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The Visitor

The Visitor By K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate The Visitor Morphing is certainly fun than Sega you can soar as an eagle and walk as a cat But being an ANIMORPH is by no means just fun and games Rachel knew better than anyone One of her best friends Melissa

  • Title: The Visitor
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780590629782
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Visitor By K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate Morphing is certainly fun than Sega you can soar as an eagle and walk as a cat But being an ANIMORPH is by no means just fun and games Rachel knew better than anyone One of her best friends, Melissa, is acting very strange And it looks like Melissa s dad, who is also the school s Assistant Principal, may be connected to evil aliens Rachel can t tell Melissa whMorphing is certainly fun than Sega you can soar as an eagle and walk as a cat But being an ANIMORPH is by no means just fun and games Rachel knew better than anyone One of her best friends, Melissa, is acting very strange And it looks like Melissa s dad, who is also the school s Assistant Principal, may be connected to evil aliens Rachel can t tell Melissa what the ANIMORPHS have learned, but Melissa doesn t seem interested in talking to Rachel these days anyway Could Melissa be one of them With the help of Jake, Cassie, Tobias and Marco, Rachel plans to enter her friend s house as a cat, intent on unlocking the secrets from within If only Rachel could keep her mind off mice
    The Visitor By K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate

    The Visitor Mar , Directed by Giulio Paradisi With Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, Lance Henriksen, John Huston The soul of a young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the prize in a The Visitor Play The Visitor Online on SilverGames The Visitor is alien and comes from a strange world He seems to be harmless and looks like a tiny worm, but he came to conquer the Earth Help him to grow and to become stronger, by eating all living creatures on the planet Start with the small ones, like insects, birds or fish. The Visitor Rotten Tomatoes The Visitor is a simple and gentle film that explores many issues, from immigration to loneliness The film tells the story of Walter, an economics professor who, since his wife died, has lost any Watch The Visitor Prime Video Written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, THE VISITOR is a relentlessly melancholy tale of a semi retired college professor who still mourns the death of his concert pianist wife Sent to NYC to deliver a lecture on a paper he supposedly wrote but didn t , he discovers a couple have taken up residence in his little used mid town apartment. The Visitor TV series rowsThe Visitor is an American science fiction television series created by Roland Emmerich The Visitor Play The Visitor on Crazy Games The Visitor is a point and click game in which you become an alien parasite that needs to consume the living beings to grow and dominate the world Solve the challenge in each scene and spread the terror The Visitor Play on Armor Games Feb , The Visitor, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games Guide an alien parasite through it s new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror adventure WARNING Not for the faint of heart. Play The Visitor, a free online game on Kongregate Feb , Kongregate free online game The Visitor Guide an alien parasite through its new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror advent Play The Visitor Video Visitations by ICSolutions The Visitor by ICSolutions The Visitor Visitation Management System by ICSolutions Home The Visitor A Morecambe perspective on news, sport, what s on, lifestyle and , from your local paper The Visitor.

    • The Visitor Best Download || [K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate]
      164 K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate

    One thought on “The Visitor

    1. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      Remember the Obama Election That was the year that I was completely obsessed with these Animorphs books I had the whole series from my cousin in Alberta and the television adaptation was filmed in Toronto near where I used to live I remember the books being a lot better than they seem to me today This one, The Visitor, is pretty cheesy and the main characters are definitely not a good portrayal of real teenagers, but it s still a fairly solid novella for younger readers and introduces a good mix [...]

    2. Ashley on said:

      It s weird that what struck me the most about this second book in the series after reading it for the first time in lo these many years is how small everything feels As the series goes on, every book features our young heroes taking on bigger challenges with and devastating consequences, but here, the mission is small, and Rachel s goals even smaller It s emotionally intimate.The Visitor is Rachel s first POV book Rachel is the beautiful, fashion conscious one, but she s much than that under [...]

    3. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* on said:

      Picking up where the first installment left off, this book has a great subplot involving Rachel s friend and Chapman s daughter Melissa Minor continuity thing I noticed Cassie at one point tells Rachel she has four morphs than any of us But didn t Jake, by this point, have four already Dog, tiger, lizard, and falcon side eyes Cassie

    4. Arya *Bibliomaniac!* Fraser Stark on said:

      Despite the short read and maturity levelI am.Hooked.

    5. Ben Babcock on said:

      We continue my epic re read of the Animorphs series with book 2, because I m boring and read series in order, OK Animorphs resembles an after school kids show each book is like an episode of the show in which the kids have an adventure while learning an important life lesson In The Invasion the lesson was, Yes, your principal is an alien bent on enslaving humanity The Visitor is about the harsh effects of marital strife on children and their friendships.We are eternally indebted to The Invasion [...]

    6. Jennifer Rayment on said:

      Jake s Review There was a little too much talking and not enough action in this one, I think maybe because it was narrated by a girl Mom s note points for knowing the word narrated, smack upside the head for the sexist comment There was lots of funny and gross stuff which I liked Liked the part where Jake turns into a lion I don t like the Taxxon dudes because they are super scary I think this would be awesome if they remade it into a movie or TV show not like the old one you showed me Hopefully [...]

    7. Julie on said:

      Rachel book The Chapmans are heartbreaking, as this starts to delve into the human cost of the invasion, the small picture rather than the big picture also the start of getting to know Rachel s bravery and recklessness I still love how they re all just floundering around at the start like this And I love, love, love how hilariously into cats Visser Three is HE IS SO CHARMED BY THEM OF COURSE THE SUPERVILLAIN WOULD LOVE CATS.Favourite quotes, per usual view spoiler I was just thinking how you loo [...]

    8. Dichotomy Girl on said:

      I liked Rachel s voice, and I thought this book did a good job exploring some of the issues and difficulties of not being able to trust anyone, being affected by becoming different animals, and the wider impact of this hidden war.

    9. Cameron Chaney on said:

      In which Rachel turns into a kitty cat.Awwww So cute Also, this series is awesome.

    10. Nikki on said:

      I love Rachel so it was cool to get in her head, but to be honest the second book REALLY should be Tobias s story I mean, he s just gone through some uh, changes and he seems too well adjusted and it isn t touched on enough I m guessing the publishers wanted the second one to be one of the girls POV because the first one was Jake s Anyway, that said this book is a good follow up It breaks my heart a little bit when the story explores what happens to people who get taken over by a yeerk Applegate [...]

    11. Caitlin on said:

      Animorphs is the series that introduced me to the large scale worldbuilding that s an essential part of so many science fiction sagas, so it s a tribute to K.A Applegate s versatility that she also excels in crafting small scale drama The Visitor is a case in point After the global threat of the Yeerk invasion is revealed in Book 1, Book 2 changes focus from saving the world to the impact of the war on a single family, that of Rachel s friend Melissa Chapman I love this book for its multifaceted [...]

    12. Nemo (The Moonlight Library) on said:

      Brought to you by The Moonlight Library In Book 2 The Visitor, the Animorphs decide to infiltrate the suburban home of one of Visser Three s top ranked Controllers, Assistant Principal Chapman, using the family cat as a morph It s a genius move after all, who would suspect a kid can turn into a cat Well, no one except for a race of parasitic slugs bent on taking over the galaxy, that s all.When I first read this book, I was ten years old I d had no experience in reading a series where events in [...]

    13. Despair Speaking on said:

      Please read my review of The Invasion the book before this in order to understand my strange obsession with pics that involve Shakespeare and everything in general.The Visitor is now in Rachel s POV It was an interesting change and I had wondered how the author would do when she changes POV In my opinion, she did well and I really thought I was seeing through Rachel s eyes The desire to shut Marco up and hopefully beat him up was consistent.She listens to Jake well enough and she respects Cassie [...]

    14. Swankivy on said:

      In this book, Rachel investigates the house of one of the enemies leaders It s thrilling to watch these kids slowly start to digest what is happening in their world and being strong enough to take steps to get involved, at their own great risk.Notable moments and inconsistencies In this book, Marco reveals that one of his sore spots is the fact that he is short.Later on in the series, Rachel is the most reckless and risk taking member of the group, but in these early books she does seem to still [...]

    15. Jen • Just One More Page on said:

      This review is also posted on my blog view spoiler ANIMORPHS, MAN.It s been the longest time since I ve read these, I m so glad I m giving the series a re read I don t even remember any of it, it s been so long aside from the first book, which I read about a year ago.This one wasn t as exciting or adrenaline pumping as the first book, but I can t lie, I love that this series is told in alternating points of view of all the main characters, which means male AND female POVs and gives actual kids a [...]

    16. Erica on said:

      I think this could have been my favourite Animorphs book when I was little It was probably because my favourite animal pet was a cat back then When I read the Animorphs series, for one thing I still haven t read all the books because I haven t been able to find them Someday I would like to find all the books and read them, but in the mean time, I ll talk about this book I loved it Personally, I think all the Animorph book were similair, in that they were all exciting, were well written and have [...]

    17. The Library Ladies on said:

      Originally reviewed at thelibraryladies Narrator RachelPlot Fun, not plot related note, this was the first Animorphs book I read, because I was given it for a Christmas present by a relative who simply saw a cover with a cat and thought Hey, Serena likes cats And thus, an addiction was started The plot The Animorphs aren t quite sure what they re supposed to be doing in this whole battle the Yeerks thing after their disastrous attempt at infiltrating the Yeerk pool in the last book So, like all [...]

    18. mindy on said:

      Ok so these are like, 150 pages so obviously they are very quick reads I remember this one being one of my favorites because Rachel gets to morph into a cat The very idea of this was amazing to 5th grade me, and honestly I still wouldn t mind being able to live life as a kitty Anyway the plot with Chapman is fantastic and while there was some action in the first book, I feel this one ramped up the suspense.

    19. M.M. Strawberry Reviews on said:

      Cute book and a nice continuation of the Animorphs books Loving cats, I was thrilled to get this book as a kid I really enjoyed it.

    20. Nikki on said:

      The second Animorphs book is narrated by Rachel, who was one of my favourite characters when I was younger I m not sure how much I buy all her protestations that it s what s in your head that matters or whatever, for the characterisation of a pretty teenage girl who doesn t even realise her second best friend is going through hell But I guess I did buy it when I was younger Rachel s kinda ideal, really, as a character to relate to her family isn t perfect, her parents are divorced, so she isn t [...]

    21. Lym on said:

      Back in the day, this was actually the first Animorphs book I bought and read I have no idea why, as I I was and am a bit obsessive about always reading playing watching the first instalment of a series first, but in any case, Rachel was the one who introduced me to Andalites, Yeerk and the idea of turning into a kitty or a shrew I don t know how often I read and reread the book as a young teen I thought the scene towards the end with Chapman the human was very powerful Rereading it now, I note [...]

    22. Fel on said:

      The nice thing about the 1st person perspective that these books use is how much we get to see of the character, and really get to know them This book is narrated by Rachel, and it really lets us home in on Rachel herself Way back in the day Rachel was my favourite divorced parents, firmly middle class, younger siblings she loves, and that tough girl persona it s really not hard to see why a younger me loved her so much Of all the characters, she was the one who I most related to, even if she wa [...]

    23. Lyn Tan on said:

      I did not enjoy this book at all Firstly, the information the Animorphs Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias and Marco obtained in this book was not even relevant to their mission It didn t help them in any way They risked their lives just to find out something to appease their curiosity Secondly, Marco s I don t want to do this attitude did not improve, yet why did he still risk his life by joining the other four in dangerous adventures Why didn t he just go back to his normal life and forget that he e [...]

    24. Jenny Clark on said:

      I keep forgetting how deep this series can be Rachel is an interesting character for sure I can see that her recklessness is going to get her in trouble though I have seen a lot of complaints about Marco, and really He is like 13 or 14 and just lost his mom, and has seen his dad go in a downward spiral, yea he is goanna act like a punk He may want to quit the Animorphs but he won t because he knows that they have to fight or the world is doomed Including his dad Anyway, back to the book.This boo [...]

    25. Trin on said:

      I listened to The Worst Bestsellers episode on the Animorphs series and now I m trapped on the nostalgia train It s a pretty fun train, though.Edit I realized as I was proudly entering this into my booklog that this is the second book called The Visitor that I ve read this year the other, as you can see from clicking that link, was rather different Contemplating that made me wonder why the heck is this installment called The Visitor anyway The plot of this one mostly has to do with Rachel spying [...]

    26. Amantha on said:

      This book was a lot of running around to no real purpose I mean, I get it these kids still have no idea what they re doing, they re way out of their depth, and yeah they re not exactly brilliant tacticians or anything So their early plans are bound to go awry I just didn t remember how much they couldn t get their shit together to start with I guess there s a reason I didn t reread the early books very often as a kid They just weren t as good as the ones in the teens and twenties.I did love Meli [...]

    27. Lianne (The Towering Pile) Lavoie on said:

      The second book in the Animorphs series is told from the point of view of Rachel who I think I preferred seeing from Jake s point of view over being in her head It centres around the Animorphs trying to get information from the vice principal who s a Controller someone who s being controlled by a Yeerk , mostly by Rachel morphing into his pet cat and following him around his house.I didn t like this one as much as the first one, simply because it didn t feel like it had a full plot It was enjoy [...]

    28. Tim Davis on said:

      I am sorry to say this, but I did not enjoy this 2nd book in the Animorphs series as much as I enjoyed the 1st one The Visitor seemed to move slowly than The Invasion For example on Kindle at 24%, Rachel conceives the idea of morphing into Fluffer a cat that belongs to Mr Chapman s daughter , but it takes to 35% before they catch Fluffer Nothing very exciting happens between 24% and 35% in fact, nothing very exciting happens up to 24% In this 2nd book, Applegate seems to save the action for the [...]

    29. Natalie on said:

      Used to read this series when I was a kid and decided to read it as part of my challenge for October as it is less than 200 pages what always used to fascinate me about these books that their children could actually into whatever they wanted animal wise and I thought that was so cool I always felt sorry for the boy who got trapped as a hawk as I would absolutely hate that and I wondered what would his parents think would his parents think he ran away anyway will getting a bit off track this boo [...]

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