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The Great and Secret Show

The Great and Secret Show By Clive Barker The Great and Secret Show Clive Barker s bestseller Weaveworld astonished readers with his visionary range establishing him as a master of fabulist literature Now with The Great and Secret Show he rises to new heights In thi

  • Title: The Great and Secret Show
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • ISBN: 9780060933166
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Great and Secret Show By Clive Barker Clive Barker s bestseller Weaveworld astonished readers with his visionary range, establishing him as a master of fabulist literature Now, with The Great and Secret Show he rises to new heights In this unforgettable epic he wields the full power and sweep of his talents Succinctly put, says Barker, it s about Hollywood, sex and Armageddon Memory, prophecy and fantaClive Barker s bestseller Weaveworld astonished readers with his visionary range, establishing him as a master of fabulist literature Now, with The Great and Secret Show he rises to new heights In this unforgettable epic he wields the full power and sweep of his talents Succinctly put, says Barker, it s about Hollywood, sex and Armageddon Memory, prophecy and fantasy the past, the future, and the dreaming moment between are all one country living one immortal day To know that is Wisdom To use it is the Art Armageddon begins with a murder in the Dead Letter Office in Omaha A lake that has never existed falls from the clouds over Palomo Grove, CA Young passion blossoms, as the world withers with war The Great and Secret Show has begun on the stage of the world Soon the final curtain must fall In this, the First Book of the Art, Barker has created a masterpiece of the imagination that explores the uncharted territory within our secret lives and most private hearts Sprawling, ambitious, triumphantly magical and satisfying, The Great and Secret Show is what the rest of life is all about.
    The Great and Secret Show By Clive Barker

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    • The Great and Secret Show Best Download || [Clive Barker]
      411 Clive Barker

    One thought on “The Great and Secret Show

    1. Paul Nelson on said:

      How can I best describe The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker, well if you imagine the start being at one end of a swimming pool, and the swimming pool is filled with jelly or jello to some made from a cocktail of your favourite alcoholic spirits and liqueurs And to reach the end you ve got to wade through this Olympic sized jelly filled swimming pool, right, so chances are you re going to enjoy a fair portion of it before you get full anyway There s going to be some enjoyment, mixed in with [...]

    2. Apatt on said:

      To label The Great and Secret Show a horror novel would be to do it a disservice Arty horror would be closer to the mark but that sounds silly and would still be inadequate Dark fantasy sounds good to me though it deemphasizes the horror aspect of it a little too much, may be it is phantasm than fantasy Not that labels really matter, a good book is a good book regardless of whatever label you slap on it I am only going on about it just to have some kind of intro To tell you what this book is ab [...]

    3. Natalie on said:

      This book bordered on a religious revelation to me I absolutely adore the style it is written in and the subject matter tears at the fabric of your understanding of reality I questioned what I know in a way that harkens back to Plato s The Cave Is reality real or is it just shadows on the wall inside something bigger than I can understand Clive Barker has a way of making dark and sinister characters intriguing and not nightmare inducing.

    4. Fabian on said:

      It s easy to measure the reader s enthusiasm with novels such as this one Eager and excited, the pages go by fast on the other hand, when it lags it is extremely languid The switching of character s allegiances is a cool trick which Barker has undoubtedly mastered for no one is entirely good nor entirely evil always, its just a matter of selfishness also his mythology making abilities are outstanding This however, is overdone I mean, several key characters are spirited away for the last and over [...]

    5. Adam Light on said:

      Even better the second time around If I could rate it higher, I would Of course, I believe this is essential reading for horror dark fantasy fans I will be revisiting the sequel, Everville, next.

    6. Matt Nielsen on said:

      This book is a trip and a half It is weird and visceral yet I couldn t put it down The imagery in it is sometimes graphic and downright nasty there is a scene where one of the main characters is fascinated with a back room sex show in a bar in Mexico where a woman is having sex with a dog and it describes it in intimate detail but it keeps your curiosity peaked and keeps you wondering what is going to happenWell I finished it last night and I gotta say wow This Clive Barker guy has a hell of an [...]

    7. Cody | codysbookshelf on said:

      Mind was in matter, always That was the revelation of Quiddity The sea was the crossroads, and from it all possibilities sprang Before everything, Quiddity Before life, the dream of life Before the thing solid, the solid thing dreamt And mind, dreaming or awake, knew justice, which was therefore as natural as matter, its absence in any exchange deserving of than a fatalistic shrug Behind everything all of life and non life is Quiddity a metaphysical dream sea, a sort of collective consciousness [...]

    8. Jeff on said:

      In an exercise to get in touch with my deceased teenage self, I decided to read one of the books that really got me into reading and, incidentally, writing Having noted already that as the palate of age matures, the enjoyment of things past lessens, I wanted the familiar nostalgia of a book from my shelf that had my old, perhaps slightly smaller, fingerprints.The first of an incomplete trilogy, The Great and Secret Show is a novel of fantasy, horror, and sex I must say that part of me was pleasa [...]

    9. Lee Thompson on said:

      An epic journey full of beautifully dark events and the characters who shape those events Barker is such an original Looking forward to reading the sequel to this before the year is out.

    10. Squire on said:

      A gorgeous, sensuous dream of a novel that is, not surprisingly, about the stuff of dreams Barker s signature wild mix of fantasy, sex and horror is on full display in this apocalyptic story as is his richly evocative prose I lost myself in this story for hours on end and even ignored my dog s feeding time twice sorry, Jake This is the kind of virtuoso performance I have come to expect from Barker and what I expected, and didn t get, from The Scarlet Gospels.I do have to say that I found this bo [...]

    11. Michael Fierce on said:

      One of the worst books I ve ever read Especially when you consider 1 I ve been a huge fan of Clive Barker since the earliest part of his career.2 I have met and and talked with him briefly on 4 different occasions over the years, thought he was as special a guy as he is a writer, and admit I d probably give him a slightly favorable rating because of that.3 I would easily give everything I ve previously read of his a 4 or 5 rating and consider most of his books classics in the genres of Horror a [...]

    12. Ben Babcock on said:

      The Great and Secret Show reminds me of the only Tim Powers novel I ve read, Last Call And that, for anyone wanting a one sentence review contingent upon understanding the nature of my opinion of Last Call , is that.In many ways, coming across a book that doesn t interest one even though it s a good book makes writing a review far difficult than coming across a bad book But if one truly reads widely and it s something I take pride in doing then it will happen So what then I could try to praise [...]

    13. Nick on said:

      The summer I read this book was the summer I changed my mind about the horror genre Previously, I had read some subpar Stephen King and some even subpar Dean Koontz A friend recommended the Great and Secret Show to me, saying it was like King s The Stand, but better I skeptically started the book and was immediately glued to the page Barker mixes dark fantasy and horror elements comprising a concoction that I ve never found in any other book The story is near impossible to explain without makin [...]

    14. Dreadlocksmile on said:

      First published in 1989, The Great And Secret Show formed the first book of The Art proposed trilogy The novel is a complex weave of storylines, woven together to form this impressive and compelling tale of fantasy that sends you into a world with seemingly no limits The novel not only opens up the reader s own imagination but brings forward suggestive images and ideas that remain with you for years to come Barker manages to capture your attention from the start and keep you gripped throughout t [...]

    15. Wordsmith on said:

      After reading Everville I m fired up again THAT S Book II of The Art A five BTW This review is being cobbled out, line by line So many transfogmurations I ve lost count Still kicking it around though Ok, granted, the final result is slower than waiting for Christmas Day on a leap year, but even that day is finally reached.I m also sharing some relevant, revealing quotes given by Clive Barker relating not only to TGASS but to the nature of his general concepts of the dream state, the divine and d [...]

    16. Elizabeth Holloway on said:

      I have long considered myself to be a collector of good horror in itself a seemingly diametrically opposed descriptor But this book really rips the sheet off of the things we don t dare ever face, let alone think about while accentuating their terrible beauty in muted fascination managing to engulf you in a very accessible series of fantastical and, at first glance, unrelated sub plots events that culminate in than a few hints at revolutionary concepts concerning the philosophy and religion, of [...]

    17. Susan on said:

      This was one of the worst books I ve ever read very possibly THE worst I am just amazed by all of the positive feedback on This was my first Clive Barker novel, and it will be my last I almost stopped reading it too many times to count, but I just hate stopping novels I want to get through to the end and be able to rate it as a whole which was absolute torture in this case Where to begin It felt like I was reading a screenplay for some cheesy horror film with a budget of 500 I didn t give a damn [...]

    18. George on said:

      First of all I d like to say that I am absolutely fascinated by Clive Barker, his writings and his images Once I saw a documentary about him, in which his drawings of various monsters were shown, they were awesome What s , he said he just saw these images in his mind he didn t think them up, he just saw them After I read Imajica and saw Clive in the flesh when he was visiting the premiere of Lord of Illusions here in Amsterdam, I just knew I would always try to keep track of whatever he s doing [...]

    19. Matthew on said:

      This is one of the best books I have read it has everything you want to read about intense gore, weird sex, and awesome characters A large number of characters appear in the book, but the book is long enough for the reader to get to know each of them What appears to be a mess of different storylines at first, slowly but eventually weaves together to form a truly impressive tale When starting the book, it s hard to imagine what kind of story this could possibly be, but stick with it and you will [...]

    20. Kristen on said:

      This book was so awesome It is really intense and suspenseful, I couldn t put it down and ended up reading it in like three days The book is about a battle between good and evil, waged over possession of the dream sea called Quiddity which I guess is essentially the collective human subconscious The battle is between two hyper evolved humans who can raise their own soldiers from, respectively, the dreams and fears of humans These soldiers are called terata fears and hallucingia dreams There are [...]

    21. James Parsons on said:

      This was the first of what was a suggested trilogy from Barker, now exploring and telling a very creative, inventive fantastical and spiritual while dream like tale Not as truly mind blowing and stunning in scope as his immense Imajica novel, this first part of this tale which can be read as a single book, is strange, unusual, adventurous and almost unpredictable.It draws in elements of fantasy, religious tale, spirituality, dream and reality and also at times horror and terror as well written a [...]

    22. April Cote on said:

      I couldn t do I freaking tried, I really did It got so many rave reviews so my hopes were high The beginning was great The concept really worked, but at part three it was like the book was taken over by another author, a bad one at that The characters became empty, there was nothing to them And the supposed scary parts, to me, were B movie laughable Not scary or even creepy at all The dialogue became flat as well as the characters I had to stop The thought that after 600 something pages, there w [...]

    23. Jules on said:

      Clive Barker is my favourite author, because he s been taking my mind to places I didn t think possible, since I was 10 years old I d love to re read many of his books This is one of my favourite books by him.

    24. Olethros on said:

      Un ejemplo m s del conflicto entre los conceptos y la ejecuci n G nero Narrativa fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta En el libro El gran espect culo secreto publicaci n original The Great and Secret Show, 1989 conocemos a Randolph Jaffe, un don nadie que no encaja en ning n sitio ni consigue mantener ning n trabajo Cuando encuentra uno en la Oficina Central de Correos de Omaha, en concreto en el departamento de cartas devueltas o perdidas, empieza a leer las misivas y comienza a ser consciente de mucha [...]

    25. Adam on said:

      I read this shortly after reading King s The Stand The book focuses on the idea of crossroads as a point of interest, and becomes the prevalent metaphor throughout the narrative Quiddity, the dream sea between our world and another, is encountered three times by everyone who lives in our world when we are born, when we die, and when we sleep for the first time next to our first love.This is book one of The Art which is a familiar idea but one less explored in such terms as Barker explores it It [...]

    26. Steve on said:

      Enjoyed the beginning, but then the book got a little messy Would give it three and a half stars if I could.

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