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The Wanderer

The Wanderer By Knut Hamsun Oliver Stallybrass Gunnvor Stallybrass The Wanderer The Wanderer which consists of two closely related novels Under the Autumn Star and On Muted Strings has been acclaimed as one of Knut Hamsun s finest works The narrator Knut Pedersen Hamsun s rea

  • Title: The Wanderer
  • Author: Knut Hamsun Oliver Stallybrass Gunnvor Stallybrass
  • ISBN: 9780285647879
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wanderer By Knut Hamsun Oliver Stallybrass Gunnvor Stallybrass The Wanderer, which consists of two closely related novels, Under the Autumn Star and On Muted Strings, has been acclaimed as one of Knut Hamsun s finest works.The narrator, Knut Pedersen Hamsun s real name , is an unsimple character in search of the simple life, which he hopes to attain by wandering round the Norwegian countryside doing such work as he can find His quesThe Wanderer, which consists of two closely related novels, Under the Autumn Star and On Muted Strings, has been acclaimed as one of Knut Hamsun s finest works.The narrator, Knut Pedersen Hamsun s real name , is an unsimple character in search of the simple life, which he hopes to attain by wandering round the Norwegian countryside doing such work as he can find His quest is continually frustrated, not least by his susceptibility to the wives and daughters of successive employers.In Under the Autumn Star he joins forces first with Grindhusen, a man blessed with the faith that something will turn up later with Lars Falkenberg, whose dubious talents include the tuning of pianos Knut and Lars end up as workmen on the estate of a certain Captain Falkenberg no relation , with whose wife each falls in love In due course, Knut is laid off and, in futile pursuit of the woman with whom by now he is helplessly infatuated, eventually finds himself sucked back into the city he fled A wanderer plays on muted strings, explains Knut, now six years older, when he reaches the age of two score years and ten Among this sequel s qualities is the poignancy with which it conveys that sense of aging.Both novels show Hamsun at the height of his powers lyrical and passionate, ironic yet deeply humane, master of one of the most original prose styles in modern literature, brilliantly translated here by Oliver and Gunnvor Stallybra
    The Wanderer By Knut Hamsun Oliver Stallybrass Gunnvor Stallybrass

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Wanderer : by Knut Hamsun Oliver Stallybrass Gunnvor Stallybrass
      135 Knut Hamsun Oliver Stallybrass Gunnvor Stallybrass
    The Wanderer

    One thought on “The Wanderer

    1. Oziel Bispo on said:

      Um viajante volta a um s tio onde estivera h oitos anos atr s e encontra tudo em decad ncia , tanto as pessoas como as constru es As pessoas j n o se entendem , as fam lias est o destru das, o adult rio , os ci mes e as brigas imperamEle v tudo isso acontecer com seu antigo patr o que est envolvido at o pesco o em brigas , adult rio e v cios numa disputa ferrenha com sua esposa Luisa O viajante tenta de todas as maneiras restaurar aquele lugar , com projetos de pinturas e t cnicas de agricultura [...]

    2. Steven on said:

      The Wanderer is composed of two related novels Under the Autumn Star and On Muted Strings The first was definitely better than its sequel, which follows the same character Knut Pedersen, Hamsun s real name later on in his wanderings but I thoroughly enjoyed them both Hamsun has a unique talent for elevating the lives of ordinary people to a high level of general and artistic interest and his propensity for leaving unexplained some of the reasons, motivations, or background of his main characters [...]

    3. Steven on said:

      There are some who pick themselves up after a fall and continue on their way through life, with their blue and yellow bruises And there are others who never rise again This sequel to Under the Autumn Star follows the same character Knut Pedersen, Hamsun s real name on his wanderings in the Norwegian countryside, six years later He ends up meeting many of the same characters in correspondingly late r stages of their lives The novel is not as compact and well crafted as its predecessor however, it [...]

    4. Geoff on said:

      Much like the tone of a book by Giono I m sure Giono was well aware of Hamsun , this is a lovely, simple story about a wanderer and his interactions with people and nature The sometimes surreal, magical imagery that crops up, and Hamsun s almost mystical descriptions of solitude, working with the land, and the joy of immersing oneself in forests, rivers, and mountains, makes it a wonderful, contemplative book The characters themselves were a little thin, but overall I greatly enjoyed this.

    5. Nathan on said:

      This book includes two beautifully written novels about a man who travels through the Norwegian countryside picking up work at farms in various towns.

    6. Andrés Cabrera on said:

      Hamsun es un artesano de la palabra la calidez y precisi n con la que hilvana sus ideas es preciosa El noruego escribe como si alzase una cometa en los cielos comprende que, m s all de lo dicho, hay un vuelo, una danza que se da entre las nubes y el objeto En ese intervalo entre la idea y la expresi n, Hamsun hace de la afecci n la protagonista de su relato Comprende que, como bien explica al final de la novela, el vagabundo no es un sabio no es alguien que reflexiona al borde de la muerte, ni e [...]

    7. Madhuri on said:

      The theme of a wandering man is central to many of Hamsun s characters, so it is perhaps only fitting that a book comprising of two of his writings be called The Wanderers The cover contains two inter twined Hamsun writings Under the Autumn Star and Wanderer plays on muted strings, the latter a sequel to the first and is a close but stale reflection of Hamsun s themes and moods, perhaps even a reflection of some of his own experiencesIn the former, the wanderer Knut Pedersen leaves behind his ci [...]

    8. Åñbü Çhélvåñ on said:

      THE BOOK SPEAKS OF THE FEELINGS OF AN OLD MAN AND HIS WANDERING BUSINESS the lines i liked in this book are maybe grindhusen is right, maybe it s a universal truth that something will turn up tomorrow as surely as it has today I WAS FREE AND UNKNOWN i thought to myself no,its not exactly roses,roses all the way when you go wandering one man marvel at my walking and walking without apparent purposeSix years gone, ay, so long itis ago would she be greatly changed Time has had its wear on me I amgr [...]

    9. Cwn_annwn_13 on said:

      This is my least favorite out of the four by Hamsun I have read As in most of what he wrote I think a lot of his personal screwiness comes through in the main character of the book In this case its a man who spends his life roaming from town to town in Norway doing random labor for hire He gets stalkerish obsessions with women who it is in innappropriate for him to have interest in, namely the wives of his employers Mainly this book focuses on the main characters obsessions, manipulations and pe [...]

    10. Juniar on said:

      Borrowed from my Danish exchange program student friend I could feel when the wanderer in the story felt sleepy on a sunny day.

    11. Teri on said:

      Hamsun is so introspectivets inside the mind and soul of his characters very satisfying reading.t light

    12. Steven Monrad on said:

      Two sequential novels in one cover.Under the Autumn StarA Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings autobiographical fictionthe famous Hamsun style spare and evocative

    13. Lydia on said:

      Two short novels chronicle Knut Pederson s travels in Denmark in 1906 Knut is smart and very resourceful He has decided to take a break from the city and roam the countryside taking odd jobs He plants and harvests crops, paints buildings, repairs ice houses, builds running water, and much as he observes farming families He writes with a calm introspection and love of the land that keeps you reading just to see how he fits his life together Nothing shocking here.

    14. Monica on said:

      La perspectiva de un vagabundo, por decisi n propia, de la vida humana, sobre todo del amor.

    15. Sergei_kalinin on said:

      , , , , , , art assorty 112 filonovml , , , , , , , , , , , 1909 , , , , , , , , , , , .

    16. Jonathan Widell on said:

      The story is ordinary This happened and then this and that Then there was this and that is the end.Yet, the story also has that special something about it While the narrator keeps thinking about the past, he actually keeps looking to the future While he is a keen observer or the people around him, he is not nosy Rather, he tries to understand those other people to protect them or, at least, to be able to predict what is going to happen to them next He takes his cues from other people s silences, [...]

    17. Michael Steger on said:

      The Wanderer comprises two short, closely related novels Under the Autumn Star 1906 and On Muted Strings 1909 The narrator in both is Knut Pedersen Hamsun s own real name, in fact , who has renounced urban, middle class life in favor of wandering the countryside, picking up work wherever he can The tone of The Wanderer is highly ambiguous at times whimsical, at times dark, at times rather mysterious as when the narrator is visited by a dead woman for a few evenings The plot at first feels pleasu [...]

    18. Ole on said:

      My fellow neurasthenics, we are poor human beings and not much use, either, as any kind of beast.One day, I suppose, I shall weary of staying unconcious any longer, then I shall make my way once to an island This book is quite strange.There are some truly great passages in this book About wandering, nature, growing old About us humans Our relations to work, toil, cultivation practices, and of ingenuity.This mixed with prose, written by a master craftsman Hamsun is great But then the book center [...]

    19. Konserve Ruhlar on said:

      kitaptan olu an romanda ana kahraman ayn d r Knut Hamsun un kendisi olarak yorumlanan kahraman 50 li ya lar nda h z nl , hi bir yerde uzun s re kalamayan, k rlarda, do al hayatta mutlu olarak i ine kapanan, gitti i iftliklerde ve kentlerde evresindeki insanlar ilgiyle izleyen biridir Kahraman n g zlemledi i kad nlar genelde mutsuzdur Evlilik kurumunun mutsuzluk getirdi i g r n r Norve in m thi do as n Knut Hamsun un g z nden okumak kitaptaki en doyurucu nokta htiyarland k a kendini sorgulayan ka [...]

    20. Paul on said:

      Two linked novellas by Hamsun Under The Autumn Star 1906 and On Muted Strings 1909 with the same characters in each story but separated by a 6 year gap in the story The protagonist narrator of the first story, neatly described on the back cover as an un simple man in search of a simpler life , is closer to the style of Hamsun s earlier great novels By the second story he has been somewhat relegated to being the witness to the domestic tragedy of an unhappy marriage Hamsun s ability to depict the [...]

    21. Susan on said:

      I like to read Hamsun because he gives me insight into Norwegian culture and how people connect with nature I understand that it is not one of his best works I felt the book was really about the cultural societal changes taking place in northern Europe in the early 1800 s The characters were symbolic of a cultural shift in attitudes an end of the pioneer days moving into a worldly global economy A new horizon was unfolding This was about how individuals and communities were feeling about change [...]

    22. Vinicius Gonçalves on said:

      Um viajante que passa por diferentes locais exercendo as mais diversas fun es lenhador, pintor e etc Pode parecer enfadonho, no entanto Knut Hamsun transforma uma simples hist ria em uma excelente trama envolvendo todas suas caracter sticas peculiares A prefer ncia pela vida no campo assim como perfeitas descri es do cen rio local acabam nos transportando ainda mais para o enredo.As caracter sticas acima, somadas ao relacionamento entre Capit o Falkenberg e sua esposa Fru, me levaram a tra ar um [...]

    23. Terry Tsurigi on said:

      Despite the beautiful title, this sequel to Under the Autumn Star is far inferior to the earlier book Unfortunately, this book focuses on the bourgeois flirtations and adultery of an uninteresting couple, the Falkenbergs The sad wife of the captain is depicted as such a frivolous, capricious woman, it s hard for the reader to empathize with her She s no Madame Bovary I would have much rather read about the narrator s wanderings The epilogue provides a brief taste of the much interesting book th [...]

    24. David on said:

      What one does must not be hopelessly at odds with what one is There s a large theatrical element in all of us we feel flattered at being taken for than we are The very favor of receiving life at all is handsome advance payment for all life s miseries, each single one I have no mission, no places I must visit I am just a wanderer setting out from a logger s cabin and coming back to it again it makes no difference where I am.

    25. Deirdre S on said:

      My 4 star review for The Wanderer is really for the first section, Under the Autumn Star On Muted Strings is fine but it s really just meant to resolve the relationship between Knut Pedersen and the Falkenburgs The imagery of the protagonist wandering around a snowy Norwegian countryside, with the lights of the farmsteads shining through the autumn dusk, creates a peaceful atmosphere that is both nostalgic and rather paradoxically timeless.

    26. jack on said:

      picked this up based on moe s review in xtra tuf zine the story line was appealing to me, but it just was not moving very well im unsure if it was the translation, but something about it just wasnt working will give it another go later.on second reading, i really enjoyed the first half the second half was a bit bogged down with the pining for a married woman bits still was far into it than last time.

    27. Mat on said:

      As with the other Hamsun works I ve read, he does a great job connecting you to Norwegian culture and the lifestlye As with his other works, Hamsun does a great job getting you to know the characters and keeps them there throughout the novel A story about life, change, and work, Wanderer is an entertaining read.

    28. Zach on said:

      A great book describing a fascinating lifestyle and told with a vaguely Eastern feel, like a precursor to Siddhartha, rather than the typical European style popular at the time I d call it On the Road back when being on the road meant you d probably die of exposure, but I can t stand On the Road and this, I enjoyed.

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