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Hangman's Curse

Hangman's Curse By Frank E. Peretti Hangman s Curse One of the most popular Christian fiction titles ever written for teens this riveting book addresses the topic of peer abuse and its devastating effects The message of Hangman s Curse on the wounded

  • Title: Hangman's Curse
  • Author: Frank E. Peretti
  • ISBN: 0023755045362
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hangman's Curse By Frank E. Peretti One of the most popular Christian fiction titles ever written for teens, this riveting book addresses the topic of peer abuse and its devastating effects The message of Hangman s Curse on the wounded spirit is one that teens will never forget In this gripping mystery adventure a mysterious curse appears to be spreading throughout Baker High, attacking popular student athOne of the most popular Christian fiction titles ever written for teens, this riveting book addresses the topic of peer abuse and its devastating effects The message of Hangman s Curse on the wounded spirit is one that teens will never forget In this gripping mystery adventure a mysterious curse appears to be spreading throughout Baker High, attacking popular student athletes and immobilizing the student body with fear while Elijah and Elisha, teenage twins, must work to uncover the truth.
    Hangman's Curse By Frank E. Peretti

    Hangman s Curse Sep , They are assigned to work as undercover students and janitor in the Rogers High School, where a ghost is apparently haunting and threatening the students In the end, the Springfield family finds a hidden secret and reveals the truth Hangman s Curse Hangman s Curse film Hangman s Curse Rotten Tomatoes Sep , Hangman s Curse concerns the further exploits of the Veritas Group, a loose collective of people committed to researching supernatural mysteries. Hangman s Curse David Keith, Mel Harris Hangman s Curse is an adaptation of a book by a Christian author Frank Peretti , published by a Christian publisher, and promoted by Christian bookstores But the religious aspects of the book Hangman s Curse Veritas Project, by Frank E Peretti Jan , In this gripping mystery adventure a mysterious curse appears to be spreading throughout Baker High, attacking popular student ath One of the most popular Christian fiction titles ever written for teens, this riveting book addresses the topic of peer abuse and its devastating effects The message of Hangman s Curse Hangman s Curse The Veritas Project Their new assignment Hangman s Curse In Baker, Washington, three popular student athletes lie in an incoherent coma, with loss of muscle coordination, severe paranoia, and hallucinations It s whispered that they re victims of Abel Frye a curse Hangman s Curse Movie Edition Veritas Project Peretti Nov , The Veritas Project Hangman s Curse is the first episode of a series where the Springfields Nate, Sarah, Elijah and Elisha, along with their dog Max investigate the curse of Abel Frye

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      349 Frank E. Peretti

    One thought on “Hangman's Curse

    1. Raymond on said:

      I m gonna say it I don t like this book because it is touted as a Christian book What it means by Christian is limited to right wing concepts of Christianity.The author has no respect for real science, true diversity read the chapter entitled The Forbidden Hallway and probably would agree with, When I said during my presidential bid that I would only bring Christians and Jews into the government, I hit a firestorm What do you mean the media challenged me You re not going to bring atheists into t [...]

    2. Jerry on said:

      I m giving Hangman s Curse a positive review, but, frankly, I think I m a bit biased Why Well, the book was one of the few that I enjoyed during my middle and early high school years, and reading it again a few years ago as well as a third time this week has made me love it again In many ways, it was my introduction to not only Frank Peretti, but Christian fiction in general Teens and even adults will find enjoyment in Hangman s Curse an elderly friend from church even told me she read it and li [...]

    3. Yvonne on said:

      Very very good I wish there was to the series than just 2 books No fair, Frank Peretti

    4. Jill Williamson on said:

      In Baker, Washington, three football stars fall into mysterious, hallucinating comas Rumor is they are victims of Abel Frye, a dead student s ghost who curses those who would pick on the less popular Enter the Springfields, an undercover family of four who are secretly commissioned by the president to investigate strange mysteries, crimes, and unusual occurrences They are The Veritas Project Elijah and Elisha, teenage twins, go undercover at the school but what they find only leads to questions [...]

    5. Veronica on said:

      An AMAZING book Had me on the edge of my seat, even made me jump once SOOO GOOD

    6. Katie on said:

      Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book And, if anyone knows me really well, they know I am NOT a big fan of creepy crawlies soahere were parts where I was officially creeped out Reading this book late into the night, there were times that I stopped and checked around me to make sure there wasn t any spiders crawling out from under my bed or door P lol I love the Vertas project Elijah and Elisha and their parents make an awesome team While I think the next in the series, Nightmare Academy, is [...]

    7. Timothy on said:

      I finished this book in less than a day I could not put it down until just a while ago and had no clue it was after 4am Love the final couple chapters to draw this young adult novel to a close ving

    8. Amy on said:

      I love anything by Frank Peretti The Oath, The Prophet, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness are all terrific reads and excellent books As you can guess, I was pretty excited to read Hangman s Curse Specifically written for teenagers and the first book in The Veritas Project series, it turned out to be quite different from what I expected Elijah and Elisha pronounced E lee sha Springfield are not your average teenage twins Along with their parents, they are the Veritas Project Team, a [...]

    9. C.J. Darlington on said:

      Even from the start it s creepy Jim Boltz, star quarterback for Baker High School suddenly freaking out on the playing field Bizarre hex signs scratched on the lockers of other jocks gone crazy And the legendary Abel Frye, the ghost of a guy who killed himself in the 30 s, the whispered cause of it all.In Peretti s masterful style you ll follow the mysterious Veritas project, a family investigative team, as they attempt to unravel the secrets surrounding the strange Baker High events Undercover, [...]

    10. Victoria Gurr on said:

      This messege was a great messege for teens, the overall book was great I did cheat and see the movie first, but I think it was pretty good compared to what the book said verses the movie I wouldn t say it was scary just like a little freaky.

    11. Ron on said:

      Well done, young adult book A slightly different approach than his darkness books It worked for me it may not for others.

    12. Lance Cornell on said:

      High school age twins and their parents are undercover agents for a secret government agency and they are given their missions by the president.Ghosts, hallucinations, bullying, jocks and so much This is suitable for grades eight and ninth grade, maybe seventh as well I read it in less than a day Quick, fun read.

    13. John on said:

      I saw the movie version of this a long time ago and wasn t very impressed Thankfully, the book is much better If you can get past how completely dumb the initial set up is, you ll find yourself absorbed in one of the better YA mysteries around.The ridiculous set up is this The sitting U.S President establishes a task force, called the Veritas Project, to investigate situations that normal law enforcement would not involve themselves in Despite the fact that the services of this task force are ad [...]

    14. Ryan Anderson on said:

      Hangman s CurseI would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense, it is a good book to read if you are looking for a thrill My least favorite character in The Hangman s Curse , was Abel Frye I thought that he was really mean, and he just tried to go around and haunt people My favorite character of the book is, Elijah He is the best one at investigating, and he is cool He isn t scared of anything, and that s how I am so I can relate to him This book hooked me in because I like to read the [...]

    15. Photina on said:

      Photina HaumschiltMysteryThe Springfield s are a family who go undercover to find the Truth Tom and Sarah, with their twin children Elisha and Elijah, are part of a privately funded group called The Veritas Project They are sent on assignment to different places to find the Truth about what is really going on They end up in Baker, WA where some students have mysteriously gone crazy and are slowly dying The students think it s the ghost of Abel Frye getting revenge Is it really the curse Abel Fry [...]

    16. Lauren on said:

      POPSUGAR s 2016 Reading Challenge A book from the library.Characters were meh but it was easy to read High school sucks And people can be so mean The best part about reading this book is the fact that there s been a spider lounging on my living room ceiling for a couple weeks now Am I worried Umm only a little bit after reading this story Also, my library book actually fell apart when I began reading it Farewell, ole copy.

    17. Holly on said:

      Excellent book, very creepy I have a whole new respect for spiders Tbis is geared towards young adults, butmyself being no young adult really enjoyed this Especially the message about God Im on to read the second one in the series.

    18. Lou on said:

      Is this book really writen by Frank Peretti I can t believe the huge difference between this one and his others works I m in love with this series I was so sure that this book would be something like The Oath but I was wrong This is so great than the others

    19. ⓝⓐⓣⓗⓐⓝⓐⓔⓛ♦Depression Sucks♦ on said:

      Great book,Must read.

    20. Whitaker on said:

      A really great book shows us how everything is great and worth to die for

    21. Jalyn on said:

      This first installment in the Veritas Project series was absolutely stunning Frank Peretti has crafted a complex, stunningly designed plot that leaves readers hanging on the edge of their seats until the very end The storyline is incredibly fragile, but Peretti handled it perfectly, giving it a tone that could have been strewn many ways.This novel had a gravity that would give readers something to think about once they put the book down however, it did not have an over serious tone Rather, the b [...]

    22. Jess on said:

      Did you hear that That was the sound of my eyes rolling The author s idea of cliques and what young people are like is elementary level stereotyping Beefy jocks, math nerds, the weird kids whom not even adults are able to find other adjectives for Most frustratingly, the main characters are portrayed as perfect The teenagers voice arguments with teachers on their first second day of school about topics of morality and evolution, an unnecessary, transparent attempt by the author to soapbox The te [...]

    23. Ginger Woods on said:

      This book well I picked it up because it sounded like a pretty good horror book At first as I began reading I kept getting into it and falling out of it The characters are very big Christians which set me off a bit I m no atheist but it felt borderline shove my religion down your throat type Not to mention they seemed a bit stereotypical about their faith As I trudged on through I knew I just had to finish it.The ending made it ALL worth it Oh my god, talk about a twist It was amazing, best twis [...]

    24. Keturah Lamb on said:

      I was very impressed with this book I have been a fan of Peretti s for a long time But then in my late teens I had become disappointed with some of his novels Some were getting too dark But I decided to give this one a try and wow I really loved it It had a great plot and story and the final message was amazing People are precious, and sometimes we forget that It s so true Life is so underrated any And so many of us treat others so awful Especially those we consider not worth our time Or love An [...]

    25. ClarkW_E1 on said:

      This mystery novel by Frank E Peretti depicts a school where bullies commit severe physical abuse upon the nerds The Hangman s Curse can be traced back a few years ago, when one of the bully s victims committed suicide and cursed all the bullies The Veritas group decided to investigate this case after bullies experienced trauma, hallucinations, and even comas I would recommend this book to people who experienced being a bully or being bullied because this novel s ending is really frightening and [...]

    26. Athena on said:

      First off I was not a fan of the bugs used, and skimming the last few chapters I also wasn t a fan of the over the top good manners used by the parents for the most part it wasn t bad, but a few times it got to a point that it just felt like the writer was making it a point vs just how the person acted.I did like the interactions between the kids and even between the teachers and the kids the story is good and really interesting the ending was a bit of a twist for me, and I like that it touches [...]

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