairy story At the centre of this fairy story is the witch to end all witches Claire Zachanassian the richest [...]

    18. Cecilia on said:

      This is another play about how absolutism, no matter what the purpose or just cause, is dangerous and savage and only brings about brutality.In this play a small backwater economically failing little German town gets a visit from a millionairess who grew up there The town, knowing of her generosity elsewhere hopes she will put them back on track and depends on her high school sweetheart to get her to agree to give the money She does, but only in exchange for the death of her high school sweethea [...]

    19. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Der Besuch der alten Dame The Visit, Friedrich D rrenmatt 1342 99

    20. Sherrymoon on said:

      Schon in der Schule gelesen als Pflichtlekt re, dann selbst noch einmal gelesen und als Freilicht Auff hrung gesehen im Schlosstheater Girsberg,Kreuzlingen mit dem begnadeten Schweizer Schauspieler Matthias Gn dinger als Alfred Ill.F r einen Schweizer, Jahrgang 1950 wie mich gabs kein Ausweichen vor D rrenmatt Er war in allen K pfen auf irgendeine Art pr sent Entweder war man eher D rrenmatt oder Max Frisch Fan F r Max Frisch konnte ich mich nie so richtig erw rmen Durch seinen Gantenbein habe i [...]

    21. Greg Brozeit on said:

      Updated review commentary Timing, it is said, is everything As I reached the section on The Visit Der Besuch der Alten Dame in Peter R edi s interminable biography of Friedrich D rrenmatt, it coincided with the last Sunday before the presidential election D rrenmatt s writing always seems to be girded by a strong intuition, perhaps clairvoyance is accurate, about the future, perhaps never so than in The Visit Three things really stood out for me on this rereading R edi recalls a quote a commen [...]

    22. Conni Wayne on said:

      I loved this play It was so excellent It richly describes the going ons of a disfunctional town, and I love that And the ending, it was perfect, and I really would have been disapointed in anything different though some of my classmates state the opposite The absurdist level was fun for the comedy and the tragedy, and I am glad I read it.

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