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Black Sunday

Black Sunday By Thomas Harris Black Sunday When the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday people had better get ready to die The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it s the most t

  • Title: Black Sunday
  • Author: Thomas Harris
  • ISBN: 9780451217417
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Black Sunday By Thomas Harris When the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday 80,000 people had better get ready to die The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it s the most terrifying place on earth Michael Lander is the most dangerous man in America He pilots a television blimp over packed football stadiums every weekend He iWhen the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday 80,000 people had better get ready to die The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it s the most terrifying place on earth Michael Lander is the most dangerous man in America He pilots a television blimp over packed football stadiums every weekend He is fascinated with explosives And he happens to be very, very crazy That s why a beautiful PLO operative has seduced him That s why on Super Bowl Sunday the world will witness the bloody assassination of the U S president and the worst mass murder in history Unless someone discovers what Michael Lander plans and can kill him first.
    Black Sunday By Thomas Harris

    Black Sunday Aug , Directed by John Frankenheimer With Robert Shaw, Bruce Dern, Marthe Keller, Fritz Weaver Black Sunday is the powerful story of a Black September terrorist group attempting to blow up a Goodyear blimp hovering over the Super Bowl stadium with , people and the president of the United States in attendance. What Happened on Black Sunday HISTORY Apr , Black Sunday really discourages an enormous number of people, Riney Kehrberg explained For some, it s the tipping point that tells them it s time to go. Black Sunday Rotten Tomatoes Aug , Black Sunday is a great ride from start to finish, one that will delight cinema buffs looking for a traditional action thriller that boasts a great story, instead of elaborate effects Films like Black Sunday storm Black Sunday Black Sunday Rotten Tomatoes Feb , A landmark in Italian cinema, and horror cinema in general, Black Sunday is a slow moving ride of hallucinations, thick fog, gothic set pieces and setting, half baked legends of

    • Black Sunday Best Read || [Thomas Harris]
      476 Thomas Harris

    One thought on “Black Sunday

    1. Matthew on said:

      Are you nostalgic for post Vietnam, early Middle East conflict, height of the cold war espionage terrorist thrillers Well, then look no further because all of your interests will be satisfied with Black Sunday I would say that that this story has not necessarily aged well in that a person not familiar with the political climate of the late 70s early 80s may not get it, but as a representation of the world at that time I think it is a pretty good throwback Now, I was only a little kid at that tim [...]

    2. Checkman on said:

      Black Sunday is one of the big thriller suspense novels from the 1970 s It s up there with Jaws , The Exorcist and Marathon Man I can remember seeing used copies at garage sales and used bookstores for many years Also, like the other novels I named, it was made into a big budget A list movie during that decade I was curious to see how it s aged over the past forty years I was also curious to see how much Mr Harris changed his writing style so I finally picked up a copy I was especially pleased t [...]

    3. Nazim on said:

      Before the Hannibal Lecter s books Thomas Harris wrote the Black Sunday in the 70 s The book describes the terroristic group which is willing to strike the USA They are planning to kill the president of the USA and 80.000 men along with him in the stadium by the blimp filled with the high explosive, plastid The terrorists, Dahlia and Najer recruit the American, Landen who suffered a lot in Vietnam War He shows his willing to blast the blimp Dahlia is expert in making people expendable, she s psy [...]

    4. Mark on said:

      Welcome to Thomas Harris first and stand alone novel about a terrorist attack on US ground For those interested this books has been filmed as well starring Robert Shaw jaws, The Deep From Russia with Love and Marthe Keller famous European movie star that never had a stellar career but a fascinating face nonetheless The movie is worth your while due to actors than the story.This book actually tells you about the motives and feelings of the baddies than the hero s It is a very classic terrorism [...]

    5. Arun Divakar on said:

      When your plot line involves a major terrorist attack, there are some plot elements which are unavoidable the pace that builds up until the D day, terrorists and law enforcement trying to outwit each other every step of the way, a couple of romantic flings on either side of the law and then the whole world goes to hell Black Sunday is no different and within the premise of the story, Thomas Harris brings the Israel Palestine conflict to the heart of America When you set out to read this book, do [...]

    6. Mohammed Al-Garawi on said:

      Yes it s a thriller, but it was disturbing I didn t like how the novel exploited the stereotype and made the terrorist, who were planning to bomb a stadium full of people watching the Super Bowl, to be Arabs The only twist was that they were aided by a Vietnam vet who sold his country There s some psychology in there, but overall, I didn t like how the Israeli agent was portrayed as the hero and the Palestinians were the terrorist who were getting their revenge by bombing 70,000 people That s a [...]

    7. Benjamin Stahl on said:

      A Heartbreak Hipster ReviewThis was one of those books I had no initial interest in reading One of those books I went ahead and paid for anyway One of those books that sat unnoticed on my shelf for countless months, until I finally decided to just get rid of it One of those books I just hadn t the heart to dispose of Not without reading it first.I decided I would force myself Fuck it Here it goes.That sweet old man in the upper left picture created one of the most creepy, original, and somehow l [...]

    8. Sandi on said:

      Lots of tension and suspense in this debut by the author which was published back in 1975 The terrorism plot was realistic, though sometimes it did becomes mired down in the technical details of the plan, and the characters and their motivations were well drawn A good first effort though his later works were much polished.

    9. Feliks on said:

      Frankly I can t give a about the recent and far fetched, Hannibal Lecter saga I think that though it is the popular, it is clearly the less thoughtful or compelling work from Harris career it smacks of pandering as do the works of Brett Easton Ellis to the usual morbid American fascination with blood and gore That s what the high sales of that franchise say to me Instead, I say the peak moment of Harris writing career came with this novel, Black Sunday Why Because its written with realism, the [...]

    10. Nathan on said:

      I suppose this review will contain some pretty significant plot spoilers, but nothing a moderately astute reader won t see coming after reading the first quarter of the book.I could go on for a while about the pros and cons of Black Sunday, but basically it would boil down to the book being dated and Thomas Harris being a damn good writer I did have one major problem with the plot that ruined the whole thing for me Early on, you learn that the terrorists goal is to arm a blimp with a bomb and de [...]

    11. Ali on said:

      i have been reading Thomas Harris books since I was 12 years old I was the only 6th grader who could announce she had already read silence of the lambs twice before the movie came out Since then I have revisited the novel Red Dragon so many times that I could read the lines from memory along with the actors of the movie So i was excited to read Black Sunday as one of his ealier works, but was extremely disappointed So much so that I can t even finish the book The charcters are unbelieveable Too [...]

    12. John on said:

      Although written in the early 70 s, BLACK SUNDAY reads just like a season of the TV show 24, only with an Israeli version of Jack Bauer as the only thing standing between us and the terrorists This is Harris debut novel, and, as such, the writing stumbles here and there, but the story is exciting, deftly plotted, and surprisingly realistic The most amazing thing about this book, though, is that, other than the occasional use of a telex, nothing in the novel stands out as being particularly dated [...]

    13. Бранимир Събев on said:

      , , , , , 80 000 , , 1975 , , , , , 73 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 80 000 , , , , , .

    14. Chris on said:

      Thomas Harris has only written five books I had read four of them before picking up Black Sunday Harris only non Hannibal Lecter novel, it concerns a plot to set off a bomb over the Super Bowl via an advertising blimp.Black Sunday suffers in the same way that Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon do when read today in that Harris books have been virtually strip mined by Hollywood I m not just talking about adaptations into television and film I m talking the very DNA of Harris work has wormed its [...]

    15. Thom Swennes on said:

      An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, is mentioned in every religious base Lex talionis or the rule of retribution is expounded in a multitude of antiquated documents and teachings In the 1970 s the Palestinian, like a soon to be active volcano, began spewing hate like ash to the surface and covering the world The kidnapping of Israeli 1972 Olympic athletes in Munich was just the beginning United States policy was to supply Israel with the means to defend its property and people against outside [...]

    16. David Keaton on said:

      Thomas Harris could never be considered prolific, but he almost became a household name when he had the fortune of publishing three of his five novels at a pivotal time in pop culture history Film versions of his novels have permanently overshadowed his books, however, and even though some would argue that they are precisely as popular as they deserve to be, or perhaps even slightly overrated, I would offer that they are the teeny tiniest bit underrated I am holding my index finger and thumb app [...]

    17. Alesha Leveritt on said:

      I see a lot of the reviewers finding this novel boring and cliche I find that quite funny Had Harris written this novel in 2005, those statements would perhaps have some merit Give that the novel was written in the 1970s, it s prophetic than cliche It s also interesting that people see hate filled stereotypes when the bad guys come from many corners and at least two of them elicit some pretty powerful sympathy during parts of the work More evidence of sheeple allowing others to do their thinkin [...]

    18. Kym Robinson on said:

      Entertaining Especially for those who enjoy crime thrillers It indulges in the psychology between the antagonist protagonist which would become a hallmark of Thomas Harris s books.I most likely would not enjoy it as much on the re read but when i read this I was going through a 1970s fiction a thon and this book fit in nicely Expect to read some cliches 65%

    19. Bill Jr. on said:

      Superb ThrillerBlack Sunday is one of the most exciting thrillers ever written It s an oldish novel, but it captures you quickly and holds your attention throughout.

    20. Thomas Strömquist on said:

      The first offering from 1975 of Hannibal creator Thomas Harris is a suspenseful and relentless thriller about a terrorist attack In its genre it is really good.

    21. John Yelverton on said:

      The concept of a blimp being used for a terrorist attack at a sporting event is brilliant and very original What I did not like was the in depth look in the antagonist s madness and the ending was incredibly depressing.

    22. Ryan on said:

      I must say I m pleasantly surprised with this book I bought it long ago, the summer I worked at Cedar Point in college, before I really knew where to start with real reading having recently declared as an English major I remember reading On The Road back and forth across the causeway to work on the bus what a great time to read that I was about ready to do exactly as the characters did, as I m sure many who ve read the book have felt , as well as at Soak City on afternoons off I also bought Nine [...]

    23. Ian Mapp on said:

      This is a superior thriller, that like many eventually collapses under its own weight.I also had a very sneaking suspicion that I read it before or something very similar I am sure there is another one setting the superbowl with a terrorist attack.The story is straightforward we now terrorists, aided by a disillusioned viet nam vet pilot are planning to use the blimb as a bomb at the superbowl The cell is being closed down by the israli secret service and the question is will they succeed.What s [...]

    24. Mallory on said:

      America s greatest spectacle the Super Bowl is the target of terrorists, who employ one of our own against us p.s How has something like this not actually happened yet Written shortly after the Munich Olympics and often touching on that tragic event, it is reflective of the uncertain, chaotic times in which it is set A damaged, disillusioned, not entirely sane Vietnam War vet named Michael Lander is the lone wolf who provides the resources and spark needed to accomplish the mission This book see [...]

    25. John Cheney on said:

      Thomas Harris is best known for his Hannibal Lecter books, but Black Sunday was his first published novel Harris wrote the novel in the 1970s, following the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics While many of the details seem dated the key terrorist is a traumatized Vietnam veteran, the technology used in the attack is too primitive by today s standards , the theme of terrorism and a high profile target such as the Super Bowl is even relevant today.The story follows Israeli Mossad agent David [...]

    26. wally on said:

      read this one years agojust now came to me in a flash, whilst i was thinking about o d ing on iodine, what w the idea that we re all going to burst into flame what w global warming, the fate of the gekko, and snow depths in the uchokengtitik

      titikchokengterrorist plot copy had a pic of the blimp on the covereat story, very engaging, yay, all those years agon i hear a hallelujah too, this is a chance for me to rant about those shitheels at the westboro baptist church and the surpreme court s 8 [...]

    27. Julia on said:

      Very 1970s in its sensibilities A terrorist cell plans and attempts to kill the President, and all 85,000 attendees at the Super Bowl Using a huge bomb attached to a blimp Of course They are tracked through a collaboration between the US authorities and an Israeli intelligence operative Primarily from the perspectives of Kabakov, the Israeli officer, his close contacts, and the terrorists themselves After the assassination of the head of the terrorist group Black September, Dahlia is the woman l [...]

    28. Goran Gluščić on said:

      Skoro da mi je ao dati samo tri zvjezdice ovoj knjizi i to zbog jednog od glavnih likova Michaela Landera Od trojke koja planira teroristi ki napad na ameri ki Super Bowl, jedino on mi se stvarno isticao Uvijek sam volio pri e u kojima su protagonisti negativci i u i u njegovu glavu bilo je stvarno estoko Sve u vezi njega je odli no i da je on jedini lik knjiga bi bila ista petica.Naravno, svaki triler treba i svog antagonista i u ovom slu aju to je agent koji poku ava sprije iti napad On mi je [...]

    29. Rita Monticelli on said:

      Opera prima di un grande Ho iniziato a leggere questo libro nell estate del 2001, ma poi dopo l 11 settembre non ce l ho fatta ad andare avanti e l ho messo da parte.Harris cos bravo a farti entrare nella mente dei personaggi, in questo caso dei terroristi, che davvero difficile non farsi coinvolgere.L ho ripreso anni dopo e l ho finito in un baleno.Sebbene scritto un bel po di anni fa 1975 gi in questo libro ci sono tutti gli elementi che caratterizzano le opere di questo autore e sono stata co [...]

    30. Rebekkila on said:

      It is hard to believe that the same person who wrote the Hannibal Lecter books wrote this book Black Sunday is a well written run of the mill thriller about international and domestic terrorists It was good, I liked the back stories of some of the main characters, you understand the motivations a bit better There was a part in the book where the FBI says that a suspects clothes were American made which sent me scrambling for the copyright date The book was written in the 70 s, but doesn t seem o [...]

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