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The Mysterious Island

The Mysterious Island By Jules Verne Caleb Carr Jordan Stump The Mysterious Island Five Union prisoners escape from the siege of Richmond in a balloon are blown off course and crash on an uncharted island They must learn to rebuild a society for themselves while awaiting rescue

  • Title: The Mysterious Island
  • Author: Jules Verne Caleb Carr Jordan Stump
  • ISBN: 9780812972122
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mysterious Island By Jules Verne Caleb Carr Jordan Stump Five Union prisoners escape from the siege of Richmond in a balloon, are blown off course and crash on an uncharted island They must learn to rebuild a society for themselves while awaiting rescue.
    The Mysterious Island By Jules Verne Caleb Carr Jordan Stump

    Mysterious Island Dec , During the US Civil War, Union POWs escape in a balloon and end up stranded on a South Pacific island, inhabited by giant plants and animals They must use their ingenuity to survive the dangers, and to devise a way to return home Sequel to , Leagues Under the Sea Written by Stewart M Clamen clamen csu Journey The Mysterious Island Jan , With the help from his stepfather Hank Dwayne The Rock Johnson he decodes the message leading him to find the map that leads him to Verne s mysterious island Along with Gabato and Kailani, Sean embarks on a mission to find his grandfather, the legendary Vernian Alexander. Mysterious Island TV Series Jun , Storyline In , a group escapes from a Confederate prison in a balloon, only to be carried halfway around the world They are shot down while approaching land which they later discover is an uninhabited island The shooter Nemo wishes to Mysterious Island TV Movie Sep , Directed by Russell Mulcahy With Kyle MacLachlan, Danielle Calvert, Gabrielle Anwar, Patrick Stewart To escape evils of the Civil War, Cyrus removes his small family and random war prisoners by way of hot air balloon Once landing on an island, the group finds they are surrounded by danger from giant insects and gold craving pirates Turned away by the only safe haven on the island The Mysterious Island novel by Verne Britannica The Mysterious Island, adventure novel by Jules Verne, published in French in three volumes as L le mystrieuse in and included in his popular science fiction

    • ✓ The Mysterious Island ↠ Jules Verne Caleb Carr Jordan Stump
      423 Jules Verne Caleb Carr Jordan Stump

    One thought on “The Mysterious Island

    1. Samadrita on said:

      I can t remember the number of times I have re read this Verne masterpiece and discovered something new every time I had In fact, my book has become so frayed around the edges over the years that I fear I won t be able to open it any without being afraid of ruining the pages or the cover for good Trying to recollect my feelings when I read the book for the first time ever seems a bit of a humongous task But I can t possibly forget the rush of adrenaline and intense emotions, joy and thrill that [...]

    2. Victoria on said:

      Passionnant et palpitant jusqu la toute fin, avec un style rudit mais vivant Mon premier coup de coeur de l ann e 2016, et certainement pas mon dernier Jules Verne

    3. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      L le myst rieuse The Mysterious Island Extraordinary Voyages, 12 , Jules VernePublished in 1874 1992 17 1345 47 1347 679 1368 1370 1368 124 1365 192 1374 158 1376 9646234070 1365 160 1375 160 9645611067 1377 128 96460602318 1384 108 1387 1388 108 9789642621828 1391 59 9786005550092 1376 128 9645981123 1396 112 9786009835515 1865 1865 1869

    4. Yasmine on said:

      3,5 4 Fini dans la nuit hier, je n arrivais plus m arr ter Apr s une premi re partie douloureuse pour moi trop de descriptions tr s, tr s d taill es, trop scientifiques mon go t le reste s est lu tout seul, c tait passionnant et palpitant, et le style de Jules Verne est saluer quel talent Bon, tout ne m a pas plu 100% mais j y reviendrai travers un article de blog prochainement mais c tait une belle lecture et une belle surprise, contre toute attente Et a m a donn envie de lire d autres livres d [...]

    5. Joe Valdez on said:

      If The Mysterious Island isn t the biggest novel undertaken by someone conditioned with what we today diagnose as Aspberger s Syndrome, it comes close Published in 1875, Jules Verne s epic castaway tale is loaded with geography, meteorology, astronomy, hydrography, orography, chemistry, geology and by virtue of appearing first in serialized form as The Secret of the Island , the saga runs 193,266 words Verne doesn t so much stop as he runs out of natural sciences to explore.The fanciful adventur [...]

    6. Werner on said:

      As with many of my pre books, the date read for this one is a best guess, but probably roughly accurate Although I liked it overall, I didn t rate it as highly as my friend Bruce recently did.Simply put, the premise here is that in March 1865, five Unionists one the black former slave of one of the white escapees, and another a 15 year old boy escape from Richmond by stealing a balloon that s been prepared and provisioned for a Confederate mission but are quickly blown WAY off course by a massiv [...]

    7. Charlotte on said:

      J avais quelques r serves en entamant ce livre j avais pas mal d a priori sur l criture tr s descriptive de Jules Verne , mais j ai finalement beaucoup aim L le myst rieuse L histoire nous accroche assez vite malgr une premi re partie un peu longuette , beaucoup de myst res apparaissent les uns apr s les autres et la fin est vraiment surprenante et ne d oit pas Le seul b mol que j aurais est que cela manque d motion, notamment au niveau des personnages Ces naufrag s sont tellement optimistes, r [...]

    8. ScottK on said:

      Last year I participated with a group of friends in doing a Secret Santa This was the book that my Santa gave me as well as Gulliver s Travels I think it was because of the fact I was moaning about the lack of any Verne on Maui I am SOOOOO glad my santa chose this book for me It was amazing Yes there were some dry parts, unless you like painstaking detail about how to make Iron or Bricks, but even they were quickly dispatched, and could be skimmed without really mising anything.Verne s Character [...]

    9. Rob Kennedy on said:

      Finished it a few days ago This book has restored my faith in reading It s the second best book I ve ever read I ve rarely read anything that has kept me spellbound from start to finish I think I d like to start reading it again.For what is seen as an adventure book, it s mind blowingly in depth, overly interesting and so well written, it has taught me many lessons in writing I never new Jules Verne was so good I already miss each character and even the animals Poor Jup Wow wow wow.

    10. James Field on said:

      This is a story about the artist not his art The plot is practically nonexistent, contrived purely so Jules Verne can demonstrate his extensive scientific knowledge.Four men are air balloon wrecked on an uncharted, uninhabited island in the pacific ocean The island has every vegetable, animal, and mineral resource to be found anywhere else in the world The four castaways, who never once disagree with each other or say a cross word, colonize the island with nothing than their knowledge, intellig [...]

    11. Emilie on said:

      Absolument g nial J ai bien aim comment le livre monte en intensit au fil des parties au d but le r cit est tr s descriptif, ce que j ai par ailleurs trouv passionnant toutes ces techniques de survie, toute la description de la faune, de la flore et la g ographie, g nial , puis l action est de plus en plus pr sente et le livre se termine magistralement J ai d faire une pause de quelques minutes la fin de l avant dernier chapitre, pour reprendre mon souffle et m en remettre avant d entamer le der [...]

    12. Charlotte B. on said:

      Alerte coup de coeur Comme je suis heureuse que ce livre ait t choisi pour la lecture de janvier du Club de Lecture MS Pourtant, au d part, les 800 pages m ont un peu effray e, non pas que je n aime pas les pav s, au contraire, mais j avais peur que le style de Jules Verne m ennuie Quelle erreur aurait t de me fier mes craintes Je n aurais troqu la version int grale pour rien au monde Je n ai rien redire ce roman, certes il y a de longues descriptions topographiques et scientifiques auxquelles j [...]

    13. Bárbara on said:

      4 misteriosas estrellas Qu aventura Como toda obra de Jules Verne, La isla misteriosa es de otro mundo Rica en descripciones, y con un misterio omnipresente como anuncia su t tulo , se regodea en la pericia de cinco na fragos que llegan a una isla muy peculiar Con un paraje curioso, repleto de animales y vegetales de todo tipo, Cyrus Smith ingeniero y l der natural , Gideon Spillet reportero y confidente de Smith , Pencroff marino , Harbert joven protegido de Pencroff , Nab ex esclavo negro y si [...]

    14. Algernon on said:

      my favorite among 40 books I ve read by Jules Verne read count 4 although not recently An example of how scientific knowledge dramatically increases the chances of survival on a deserted island Probably one of the reasons I ve chosen a career as an engineer, I like to take things apart to see how they work, and i also love the satisfaction of fixing something that is broken The four stranded technology wizards recreate the industrial revolution from scatch among the pristine tropical paradise At [...]

    15. Leo . on said:

      Jules Verne fuels the imagination Verne had a vision of a Hollow Earth Fascinating topic Lots of esoteric knowledge out there in the public domain, if one knows where to look Great books Tolkien also had Middle Earth in his books and of course Alice went down the rabbit hole Maybe that is where the elves and dwarves live Lol

    16. Virginie on said:

      J ai beaucoup de mal mettre un avis sur ce livre L criture est belle, l histoire est bien construite, c est tr s intelligent et je me suis d lect e du vocabulaire riche et si tranger aux r cits contemporains.Cependant, durant plusieurs centaines de pages, rien ne me poussait tourner la page, et m me si cette impression s est petit petit effac e pour franchement dispara tre lors de la troisi me partie , si j ai globalement t prise par l histoire, ce n est pas un coup de c ur J ai tonnamment beauc [...]

    17. B. Zedan on said:

      Oh my God Some dudes are castaway on this island and I cannot put real words together to explain why I wanted to kill this book So here are some select Twitters from when I was reading it I find it a little horrifying that the castaways in Verne s Mysterious Island never use bone for anything Too savage though they end up using some whale bone, but that s pretty white so it s okay They didn t use bone to tip arrows They waited until the dog found a porcupine How are clothes mended Nor have they [...]

    18. ANDY on said:

      I first read this book as a young boy and loved it The adventure, the science, the making something out of practically nothing, the surviving the elements as a young boy with a real desire for adventure and an interest in science I was hooked I thought that Jules Verne was the greatest dude to have ever drawn breath I quickly started a campaign to convince others how great this book was My attempts to sway others was to no avail no one else was interested I think this book was a Christmas presen [...]

    19. Patchouline on said:

      Tout d abord merci Victoria d avoir propos ce livre pour le clublecturems car cela faisait longtemps que je voulais lire du Jules Verne sans jamais me lancer et ayant une collection compl te la maison c est un peu dommage J ai longtemps h sit mais je donnerai plut t 3.5 5 ce roman J ai aim l histoire en g n ral, mais quelques longueurs lors des descriptions m emp chent de lui mettre 4.De plus, j ai trouv les personnages trop parfaits, trop lisses et ait eu du mal vraiment m attacher eux Pencroff [...]

    20. Léa on said:

      Pour tre honn te j ai tais tr s d ue Je trouve l id e du livre tr s bonne et l histoire en elle m me m a plu mais moi qui suis habituellement une fan de classique et particuli rement des r cits d aventures et de naufrag s, j ai trouv e que celle ci avait beaucoup trop de d fauts Non seulement j ai trouv que les personnages n taient pas sp cialement attachants voire carr ment plats j ai particuli rement peu aim Pencroff mais en plus leur adaptation l le et plus qu irrealiste Qu ils parviennent co [...]

    21. Aaron on said:

      This book was recommended by the 2012 Book Lover s Page A Day Calendar Entry was for January 2, 2012.Wow.Let me start by saying that I m already pretty familiar with the work of Jules Verne, having gotten pretty well addicted to an abridged children s version of Around The World in 80 Days back when I was eight or nine years old Since then, I ve read the actual unabridged version and have read both 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and A Journey To The Center of The Earth times than I can count I am [...]

    22. Léa on said:

      L le myst rieuse m a r concili e avec Jules Vernes Je ne pensais pas lire un de ces romans depuis que j en avais t d gout e 10 12 ans Et quelle surprise Le roman se compose en trois parties retra ant l arriv e des colons sur l le Lincoln puis leur survie dans un milieu parfois hostile l ments naturels impr visibles, animaux sauvages mena ants, Si la premi re partie peut para tre longue, du fait des nombreuses descriptions scientifiques, les secondes parties m ont paru plus l g res mon plus grand [...]

    23. Lesley on said:

      A little while ago, I picked up The Mysterious Island mainly because it was one of the only books by Jules Verne that I knew almost nothing about I took great care not to learn in advance what made the island so mysterious or really, anything about the plot at all.This book is at its heart a standard shipwrecked adventure The main characters are not really shipwrecked per se, but may as well be The majority of the story deals with their trials and tribulations surviving on the island.Where I was [...]

    24. Camille on said:

      Une premi re partie interminable avec des descriptions et des termes techniques qui m ont un peu assomm es La seconde partie devient plus int ressante mais j ai eu du mal m attacher aux personnages beaucoup trop lisses et trop parfaits Tout semble trop simple, un peu dommage.Enfin une troisi me partie avec de l action Beaucoup de rebondissements trop et la r v lation tant attendue Jules Verne a t tr s malin la dessus.Seulement 3 5 car je n ai pas r ussi me prendre r ellement dans l histoire J ai [...]

    25. Laurie on said:

      Apr s un mois et avec quelques jours de retard je termine la version int grale de l le myst rieuse Malgr quelques longueurs par moment je dois admettre que j ai appr ci la plume de Jules Verne J ai aim la beaut de l criture que l on trouve en lisant un classique, l rudition de Jules Verne l ments qui parfois manquent la litt rature contemporaine Je me suis donc embarqu e dans l aventure avec nos naufrag s sur cette le myst rieuse Finalement j ai t surprise par la d couverte du g nie de l le et l [...]

    26. Mathilde on said:

      Toute la premi re partie ne m a pas convaincue Cinq hommes sur une le, ils n ont pas vraiment beaucoup de sentiments pour des naufrag s, ce sont un peu des machines Il y a trop de termes techniques pour moi Par contre la deuxi me partie m a beaucoup int ress , du myst re, de l aventure Bref je suis partag e la fin de cette lecture.

    27. Ocilia on said:

      N tant pas une lectrice de classiques, j avais un peu d appr hension en ouvrant ce livre, surtout dans sa version int grale Et quelle jolie surprise L histoire est prenante, l criture fluide et facile lire, le livre est plein d humour et le myst re nous tient en haleine jusqu aux derni res pages

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