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Horse Heaven

Horse Heaven By Jane Smiley Horse Heaven It s not true says a character in Jane Smiley s funny passionate and brilliant new novel of horse racing that anything can happen at the racetrack but many astonishing and affecting things do and

  • Title: Horse Heaven
  • Author: Jane Smiley
  • ISBN: 9780804119436
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Horse Heaven By Jane Smiley It s not true, says a character in Jane Smiley s funny, passionate, and brilliant new novel of horse racing, that anything can happen at the racetrack, but many astonishing and affecting things do and in Horse Heaven, we find them woven into a marvelous tapestry of joy and love, chicanery, folly, greed, and derring do Haunting, exquisite Rosalind Maybrick, wife of a b It s not true, says a character in Jane Smiley s funny, passionate, and brilliant new novel of horse racing, that anything can happen at the racetrack, but many astonishing and affecting things do and in Horse Heaven, we find them woven into a marvelous tapestry of joy and love, chicanery, folly, greed, and derring do Haunting, exquisite Rosalind Maybrick, wife of a billionaire owner, one day can t quite decide what it is she wants, and discovers too late that her whole life is transformed Twenty year old Tiffany Morse, stuck in her job at Wal Mart, prays, Please make something happen here This time, I mean it, and something does Farley, a good trainer in a bad slump Buddy, a ruthless trainer who can t seem to lose even though he knows that his personal salvation depends upon it Roberto, an apprentice jockey who has the hands but is growing too big for his dream career with every passing day Leo the gambler and his earnest son, Jesse, who understands everything about his father s system except why it doesn t work Elizabeth, the 62 year old theorist of sex and animal communication, and her best friend, Joy, the mare manager at the ranch at the center of the universe all are woven together by the horses that pass among them Two colts and two fillies who begin with the promise of talent and breeding, and now might or might not achieve stardom There are the geldings Justa Bob, the plain brown horse who always
    Horse Heaven By Jane Smiley

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    • [PDF] Horse Heaven | by ✓ Jane Smiley
      294 Jane Smiley

    One thought on “Horse Heaven

    1. Jim on said:

      I m not really sure how I feel about the book overall It was excellent in many ways, but sort of pointless overall It s a soap opera about horses the people working with them on the track with a sort of beginning a kind of end, but there was a lot of history certainly life goes on after the book ends The writing was good, engaging yet there wasn t a single defined plot, so I got a bit lost at times Toward the middle of the book, I almost gave it up due to characters musing then it suddenly picke [...]

    2. Jennifer (aka EM) on said:

      Just loved how Smiley contrasted thoroughbred racing horses who are born to know what they love and what they are meant to do with a whole gaggle of self doubting, identity conflicted humans Funny, sprawling but controlled, lotsa anthropomorphism but no saccharine sentimentality Smiley has an insider s knowledge of her milieu, but also respects and trusts her reader enough not to bog the story down in definition or description Even though they are frequent, her race scenes are never boring And t [...]

    3. April on said:

      Fascinating portrayal of the thoroughbred horseracing world.How does Jane Smiley do it Her books are all completely unique There is no formula no predictability you could say she is an anti Ian McEwan The story is set in the thoroughbred racing world of Southern California The story, and the human beings involved are involving But what set this book apart for me Two of the main characters are animals One of the racehorses, and, a dog A Jack Russell Terrier to be precise And let me tell you thes [...]

    4. Judy on said:

      Jane Smiley s novel about horse racing is one of the best books I have read this summer It was loaned to me by my sister in law, a horse woman herself and daughter of a horse woman Jane Smiley owns a race horse or two and clearly knows plenty about the subject A big part of the book s success is the way she makes the horses characters in the story as much as she does the humans.I knew nothing about the world of horse racing, except that people like to go to the races and bet money I learned tha [...]

    5. Lisa on said:

      I love the Dicken esque structure of this novel This is the first novel I have read by Smiley I read her small bio of Dickens and thought it was a wonderful distillation of the man and his work she had the fine sense to recognize Our Mutual Friend as perhaps his best work With Horse Heaven she goes back her forebearers, Dickens, Fielding and Thackery and creates a novel that is worthy homage.One of the things I loved best about her book is the sly humor There is one episode of quiet sly humor wh [...]

    6. Susan on said:

      Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley is a novel about horses and their breeders, owners, trainers, grooms, jockeys, traders, bettors and other turf obsessed humans It takes place over two years and chronicles the lives of various horses and their people.I know a little about horses that is to say I ve ridden horses, been to riding competitions, and been to the race track but I still found this book particularly hard to get into You see nothing ever happens, there is no real plot The entire novel is much [...]

    7. Linda Carroll on said:

      Wonderful book Smiley artfully made me care and worry about a character that never spoke a word Justa Bob She does it without ever anthropomorphizing him.

    8. KateNZ on said:

      This is my favourite Jane Smiley so far It takes place over two years, and follows several American flat racing Thoroughbreds, their trainers, owners, jockeys and associated hangers on There are dirty training tactics, personal trials and tribulations, affairs, distressing animal abuse, big money deals and scams, betting and of course the thrill and beauty of the actual races and the horses that run them It is typical of her other books that I ve read in that it has a large cast of characters, a [...]

    9. Denise on said:

      A rambling book with many evocative characters, human and equine, that will stick with me I haven t cried over a book in a while but one particular scene was so wrenching that it had me sobbing as I read.

    10. Stefanie on said:

      Review originally and completely published at epinions review Horse_I found Horse Heaven to be entirely too disjointed, jumping from unconnected event to unconnected character every few pages Smiley did give all her animals very human qualities, making them as integral to the story as the actual human characters At one point, we even ride around in Eileen the scrappy terrier s mind, hearing her thoughts The novel jumps from character to character Some of these characters are connected in obscur [...]

    11. Elizabeth (Alaska) on said:

      This is a book with a HUGE cast of characters In fact, the first 2 pages is the list of characters, from horse owners, trainers and their assistants , breeders, jockeys, bettors, the horses themselves, and the racetracks While the story is linear even to the sections being dated it does of necessity skip around to the various groups of characters, many of whom are relatively unknown to each other and who don t interact with the other groups of characters I was not confused, although there was on [...]

    12. Harriett Milnes on said:

      640 pages Too long I would have given it 5 stars, but for the length It s about Thoroughbreds and owners and trainers and horses and love Very enjoyable, but some of the characters were dropped at a point in the middle and then quickly reintroduced at the end Some of the chapters felt like a New Yorker story But, all in all, enjoyable.

    13. Robert McKinnon on said:

      I enjoyed Horse Heaven so much that when I finished the last page, I turned back to the first.

    14. Jack on said:

      Fine novel by Jane Smiley, a favorite author She gets inside the minds of the horses in a surprisingly believable way Really enjoyed it.

    15. Cat on said:

      Part of me wants to say that this was just an interminable horse book, and that part of me is speaking with an honest voice if a condescending and dismissive one Smiley interweaves the tales of a central set of horses with the proliferating stories of owners, bettors, riders, trainers, breeders, etc creating a kaleidoscopic effect as the reader glimpses the increasing patterns and events uniting them Some parts seemed needlessly silly a horse psychic , others goofily erotic not just the comic re [...]

    16. Bronwyn Rykiert on said:

      I really enjoyed this story, though at first I was not sure what I had gotten myself into It was 22 discs long which for me, is a big book Half way through the book though I was really enjoying the story.It is a story about racehorses, the horses, their owners, trainers, assistant trainers, grooms, vets and riders Jane must really know her horses because when she became the horse and told us how they were feeling, to me, it was quite realistic.There was Just a Bob, Epic Steam, Residual and Limit [...]

    17. Helen on said:

      Even though I found Horse Heaven to be disjointed and too long, I enjoyed it I would probably give it 3.5 stars The animal characters were the most engaging Some of the chapters felt like short stories, not necessarily integral to the book, but interesting nevertheless An example of this would be the chapters about a father and son, Leo and Jesse Once again, a writer trying to write a book in the spirit of Dickens, but not quite making it.Overall, a pleasant read.

    18. Janet Eshenroder on said:

      On loan from a friend This book gives an intriguing glimpse into horse breeding, training and racing, into breeders, jockeys, veterinarians, owners, buyers sellers, and those betting on the races I ve tried to imagine how this book could be written in another format and suppose this is the most reasonable way to approach a complex and detailed subject Still, the book jumped from side story to side story and from character to character lots of names and sub plots that are initially hard to keep s [...]

    19. Sophie on said:

      I found the whole book a rather clinical, and extremely unenjoyable read.The animal cruelty was horrific, it was dealt with in a clinical way and didn t stimulate the depth of emotion that such abuse should have.I found the characters both human and animal alike lacking any feel, they seemed so emotionless, cold and lacking in depth.Books very rarely leave me so disappointed Horse Heaven didn t stimulate any feeling for the human characters, I would not have been even remotely sad if the entire [...]

    20. Brian on said:

      I think I would really give this book 3.5 stars I enjoyed the many, many different characters, all of whose lives revolve around horses and thoroughbred racing And I learned a lot about horses.The only thing keeping the book from receiving a higher rating was that it was a little too long I loved the characters and all that happened with them, but there was generally not much in the way of plot, so I did not feel the book needed to be as long as it was.Still, I did enjoy it and ended up reading [...]

    21. Randine on said:

      Still trying to figure out how a horse lover like Smiley can be a race track enthusiast as she owns over 20 horses herself and races them I think racing is often cruel and is about human ego But it s a wonderful story and she writes about people and horses equally well Nice, big fat book to get involved withAD IT AGAIN 2 years later Such a good read, although I couldn t bring myself to read the last few chapters again My memory remembered enough to know I would be crying like a baby so I didn t [...]

    22. Mary Taitt on said:

      I liked it quite a bit, but it seemed a little disjointed at times.

    23. Hazel Dehn on said:

      Terrible book.i hated every single person in this book.every single one Even the horses couldn t make this story good

    24. Amy on said:

      Is there any genre beyond the abilities of this wonderful author I have read many books by Jane Smiley, and only remember one I didn t find engaging Lidie Newton wasn t my thing I ve had Horse Heaven for years, and wasn t wildly excited about the subject, but decided to read it on the strength of her authorship.I found it purely wonderful She can write an attractive society woman with the same ease as she writes a philosophical horse trainer, for that matter she can write horses and a hyperactiv [...]

    25. Kilian Metcalf on said:

      I ve been wanting to read Jane Smiley but was put off by the high prices her publishers demand for her books When a copy of this book was on sale for 2.99, I gave it a shot I am so glad I did This farrago of characters kept me amused for months As I neared the end, I read in smaller and smaller bites to make the book last longer.For a reader like me, interested in characters than plot, this book was made in heaven It takes place over two years, and all the people and horses and one dog involved [...]

    26. Jenny Dunning on said:

      A really good read as long as you can keep yourself from getting hung up on keeping all the equine and human characters straight It will help if you re an animal lover, though not necessarily a horse person, as I m not As with all her books, Smiley creates a rich and deep world, the world of horse racing from those who labor at the tracks to those who own the prize animals And there s some mystical stuff that works in this world, where luck and thus Lady Fortune plays a big role animal communica [...]

    27. Blaise on said:

      Tedious is how I d describe it The thought to give up and admit defeat crossed my mind several times If it hadn t been for the woman who suggested it for book club waxing lyrically, I may have done so Nothing inherently funny or epic stood out to me Two words I ve seen in previous reviews There were sections of the story that nearly pulled me in but they were fleeting Racing isn t really my sport of choice, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

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