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Green but for a Season

Green but for a Season By C.S. Pacat Green but for a Season Green but for a Season is the first of a series of four Captive Prince short stories It follows the relationship between Jord and Aimeric and is set during the events of Prince s Gambit

  • Title: Green but for a Season
  • Author: C.S. Pacat
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Green but for a Season By C.S. Pacat Green but for a Season is the first of a series of four Captive Prince short stories It follows the relationship between Jord and Aimeric and is set during the events of Prince s Gambit.
    Green but for a Season By C.S. Pacat

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      260 C.S. Pacat

    One thought on “Green but for a Season

    1. Katrin D on said:

      It was an unlikely partnership, but hope sprang in what could be done together, and not alone He felt the kiss on his lips again, its newness, its promise, and in that moment he was part of something, a beginning, the night like lights and the border, ahead of him I think we need to have a talk I adore Captive Prince ADORE capital letters It is well written, unusual, a bit controversial, with amazingly well fleshed characters In summary, it is the perfect trilogy I, unlike some friends of mine, [...]

    2. Anne Freya on said:

      Actually I m not that excited to read short story about Jord and Aimeric I need Lauren and Damen XD But if it s from C.S Pacat, I ll read it Also, maybe this short story will make me understand Aimeric .

    3. Marty :} (thecursedbooks) on said:

      It was way too short, but it was nice to read about side characters, but 20 something pages with them where you also include a lot of Laurent not that I complain isn t going to give me much of an idea about those characters I feel like this story was kind of pointless, the writing was really beautiful, so it helped, but it didn t add anything meaningful to the plot Still, I m very excited for that short story about Damen and Laurent my babiesss, yessss I hope that one will be longer, please, C. [...]

    4. Ellen Gail on said:

      3 stars I guess I LOVED being back in this universe, but this story was so short There was not much time to develop Jord and Aimeric It s not just that it left me wanting at the end, cause duh it did But the story as a whole left me wanting I feel like it was capable of .A fine addition to a spectacular series to be sure, but underwhelming Pre release ramblings I would like to read this today Please.

    5. Nina (Every Word A Doorway) on said:

      3.5 STARSRecommended to those with nerve wracking Captive Prince withdrawals On the whole, however, 24 pages were not enough to bring some substance into this love story between two important side characters Let me put it out there I tremendously enjoyed being back in this world with these characters Reading this on my commute actually almost had me miss my stop, that s how immersed I was Though my heart was anxious for Jord and Aimeric, it went into a frenzy whenever my cinnamon rolls Damen and [...]

    6. Wanderlust_WL on said:

      Clearly, 24 pages is not enough but I ll gladly and humbly take whatever is being offered by C.S Pacat It s nice to catch a glimpse of a intimate interaction between Jord and Aimeric which we didn t get to see in the actual series BUT lo and behold when my precious Laurent and Damen made a brief appearance, my heartI JUST CAN T OKAY I will always need Can t wait for their short story to be out

    7. necromancer on said:

      It meant something to Jord when he became captain I have only one thing to say about this short story FIFTEEN YEAR OLD LAURENT I mean, can you believe how obnoxious he was, even back then It s adorable, really.i say that as if i don t think absolutely everything about laurent is adorable

    8. Elena Salvatore on said:

      Just an inside of how Jord came to be the Prince s most loyal follower.You can skip it without missing anything important to the story.

    9. Bárbara on said:

      You don t understand the depth of my love for this story You can t even begin to imagine what I d give for it to have been ten times longer Jord Jord, my dear, sweet loser Jord It s okay, I can call him that because he understands that I love him I am so goddamn happy to have this story from this particular point of view This is one of the most interesting things I could have wanted to know about as far as extended material of the CP world went Jord is possibly one of the few people people outsi [...]

    10. ajcila on said:


    11. Rachel on said:

      Jord and Aimeric are not Pacat s star couple And this was not her best work Green but for a Season is Jord s POV And though the perspective told through Jord s eyes is insightful and at times profound for the reader, he simply is not as engaging, nor his dynamic with Aimeric as entertaining as Damen and Laurent s POVs and dynamic I will note however, though this is billeted as Jord and Aimeric s story , a large part of these few pages focuses on Jord and Laurent s association I would venture mo [...]

    12. ⚔ Silvia ⚓ on said:

      Second read January 4th 2017I must say I appreciated it the second time around, but it s still my least favorite piece of C.S Pacat s work But that s okay because she gave us The Summer Palace Original read September 20th 2016This was a short but interesting short story I liked Jord in the main books and it was nice to see his PoV for a change.I m not going to pretend that I wouldn t have preferred it if it had been something about Damen and Laurent, but I still enjoyed this and I know C.S Paca [...]

    13. amy on said:

      At this point I ll read anything C.S Pacat writes Like, I d read her grocery lists With that said, I found this short story to be very enjoyable, and I liked it, but I didn t love it I feel like it was too short for me to really get invested in the story and, quite frankly, I just didn t care that much about Jord Aimeric Still, I m happy that I started my reading year with a work of C.S Pacat, because I like her writing a lot.Also, I really wanted to read this before the release of The Summer Pa [...]

    14. Sandy Ⓢ on said:

      No es al Pr ncipe a quien estoy tratando de impresionar Uhh, autora, te quedaste corta.

    15. destiny ☠ howling libraries on said:

      He s my King, Jord said.Green but for a Season is a short story that fits into the middle of Prince s Gambit, and details the budding relationship between Jord and Aimeric, as well as offering a bit of insight into Jord s past and the Prince s teen years.There were two heads bent together over the map, one dark haired, the other blond.I loved Jord s character during the trilogy, so it was precious enough to see things from his perspective, but my favorite part of the short story was absolutely g [...]

    16. Chantal(Every Word A Doorway) on said:

      This was nothing special but still a fun read I recommend it to people who are suffering from Captive Prince withdrawals like me.This 24 page short story supposedly focuses on two intriguing side character we get to know in the original series Jord and Aimeric And I think had this story actually focused on them, I would have enjoyed it Instead, we got a bit of love story interspersed with flashbacks about Laurent as a young prince, the rise of the Prince s Guard and Jord s own anxieties and des [...]

    17. Edit on said:

      The Prince that cold, blond son of a bitch, that high and mighty prick made of ice Green but for a Season allows us to re visit the past and explore Vere after Auguste s death For two years, the symbol of the Crown Prince never flew It was replaced by the red banners of the Regency, until it was hard to remember that there had ever been a time when anyone had worn stars on their chest We get to see Laurent at fifteen, never showing weakness, outmaneuvering everyone This story is a gift.

    18. Meags on said:

      3.5 StarsThis short story is set in the Captive Prince world and follows Jord s past experiences dutifully serving teenage Laurent in the re established Prince s Guard, right up to the time Laurent named him Captain of the Guard As expected, this story was beautifully written and left me craving Knowing what ultimately happens, view spoiler in regards to Jord and his tremulous relationship with Aimeric, hide spoiler made this story feel quite melancholy in tone, but enjoyable nonetheless I m ea [...]

    19. Jewel on said:

      More about Jord, than him and Aimeric Kind of bittersweet, really.

    20. Sabrina The Trash Queen on said:

      I LOVED THAT WE GET TO SEE MORE OF THE SIDE CHARACTERS.Bonus MY OTP AND MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS And to be honest I only read this short story to see if I could get of MY HUSBANDS lol Jord had never seen him like this, in comfortable, intimate conversation Jord felt as if he was intruding on something private he was startled by their quiet focus, how close they stood together, their shoulders almost touching The Prince seemed to allow it, a form of familiarity that he rejected from others.

    21. Len Evans Jr on said:

      I really enjoyed this short story, the author was masterful in her telling, introducing and fleshing out the characters in so very few pages They became very real and people I cared about I will definitely be reading the rest of this series

    22. Lucy on said:

      Really adorable but also TRAGIC because I know what happens next n

    23. Giedre on said:

      Was there a point to these twenty something pages Eh.I liked getting a glimpse of a different perspective, finding out a bit about the Prince s Guard, and glimpses of a younger Laurent, who was a viper even at fifteen But what was the point of this short story Did it add anything to series I don t know Not really Honestly, Green but for a Season didn t feel like much of a story, short or otherwise Verdict meh, but I m hoping the next one will be better.

    24. rin (lorenzo) on said:

      Confession I don t care about Jord and Aimeric I like Jord though and it was nice to have some flashbacks about his start in the Prince s Guard The main highlight of this short story though FIFTEEN YEARS OLD BABY LAURENT MY LITTLE CALCULATING BITCHY SON IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE Laurent and Damen from the outside also im shookI need the Summer Palace short novel like right now

    25. J. Taylor on said:

      That last page, so sad When Jord is so happy and thinks he s not alone any but the boy is going to later betray him and my heart breaks for him We saw a glimpse of Laurent when he was a kid when Jord first knew him as it goes back into how he joined the princes guard and he hasnt changed one bit, oh how I love him.Bring on the next short story and lenght

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