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Three Men on the Bummel

Three Men on the Bummel By Jerome K. Jerome Three Men on the Bummel Conceived as a fairly serious guide to amateur boating on the Thames in Jerome K Jerome s best known novel ended up as a hilarious account of the misadventures of three friends and a dog as they

  • Title: Three Men on the Bummel
  • Author: Jerome K. Jerome
  • ISBN: 9780140063929
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three Men on the Bummel By Jerome K. Jerome Conceived as a fairly serious guide to amateur boating on the Thames in 1889, Jerome K Jerome s best known novel ended up as a hilarious account of the misadventures of three friends and a dog as they attempt to relax and enjoy themselves amid unreliable weather forecasts, imaginary illnesses, repellent cooking, and an unopenable can of pineapple chunks.Three Men in a BoaConceived as a fairly serious guide to amateur boating on the Thames in 1889, Jerome K Jerome s best known novel ended up as a hilarious account of the misadventures of three friends and a dog as they attempt to relax and enjoy themselves amid unreliable weather forecasts, imaginary illnesses, repellent cooking, and an unopenable can of pineapple chunks.Three Men in a Boat was a terrific success for its author, and a surprisingly accurate portrayal of the age George, Harris, and J the narrator, were entertaining representatives of the new middle class, seeking to escape the dreary world of offices and desks during weekend trips out into the countryside Jerome s heroes proved so popular that he brought them back for an equally picaresque bicycle tour of Germany, an adventure recorded in Three Men on the Bummel The new Introduction by Jeremy Lewis describes the social context of the two books and the remarkable life of their author.
    Three Men on the Bummel By Jerome K. Jerome

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    • [PDF] Three Men on the Bummel | by ↠ Jerome K. Jerome
      426 Jerome K. Jerome

    One thought on “Three Men on the Bummel

    1. Henry Avila on said:

      Before our little jaunt into yesteryear, I must confess miss the irreplaceable dog, and his charismatic presence is sequel to , Three Men in a Boat, a hilarious story, lacks the foward charge of the indomitable animal, human than many where is the fearless leader , Montncy Three Men on the Bummel stroll has our good friends a decade later, older but not wiser, yes fatter, richer but still eager to get away again, from dear, cold England A pleasant adventurous bicycle trip, around Germany they p [...]

    2. Riku Sayuj on said:

      The Bummel provides too few laughs in comparison to The Boat say one laugh for every ten pages, instead of ten laughs for every page Besides, the linear narrative does not agree with the three men Yes, the anecdotes were missed to say nothing of the dog.

    3. Evgeny on said:

      In this book we revisit the old friends introduced in Three Men in a Boat minus the dog, unfortunately They are much older and married now J and Harris that is, George is still a bachelor The three men decided they need a change in their lives yet again This time they go on a bicycle trip in Germany s Black Forest hilarity ensures.The novel failed to repeat the charm and the humor of the first one People familiar with Three Men in a Boat remember the constant change of subject by the narrator Th [...]

    4. Rebecca Foster on said:

      Jerome s digressive style can be amusing in small doses, but this book is almost nothing but asides I did enjoy the parts that most closely resemble a travelogue of the cycle trip through Germany, but these are drowned under a flood of irrelevant memories and anecdotes I much preferred Diary of a Pilgrimage.

    5. Beth on said:

      As a followup to the brilliant Three Men on a Boat To Say Nothing of the Dog , Jerome K Jerome s three dimwitted Englishmen go on a bike trip to Germany, and silliness ensues The author reminds me of a Jerry Seinfeld, able to see absurdity in everyday life Never mind that it was written in 1900 his comments on bicycling, Germans, marriage, and tourism remain true, and make one want to call up friends and force them to listen to you read the best bits aloud.For example, when one fellow is dreami [...]

    6. Lizixer on said:

      Highly enjoyable and very funny especially if you are a history geek comic novel that satirises beautifully the Edwardian craze for cycling as well as giving a fascinating insight into how the English viewed the new young state of Germany The book is really a series of sketches and observations, some like the throwing things at cats and the German attitude to grass are laugh out loud moments, others strike you as wry and strangely modern observations on such things as young children s habit of g [...]

    7. Praj on said:

      A Bummel , I explained, I should describe as a journey, long or short, without an end the only thing regulating it being the necessity of getting back within a given time to the point from which one started But long or short, but here or there, our thoughts are ever on the running of the sand We have been much interested, and often a little tired But on the whole we have had a pleasant time, and are sorry when tis over This closing passage sums up my precise sentiments for this book The book pri [...]

    8. Santhosh on said:

      While this is a decent enough book by itself, it does suffer in unfavourable comparison with Three Men in a Boat The first book had some fantastic setpieces and a line of funny anecdotes, both of which are relatively fewer in this one Those few, mind you, still do the job in making this a fairly enjoyable read in that understated, self deprecating and pompously funny way that the first book was so popular for.There are quite a few long passages, though, that read like a travelogue trying too ha [...]

    9. Vimal Thiagarajan on said:

      At a time when I desperately needed to inject some raw humour into my depressed system, I was fortunate enough to read JKJ s Three Men in a boat.And when the need arose again last week, I knew where to look.That wry and dry British wit, that subliminal sarcasm, that hysterically comical narration, all in unlimited supply again.But underlying all the riotous humour, there are a lot of passages which clearly indicate how profound a guy Jerome really was Most of the digs he takes at the Germans thr [...]

    10. Sairam Krishnan on said:

      Hilarious Rip roaringly hilarious Had been meaning to read this one after Three Men and a Boat , but only now have I managed to do it.Granted, the original is drop dead funny, but this one doesn t disappoint either My landlord must have been pretty concerned with my quite frequent outbursts of laughter today Jerome K Jerome is a master at that old favorite pompous British prose, through the lens of which even normal everyday events seem alarmingly funny.George and Harris are their usual selves, [...]

    11. Joe on said:

      Although less popular than Three Men on a Boat which is known to at least 40 people , Bummel is much much better More compact and less rambling, it actually seemed like a travelogue instead of a stream of consciousness rendering of Jerome Jerome s mind Portions were laugh out loud funny, and the slow bits were fewer and further between than Boat Gun to my head, if I had to recommend one to read to say you ve read it, go for Boat but if I had to recommend one to read because it s fun, read Bumm [...]

    12. Ashish on said:

      The book had tremendous potential, especially as it was building up on the hilariously great book Three men in a boat as we revisit the characters and what new shenanigans they are getting themselves into this time around Sadly, this doesn t really take off like in the previous books, and while it has its moments, they don t match up to the previous book It s observational in its humour, playing on cultural differences rather than the situational humour of the first part Not a bad read at all, [...]

    13. Diabolika on said:

      Continuazione un po meno divertente di Three Men in a Boat, con gli stessi protagonisti in viaggio nella Foresta Nera.Si trovano meno aneddoti sulle loro disavventure ma tante considerazioni, ironiche e sarcastiche, sul popolo e sulla societ tedesca I giudizi o pregiudizi che gli inglesi hanno verso i tedeschi, letti da un italiana, sono quanto meno interessanti

    14. Deepti on said:

      Oh my god, I had to stop laughing to be able to breathe Wonderful humour

    15. Patrick Neylan on said:

      The barely known sequel to the classic Three Men in a Boat isn t a bad book Jerome s humour is intact, but it lacks the impact of the earlier work and the unifying theme of the river Jerome s descriptions of pre WWI Germany and the Germans conform roughly to the stereotypes, but the teasing is gentle and it is the vanity and faintly absurd attitudes of the Englishmen that invite ridicule It s a pleasant description of the English upper middle classes of a bygone age, with plenty of deliberately [...]

    16. John on said:

      This was, for the most part, a witty and hilarious light read I haven t read anything as funny for some time It was full of stereotypes of the British, the Germans, the Americans, the French, and anybody else they could think of, but it was all in good fun.The last two chapters were serious, and oddly prescient given that World War I broke out little than a decade after it was written.

    17. Pramod Nair on said:

      In this hilarious follow up to the ever green Three Men in a Boat , Jerome K Jerome still manages to make you laugh with joy Even though the dosage of laughter is a lot less compared to Three Men in a Boat , Three Men on the Bummel is a highly enjoyable read.

    18. Zain on said:

      Refreshing, drags a little at times but full of hilarious impossible incidents that sends the delighted reader into fits of laughter finishing off with an extremely quotable para on the essence of a bummel.

    19. Pete daPixie on said:

      The write up states that Three Men on the Bummel appeared in 1900 and tells of a hilarious cycling tour through Germany s Black Forest I m not too sure of the hilarious Didn t enjoy this as much as Three Men in a Boat Perhaps I am developing curmudgeon tendencies

    20. Libbeth on said:

      I read this as an e book on my computer at work, during breaks of course It s a good job I am alone most of the time as it made me laugh out loud.

    21. Razi on said:

      Hilarious at times, a very gentle, a very civilised read indeed More English than the soggy tweed or a public school toady, a pint of lager or a Sunday roast.

    22. Lorelei on said:

      A very enjoyable romp with the same delightful crew from Three Men In A Boat I didn t enjoy this one quite as much, but there were still plenty of laughing out loud moments.

    23. Sankrutyayan on said:

      Like everyone I feel too that laughs were missing when compared to its prequel I was really snoozing in the first part This is of a travel guide than a comedy and was little longer to start until J started getting into his well appreciated anecdotes as he would drift off off the story and narrates something that happened earlier With others it would often be difficult to look through what was past and what was present but Jerome s narrative style will never lets you feel dubious about your pred [...]

    24. Daiana Damacus on said:

      How do you convince your wife to let you go on a trip with just your best mates Jerome K Jerome seems to have found the answer in the sequel to his hilarious novel Three Men in a Boat We need to find a place where a delicate woman and a well raised child couldn t live under any circumstances a country with bad hotels and sloppy roads, where we ll be forced to sleep in a different place each night, earn a bed and maybe starve a little The success of Three Men in a Boat, which is an honest story a [...]

    25. Karan Gupta on said:

      After Dostoyevsky s House Of The Dead I could definitely do with something lighter I picked up this book that had been gifted to me on my last visit home The book contains two of Jerome K Jerome s work Three Men On A Boat and Three Men On The Bummel I has read the former earlier and had postponed the latter for a later date Jerome s writing was witty and humorous So I picked up Three Men On The Bummel with similar expectations.I was not really far off Jerome was as witty as I remembered from the [...]

    26. Daniel Shellenbarger on said:

      Explaining why Three Men on the Bummel is a disappointment is as much about explaining why Three Men in a Boat was a classic The latter is a marvelous mix of satire and situation character comedy mixed with a dash of not to heady moralization all set against a trip down the Thames by boat Not only is the book hilariously funny and mildly intellectually stimulating, it is also a wonderful snapshot of the late Victorian era as seen by one of its own, and all with the air of thoughtless innocence o [...]

    27. Jason Mills on said:

      This sequel to Three Men in a Boat only sporadically achieves the joy of its progenitor The narrator and his pals George and Harris he says nothing of the dog polish up their bicycles and go a roaming through the Black Forest in Germany Naturally they get into scrapes and adventures, and these are sometimes very funny Here, gentle fun is poked at the Germans horror of stepping on the grass In a German park I have seen a gardener step gingerly with felt boots on to grass plot, and removing theref [...]

    28. Lorenzo Berardi on said:

      This is the zenith, the summit, the highest peak reached by a certain kind of British humour I like Those who are keen of PG Wodehouse may object a couple of things to this remark and probably they have their point the thing is that I never read anything by Wodehouse by the way from which book should I start.Anyways.There are moments of this German bummel or escapade in which Jerome is simply impossible to stand any further I daresay it s not legal, being that funny, sharp and witty One could ch [...]

    29. Geeta on said:

      My reading of this book was immediately followed by Three Men in a Boat At the beginning I was determined not to compare the two books by the same author For most part I didn t, but I did for some bits Especially the end Author has picked the same style of written to end the journey, whether it be through the river Thames or through Black Forest Although, in this book it seems a tad bit abrupt than in Three Men in a Boat When I read Three Men on the Bummel, my expectations were sort of set, bas [...]

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