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The Best American Science Writing 2008

The Best American Science Writing 2008 By Sylvia Nasar Jesse Cohen The Best American Science Writing Edited by Sylvia Nasar bestselling author of A Beautiful Mind and former economics correspondent for the New York Times The Best American Science Writing brings together the premiere science wr

  • Title: The Best American Science Writing 2008
  • Author: Sylvia Nasar Jesse Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780061340413
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Best American Science Writing 2008 By Sylvia Nasar Jesse Cohen Edited by Sylvia Nasar, bestselling author of A Beautiful Mind and former economics correspondent for the New York Times, The Best American Science Writing 2008 brings together the premiere science writing of the year Distinguished by the foremost voices and publications among them Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Harmon, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, and award winning and bestselEdited by Sylvia Nasar, bestselling author of A Beautiful Mind and former economics correspondent for the New York Times, The Best American Science Writing 2008 brings together the premiere science writing of the year Distinguished by the foremost voices and publications among them Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Harmon, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, and award winning and bestselling author Oliver Sacks this anthology is a comprehensive overview of our most advanced and most relevant scientific inquiries.
    The Best American Science Writing 2008 By Sylvia Nasar Jesse Cohen

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      237 Sylvia Nasar Jesse Cohen

    One thought on “The Best American Science Writing 2008

    1. David on said:

      In a series that s usually reliably interesting and intellectually stimulating, this year s collection was somewhat disappointing, due to an unusually narrow focus In her introduction, Sylvia Nasar tells us that she gravitated to the stories that people were talking about An idiosyncratic interpretation of the criterion best , and it shows The articles in this book come from The New York Times 9The New Yorker 6The Wall Street Journal 1Wired 1Scientific American 1Policy Review 1Biomedical researc [...]

    2. Mark on said:

      I tend to agree with friend David Giltinan that this is not as strong a collection as in previous years It relies too heavily on the New York mafia of the New York Times and New Yorker, and it includes articles that don t have the heft or nuance that a best collection should Nevertheless, there were a few very good pieces Even though picking an Oliver Sacks article is like predicting the Yankees will make it into the playoffs, his piece on the man who had lost his episodic memory, so that each f [...]

    3. Veach Glines on said:

      This collection of articles is for anyone who takes any medicine prescribed by a psychiatrist, anyone who fails to question their MD s, and everyone who has been told they or their child may have a disorder.

    4. Jon on said:

      I am very disappointed in this book All of the articles are very interesting, but when I bought this I didn t realize just how narrowly focused it was going to be I flipped through the book and took a tally Of the nineteen articles twelve of them are about medical science, three are about medical ethics all three about drug reps and two of those by the same co authors , and four are about enviromental science Further fifteen of the nineteen are from either the New York Times or the New Yorker I [...]

    5. Kirill on said:

      Science in my view is the process of acquiring knowledge using scientific method Somehow, though, in the recent literature medical litigation and rules for practicing medicine have taken a lion s share of science literature and this book in particular Maybe this has to do with the fact that the social and political conflicts involved are those between rationality and not Still, I was a little disappointed to see less of real stories of search of for fundamental understanding of the physical and [...]

    6. Alex on said:

      A lot of people rated this book low because of the focus on medicine And, indeed, the book should not have been called the best science writing because the title does suggest something broader However, what far too many reviewers left out is just how brilliant the essays in here are The entry by Oliver Sacks is amazing for its entertainment, but virtually every other essay simply was a knock out There were two that disappointed me, but in a book chockful of so much content, it wasn t enough for [...]

    7. Calton Bolick on said:

      Sub par entry in the annual series Contrary to the advert listing above, it is not in the least comprehensive, looking instead like Sylvia Nasar s Medical Science Clipping Service, even being padded with ordinary quality newspaper stories No physics, no astronomy, no natural history, no mathematics, and a just few environmental stories and an Oliver Sacks essay thrown in as sops at the end This is a huge lapse in quality control on the part of series editor Jesse Cohen, who should know better If [...]

    8. Ron on said:

      The 2008 version of this book though very good fell short of previous years version The lack of subject diversity made it not as enjoyable as previous years Three stories on the lack of ethics in the medical drug community was a bit repetitive.My favorites were probably the two most disturbing articles in the book Oliver Sacks The Abyss About the worst case of amnesia I ever heard of.1Richard Preston An Error in the Code Describing a mental disorder that causes people to have no control over the [...]

    9. Jennifer on said:

      After the 2007 collection, this was very disappointing Individually, the articles were generally good, but as a collection they fall short The collection was extremely lacking in diversity, both in subjects two stories about genetic disorders, two about the drug industry, etc and sources.just about every selection was from the new york times or the new yorker The similarity of topic and style made it drag The articles weren t even organized well Similar subjects were put next to each other, whic [...]

    10. Andrew on said:

      A compendium or survey of the previous year s best scientific writing accessible to the median layperson Hopefully there are a handful of others out there, but I lucked out with this edition the editor mentioned in her introduction that the 2007 edition had too much articles on abstract mathematics The 2008 edition has a lot of articles informing on health issues, including pharmaceutical industry practices, and genetic testing and research frontiers Pretty informative for a really inexpensive p [...]

    11. Jackie on said:

      Favorite and available essays An Error in the Code by Richard PrestonDr Drug Rep by Daniel CarlatThe Older and Wiser Hypothesis by Stephen HallSowing for the Apocalypse by John Seabrook

    12. Naomi on said:

      Another great collection All the articles were interesting, accessible, informative and to the lay person They address the intersection of science and society using both a personal element and a great deal of information The stories cover a range of fields although this collection was a bit heavy on the psychiatry I highly recommend it for a cross section of well written science current events.

    13. Jonna Higgins-Freese on said:

      Several of the essays were fantastic, but others were simply like solidly written newspaper articles which I suppose they originally were The first one, about a woman who decides to be tested for an inherited fatal gene, and how the results shaped her life, was incredible Atul Gawande s essay about gerontologists and how they help people who are aging, and why there s such a shortage, was as engaging as all his writing The others didn t really leave an impression.

    14. Scott on said:

      Another outstanding collection in this series On other reviews I ve read, this anthology came under criticism for being overly slanted toward the life sciences This is true however, each year the selections are a reflection of the interests of the celebrity editor This year, it is Sylvia Nasar, of A Beautiful Mind fame I found all of the selections to be engaging, thought provoking, and worthy.

    15. Rachel on said:

      Solid reporting and writing on a wide range of topics, from genetics to climate change A fairly quick read, it s also easy to pick up and put down while traveling, etc I d like to see variety in the publications represented this collection relies too heavily on the New York Times I would also like to see selections that use creative storytelling a lot of these were straightforward news pieces that didn t take many risks.

    16. Nick on said:

      The title of this book should have been Interesting Medical and Environmental Science Writing 2008 There was no astronomy, no chemistry, no physics, no math, no computer science, etc At least half of the book was from the New York Times, New York Times Magazine or the New Yorker I didn t realize that NYC had a monopoly on science writing Anyway, the stories were kind of interesting, but none stuck with me.

    17. Erin on said:

      Good, engaging science writing Some of my favorites were the essay on doctors accepting money from pharmaceutical companies one from a person who was a drug company shill for awhile , the essay about a rare disease that causes the afflicted to mutilate themselves, and the essay about how pain is often under treated in this country because doctors are afraid of being prosecuted Interesting stuff.

    18. Ms. Phinnia on said:

      the al gore essay was seriously lacking in both content and style proving once again that it s not what you know, it s how loudly you can claim to have invented climate change the internet John Travolta style comebacks on the tails of a worldwide political issue, but the rest of the book was extremely good.

    19. Randy on said:

      Very good collection of science writing The first article will pull you in and you ll be hooked My wife peeked inside of this after I was done and now it s on her nightstand She s the Jane Austen type.

    20. Paul on said:

      Along with the other best of I got these last Chistmas and read them this year This volume has some very thought provoking topics e.g when is a MD a drug pusher, supply and demand for organs for transplants etc.

    21. Jennifer on said:

      As usual I really enjoyed this one many articles I didn t read when they were originally published For me this series of books is a good way to stay somewhat connected to what is happening in the science realm since I get very little of that in my everyday life.

    22. Karen on said:

      I read and liked 2007, so I am interested in reading this volume, too Of course, I probably won t get to it until the best science writing of 2009 comes out, but so it goes.

    23. Jack on said:

      i look forward to this collection every year this year did not disappoint.

    24. Lucia on said:

      Someday people will be paid for donating kidneys, and it ll be a good thing.

    25. sonia on said:

      this one is not as good as the others too many medical doctor content too little actual science what happened

    26. Gina on said:

      I had read almost all of them before, as they were pretty much only from the New Yorker and the New York Times lame job of finding stories by the editor That said, some GREAT stories.

    27. Margaret Sankey on said:

      It takes a real talent for prose to explain complex scientific research and the lab s real world implications to a popular audience.

    28. susan on said:

      Love this series A must read for me every year Always full of wonderfully written stories about everything from physics to medicine.

    29. Naomi Thompson on said:

      Some really great science articles in here a lot about psychiatrists med prescribing practices, which was wasn t surprising, but rather disgusting Really good stuff in this one

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