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Parties & Potions

Parties & Potions By Sarah Mlynowski Parties Potions Perfect hair cute clothes healthy tans life s a breeze when you re a witch Even special witchcraft classes Rachel agrees to attend with Miri turn out to be fun The sisters meet other teen witches ju

  • Title: Parties & Potions
  • Author: Sarah Mlynowski
  • ISBN: 9780385736459
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Parties & Potions By Sarah Mlynowski Perfect hair, cute clothes, healthy tans life s a breeze when you re a witch Even special witchcraft classes Rachel agrees to attend with Miri turn out to be fun The sisters meet other teen witches just like them who knew Everyone s preparing for a magical party called a Samsorta a debutante ball for witches And it wouldn t be a ball without warlocks Cute ones LikPerfect hair, cute clothes, healthy tans life s a breeze when you re a witch Even special witchcraft classes Rachel agrees to attend with Miri turn out to be fun The sisters meet other teen witches just like them who knew Everyone s preparing for a magical party called a Samsorta a debutante ball for witches And it wouldn t be a ball without warlocks Cute ones Like Adam, who wants to slow dance with Rachel, and ski with her in the Rockies on a school night Of course, Rachel is madly in love with her boyfriend, Raf So why can t she bring herself to tell Adam funny, charming Adam that Raf exists Rachel knows Raf likes her Maybe even, gulp, loves her But Raf doesn t know her secret Unlike Adam, Raf doesn t know who she really is And she can never tell him Or can she
    Parties & Potions By Sarah Mlynowski

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      419 Sarah Mlynowski

    One thought on “Parties & Potions

    1. Kate4lee on said:

      I started the series last year and read the last book over the summer, and I have to say it was actually really nice I m not a very big fan of super girly books, or like witch craft and stuff, but Sarah Mlynowski really knew how to connect with teenage girls in this series Everything she mentioned in the book was something that an average, everyday teenage girl would experience in her life From high school crushes, to where to sit at lunch, to what to wear everyday, Mlynowski basically covered e [...]

    2. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Tasha for TeensReadTooRachel s ready to start off her sopho year of high school with a bang Now that she s gotten her powers, and learned to semi control them, there s nothing holding her back from having the best year ever Except there is one little hindrance she has to keep her witch life and her normal life separated, and the task is proving to be a lot harder then she thought First there is her Samsorta, which is pretty much a debutante ball for witches Miri her sister and she ha [...]

    3. Nelly on said:

      Alright, well, this series has finally jumped the shark for me While I loved the first 3 books, this 4th one is just meh Many of the aspects that were so enjoyable to me in the beginning of the series weren t present in this final volume Like the humor I didn t giggle once while reading this book Mlynowsky was a little too heavy handed on the message love yourself for who you are, don t change to fit in, you re special just like everybody else blah blah blah and far too light on lightheartedness [...]

    4. CupcakeBlonde on said:

      I hope this is not the last book in this series because I really loved reading these stories And especially now that everyone in Rachel s life knows about her being a witch and are okay with it, the books are just getting good I loved the concept of Rachel and Miri having to go to witch chool It reminded me of those first years Harry went to Hogwarts Since he knew nothing about the magical world everything was new and special to him and us as the readers It was the same for Rachel and Miri and a [...]

    5. Ada Gao on said:

      Parties and Potions is about a girl called Rachel that has a sister called Miri, they grew up not knowing they are witches Rachel attend school like a normal girl and she goes to a school that normal girls go She don t know anything about the witch world and she don t plan to tell anyone that she is a witch Wendaline, Miri s online friend is a total witcholic She knows a lot about being a witch, she tells the people in the same shes in same school as Rachel that she is a witch Rachel got scared [...]

    6. Abby on said:

      These books are so fun and light a new take on modern day witches This is much realistic and shows the issues of being a witch among non witches A lovely end to the series though it is left open for I love how the characters have grown and evolved A great just before summer read.

    7. Nancy on said:

      Those superficial and total teen oblivion self obsessed moments really bugged me You kind of have to hate the protagonist when she s being such a pain in the ass Well, Rachel has her moments, but I feel like she hasn t changed at all Her progress is lacking, but she s only aged one year I can t expect too much.

    8. Nicole on said:

      Now that Rachel has powers the story isn t as interesting Miri is just whiny instead of being the little sis being manipulated by the big sis Hope the next is better.

    9. Catarina ☀ on said:

      Sadly, this was not the conclusion I had hoped for The book in itself was just not as great as the previous three probably my least favorite book in the series.Rachel, unfortunately, was very unlikable She reminded me very much of herself in the first book it s like all the character development and the lessons she learned especially in the second novel all went down the drain She was very selfish and just all over the place Plus, she was terrible friend to Wendaline instead of sticking up for h [...]

    10. Sumaya on said:

      The book I read was a girl who liked to do a party for the whole school.One day she found a secret passage in the school.It led her to a world of witches.When she came back from the world she became a witch.She wants no one to know her identity of what she is.Mostly she wants to keep this secret from friends and family.But when a boy founds about her identity.She has nothing to do but go back to the world.

    11. Kasia on said:

      fun and lovable all these stories could easily stand alone but together makes for a entertaining and captivating read definitely the type of series to recommend to those who love magic and the drama of growing up.

    12. No, David! No! on said:

      More of the same goofy, silly, angsty teenage girl stuff here I think the series is fun and funny This time the drama and unfounded fears were a little too much for me I did still like it though I am a little surprised the series ended here.

    13. Regitze on said:

      This was okay I guess, i really just wanted to finish a series I started six years ago.

    14. Gabrielle on said:

      Quick fun YA read There s four in this series, perfect for listening to while driving and doing chores.

    15. Emily on said:

      Okay, I m kind of embarrassed by how much I enjoyed this book A satisfying end to the series Again, I wouldn t read if I was out of high school.

    16. Lydia B on said:

      Rachel and her sisiter, Miri, are taking a class to prepeare for a Samsorta, a celbration ball for wiches While Rachel is there, she meets a cute boy named Adam who seems to have a giant crush on Rachel The only problem is that Adam doesn t know Rachel already has a boyfriend, Raf, who doesn t know she is a wich At JFK highschool, a new girl Rachel knows, Wendiline, gets picked on beacause she keeps saying she is a wich And at home, Rachel and Miri tell their dad they re wiches, he freaks out Ri [...]

    17. Amy Wang1 on said:

      When it comes to witches, there is magic, magic and still MAGIC Who knew witches had witch friends as well In Parties and Potions, Rachel and Miri, her younger sister get to meet other witches whom they never knew about Now it s time for a witch reunion party Rachel and Miri are having some trouble telling their dad about how unique they are Every time they try to overcome their fear of their dad s reaction, they always get interrupted When her sister s new witch friend,Wendaline appears in scho [...]

    18. Susan on said:

      Rachel and Miri, sisters in life and in magic are back in Mlynowski s fizzy, witchy Magic in Manhattan series Now that Rachel can actually practice magic or less ably , the girls are starting to grow their magical network and discover a magical milestone they never knew existed a Samsorta, the magical equivalent of a coming out party for newly minted witches Taking part will allow them the opportunity to get to know and socialize with other young witches and warlocks something their sheltered a [...]

    19. Varisa C on said:

      Parties and Potions The book called Parties and Potions is about two sisters that has a mother that is a witch but a father that isn t a witch Her father doesn t know that his wife and his children are witches Then the two sisters rachel and miri met a girl witch that is her own age and she recommends to join her Samsorta class and now everybody in the witch school is excited about their very own Samsorta she rachel met a really cute boy named adam that is a warnock but too bad rachel a ready ha [...]

    20. Jacqueline on said:

      Parties Potions is the fourth and last book in the Magic in Manhattan series The series follows the life of new witches Miri and Rachel as they deal with both their newfound powers and the typical day to day problems of teen and tweens I definitely think that this is the best book in the series The characters are fully developed, and they face true problems, like figuring out who they are and how to be honest even when it isn t easy Also covered a bit is the meaning of love.Rachel, the main char [...]

    21. Dana on said:

      368 pagesby Sarah MlynowskiRachel and Miri are not your ordinary Manhattan sisters They just happen to be witches In the fourth book of this series, Magic in Manhattan, Miri convinces Rachel to do a Samsorta It is kind of like a bat mitzvah d butante quince ara kind of thing, except for witches They join the class in Arizona, at a school that hadn t started class yet The coed school was crawling with witches and warlocks, all who were perfectly normal kids Rachel and Miri met so many other teen [...]

    22. Celestasaurus on said:

      Rachel struggles to separate her regular life with her witch life First, there s the freshman girl, Wendaline, who openly admits to being a witch Second, there s her sister Miri who wants to tell their father the truth Lastly, there s Samsorta, or a witches coming out party, and it s getting difficult to fabricate excuses for magic school and other stuff associated with this event More than anything, Rachel wants things to stay the way they are, with her loved ones i.e her dad, Raf, Tammy still [...]

    23. Rebecca on said:

      In parties potions by sarah mlynowski is about Rachael who is a witch Her father who isn t a witch doesn t know that her and her sister are witches and she is afraid to expose the secret to him Also they are going to a witch ball yes she is now a witch and she can snap her fingers and be in Paris or where ever but there is to being a witch her mother taught her about the history of witches Also she cant tell anyone she is a witch especially her boyfriend Raf They break up because she is trying [...]

    24. Dana on said:

      Parties Potions is the best of the Magic in Manhattan series yet I was laughing while reading this one as the others, it just seemed to happen often Rachel has her powers and is back at school She meets a weird witch named Wendaline who almost exposes herself to the whole school Wendy is a bit too proud of being a witch and Rachel has to fix that.In this book Rachel is exposed to the witch community, which to her surprise is very up to date with the world They actually created the greatest adva [...]

    25. Chrissy on said:

      Okay, I can t deny that I m cheating a little and cutting this review short I mean RENT is playing on Starz right now I m an excellent multitasker and all but this is RENT we re talking about I m having a hard time prying my eyes from the screen.But, I did just finish PARTIES AND POTIONS and I still think this little series of four was charming, cute, adorable and loads of fun Yes, it feels very young as it s intended to be and it s definitely what I d call fluffy young adult chick lit I did ded [...]

    26. Anna on said:

      After I read Ten Things We Did and probably shouldn t have by Sarah Mlynowski, I decided to buy books from her I went to and read over a few books, then randomly bought books, including this one I did not realize it was the last book in a series however, it is a stand alone book and could be read with or without the rest of the series.Parties Potions is a really cute story about a teenage girl who has recently found out she is a witch and she has magical powers She is learning about her powers, [...]

    27. Melissa He on said:

      This is the last book in the series It s just about how Miri wants to go to a school for witches, so she can learn to improve her magic, and gets Rachael to join as well When they learn about the Samsorta, a magic ritual in which girls go through to make themselves known in the world, they start to want one and beg their mom As she reluctantly agrees, the start classes a few weeks later There, Rachael meets Adam, a magical being like her, and they become good friends However, Adam starts to get [...]

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