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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here By Renee Carlino Wish You Were Here Charlotte has spent her twenties adrift floating from interest to interest job to job and guy to guy searching for a spark but never quite finding it All she knows is that she won t discover it wo

  • Title: Wish You Were Here
  • Author: Renee Carlino
  • ISBN: 9781501105821
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wish You Were Here By Renee Carlino Charlotte has spent her twenties adrift, floating from interest to interest, job to job, and guy to guy, searching for a spark but never quite finding it All she knows is that she won t discover it working as a waitress at a pies and fries joint in Los Angeles or living with her fun but aimless best friend in a tiny apartment in the Arts District.Then Charlotte collides wCharlotte has spent her twenties adrift, floating from interest to interest, job to job, and guy to guy, searching for a spark but never quite finding it All she knows is that she won t discover it working as a waitress at a pies and fries joint in Los Angeles or living with her fun but aimless best friend in a tiny apartment in the Arts District.Then Charlotte collides with Adam, a gorgeous and soulful painter who seems just as lost as she feels Their instant connection turns into a midnight drink and a whirlwind night of champagne, Chinese food, and the kind of conversation that only happens in romantic comedies But the next morning, Adam gives Charlotte the cold shoulder, leaving her confused and hurt and wondering if the few odd moments between them the night before were red flags in disguise.Months later, Charlotte hasn t been able to shake Adam, so she decides to find out what happened the morning after their magical night together This fateful decision rewrites their wild love story, but what Charlotte doesn t know yet is that the ending has already been written.
    Wish You Were Here By Renee Carlino

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    One thought on “Wish You Were Here

    1. Christy on said:

      5 Stars Your art, our memories, the memories people have of us makes us immortal.When you love someone, whether it be your family, friends, partners, whatever, it s like planting a little seedling of yourself inside of their hearts I can always count on Renee Carlino to write stunning stories Wish You Were Here is an emotional, poignant, and beautiful story of love, loss, and soul mates This is one of those books that rocked me to my core I started reading it, and to be honest, it didn t hook me [...]

    2. Karen Mc on said:

      Have you ever read a book that has moved you so much and means than you can pen into words I m still MESMERIZED so UNEQUIVOCALLY MOVED by Renee Carlino s words in Wish You Were Here, a story that STUNNED ME SPEECHLESS A story that made me meltde me breakde me thinkde me feel Wish You Were Here made my HEART BLEED and my SOUL SOAR, and I can t stop feeling this romance.I knew right away that this story was SPECIAL I knew that Wish You Were Here is the kind of story that sticks, the soul stirring [...]

    3. Deanna on said:

      My reviews can also be seen at deesradreadsandreviews.wordprThis novel didn t turn out to be what I was expecting I m not a big romance reader and when I started reading this I started to get a bit worried However, I ended up getting carried away with the story and quite enjoyed it.Charlotte is in her twenties, lives with her bestie, Helen and has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up She s had many odd jobs and just as many odd men No reallyry odd men One who freaked out every time he [...]

    4. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer on said:

      FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I promise to love you forever As long as there is love in this world, we will be a part of it Renee Carlino takes us on another emotionally charged and utterly heartbreaking journey in her latest novel, WISH YOU WERE HERE I get why so many people love this story and have cried their eyes out, but I felt a little let down because I didn t have the same experience My heart was definitely broken but I think the fact that I loved both men in this story pr [...]

    5. Danielle ❤️ Pretty Mess Reading ❤️ on said:

      4.25 STARS For my unfiltered reviews, giveaways and , check out my blog prettymessreadingWish You Were Here took me on an emotional and wonderful journey of love, loss, and healing I do hope you get a chance to read it for yourself to see if you can the same fulfillment as I did This books makes you question if you can really fall in love with someone in just one night.I normally don t feel the authenticity of insta love in books but I felt it here Renee Carlino betrayed it beautifully.Charlotte [...]

    6. Jennifer Kyle on said:

      4.5 Stars How long have we been in love I was completely in love with the story but I m still not sure I liked the unexpected turn the story takes at the halfway point Regardless, Renee Carlino did a wonderful job with the characters, the humor, the love, and even the sorrow Love is a wordless secret it s an inside joke Only the two of you have to understand it.

    7. Aestas Book Blog on said:

      I promise to love you forever As long as there is love in this world, we will be a part of it OMG OMG I m wiping tears as I write this review This book was amazing and I honestly did not expect it to take the direction that it did and my gosh HOLY FEELS I mean, that epilogue especially was so emotional To give you a quick idea of what this book is about, the heroine bumps into a complete stranger on the street one night and they just connect After an amazing night together though, something abou [...]

    8. Pearl Angeli on said:

      4 Stars When you love someone, whether it be your family, friends, partners, whatever, it s like planting a seedling of yourself inside of their hearts I was downright emotional after reading this book Wish You Were Here was so deep, so heartbreaking and powerful The plot wasn t what I expected to go but it completely surprised me and it turned my world upside down.The story centers around Charlotte Ann Martin She s someone who doesn t seem to have a sense of purpose Along with her other jobs, s [...]

    9. Chelsea Humphrey on said:

      1.5 STARS rounded to 2Well, no one is bummed than I am that I didn t love this like everyone else did I think it just came down to personal preference and what I could and could not overlook in the plot I couldn t connect with Charlotte which I think made the rest of the book feel like a dud Not here to bash, so I ll end on a positive note that I did appreciate the author s sense of humor and compelling style of writing For that, I ll go ahead and try her other books that I have on my shelf.

    10. Shannon Moore on said:

      Some books you pick up because they sound entertaining, and some books you pick up because you re already a fan of the author I m a relatively new reader to Renee Carlino, have been curious about her writing and kept seeing all of the buzz for this book, so it was definitely on my radar But then I started and was granted so much than just a story about two people falling in love It s about finding yourself, even when you don t know where to start looking It s about embracing life with a sunny o [...]

    11. Andie on said:

      4.5 bittersweet starsIt s not everyday a story comes along, sweeps you off your feet and then completely wrecks your soul Wish You Were Here took me on a very emotional journey, all the while teaching me some very important lessons in love, life, loss, and finding yourself through the ashes Definitely one of my favorite reads so far this year Carlino is an auto buy author for me so I didn t even have to read the blurb to know I had to read this book Going straight in without any pre conceived id [...]

    12. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ on said:

      live Wish You Were 4.5 5 Unique Stars Your art,our memories,the memories people have of us makes us immortal.When you love someone,whether it be your family,friends,partners,whatever,it s like planting a little seedling of yourself inside of their hearts 3Omg this book ruined me, I finished it two days ago and still thinking about it Wish you Were Here is an unforgettable,emotional,intense,heartbreaking and sweet story.When it comes to Renee I can t pick which book is my favorite because all of [...]

    13. Paige on said:

      5 All the Stars StarsThis is one of the most poignant love stories I have ever read My heart is so incredibly full even as my eyes hurt from crying It was just so ubeliveably powerful I started and didn t stop because it would have been impossible to put this gorgeous story down If there is one book you read this year, make it this bookC provided to A is for Alpha B is for Books for honest review.

    14. Kelly (and the Book Boar) on said:

      Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum This is yet another book with a fairly high rating that I found to be meh so I m going to channel my inner Old Man Potter before I even start In the land of 2 Stars means it was okay and that s exactly what this was to me I didn t hate it, so I can t give it 1 Star, and I started reading with my morning coffee on Sunday and was finished before lunch while also doing all of the chores I hate and cooking muffins for my growly children so, if nothing else, i [...]

    15. Gabby on said:

      I love Renee Carlino, Before We Were Strangers is one of my favorite books of all time, so it kills me to say I really didn t like this book A one star review might seem extremely harsh, but I honestly couldn t think of one thing I actually liked about this story This book follows this girl named Charlotte who is a waitress in Los Angeles, randomly one night she meets this guy named Adam who recently quit his job as a lawyer to paint full time They share one night together, and then he acts weir [...]

    16. MELISSA *Mel Reader* on said:

      4 Stars As long as there is love in this world, we will be a part of it Charlotte Martin is a 27 yr old woman living in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles with her best friend Helen She s been through many career choices is still finding herself She s currently working as a waitress at a cafe hasn t had any luck finding her Mr Right One evening she randomly meets a man named Adam the feeling is almost indescribable She feels such a strong connection to this man an intense need to know him [...]

    17. FMABookReviews on said:

      Love is a wordless secret it s an inside joke Only the two of you have to understand it Absolutely stunning and tragically beautiful, Wish You Were Here , is an emotion filled love story that will hold your heart captive and make you question your thoughts on life This is by far, my favorite Renee Carlino book It was poignant, it was daring and it was beautiful I cried buckets of tears, my heart ached and I laughed a little, tooIS is what true love is finding your soul mate and caring for and lo [...]

    18. Bex | on said:

      Beautiful Absolutely, stunningly beautiful And spectacular, and powerful, and heartbreaking I just don t have enough adjectives to describe my feelings for this book I ve only read one other book by Renee Carlino, and I enjoyed it, but she brought everything to the table with this story I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with these characters, and the story left me bereft yet hopeful and happy the hangover is real, y all Wish You Were Here is a gorgeous must read and one of my favorite books of [...]

    19. Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" on said:

      An ARC has been provided by Atria Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion4,5 no tissues left stars.This book was so emotional that I want to write a different reviewWhat you ll get is my own interview while reading the book I think it will be the best way to convey the many emotions I went through What made you request this book I always wanted to read one of Renee Carlino s books but never had the opportunity When I learned an ARC of her latest novel was ready I read the blurb and [...]

    20. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰ on said:

      hm is is what I did while reading this book during the WHOLE book I loved the story At first I was scared that it was going to be a love triangle thingy and I hate those And yes, there are some triangly things, but it s not a triangle at all.I loved it I loved both guys and I cried a lot.Read it Don t be afraid It s an amazingly beautiful love story It s so heartbreakingly sad and moving and sweet and funny and ugh just read it

    21. AC Book Blog (Anne Christine) on said:

      5 Tear Jerking Stars Nothing, I just wish I wish he were here Oh boy I m a hot mess right now I didn t expect this book to be everything that it was I love Rene Carlino s writing because she has a way with words that creates these epic love stories that are raw and real This story far exceeded my expectations It s a story with layers and it was thought provoking It not only kept me thinking about Charlotte and Adam for days, but it kept me thinking about life, friendship, relationships, and how [...]

    22. Rachel Reads Ravenously on said:

      Swear on This Life is one of my all time favorite books, and I was very much looking forward to reading this one I really didn t like this book, mostly because of the characters I felt they were severely underdeveloped Charlotte was supposed to be so insightful, yet behaved like an oblivious child most of the book Adam reminded me of the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie discovered she was dating a man with ADD even though I completely understand why his behavior was erratic And Seth came [...]

    23. Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) on said:

      4.5 starsI love it when I come across a book that pulls on my heartstrings in the best possible way I know when I pick up a Ren e Carlino book that it will have the perfect blend of inspiration and suffering.I easily related to Charlotte and her uninspired, directionless life She has changed college majors and career goals several times Even her love life is stagnant since Her lack of confidence causes her to sabotage relationships, although she freely admits she has crap taste in men.Adam is in [...]

    24. Tina on said:

      I so wanted to read this book and was disappointed that NetGalley did not give me access To my delight I saw it was only 2.99 on my kindle app I m so glad I read it.What a story I loved Renee Carlino s writing It was not quite what I was expecting but surprised me in a good way Such a touching storyI was sobbing in parts you might need a few tissues but it really made you think about relationships and love The story is about finding love and losing it About resilience and new beginnings.Charlott [...]

    25. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ on said:

      4 4.5 s I have to admit this book was a little awkward in the beginning The characters are awkward, the dialog is awkward and the plot felt awkward sure didn t feel like a Renee Carlino story But then something emotional happened and I was sucked inank goodness Charlotte or Charlie is a free spirit trying to find her way in the world She s tried a few different careers but nothing seems to fit Her history with men is the same way but one night she meets Adam and at least that changes But againer [...]

    26. Jacqueline's Reads on said:

      DNF at 50%I was really nervous starting a Renee Carlino book I have given this author raving reviews and I have given this author poor reviews I noticed the reviews of this book split between two sides You either liked it A LOT or you didn t A LOT.I am in the latter I did not like this book at all I should have read the blurb and realized what I was getting myself into ALSO When people tell me that view spoiler they cry in this one hide spoiler That is a spoiler in itself and I realized what was [...]

    27. Kindling Micky on said:

      DNF 40%I don t know if this is just me but I found the writing hugely chaotic Clearly there was some cognitively degenerative condition going on with Adam I didn t like Charlotte at all, nor Seth I found the Helen Roddy storyline ridiculous and I m not of a mind to continue What do you do when you don t like even one character

    28. Susan on said:

      Wish You Were HereRenee CarlinoReceived from NetgalleyHoly cow It took me over twelve hours to finally write this review WISH YOU WERE HERE shredded me and I still can not let this heart breaking story go If you want and need a cry ugly session, this is the book for you I read it in one sitting, unable to stop, and not wanting to I have never read Renee Carlino before but I am now the proud owner of her backlist I will spread them out over time as my heart can t take too much breaking all at onc [...]

    29. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ on said:

      ALL THE STARS One word for this book breathtaking Breathtaking in its beauty, emotions, and hidden lessons on life and love Perfection This book evoked so many emotions for me, I can t begin to verbalized them It s a journey in life for our heroine, Charlotte aka Charlie, or Fatbutt Renee Carlino has the ability to build such endearing characters, I never seem to forget them Her stories are sometimes quite heavy on emotions, but she truly lessens the load with her humor One of my favorite heroes [...]

    30. Jessica on said:

      I ve always been a fan of Renee Carlino and when I saw the cover of this book, I knew that I had to read it I had no idea, though, that this would be an emotional book that would really pull at my heartstrings Charlotte has settled into the routine of living with her best friend, dating different guys, and working at the diner So when one night with Adam turns her world upside down, Charlotte knows that Adam is different But in the morning, Adam gives her the cold shoulder and makes Charlotte ev [...]

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