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Demon Box

Demon Box By Ken Kesey Demon Box In this collection of short stories Ken Kesey challenges public and private demons with a wrestler s brave and deceptive embrace making it clear that the energy of madness must live on

  • Title: Demon Box
  • Author: Ken Kesey
  • ISBN: 9780140085303
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Demon Box By Ken Kesey In this collection of short stories, Ken Kesey challenges public and private demons with a wrestler s brave and deceptive embrace, making it clear that the energy of madness must live on.
    Demon Box By Ken Kesey

    Demon Box Kesey, Ken Books Demon Box is a collection of his short stories about the period after the Merry Pranksters and it is absolutley brilliant One story in particular stands out written from the stand point of an old lady visiting his farm whose ruminations start off innocuous enough but build up to a disturbing, brilliant ending. Demon Box by Ken Kesey Demon box is a series of stories describing events from the life Devil Debry, alter ego of Ken Kesey In General from reading remained ambiguous impression on the one hand there are stories that you really like, in places raises a smile and laughter, and on the other hand there are a lot of situations, forcing to think about whether to read this book. Demon box Etsy Did you scroll all this way to get facts about demon box Well you re in luck, because here they come There are demon box for sale on Etsy, and they cost . on average The most common demon box Demon Box Item World of Warcraft Demon Box is a quest item needed for Hand of Iruxos It is looted from Demon Spirit In the Items category Added in Classic World of Warcraft. Demon Box book Demon Box album One Flew Over the Cuckoo s

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      115 Ken Kesey

    One thought on “Demon Box

    1. Frank on said:

      Good old KenI mean Devlin Pithy, detailed, occasionally rollicking, real as a razor stories told from the heart with a journalist s detail Includes some terrific bull stories and a terrific Egypt trip Kesey performs gentle gonzo journalism, never the hero but included in the colorful cast of characters.Described by Penguin Books s blurb as Keysey s third novel , in fact this is a collection of essays, mostly autobiographical, with the names changed The title essay refers to Maxwell s demon, as p [...]

    2. Katie Ulrich on said:

      This book was amazing However, it could have been two hundred pages shorter and still achieved the same result.

    3. Jenna on said:

      This book contains one of thee all time greatest short stories about good versus evil Good Friday As a superstition, every time I move to a new place, I give away my copy of this book and buy a new one That way I can keep the little demon in that box working.

    4. Cedar on said:

      Entropy It s not just a good idea, it s the law.I know you ve read One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, now try a B side tasty for your brain.

    5. Terry on said:

      These stories and essays are a well written collection of pieces based on the author s life The prose is excellent and fast reading despite the fact it is somewhat autobiographical The title essay tells of the importance of keeping an open mind to combat entropy, which is true only in closed systems A trip of Kesey s to Egypt was also very enjoyable reading.

    6. Joe korvick on said:

      Where did we come from and important, as our nation s worth leaks away and the gears of this cycle s trip grind from Pisces to Aquarius in approach of the promised shifting of the poles, where are we bound.

    7. Jordan on said:

      A great and personal collection of stories from one of the best writer s of the 20th Century They are playful and dark and excruciating and witty and all of the above Kesey really did have a way with words that was like very few others.

    8. Johnny on said:

      Then the trembling starts to get worse This must be how they begin, he thinks Freak outs Breakdowns Crack ups Eventually shut ins and finally cross offs But first the cover up .

    9. David on said:

      This book is broken up into several distinct chapters, each varying in length and subject Kesey writes a fictional autobiography of sorts, dubbing himself Devlin Deboree in the book The reader follows Deboree through the psychedelic sixties to the eighties We see life on the family farm, hitchhiking hippies, pharmaceutical gatherings at Disney World, the creation of a screenplay One Flew Over A Cuckoo s Nest and the lives and deaths of many of Kesey s friends, including Neal Cassidy All of the n [...]

    10. Caio on said:

      A real unpretentious masterpiece The innovative fragmentary style and the indivisible blend of fiction and non fiction by themselves make it worth checking out His thoughts and experiences and thought experiences years after his Prankster days ended and the whole scene fell apart are just priceless.

    11. Sherrie Pilkington on said:

      This is the story of the journey of a crazy young hippie becoming an wise ish old hippie It s not chronological, but it s magical and comforting and everything I want from a Ken Kesey novel.

    12. Shai on said:

      Some of these stories are better than others, but overall this was such a fun book to read Kesey really captures voices you wouldn t necessarily get to hear otherwise.

    13. Jimyanni on said:

      Not sure what to make of this one This book, while not badly written, is not what I read Ken Kesey for Generally I love his bigger than life heroes, be they Randall Patrick McMurphy, Leland Stanford and Hank Stamper, or even the trio of cowboys from Last Go Round who aren t memorable enough for me to recall their names, but are definitely pretty impressive in their own rights The main character in this episodic collection of stories is Devlin Deboree, who may or may not be an avatar of Kesey him [...]

    14. Christian Schwoerke on said:

      An interesting miscellany of reportage, memoir, and short fiction Kesey s voice is vibrant and mostly wise.

    15. Olya Neshcheretnaya on said:

      Demon box is a series of stories describing events from the life Devil Debry, alter ego of Ken Kesey In General from reading remained ambiguous impression on the one hand there are stories that you really like, in places raises a smile and laughter, and on the other hand there are a lot of situations, forcing to think about whether to read this book Maybe in my subconscious still have those vivid impressions of the novels Sometimes a great notion and Sailor song And I was expecting about anythin [...]

    16. Pecker on said:

      This collection of stories and essays is quite mixed in its quality Some were dazzling, but others rather lame The importance of this book, however, is historically, and in glimpses into Kesey s life and those surrounding him On that scale of importance, I d give it 5 stars I wish GoodReads had a multifactorial or matrix scale, to separate quality of writing from other interests in the work I read this immediately before I dug out Vineland by Pynchon to attempt again, and I really do recommend r [...]

    17. Petergiaquinta on said:

      I began this book with great anticipation It was sent to me in Nepal, maybe by Kate Klaus or John K or Craig H memory fails me with that detail, but I remember well how quickly disappointed I became as I moved from piece to piece that the author ofCuckoo s Nest and Sometimes a Great Notion could publish such a weak book of fluff and garbage If it wasn t for The Day Superman Died, Kesey s experience with a couple of trespassers on the day he learned of Neal Cassidy s death, I d give this book one [...]

    18. David Ward on said:

      Demon Box by Ken Kesey Penguin Books 1987 818.0 is a collection of essays and short stories by the legend his ownself I skimmed this and was surprised and dismayed that nothing caught my interest After reading the reviews posted on , I m going to take another pass through before shelving this one Babs Cassady How did I miss them My current rating 4 10, finished 3 26 14.

    19. K on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised and drawn in by the slight gonzo ism Kesey demonstrated in this book A little different from his usual writing, but still very entertaining Half of the time I had to look at the front just to make sure I wasn t suddenly reading HST Some of the short stories I enjoyed than others, and I love how some of them slightly tie into the others A great read, if you have about 2 weeks to devote It s all worth the time.

    20. Patrick on said:

      I really did enjoy the amount of this book that I finished, but the short story format, and my crazy schedule, made it a situation where I found that I just wasn t making fast enough progress to keep on going with this one I ll try it again later, perhaps, but for now, I think I need something Bam Pow to keep my attention.

    21. Corwin McAllister on said:

      It s time to hang up the quill when your brain s too frazzled by decades of abuse to bang coherency and sense out of your keyboard Or maybe it s time to fire the editor, for letting all that rambling to hit the printing presses Don t get me wrong, I like Kesey, but his latter writings exemplify just how wasted and over hyped 50s and 60s counter cultural intelligentsia ended up being.

    22. Travelin on said:

      For insights into the icy, slightly conservative mind of the man who lead the Merry Pranksters, and for revelations regarding the life and death of minor cult hero Neal Cassidy, in the essay The Death of Superman.

    23. John on said:

      The master at work His prose is both so dense and yet frequently conveys so little You really want to focus on all ten words in each seven word sentence The stories are hit or miss but with Kesey, you know you re in good hands.

    24. Rogier on said:

      One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest, Sailor Song, and Sometimes a Great Notion are three masterpieces by Ken Kesey This collection of stories is not Did Kesey need money for a new car or something Some demons are better left in their box.

    25. Vincent Eaton on said:

      Will be dipping in and out of this over the summer, since it s collected bits and pieces, which I expect my summer to be.Completed reading Collected magazine articles over a 20 year period The unique voice surfaces and fades, and was fun.

    26. Pat Murphy on said:

      Good stuff in here if you are into the Merry Pranksters of the sixties and early seventies.

    27. Catherine Woodman on said:

      this is no sometimes a great notion, but it is a good story, in that vein than in the cuckoo s nest vein

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