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A House at the Bottom of a Lake

A House at the Bottom of a Lake By Josh Malerman A House at the Bottom of a Lake Both seventeen Both afraid But both saying yes It sounded like the perfect first date canoeing across a chain of lakes sandwiches and beer in the cooler But teenagers Amelia and James discover someth

  • Title: A House at the Bottom of a Lake
  • Author: Josh Malerman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A House at the Bottom of a Lake By Josh Malerman Both seventeen Both afraid But both saying yes.It sounded like the perfect first date canoeing across a chain of lakes, sandwiches and beer in the cooler But teenagers Amelia and James discover something below the water s surface that changes their lives forever.It s got two stories.It s got a garden.And the front door is open.It s a house at the bottom of a lake.For tBoth seventeen Both afraid But both saying yes.It sounded like the perfect first date canoeing across a chain of lakes, sandwiches and beer in the cooler But teenagers Amelia and James discover something below the water s surface that changes their lives forever.It s got two stories.It s got a garden.And the front door is open.It s a house at the bottom of a lake.For the teens, there is only one rule no questions And yet, how could a place so spectacular come with no price tag While the duo plays house beneath the waves, one reality remains Just because a house is empty, doesn t mean nobody s home.
    A House at the Bottom of a Lake By Josh Malerman

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    • [PDF] A House at the Bottom of a Lake | by ✓ Josh Malerman
      273 Josh Malerman

    One thought on “A House at the Bottom of a Lake

    1. Chelsea Humphrey on said:

      Well, I kind of enjoyed this I m not 100% sure what I just read, but I feel like it s been marketed unfairly I wouldn t consider this horror it might be stretching things to call it suspense I was slightly bored throughout the entire novella but did find bits and pieces interesting, especially toward the end If I had to narrow it down I feel as though this would fit well under a YA Magical Realism A quick read and I did feel the ending was strong, so I decided to bump the initial 2 up to a 3 Sta [...]

    2. Lala BooksandLala on said:

      This is NOT a book for everyone Please keep that in mind when seeing my 5 star rating and proceed at your own risk.

    3. Carol on said:

      We found a dangerously magic place A place to fall in love Two adventurous teens on a first date happen across a dark tunnel just barely wide enough to squeeze through in the green canoe with the brown trim And, beyond the tunnel, they are shocked to discover A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKEa creepy house they must investigate, a mysterious house full of the bizarre, a house they must keep a secret as the presence begins to consume their every thought, a house where they must be careful and must [...]

    4. Paul O'Neill on said:

      WTF A hauntingly beautiful, enchanting novella by Josh Malerman, who probably gets my author of 2016 award His writing is just so good in this and in Bird Box Apologies, you ve probably seen me mention Bird Box at every opportunity but it s just that good And this story proves that Josh isn t a one hit wonder It s a shame he hasn t got many books released as I d dive straight in if he did My favourite thing about Malermans writing It s quite old school It s subtle and he lets you come to conclus [...]

    5. karen on said:

      Just because a house is empty, doesn t mean nobody s homeis is the perfect tagline for a horror story and between the ominous promise of that line and my having enjoyed malerman s full length books, Bird Box and Black Mad Wheel, well it did not take me long to whip out eleven of my dollars for what i thought would be a sweet little nightmare and while i have a shelf for titles that lie, i do not have a shelf for publisher names who lie, but i gotta say, if you are a publisher calling yourself th [...]

    6. Karl on said:

      Two and one half stars rounded up to three.My thoughts on this novella are that A House at the Bottom of a Lake is incorrectly marketed One is led to believe that this is a horror novella Wrong While marketed by This Is Horror there is no evidence that any essence of horror has been exposed to this work Even if one hired the world s best consulting detective, horror could not be discovered within these pages In the first sixty or seventy pages of the book, the author Josh Malerman, presents to t [...]

    7. Irmak on said:

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    8. Marvin on said:

      Josh Malerman is quickly cementing his reputation as one of the best and most original horror writers on the scene His first novel, Bird Box constructed almost literally a horror out of nothing and gave a new meaning to the term see no evil as its protagonists fear of seeing created a haunting agoraphobia In his new novella, A House at the Bottom of a Lake, we have a even quieter but still original horror tale that somehow serves as a setting for one of the most non horror themes you can find Fi [...]

    9. Aslı Dağlı on said:

      Nihayet bir eviri daha bitti Kafes i sevenler, G l n Dibindeki Ev e de bay lacaklar K sac k bir kitap zaten merak ve gerilim dolu Muhtemelen kendinize bir demlik dolusu ay ya da kahve demleyecek veya dolapta bekleyen o so uk k rm z arab karacak, koltu unuza g m lecek, dizinize bir battaniye ekecek ve G l n Dibindeki Ev i en fazla saatte okuyacaks n z yle bir kitap nk Ne b rakabileceksiniz elinizden ne de s vmeden durabileceksiniz Zira Josh Malerman yine bize pek kibar davranm yor, b t n duyular [...]

    10. Ron on said:

      I almost called on Grumpy Cat for another review appearance But Grumps is for special occasions, so I ll save him for another time Here s the thing with this book It just wasn t scary I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up at one point, but that may well have been the ceiling fan Now, if you have fear of the water, especially being under the water down where it s dark and creepy, and something may be sidling up close, unbeknownst to you then it may be a different experience I don t thin [...]

    11. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) on said:

      BooktubeAThon Challenge 7 Read a book with a person on the cover THEYRE LITTLE AND TINY UP IN THE CORNER BUT THEYRE THERE COMPLETE This was weird af I was terrified for a good chunk of this book bc the thought of deep water scares me to no end, but the ending was really dumb and did nothing for me Meh Meh Meh.

    12. Murat Dural on said:

      Kafes in ard ndan Josh Malerman dan okudu um ikinci kitap Sayfa say s olarak d k, bu onu tam bir k sa s rede okunacak g zel bir kitap yap yor S per ak c , dili net ve tam tad nda, enteresan bir kurgu Ama Aynen Kafes i in de s yledi im gibi, bu kadar iyi bir hayal g c nde b ylesi bir final Bir kitap yazm biri olarak l tfen abart yorum sanmay n, na izane olarak finali Y NE be enmedim Tabii ki yazar n d ncesine, kurgusuna son derece sayg duyuyorum ama bu kurgudan ger ekten ok iyi bir korku gerilim [...]

    13. Ellen Gail on said:

      This is how you write a novella You come in, bang out some freaky and beautiful shit, and leave me wanting Damn you Malerman Damn you.There was no sense of being watched, not exactly, it was something much less focused than that As if all that blackness was one dumb eye, pointed in his direction, capable of simply observing the small teenaged boy at the base of the house, with no brain to transmit the news to Not watched But seen.Lakes are at the top of a list of shit that freaks me out Specifi [...]

    14. Mindi on said:

      Loved this story This is how you do a novella I really enjoyed Malerman s first novel, Bird Box, so I was super excited to discover that he had this little novella coming out I was going to buy the ebook copy, but I opted for the paperback, since the cover looked intriguing, and I always prefer physical copies over digital ones I m so glad I did The cover is perfect, with beautiful imagery and deep blue coloring that makes you feel as if you are under the lake, looking up at the house.The concep [...]

    15. Сибин Майналовски on said:

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    16. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) on said:

      Well I am a fan of Josh Malerman so was excited to read this novella To be honest I went into it with an open mind and was glad I did as this was something quite different We have a young couple, a first date, a lake, a boat and one hell of a discovery Not one I d like to have made personally A house with a garden underwater Yes, it s true The book gradually pulls you in until you are literally hanging to see what is going to happen next It s haunting and special.I will say the book wasn t as cr [...]

    17. Shane Douglas Keene on said:

      Horror fans have been graced with some extremely good fortune over the past few years The fiction of fear has been reinvigorated by some great veteran authors and, importantly, by some uber talented young authors who are bringing new voices and fresh ideas to the genre The reason I say importantly is that those younger faces are the future of the genre Their popularity and success is crucial to the vibrancy and variety of selections we will have from here on out The good news is that many of t [...]

    18. Glenn Rolfe on said:

      Josh Malerman, author of the acclaimed novel, BIRD BOX, returns with this novella, A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE So this novella is interesting That s the best word I can find to describe it The story follows two seventeen years old kids over a couple of weeks where they meet, fall in love, and discover a house beneath a lake As they dive in and explore the house, they are also exploring each other and all the possibilities of love The house is furnished, and where things should be water logge [...]

    19. David Brian on said:

      Two and a half stars.I bought this book on the back of having read Josh Malerman s The One You Live With, which was an excellent short story Given the strength of that previous effort, I expected to be blown away by A House at the Bottom of a lake, but sadly this one didn t work for me I had a number of issues with A House at the Bottom of a Lake, and to be fair not all of them were down to the author The book is published by This is Horror, and is marketed as horror dark fantasy, and whereas I [...]

    20. Tedy on said:

      Bulgarian review bookishipster.wordpress 2Amazing, consuming story about two teenagers who fall in love and a house full of secrets Josh Malerman didn t disappoint me and left me than satisfied with how it all wrapped up I wish it was a bit longer though, that s why i m giving it 3.5 stars.

    21. Христо Блажев on said:

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    22. Ezgi Tülü on said:

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    23. Andreas on said:

      The darkness was present, even when it was lit I ve always wanted to be able to breath underwater When I was younger and people asked me what superpower I would like to have, breathing underwater would be my immediate answer, always You know those videos and gifs of people diving and doing summersaults into abysses in the ocean I could stare at them for hours and always feel the same mix of excitement and fear So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I read about this novella.Two teens on a f [...]

    24. Denny on said:

      The kind of horror that harks back to the classic style where every day objects can become terrifying I look forward to everything Mr Malerman writes.

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