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Mayhem By Autumn Sand Mayhem TICKI don t need much As the right hand man to the mob boss I have everything I need Women money power I ve seen too much Hurt too long to want anything But when I hear the screams I go into overd

  • Title: Mayhem
  • Author: Autumn Sand
  • ISBN: 9780996795432
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mayhem By Autumn Sand TICKI don t need much.As the right hand man to the mob boss, I have everything I need.Women, money, power.I ve seen too much,Hurt too long to want anything .But when I hear the screams,I go into overdrive,Driven to help a woman in need.What I didn t realize is she was going to save meMAThere s no happily ever after There s only heartache and pain.I learned that thTICKI don t need much.As the right hand man to the mob boss, I have everything I need.Women, money, power.I ve seen too much,Hurt too long to want anything .But when I hear the screams,I go into overdrive,Driven to help a woman in need.What I didn t realize is she was going to save meMAThere s no happily ever after There s only heartache and pain.I learned that the hard way.Now, I have one goal protect my daughter.But when the rugged and sexy man saves me,All I want is to bolt.After all, I ve got enough to deal with right now.But a chance encounter proves me wrong.Can we find a way to find love in the middle of mayhem This book can be read as a standalone No need to read book 1 to follow the story.
    Mayhem By Autumn Sand

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      434 Autumn Sand

    One thought on “Mayhem

    1. Lady Heather on said:

      Can love survive the mayhem Get ready to meet Tick in Mayhem, a hot mafia romance preorder Mayhem_countdown autumnsand US amzn B01M0TBQSO UK dp B01M0TBQSO AU dp B01M0TBQSO CA dp B01M0TBQSO

    2. Siobhan on said:

      Mayhem is the second book in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series, and I believe I enjoyed this one even than I enjoyed the first Yes, I had a lot of fun with the first book however, I was even addicted to this one.The first book was a very dark and gritty read, and in comparison, this one almost feels light It s not a light read, though It s just a different kind of darkness to the first book We still deal with the mafia world and the challenges attached to it, along with dealing with the dar [...]

    3. Angela Hayes on said:

      5 StarsMayhem is the second book in A Twisted Hearts Love Story Series by Autumn Sand WOW I was expecting this book to be good, but Ms Sand has really excelled herself I LOVED the first book in the series and I really didn t think any further instalments would have quite the same effect on me but I was wrong, this story has nudged ahead by a whisker as my firm favourite so far Ms Sands has released instalments of such a high calibre and has created the impressive foundations of a truly is superb [...]

    4. Angelina Smith on said:

      Mayhem by Autumn Sand is book 2 in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series and can be read as a standalone Book 1, Bedlam, is also available to purchase and a book I would recommend reading as it s well worth the 5 stars I gave it.Okay, so I ve just finished reading Mayhem and because of all the emotions I m feeling,this review is going to be done in reverse I ll be starting with my main part of the review and will then recap about the main characters Tick and Cyma.Wow Wow Wow I don t even know whe [...]

    5. Danielle Marlowe on said:

      Mayhem A twisted heart love story is written by Autumn Sand This is a standalone book But this is the second book in the series Autumn Sand did a great job on this book The story is well written Dante Tick is Tony Delaney s right hand man Dante Tick has lived through hell, he lost his woman, and their unborn child, a son With the sudden lose, his world was shattered Tick feels he doesn t deserve to be happy, and loved Tick basically keeps himself numb, he just sleeps with women once and leaves N [...]

    6. Gypsy Soul Korina on said:

      5 Effing Stars I am that gal that cannot read a book if I do not read the book or books that lead up to it no matter if it can be read as a standalone While I liked the story of Tony and Anaya I loved the story of Dante and Cyma Dante He knows heartbreak He knows war He knows the mob He knew love once upon a time Cyma She knows heartbreak She knows struggle She knows heartache She believes in a world where there is no happily ever after in life Dante is at the right place at the right time and s [...]

    7. Ksandra on said:

      5 5 StarsWell damnI didn t think I could love this book than the first But boy, I did It probably helps that this is Tick s love story, and even though he was a background character in the first novel, I loved him I absolutely love how Autumn does alternating POVs for her novels It allows readers to see both perspectives of the main characters, which ultimately heightens emotions when a misunderstanding or tragedy happens Plus, it s nice to read a romance from a guy s POV Especially since roman [...]

    8. Diane on said:

      I enjoyed the plot line of Mayhem, it wasn t your average run of the mill love story and that alone was the saving grace of this book I thought the characters, displayed the honest human emotion of someone experiencing their ordeals and that made them believable, however I feel like the author missed a real opportunity with their development.For me, it s all about the feels that are the true testament of the book and I didn t experience them with these characters and their story They didn t draw [...]

    9. Stephanie on said:

      Well I loved this story This is the first book I have read from Autumn Sand but it won t be the last.This is a heartwarming story of two lost souls, Dante Tick , a man who lost his fiancee and unborn son in a terrible accident on the morning of their wedding day.d Cyma, a woman who is slowing going under in debt, with a very sick child.They meet by accident when Tick is just in the right place at the right time There is an immediate attraction, but she fights it You don t know me and I m not you [...]

    10. Anita Glover on said:

      Mayhem A Twisted Hearts Love Story is Book Two of the series although it can be read as a standalone It tells the love story of Dante aka Tick and Cyma who meet when he saves her from being assaulted and robbed Book One Bedlam, gives a very brief overview of who Dante is although it tells the love story of Tony and Anaya, so it may be better to read Bedlam before reading Mayhem Dante aka Tick works as a bodyguard, personal assistant and or hit man, despite the fact that he is underneath a caring [...]

    11. Kelli Delp on said:

      Mayhem is the second book in the steamy Twisted Hearts Love Story Series by Autumn Sand It s told in alternating point of view between the two main characters, Tick and Cyma, with a beautiful epilogue told by Tick Mayhem can be read as a standalone however, there are characters and references to events in the first book in the series, Bedlam Autumn Sand does a great job of a brief explanation to any event if needed though.On the busy streets of Manhattan, single mother, Cyma finds herself in nee [...]

    12. Dawn Daughenbaugh on said:

      5 star Mayhem A Twisted Hearts Love Story Book Two By Autumn Sand Mayhem A Twisted Hearts Love Story is the second book in the Twisted Hearts series,but can be read as a standalone novel This story captured my full attention from the beginning, I was instantly hooked Dante aka Tick had a bright future ahead of him,until the very sudden loss of his fiancee and unborn son on the very day they were to be married He didn t know how to handle this so he went and joined the Marines.He spends fours ove [...]

    13. Debi on said:

      Mayhem A Twisted Hearts Love Story Book 2 by Autumn Sand5 Amazingly Awesome StarsCyma is trying to hold down two jobs while still being a good Mom to her daughter who has many medical issues With mounting medical bills, and loan payments to a terrible man, she does her best to avoid her landlord who wants his 4 months back rent She s sold all she can to make ends meet and just can t catch a break With her past causing her to trust no man and a very low self esteem, she just does her best to surv [...]

    14. Nicole on said:

      Mayhem A Twisted Hearts Love Story 2 By Autumn Sand4 out of 5 stars Mayhem is the second book from Autumn Sand in The Twisted Hearts Love Story Bedlam the first book was awesome Mayhem is mind blowing The title prepares you for the drama, twist and turns you will experience reading this book.Tick Dante was introduced to us in Bedlam I got a taste and wanted to know so much about him Ms Sands did not disappoint me Tick is plagued by demons Ghosts of loss from his past of losing his Fianc e and u [...]

    15. Jenni Bishop on said:

      Tick lost everything that sent him into a spiral the only way out was to leave it all behind but for the life of him he could never forget, he didn t want to forget Tick is the right hand man to Tony Delaney, boss of the mob, a man he would give his life for, this man was his family He has everything he needs Woman with no relationships, the occasional hook up is all he needs to satisfy is basic needs Money and power go hand in hand He is a good guy but has done some bad things, things that had [...]

    16. Misty Ziegler on said:

      5 stars Mayhem by Autumn SandMayhem by Autumn Sand is Book 2 in the Twisted Hearts Love Story book series This story is what I would consider a modern mafia romance, if that s a genre I give this book 5 stars The story follows Dant , who is known by the nickname Tick, who had some major losses early in life, joined the military, then upon leaving the military he found a job as the right hand man to a mobster Dant comes across Cyn, a lady with a complicated life, that he instantly wants to protec [...]

    17. Lisa on said:

      Mayhem is the second book in the Twisted Hearts Series by author Autumn Sand This book, while it can be read as a standalone, would be enjoyable being read in order, to get the full experience.Tick is a good man who has had some tough breaks As a young man he faces a loss nobody should that shakes up his world and sends him running to the Marines for years Once he is out of the service he begins working for Tony Delaney and becomes his right hand man, while drowning his own pain in alcohol and [...]

    18. Rachel on said:

      What a quick read I ve been into mob books lately, this one was great It s the second in the Twisted Hearts series but I picked it up without reading the first Now I want to go back and read Bedlam There are some touchy subjects, childhood cancer and miscarriage Don t let those stop you, they re integral to the story but the pain they bring breathes life into the characters Mayhem revolves around Dante and his yearning to put the past behind him and actually live his life I love that we get to f [...]

    19. Amy Lynn Lockhart on said:

      Mayhem is Book Two on in the Twisted Hearts Series, but is a standalone read It s a second chance romance, with a protective male doing everything in his power to win over the female he has claimed The author does a great job at portraying the heartbreaking emotions experienced by main character Dante aka Tick tragedy strikes and we see clearly that even men break down in the face of loss Cyma hasn t had an easy life, and it shows in her reluctance to let Dante into her life having faced her own [...]

    20. Lyndsey Fairley on said:

      Mayhem by Autumn Sand5 starsMayhem was the first book I ve read by Autumn Sand and I was blown away So much happens in this book but I never felt it was too much I was gripped from the beginning and wasn t able to put the book down This is the second book in this series, but can be read as a standalone Told in dual POV of the two main characters,you get to see all aspects of the story from the person you re wanting at the right time.Dante aka Tick, suffered the worst loss on the day that should [...]

    21. Meshia on said:

      Mayhem by Autumn Sand is the second book in her Twisted Love Story series It follows up from the previous book, Bedlam I was so excited to continue on with these characters I fell in love with and new ones that I was introduced too Thinking I was continuing with the first set of people, I was surprised it was with the other lead from Bedlam, Tick Tick is a hot, alpha ex marine who I adored He is full of personality I really loved seeing a whole other side of him Finding out exactly how he became [...]

    22. United Indie Book Blog on said:

      We meet Dante aka Tick as an innocent young man on the verge of getting married to his high school sweetheart and becoming a daddy Then tragedy strikes and it feels like my heart is being ripped out Tick never really got over the loss of his little family I m just grateful that he had the support and unconditional love of his folks I don t think it was easy for them , they not only lost loved ones that day but to a degree they also lost their son Now don t get me wrong Tick isn t a bad guy but h [...]

    23. Shannon on said:

      What a fantastic unexpected story The first unexpected part was the prologue I sure didn t expect it to hit me right in my heart The rest of the story continues to keep me falling for Autumn Sand s characters I know there are a few that are deserving of their own book My first reaction to Tick was actually in Book One, Bedlam Tick Ewww that s a nasty little bug Thankfully there s a better reason for this nickname This story can be read as a stand alone but there are references to book one, not e [...]

    24. Carissa Anelli on said:

      Mayhem is the second book in the A Twisted Hearts Love Story series and it is definitely not a stand alone book in my opinion You need to read the first one to understand what is going on in the story and where they are today Autumn Sands writing gets me in trouble I start the book with the intention of reading a few chapters then going on about my day next thing i know I am 21 chapters deep and it s 2 hours past when i should be going to bed That is just how good these stories are and her writi [...]

    25. Katie Kearney on said:

      Mayhem by Autumn Sand is the second book in the twisted hearts love story series It is considered a stand alone book but I do suggest reading the first as those characters are mentioned in this book From the very first page this book grabs hold of you and doesn t let go Get ready to buckle up for an emotional rollercoaster ride in this story about Tick and Cyma Tick is his bosses Right hand man in all things, he s experienced heartbreak that no man should have to He s a protector through and thr [...]

    26. Lisa on said:

      Oh no, I will warn you that this story starts off in a heartbreaking way It grabs your attention right in the first chapter hard Mayhem is book two in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series by Autumn Sand I didn t read book one and I wasn t lost or confused so it totally can be read as a stand alone.I love Cyma s sass and strength I see that Tick wants to protect her and watch out for her, but love that before she met him she was doing the best she could with what she had There s a strength in her [...]

    27. Sheri on said:

      Mayhem by Autumn Sand is the second in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series This is a standalone book and can be read and enjoyed separately from the other books in the series The book is about Dante Tick and Cyma Tick has been through a lot in his life and in the process lost much of what he cherished Cyma is a single mom who is dealing with her own challenges The two meet each other in the most unlikely of ways Afterwards Cyma sees Tick as her knight in shining armor Tick is the right hand man [...]

    28. Lynn Jones on said:

      Mayhemby Autumn Sand4 StarsWow what a story This is a fast paced emotional read It starts off with Dante looking his high school sweetheart and unborn son He never really got over looking his family, but his parents gave him all the l I ve he needed, but they realized that they would never get a part of their son back Dante works for Tony, his right hand and Tony is trying to make all his business legit.Cyma has had a tough life, her husband was a complete jerk who ends up walking out when their [...]

    29. Melinda G on said:

      Mayhem is a standalone book, but it is the second book in the series We are first introduced to Tick, the right hand to mob boss Tick was not always a right hand man After tragedy strikes Tick, he feels like there is nothing left for him to do He is a man that has seen too much and hurt for way too long All he need s money, power and women He does not want to keep the women though, his past is too strong a reminder for him to want anything One night he hears a female scream driven towards helpi [...]

    30. Claire Griffiths on said:

      I give 5 stars toMayhem by Autumn Sand This is the second book in the Twisted hearts love story series and wow I m hooked beautifully written I ve been sucked in and can t get enough Dante and Kayla were childhood sweethearts he was captain of the football team and she was head cheerleader a perfect match made in heaven until their prom night changes everything all the plans they had for college and university and another blow changes their future Can Dante recover and start living again Tick Da [...]

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