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Time and Chance

Time and Chance By Alan Brennert Time and Chance A classic novel from the bestselling author of Moloka i and HonoluluBefore Alan Brennert became a bestselling author of historical novels he wrote this lyrical fantasy in the vein of The Time Travele

  • Title: Time and Chance
  • Author: Alan Brennert
  • ISBN: 9780812531886
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Time and Chance By Alan Brennert A classic novel from the bestselling author of Moloka i and HonoluluBefore Alan Brennert became a bestselling author of historical novels, he wrote this lyrical fantasy in the vein of The Time Traveler s Wife Part love story, part deeply affecting character study, it is a literary tour de force chronicling the parallel lives of two men who were once the same man until,A classic novel from the bestselling author of Moloka i and HonoluluBefore Alan Brennert became a bestselling author of historical novels, he wrote this lyrical fantasy in the vein of The Time Traveler s Wife Part love story, part deeply affecting character study, it is a literary tour de force chronicling the parallel lives of two men who were once the same man until, as the poet Robert Frost wrote, Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler Thirteen years ago, Richard Cochrane left his small New England town to pursue his dreams of an acting career But on some other level of reality there is also a Rick Cochrane, who chose instead to set aside his dreams, marry the woman he loved, and raise a family Today, neither man is happy with the choice he made but as their lives, once separated by time and chance, now draw closer together, Richard and Rick are offered another a last chance to discover the road not taken Time and Chance displays the same vivid sense of time and place and the vibrant, memorable characters drawn with compassion, warmth, and humor that have made the author s historical novels national bestsellers and reading group favorites.
    Time and Chance By Alan Brennert

    Time and Chance A Novel Ballantine Reader s Now, in Time and Chance, she continues the ever captivating tale It was medieval England s immortal marriage Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, bound by passion and ambition, certain to leave a legacy of greatness But while lust would divide them, it was friendship and ultimately faith that brought bloodshed into their midst. Time and Chance by Alan Brennert Jan , Time and Chance is about the journey rather than the destination It s a book filled with conflict, love, tenderness and confusion all propped up by an intense emotional thread that seems to compliment the book well, without ever being overdone. Time and Chance Sharon Kay Penman The long awaited sequel to Sharon Kay Penman s acclaimed novel When Christ and His Saints Slept, Time and Chance recounts the tempestuous marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II in a magnificent story of love, power, ambition and betrayal. Ecclesiastes I saw something else under the sun The For time and chance happen to all For surely no man knows his time Like fish caught in a cruel net or birds trapped in a snare, so men are ensnared in an evil time that suddenly falls upon them Berean Study Bible Download Time and Chance by Sharon Kay Penman Mar , TIME AND CHANCE picks up where WHEN CHRIST AND HIS SAINTS SLEPT off In the second novel, we follow Henry II who was but a boy as his mother, Maude, fought for the throne In the end, Maude and her opponent tired each other out for almost twenty years, agreeing to leave the throne to her son. What the Bible says about Time and Chance The incident of the collapsed tower was in all likelihood a time and chance accident However, Jesus alluded to those who died as being sinners, and He implied that those in His audience were also sinners who deserved to die and would, unless they repented. Ecclesiastes NCV Time and Chance I also saw Time and Chance I also saw something else here on earth The fastest runner does not always win the race, the strongest soldier does not always win the battle, the wisest does not always have food, the smartest does not always become wealthy, and the talented one does not always receive praise Time and chance happen to everyone. Time and chance What s that United Church of God Mar , That result is, from a human perspective, time and chance Though God has not lost the ability to restrain Satan and his demons at will, humanity has forfeited God s protection by turning its collective back on Him. Time and chance Keith Simons Time and chance Ecclesiastes You probably think that the fastest runner will win the race Certainly, he deserves to win But if he trips, someone else may take the prize History proves that the strongest army does not always win the battle A lack of

    • ☆ Time and Chance ã Alan Brennert
      420 Alan Brennert

    One thought on “Time and Chance

    1. Vonia on said:

      This is marketed as a time travel book Which is not true at all There is no time travel Only the ability to swap lives in parallel universes alternate history Luckily, I found these concepts far intriguing than time travel Because I have always been a What if thinker, regretting choices I have made, from life changing ones like marrying or not, to miniscule ones like buying Frosted Flashes instead of Golden Grahams I am the first to admit how ridiculous this sounds, silly and futile After all, [...]

    2. Sarah on said:

      Time and Chance is about the journey rather than the destination It s a book filled with conflict, love, tenderness and confusion all propped up by an intense emotional thread that seems to compliment the book well, without ever being overdone If, at points, the plot did seem to lag, it does pick up and recover, especially during the last third of the book Time and Chance is an impressive character study, which manages to hook the reader while also forcing them to examine their own lives, and ch [...]

    3. Margaret on said:

      One man who becomes two men, Rick and Richard, take 2 paths 13 years before One man left his sweetheart to persue his acting dreams in NYC The other married the sweetheart and they built a life with her Neither man ends up happy with the path they took and wonders what if This was an interesting idea and I liked it to the end Fun summer read.

    4. Kathryn on said:

      This is the book I read on my Nook for my Third Tuesday Book Club meeting tomorrow night October 21, 2o14 I found it to be an interesting exploration of both alternative universes and second chances, with a good dose of circumstances and consequences tossed in I do not think it a great book, but it is an interesting read.Richard Cochrane is thirty five, and has one divorce and several failed relationships behind him, and no children He grew up in Appleton, New Hampshire, but broke up with his pr [...]

    5. Missy J on said:

      I read this book, because I wanted to read a book written by Alan Brennert His book Molokai has been highly praised, unfortunately the public library in my area, doesn t have this book in its shelves So I opted to read another book by this author, namely Time and Chance This book was written before Molokai , so my disappointment isn t too great His writing could ve only gotten better since Time and Chance.The story sounds interesting the protagonist could ve lived two different lives either choo [...]

    6. Sue on said:

      This is an earlier work by Alan Brennert, the same author of my current FAVORITE book, Moloka i This is the sole reason I bought the book Halfway through it, I was ready to give it only 2 stars It had an interesting premise a semi famous actor switches places with his alter ego who opted to marry his high school sweetheart instead of pursuing acting , but it just wasn t keeping my interest as the two men sorted through each other s lives But the last third of the book picked up, and I found myse [...]

    7. Susan on said:

      Really great book on second chances and dealing with your life choices Loved the writing and how each plot line was explored Both protagonists were complex, interesting characters, and I loved how there were just enough similarities to them believable as the same person who took different paths This book won t necessarily change my life but it was really stayed with me after I finished.

    8. Shannon Appelcline on said:

      A brilliant book about roads not walked, guilt, and second chances Brennert does a magnificent job of creating a deeply emotional story and imbuing its characters with real life Despite its science fiction trope, this is a book about people and the lives they live.

    9. Lucas on said:

      Wonderful The magical element of the novel is that it retains its power whether the fantastical parts are taken literally or not It is a surprisingly quick read, with very little filler at all A nice change of pace from some of the less focused works I have run across lately.

    10. John Neal on said:

      A truly wonderful book beautifully written, insightful, meaningful I plan to read it again a rare occurrence.

    11. Applehillcottage on said:

      I ve not read Brennert s famous book Moloka i which most everyone on Good Reads prefers But it s on my to read list now I m just saying that up front to let you know I have no comparison books But I really enjoyed Time and Chance The book literally showed up on a table all by itself where I work As I was reading the back page, someone compared it to Time and Again by Jack Finney That was all I needed, because if you haven t read Time and Again, go get it right now and leave yourself a couple of [...]

    12. Karen on said:

      3.5 Dark Matter meets Time Travelers Wife not as good as either but I still enjoy this kind of premise.

    13. Steven Saunders on said:

      I liked it A bit slow at times but some clever twists It was an easy read and I looked forward to reading it.

    14. Thomas on said:

      The first thing I ever read by Alan Brennert was The Third Sex , from The Best of Pulphouse It was about just that, a person who was neither male nor female It was a story about love, identity, and relationships, and it lingered with me long after I finished the story I had actually been exposed to Brennert before then through Weird Romance, which featured another of his stories, but this was the first fiction of his I read, and from that moment forward, I knew he was a writer to read.Fast forwa [...]

    15. Pam on said:

      I am very accustomed to reading young adult novels This was not a young adult novel This was very adult and I am not entirely comfortable with what I just read.So what did I think about this book Well, the premise of this book is that there are two entities, one man, living parallel lives It is supposed to be a what if scenario What if you had made a different choice after college and married the woman you loved and gave up your acting career What if Debra had never aborted Paige What if Richard [...]

    16. Andrea on said:

      I very much enjoyed both the premise of this book and the actual reading of it It takes the idea that when we make those pivotal moments in our livesrhaps the moments that we replay what if over and over and over again another reality you actually make that other choice and your life plays out from there What happens if your two selves from those two separate decisions but one deciding event meet That is what happens in this book When I read the blurb, I was actually expecting a time travel book [...]

    17. Mandi on said:

      I just finished this book and am planning to add my full review later, but for now I just wanted to say a few things I love the premise of this book I found it a little slow for about the first third and had a little trouble getting into it After that, I became absorbed really quickly in the choices each of the main characters started making That said, I flew through that last half of the book, desperate to know how the whole story would be resolved, and ended up extremely disappointed The devel [...]

    18. Jenay on said:

      It was okay from beginning to end Many have commented on how this idea of getting to live out your parallel life from the path not taken is so original, but it s been done quite a few times and this was not one of the finest examples Many of the characters were unlikable and some of the choices the main character, Rick, made seemed drastic and didn t make sense It had good moments, but there were too many points in the book where I was bored at how predictable the story was view spoiler I litera [...]

    19. Jay on said:

      This is a novel by the author of another novel I enjoyed, Molok i, but in no way like that novel This novel addresses the question what would have happen if I had chosen a different path Richard a New York City stage and television actor has a sucessful career but is still not satisfied with his life Rick is employed by as an insurance claims adjuster, has a wife and two children and has a moderately comfortable life Richard and Rick are the the same person They just happen to take different pat [...]

    20. Violet on said:

      This is the story of Richard aka Rick Cochrane, who just so happen to be the same person, but when Mr Cochrane came to a fork in his life, Richard to one fork while Rick toook the other Years later for unknown reasons the paths of the two cross They switch places and see what their lives would have been like Richard thought he could change things that he had done But his mother still dies,and his friend is not much better in his life, just different attitude Do the two of them switch back to the [...]

    21. Michael Norwitz on said:

      Alan Brennert s novel about paths not taken, in which two versions of the same man Rick and Richard swap places It s very Twilight Zone ish, with an ending which is about emotion than and concern for scientific or even magical plausibility I could criticise the book for being predictable it certainly hits every single expected plot point Still, it is well written and the writer has a deft enough touch with human relationships that it is difficult not to get carried along by the narrative and en [...]

    22. LadyCalico on said:

      A real good read Somewhat confusing concept, but I decided to just let go of reality and enjoy It wasn t cut and dried neat One would expect the Rick Richard thing to balance out even in the end, or else have the selfish one being the one with the most to learn,but this story was too smart for cop outs I like that the author didn t take any predictible or easy way out in resolving this strange plot.

    23. Richbern on said:

      Clearly a first novel, the author has taken on than he can handle A What If story, where the same man somehow leading parallel lives switches the two with each leading the life of the other version Fantasy like this requires a deft hand, and while the author gets credit for trying he misses the mark often than not And although I brought to the book a healthy suspension of belief, there were glaring logic holes that couldn t be overcome.

    24. Yogilee on said:

      I loved the author s other books, Molok ai and Honolulu, so I knew I would appreciate the writing, however this wasn t as riveting It s an interesting concept to see how one s life would be different had we made different choices Brennart made me care about his character, and I liked the homage made to Finney, one of my favorite authors of time travel I do recommend this It made me think about, appreciate, and occasionally forgive myself for, the choices I ve made.

    25. Rachael Kenney on said:

      I am giving up on this book I loved Molokai by Alan Brennert so I thought I would like this book Nope I am giving up, and I rarely openly give up Usually the book sits dog eared on a shelf for ages This one is going straight to the donation bin Every minute thus far has been completely predictable and I don t want to spend the 4 5 hours it will take to get to the end and find out if it gets better.

    26. Susan Arena on said:

      I like Brennert s historical novels better This book was interesting in the way that he approached the road not taken in our lives The characters were hard for me to relate to but the contrast between city and small town life and the pursuit of a career and the giving up the dream to have family was well done It was interesting but not a gripping story If you like the author it is worth a read.

    27. Guna on said:

      This was a sort of fantasy, because the character was able to switch places with the himself who had made a different choice in life, but it takes place in the real, contemporary world Wonderful book.

    28. Sarah Renaye on said:

      I picked up this book because I loved Moloka i and Honolulu With this story the major plot points felt too easy, which made it hard to suspend belief and fully engage in the story A few of the major characters were despicable and there were too many with brief appearances that blended together.

    29. David Fiore on said:

      well written, skillfully plotted parallel worlds tale has a lot to say about the human tendency necessary for decision making to reduce bountiful possibilities to either or binaries which can become debilitating, if clung to in the years after a key decision is made , and says it well

    30. Amanda on said:

      I loved the smooth story of this book and the way that I was drawn to the characters.

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