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The Color of Money

The Color of Money By Walter Tevis The Color of Money After years of hibernation former pool champion Fast Eddie Felson is playing exhibition matches with former rival Minnesota Fats in shopping malls for prizes like cable television With one failed

  • Title: The Color of Money
  • Author: Walter Tevis
  • ISBN: 9781560254850
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Color of Money By Walter Tevis After 20 years of hibernation, former pool champion Fast Eddie Felson is playing exhibition matches with former rival Minnesota Fats in shopping malls for prizes like cable television With one failed marriage and years of running a pool hall, Eddie is now ready to regain the skills needed to compete in a world of pool that has changed dramatically since he left it behinAfter 20 years of hibernation, former pool champion Fast Eddie Felson is playing exhibition matches with former rival Minnesota Fats in shopping malls for prizes like cable television With one failed marriage and years of running a pool hall, Eddie is now ready to regain the skills needed to compete in a world of pool that has changed dramatically since he left it behind The real challenge comes when Eddie realizes that in order to compete successfully, he must hone his skills in the game of nine ball as opposed to the straight pool that had once won him fame With a new generation of competitors, fear and doubt and the daily possibility of failure arise, giving Fast Eddie a new challenge to overcome The Color of Money is the source of the 1986 film starring Paul Newman in the role he had originated in The Hustler.
    The Color of Money By Walter Tevis

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    • ✓ The Color of Money Ú Walter Tevis
      217 Walter Tevis

    One thought on “The Color of Money

    1. Lee on said:

      I was aware that this book followed The Hustler, but since I was holding it in my hand at the Attic , used book store, I thought I would read it first anyway I had seen the movies based on both books and The Color Seemed kind of off base, not really about Fast Eddy, about Tom Cruise I was right, the book really tells Eddy s story twenty years after the tale told in The Hustler, which I am now reading and loving Tevis prose is spare and exact His description of the pool games are visual and exci [...]

    2. Aaron on said:

      I read a Gene Wolfe quote in which he stated that his intentions were to create works that needed to be revisited multiple times to fully understand, that this was necessary for all great fiction Each of the Tevis novels I have read contain some of the simplest and clearest prose I have ever come across Even while describing intricate actions on the pool table or the chess board in Queens Gambit there is no obfuscation All is understood.Not to crap on Wolfe I do mightily enjoy some of his works [...]

    3. Carson on said:

      It is always interesting to read a book that has since become a movie That said, The Color of Money has always been one of my all time favorite films Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson in what was deservingly but incredibly his only Best Actor Oscar win and Tom Cruise dancing to Werewolves of London makes for great entertainment.The reason I read especially these days is for inspiration, for motivation and to feel kinship with the characters.Fast Eddie, now 50 years old and 20 years after the even [...]

    4. Sara on said:

      I was curious to read this book after reading The Hustler I wanted to know what happened to Fast Eddie after he walked out of that pool hall I was a bit disappointed It was nice to see Minnesota Fats again and it was interesting watching Eddie get back into pool after all those years I felt that book didn t have enough of a plot to keep my interest, though, as it was rather low key That certain something that The Hustler had was missing from this book maybe the rawness, the desperation, maybe ju [...]

    5. Brian on said:

      Excellent I was put off by the atrocious movie version, but because of the author penning the tremendous Man who fell to earth and Hustler , gave it a shot Can t praise it highly enough There were some typos though Strange But well worth reading O

    6. Christopher Nelson on said:

      Strong, clear prose Would ve given 5 stars, but I m trying to give fewer of those.

    7. Elliott on said:

      A flaccid follow up to the aggressive, sexually charged punch of The Hustler.

    8. Realini on said:

      The Color of Money based on novel by Walter Tevis, directed by Martin Scorsese, with Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Mary Elizabeth MastrantonioResilience, talent, money and valuesPaul Newman has won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in this excellent motion pictureHe was not only a mesmerizing actor, but a wonderful man, as we learn from a classic about the movie industry Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman, winner of two Oscars for his scripts Butch [...]

    9. Davide Rizzo on said:

      Coerente con lo stile de La regina degli scacchi , Tevis prende piacere a intrecciare vita personale e competizioni Come e ancor meglio che nel prequel Lo spaccone le partite a biliardo insegnano a Ed a conoscersi I due romanzi sono da leggere insieme, anche se Il colore dei soldi assai meglio riuscito per variet di ambienti e ritmi Facile comprendere come sia stato scelto per farne un film, sin dalle prime pagine Nove capitoli per imparare a vedere il gioco a palla nove come una metafora della [...]

    10. Nottyboy on said:

      Enjoyed The Hustler, and this one even I felt as if the writer s craft matured along with Fast Eddie I can feel this will be one novel I ll read multiple times.

    11. Viki Barclay on said:

      So few women could do anything Is a throw away line on p267 that any reader might be tempted to skim over, because it doesn t suit the character of Fast Eddie that we have, after The Hustler and the first 266 pages of the Color of Money, have come to know so well Eddie s relationships with women in both books are weird, we never meet his mother so we don t know why he finds women so confusing and difficult, but it s never a driving force for the plot or motivations of Fast Eddie Felson.No, that [...]

    12. Erik on said:

      This was a good sequel to The Hustler although I agree with many other reviewers that The Hustler is the superior novel I am extremely disappointed at all of the reviews that compare this to the movie, The Color of Money Although both are sequels to The Hustler, the novel is the original author s take on Fast Eddie s life after the end of the first book The movie, The Color of Money, is someone else s imagination for Fast Eddie later in life, so the comparison is simply irrelevant Personally, I [...]

    13. William on said:

      I really enjoyed this one, and found it even better that The Hustler, for which it is a sequel, albeit twenty years later Fast Eddie Felson is now 50, and still a bit lost.Not much to analyze for me here Just a good story with appealing characters, and even the peripheral ones are deftly etched by Tevis I found the dialogue stronger than in the precursor, and the relationships deeper and real Tevis is a superb writer and I wish he had produced .

    14. Carey on said:

      Not as good as The Hustler, but a fun and satisfying read nonetheless if you re into pool or billiards The book is different than the movie with Tom Cruise and Paul Newman, as the Tom Cruise character does not even exist in the book.

    15. Mark Stone on said:

      Nothing like the movie thank goodness, the Color of Money is nearly as good as the Hustler Problem here is the story is not as tight as its predecessor, nor as focused on pool Still, an entertaining read and stellar view into pool as it existed in the 80s.

    16. Duncan McCurdie on said:

      20 years on and Fast Eddie is a broken man A brilliant character driven novel about talent, competition, old age, respect and moving with the times Much better and real than the movie of the same name Can be quite easily dismissed as a movel but for me Walter Tevis is one of the greats.

    17. Dave Butler on said:

      very enjoyable follow up to the hustler fast eddie returns and tries to recapture his passion his middle age journey crisis to find joy and meaning takes some interesting twists and turns but leads to an exciting conclusion of the type tevis is so adept at providing.

    18. Marcia on said:

      Nice follow up to the original book, but kind of odd sidetracking into his relationship with a new girlfriend and their attempt to start a folk art gallery business I did think the descriptions of Eddie s fear of failure were honest and valid Now I want to go back and see the movie

    19. Jason on said:

      This was nothing at all like the movie, and not necessarily in a good way.

    20. Ted on said:

      Read the book first, then watch the Hustler then watch the Color of Money In that order.

    21. Becky Combs on said:

      I did not see the movie, which is probably a good thing, because I might have passed up this bargain book I enjoyed it Now I will go back and read the prequel, The Hustler.

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