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Лабиринт отражений

Лабиринт отражений By Sergei Lukyanenko Сергей Лукьяненко

  • Title: Лабиринт отражений
  • Author: Sergei Lukyanenko Сергей Лукьяненко
  • ISBN: 523700878
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Лабиринт отражений By Sergei Lukyanenko Сергей Лукьяненко , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .
    Лабиринт отражений By Sergei Lukyanenko Сергей Лукьяненко

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      365 Sergei Lukyanenko Сергей Лукьяненко

    One thought on “Лабиринт отражений

    1. Martti on said:

      This book is stupid on so many levels Probably on all 33 of them.It s like a bad iteration of Neuromancer by a person who doesn t really get computers How else would you explain hacking , where it means people executing bat files in Windows First, no respectable hacker would ever use Windows Especially not as their main machine There would be several layers of virtualization and other security measures etc And all this talk about frying the system people have offline backups and secondary machin [...]

    2. Anne on said:

      Soziale Netzwerke sind f r viele in unserer Zeit eine Art zweite Heimat geworden Man tauscht sich aus, spielt zusammen, zeigt seine Fotos usw In Das Labyrinth der Spiegel ist aus dem Internet mehr geworden ein virtueller Raum, in dem man sich von Angesicht zu Angesicht genauer von Avatar zu Avatar gegen berstehen kann Per Sensoranzug und Virtual Reality Helm tauchen die Computernutzer v llig in die digitale 3D Welt, genannt Die Tiefe ab Und zwar so sehr, dass sie einen Timer brauchen, damit sie [...]

    3. *Absorbed in Countless Worlds* on said:

      Ich gebe es zu Ich bin in literarischer Hinsicht ein absoluter Tr umer Total der phantastischen Literatur egal, ob Fantasy oder Science Fiction verfallen Und dennoch liebe ich es gerade beim lesen, wenn vor dem Hintergrund einer phantasievoll, lebendig gestalteten Welt, oder einem abgedrehten Setting sich kleine, charakterlich tief gezeichnete R dchen, die grossen Fragen der menschlichen Existenz stellen, darin v llig zerrieben werden, und die Br sel anhand der Unl sbarkeit der Aufgabe in etwas [...]

    4. Rafal Jasinski on said:

      Wizja rzeczywisto ci wirtualnej przedstawiona w Labiryncie odbi nie zaskakuje oryginalno ci ot, kolejna porcja fantazji na temat tego, czym si stanie, lub raczej sta si mo e rozwijaj ca si dynamicznie sie za lat kilka, kilkana cie lub kilkadziesi t.To, co oryginalne w tej ksi ce, niestety tr ci myszk i wywo uje pob a liwy u mieszek na twarzy Autor nieco w swej prekognicji rozmin si z tym, co nast pi o w bran y komputerowej kilka lat po napisaniu Labiryntu luster wydanym w roku 1997 Wszystkie te [...]

    5. Elena on said:

      I rate this book that highly only because it seemed so crazy and interesting at the age of 13 But even then I realized all the massive failures like the main one the author have been using his computer for writing only All the stupid mistakes are pretty obvious for any teenager.

    6. Ela Shani on said:

      It is written great, and I enjoyed it quiet alot But I couldn t get inside it, it didn t really move me.

    7. Petr on said:

      This book has many of the usual cyberpunk clich s but it s not an unpleasant read If you read it for light relaxation it will do the job This is part one of a trilogy and it ends in the middle of the story with an enormous cliffhanger.

    8. Magda on said:

      Deep.Enter.Hlubina, virtu ln realita jak si ji Lukjan nko vysnil v roce 1997, prost chytne a nepust N kt lid se do n pono tak hluboko, e ztrat kontakt s realitou a mus b t vyta eni To je pr ce pro Divery vz cnou sortu lid , kte dok opustit Hlubinu bez pomoci po ta e Jen e jednoho dne se objev Smola lov k, kter ho nelze vyt hnout A maj o n j z jem v ichni, kdo v Hlubin n co znamenaj Diver Leonid se ocit p mo uprost ed d n a jeho c l je jedin zachr nit Smola e.Lukjan nko m ve zvyku do sv ch knih p [...]

    9. Bren MacDibble on said:

      I loved Labyrinth of Reflections It is top class cyberpunk set in a time in the future where full emersion into The Deep has been achieved and a community called Deeptown thrives on the principles of freedom.Divers who can enter and exit The Deep without technical assistance work to retrieve those careless enough to neglect their physical needs by emersion into The Deep longer than they can physically survive One diver, Leonid, is hired to work on an interesting case of a man who cannot be rescu [...]

    10. Moira on said:

      6.6.2015 4,5 Bludi t odraz je kniha, kterou jsem etla hodn kr t, n kdy komplet od za tku do konce, n kdy jen obl ben sc ny.Je to kniha, kter m , jako v t ina m ch obl ben ch kousk od Lukjan nka, pohltila svou atmosf rou M sv j specifick styl psan , kter je tak zatracen realistick , a se nechce v it, e je to jen p b h Nemluv o fantazii a n padech Nemluv o postav ch a jejich chov n.Sergej Lukjan nko a jeho knihy, je na tom n co, co mi zatracen sedne, u od prvn ho okam iku p ed lety, kdy jsem poprv [...]

    11. De3tuss on said:

      This book is something else entirely, even for a genre in which a book sounds already old in the day of it s publishing.Note when it was written, and then notice how detailed the description of MMO RPG is Amassing And not only gaming culture is described before it s time the Internet culture as well.The book is extraordinary in every aspect ideas, characters, atmosphere, action Best cyber punk ever

    12. Tim on said:

      I giving this 5 stars It deserves it in spite of a couple goofy things that the author chose to indulge himself with like DOOM, Tolkien, Mortal Combat and some other in the time big deals for geeks that have waned a bit over time Guess I didn t even mind the BFG 9000 references, especially when the Warlock 9000 was unleashed see cover picture Any way I enjoyed it and I would recommend this any time over the Watch series of books.

    13. Julia on said:

      Loved it in teenage years, it impressed the hell out of me Would not dare to reread it though.

    14. Torben on said:

      A great book, very recommended for everybody with a bit of history in computer games Lukyanenko wrote about MMOs years before they actually emerged, and he did it with his usual clarity and ingenuity Besides the great storyline about a virtual world named The Deep this novel is also an hommage to some of the most famous games in history A Duke Nukem road, a battlefield modeled after Quake, only two points to start with Lukyanenko definitly delivered one masterpiece.

    15. Steffi on said:

      Ich dachte ich w rde mich mit einem russischen Autor schwer tun, wie es mir auch mir skandinavischen Autoren erging Der Einstieg in das Buch wird einem allerdings sehr erleichtert Ich konnte mich zwischenzeitlich kaum bremsen beim Lesen, leider hat mir der Storytwist gegen Ende nicht besonders gefallen Trotzdem freue ich mich jetzt auf die Fortsetzung

    16. Georgi Damyanov on said:

      I didn t read anything from Lukyanenko for many year and in the beginning I found the book nicely refreshing It has some similarities with The Matrix, even though it was written before the movie Unfortunately, towards the end it leaves questions than answers and it feels somehow incomplete Too bad, it could have been a great book.

    17. Alex on said:

      If you re technically minded, you have to think of this book as a fantasy, not as science fiction, otherwise you ll get caught up in how the technology totally doesn t make sense Once you get past that, though, it s a neat little book, even if the author doesn t really know how to end it well.

    18. Sandra Vilka on said:

      7 10 Lukja enko sp j pa emt jau izplat tu mot vu un to pagriezt jaun gaism oreiz par virtu lo realit ti un t s manipulatoriem T var tu b t sast vda a no si eta, kas laika zi atrodas pirms Viljama Gibsona Neiromanta.

    19. Ognian Georgiev on said:

      Very good, but first part of the series was better The ending was kind of expected To many questions stayed unanswered But one thing is sure The fans of Sergei Lukyanenko will have a great fun reading the book.

    20. Morgan on said:

      Actually read this in as yet unpublished English translation, but didn t want to leave it off my list Charmingly dated cyberpunk, but with a to me fresh approach and interesting, not too derivative ideas Also very funny at times.

    21. Sunsy on said:

      Ausgeh rt und es hat mir richtig gut gefallen Auf einer Skala bis 100 Punkte w ren es sogar 85 HIERgeht es zu meiner Rezension

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