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Celia Garth

Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow Celia Garth This is a story about a girl who wanted things to happen to her Celia Garth lived in Charleston South Carolina during the American Revolution She had blond hair and brown eyes and a sassy face and

  • Title: Celia Garth
  • Author: Gwen Bristow
  • ISBN: 9780690183481
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow This is a story about a girl who wanted things to happen to her.Celia Garth lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during the American Revolution She had blond hair and brown eyes and a sassy face, and she worked in a fashionable dressmaking shop.Things did happen to Celia, but not as she had planned The king s army captured Charleston The ravisher Tarleton swept throughThis is a story about a girl who wanted things to happen to her.Celia Garth lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during the American Revolution She had blond hair and brown eyes and a sassy face, and she worked in a fashionable dressmaking shop.Things did happen to Celia, but not as she had planned The king s army captured Charleston The ravisher Tarleton swept through the Carolina countryside in a wave of blood and fire and debauchery Caught up in the ruin were Celia and her friends the merry minded Darren Jimmy, whose love for Celia brought her into his tragedy the fascinating Vivian, five times married Godfrey, rich and powerful, who met disaster because he could control anything in town but the weather the daredevil Luke.Most people thought the Revolution was lost Many Americans, like Celia s handsome cousin Roy, joined the king s side Then out of the swamps appeared Francis Marion.Marion was a little man Marion was also crippled But as Luke said of him, When that man s leading a charge, he looks nine feet tall In the dressmaking shop, Celia became a spy for Marion She sewed, she smiled sweetly, and in secret she risked her life sending information to this man that the king s whole army could not catch, the mighty little man to whom Tarleton angrily gave the name Swamp Fox from the front end flap
    Celia Garth By Gwen Bristow

    Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow Celia Garth lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during the American Revolution She had blond hair and brown eyes and a sassy face, and she worked in a fashionable dressmaking shop Things did happen to Celia, but not as she had planned The king s army captured Charleston. HOME Celiagarth My name is Celia Garth and I am a junior at the University of Southern California studying public relations and political science I love finding new ways to tell meaningful stories through digital and social media I hope that one day I can tell the stories of people and organizations who are dedicated to progressing our country and the world. Celia Garth A Novel Rediscovered Classics Kindle Gwen Bristow , the author of seven bestselling historical novels that bring to life momentous events in American history, such as the siege of Charleston during the American Revolution Celia Garth and the great California gold rush Calico Palace , was born in South Carolina, where the Bristow family had settled in the seventeenth century. Celia Garth Rediscovered Classics Bristow, Gwen, Donati Celia is a year old seamstress living in Charleston, SC The reader follows Celia as she lives through the British bombarding Charleston, the British occupation of Charleston, and finally when the Americans win the war Along the way, Celia becomes a spy for General Francis Marion. Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow, Paperback Barnes Noble Up to sh backDec , Overview Bringing to life the heady days of the American Revolution through the eyes of a heroine who played a brave and dramatic part in the conflict, this novel follows Celia Garth, a Charleston native, as she transforms from a fashionable dressmaker to a patriot spy When the king s army captures Charleston and sweeps through the Carolina countryside in a Celia Garth Historical Novel Society Celia Garth Written by Gwen Bristow Review by Diane Scott Lewis Celia Garth is tired of being a poor relation Determined to make her way as a dressmaker in revolutionary Charleston, South Carolina, she boards as an apprentice in a dress shop She falls for a young militiaman who finds her a position with a glamorous matron. Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow Audiobook Audible From the window of the dressmaker s shop where she works, lovely Celia Garth, recently engaged to the heir to a magnificent plantation, watches all of this thrilling activity When the unthinkable occurs and the British capture and occupy Charleston, bringing fiery retribution to the surrounding countryside, Celia sees her world destroyed. Celia Garth Chicago Review Press Celia Garth lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during the American Revolution, and worked in a dressmaking shop But when the king s army captured Charleston, and Tarleton swept through the Carolina countryside in a wave of blood, fire, and debauchery, Celia Celia Garth Bristow, Gwen Books Celia Garth German Hardcover January , by Gwen Bristow Author Visit s Gwen Bristow Page Find all the books, read about the author, and See search results for this author. Customer reviews Celia Garth A Novel Aug , Celia Garth is a fantastic novel of the role of Charleston in the American Revolution It tells you about the struggle and perseverance of the

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      313 Gwen Bristow

    One thought on “Celia Garth

    1. Rosina Lippi on said:

      I wrote the introduction for this edition of Celia Garth, but it appears under my pen name, Sara Donati And here it is At age thirteen I discovered historical fiction by means of Gwen Bristow s Jubilee Trail, and with that began a life long preoccupation with stories set in the past.By the time I was seventeen I had read hundreds of novels about civil wars British and American , the Revolution, the Anglo Saxons and the Norman Invasion, ancient Rome and Greece I considered myself something of a c [...]

    2. Naksed on said:

      In Celia Garth, Gwen Bristow cleverly draws the reader in what seems to be a lightweight, comedic tale, with a ditzy, silly, social climbing, young heroine who made me think at first this was gonna be a Becky Sharp doppelganger Then, lo and behold, we are plunged into the horror, the real horror of war From the siege of Charleston by British forces, to their savage plunder of nearby plantations, and persecution of those who were perceived as less than loyal to the King, after their initial victo [...]

    3. Tweety on said:

      Celia Garth, was fabulous I mean, really It was the perfect gloomy day read I liked how Celia grew from a young twenty year old to a mature young woman She went from thinking the war was dull since she couldn t see it to thinking it was a horrible thing She learned that it was possible to love two men, and that sometimes what you think you want isn t really it Jimmy was a tall, lanky and ugly captain of the revolution He was so kind to Celia, helping her catch her dreams and watching out for her [...]

    4. Naomi Sarah on said:

      Beware Capital letters ahead.I LOVED THIS BOOKIS BOOK GAH I can t tell you how much I loved it and enjoyed it and hugged it and cooed over it and gushed over it Every time, during the day I read this book in yup, I read it in just a little than one day , when one of my siblings came past the place where I was reading, I would say, OH THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD And they would say, Yes, yes You told me This book is SO me It s pinky and twinkly and deep and sweet and golden and fluttery and funny Emma s [...]

    5. Laura on said:

      This book is what all historical fiction ought to be accurate historic facts and a gripping story line of fictional characters I enjoyed it so much, I plan on purchasing the book so it can be read again It s a great companion to Johnny Tremain because in that book you have a male hero right in the middle of all the action, but in Celia Garth you have a female hero on the outskirts of it I love getting the two perspectives Celia Garth, the main character, is a naive girl working as an apprentice [...]

    6. Misfit on said:

      This is the tale of Celia Garth, a 20 year old woman trying to make a living as a seamstress in Charleston, South Carolina during the Revolutionary war The author does a great job of setting up the scenes of the town and plantations, and the history of the time We follow Celia and her friends through the seige of Charleston by the British, living through the constant shelling and lack of food until the final surrender At first, things seem normal after the surrender and Celia begins to build a n [...]

    7. QNPoohBear on said:

      Warnings 1 The jacket flap gives away the plot Don t read the whole thing 2 This is a story about war There are horrific acts of violence that appear as part of the plot You can t skip it because the whole plot depends on it The war action is told rather than shown, but it s told in enough gruesome detail to be a textbook, similar to An Infamous Army.Plot summary without spoilersCelia Garth is young, pretty and bored to death working as an apprentice seamstress in Charleston, South Caroline duri [...]

    8. Diane Lynn on said:

      Wonderful story set during the American Revolution Celia Garth lives in Charleston and works as a seamstress She experiences the Revolutionary War and even plays a part The descriptions of the area are very well done I did have one minor nitpick, I ve never known Carolina Jessamine to be in full bloom in June Had the author said anytime between December and March, I wouldn t have had a quibble Other than that, Gwen Bristow can sure tell a great story I absolutely love her writing.

    9. LemonLinda on said:

      This was such a comfort read for me quick and easy historical fiction set in Charleston during the American Revolution with strong, lovable characters and a good storyline That is a perfect read for me Celia Garth is a strong, independent young woman who lost both parents as a child and lived with her uncle and his family who although in the planter class struggled a bit When the family begins to try to marry her off she turns to her talents as a seamstress and she secures a place with a well kn [...]

    10. Ashley Perham on said:

      I had read most of this book a long time ago, but I never finished it As I started to read it again, I wondered why I had liked it so much The writing was a little choppy, and Celia was questionable But then Luke walked through the door And the book got a billion times better Well maybe he s notthatgreat, but he s pretty awesome.I loved this book for so many reasons One of them is Francis Marion We watched the Disneyland Swamp Fox miniseries a while back, and I fell in love with the story of Fra [...]

    11. Amy S on said:

      Celia Garth is a young and pretty girl who works in a dressmaker s shop in Charleston Although the Revolutionary War is being fought, Celia really doesn t care as it doesn t seem to affect her life much She only knows she wants adventure and fun But when the British invade Charleston and her life is changed forever, Celia finds out what she is really made of and what she really cares about She is forced to grow and change through times of devastating loss and true joy She finds courage as a spy, [...]

    12. Stacey on said:

      I ve been meaning to read a Gwen Bristow novel for quite some time The novel was a lighter read than I had expected, some parts a little predictable, but I still found it very enjoyable Celia was a bright character that has to overcome a lot in a time of war and you find yourself rooting for her There isn t a whole lot of adult historical fiction set during the Revolutionary War which made this a unique experience I would recommend this to historical fiction fans

    13. Michele on said:

      Can I just tell you how much I like Gwen Bristow s books She just has the best let me wrap my arm around you and tell you a great story that you are just gonna love style Her characters are always flawed and honestly, it just makes you like them all the She does a great job with her historical research and I really felt like I was getting a true taste for colonial life I loved how instead of just getting the dates and times you got a chunk of someone s life and saw that at times war was dull, o [...]

    14. Ruth Chatlien on said:

      This was one of the first books to make me love historical fiction, and I so enjoyed reading it again I loved the characterization of Celia and the portrayal of the time period just as much as I first did forty some years ago.

    15. Tasha on said:

      I gave this a 5 star review because the story really gave me a sense of being in Charleston during the war and really getting an understanding of the times The story is well written and I enjoyed the characters as well Looking forward to reading from this author.

    16. Tilara on said:

      Even after the 100th read of this book, I still love it and would continue to recommend it to my friends.

    17. Barbara on said:

      I first read this while in 8th grade It was then, as now, a stirring story of the American Revolution set in Charleston, SC I loved, loved, loved all the historical details and spent an afternoon recently tracing Celia s path along Lamboll, Meeting, and Tradd Streets in Charleston Saint Michael s Church is still there with its bells chiming every quarter hour Gwen Bristow wrote this book in 1959, before the civil rights movement She does not adequately address the issue of slavery The slaves are [...]

    18. Margaret Boling on said:

      It s always interesting to go back and re read books one read as a child teen, as is the case with this book This is the first book where I learned about the Swamp Fox Frances Marion and Revolutionary War in the South I was struck by the fast pace of the book during the siege of Charleston or Charles Town as one character wrote The author definitely knew how to keep my interest when describing Tarleton s raids, the hardships of Marion s swamp rats, and the tension of those on plantations and in [...]

    19. Terri on said:

      Picking up this book again was like reuniting with an old friend I first happened upon this book as a teenager as I roamed the shelves of my local library After that, I returned often to check it out again and again What can I say, I m a sucker for historical novels, especially that involve women and especially with a little romance In my current city, the local library only has 1 copy of ANY book by Gwen Bristow and that is truly a shame I just finished reading Thes is My Words by Nancy Turner [...]

    20. Erin on said:

      I was intrigued to read this book because one of my favorite authors Sara Donati recommended it as an influential book that brought her to historical fiction I am not going to write a summary of the book because the description basically gives us the entire plot As we can also see, Celia Garth is praised by many reviewers who have held dearly onto this little book and hold great memories of it.I am sorry to say that my expectations fell short because I wasn t really swept away by either the fema [...]

    21. Cassie on said:

      This book took forever for me to get through I usually really enjoy romantic historical fiction, but for some reason this book was soooo slow I kind of felt like the first half of this book was too cheerful, too wholesome, too Leave it to Beaver , too artificial in some way I felt like the characters in the book were plastic Finally about half way or so, the book got real for me I enjoyed the last 1 3 of the book, but that did not make up for the syrupy first half All in all, it was good, but no [...]

    22. Karen Hartshorn on said:

      This was a good book I have seen reviews comparing it to Gone With the Wind but for the American Revolution I guess that kind of works It was not so well developed as GWTW but I like the characters much better I didn t spend most of the book wanting to thottle Cilia She started out young and immature but she grows up She is able to make the transition to wife and mother unlike the spoiled brat in the other book I really liked the second half the best though The first half was kind of slow Book G [...]

    23. Mary Anne on said:

      This was the first novel I ever read I was around 12 years old and I ll never forget the experience It s historical fiction set in Charleston, SC during the American Revolution And it s a romance What could an adolescent girl want I went on to read every book written by Gwen Bristow and perhaps this is where my love of history began These books are light but very interesting and gentle by today s standards I would be comfortable recommending them to any parent for their daughters.

    24. CLM on said:

      I don t know if I would have eventually found this book anyway but it was in the library of the girls school I attended in junior high, and I fell in love with it immediately although previously had not been much of an American History fan, other than Elswyth Thane It is still a book that is wonderful to reread Bristow s writing style has a lot of similarities to Frances Parkinson Keyes but I think is warmer and less mannered, thus has not become as dated over the years.

    25. Carrie on said:

      I enjoyed this book, as it showed a side of the Revolutionary War I had never known anything about Celia Garth helps the Continental forces by spying for their cause working in a Tory dress shop in Charleston I enjoy Gwen Bristow, and while not as meaty as Jubilee Trail or Calico Palace, it is nonetheless a good read.

    26. Anne - Books of My Heart on said:

      I read this in high school and it is my favorite, maybe the only, historical romance that I like It is set in the Revolutionary War which is a particular favorite of mine and the heroine is a seamstress, which I love sewing It has many favorable attributes.

    27. Chris on said:

      It showed up on a recommended list and as soon as I saw the title, I know I had read it in my teens.

    28. Jodi on said:

      This is summer reading for incoming juniors at OHS I think it would make a good Hallmark movie.

    29. Robert on said:

      This was a really good book It was an interesting story, well written with interesting individual characters The occupation of the port of Charleston during the American Revolution and the war s impact on the region ultimately had great significance on the outcome of the war as well as the development of what was or less a parallel but separate economy and lifestyle in what were then the southern colonies The seeds of the future American Civil War were easy to see although not really central to [...]

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