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InuYasha: Turning Back Time

InuYasha: Turning Back Time By Rumiko Takahashi InuYasha Turning Back Time Transported back to Japan s feudal era high school student Kagome accidentally releases the feral half demon dog boy Inu Yasha from his imprisonment for stealing the Jewel of Four Souls

  • Title: InuYasha: Turning Back Time
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi
  • ISBN: 9781569319475
  • Page: 417
  • Format: None
  • InuYasha: Turning Back Time By Rumiko Takahashi Transported back to Japan s feudal era, high school student Kagome accidentally releases the feral half demon dog boy Inu Yasha from his imprisonment for stealing the Jewel of Four Souls.
    InuYasha: Turning Back Time By Rumiko Takahashi

    InuYasha Turning Back Time InuYasha, by Rumiko Takahashi Apr , InuYasha Turning Back Time InuYasha by Rumiko Takahashi . Rating details , ratings reviews Transported back to Japan s feudal era, high school student Kagome accidentally releases the feral half demon dog boy Inu Yasha from his imprisonment for stealing the Jewel of Four Souls. Inuyasha InuYasha Fandom InuYasha Series by Rumiko Takahashi Originally titled , or in full InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale Also known as Inu Yasha or Inu Yasha.See also InuYasha Ani Manga InuYash Watch Inuyasha Season Prime Video Suikotsu s Band of Seven personality awakens and fights Inuyasha When the children call out to him to turn back, he holds his head in pain Renkotsu decides to retreat from the village Meanwhile, Kagome realizes that the Shinidamachu cannot get near the holy barrier Inuyasha Reasons Inuyasha Should Have Ended Up With Oct , Part of why Kikyo wanted to turn Inuyasha human was so the Sacred Jewel would disappear and she would finally be a free woman She swore an oath to protect the Scared Jewel, and that made it so she could never get married, have a family, or do much else Kagome is just a high school student She has taken no oath and is free to make her own decisions. List of Inuyasha volumes The manga series Inuyasha was written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi and serialized in Weekly Sh nen Sunday from November , , to June , The chapters have been collected into bound volumes by Shogakukan, with the first volume released in May and the final one in February . Viz Media licensed the series for an English translated release in North America.

    • ↠ InuYasha: Turning Back Time ↠ Rumiko Takahashi
      417 Rumiko Takahashi

    One thought on “InuYasha: Turning Back Time

    1. Kathryn on said:

      I have never read this book Ever In my life.But that doesn t matter I ve watched the anime And my friend has read it and said that they were, like, exactly the same.So, after saying that, I may get on to my review Takes a deep breath OMGOMGOMGOMG THIS IS THE BEST SERIES ON THE FUCKING PLANET IT IS HEARTWARMING AND DARK AND ROMANTIC AND FULL OF ACTION AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Okay, got that out of my system.This entire series is amazing I laughed, cried, and bit my nails along with the characters [...]

    2. Natalie on said:

      Before I go into any detail about this manga let me first go onto a short rant So I was originally going to do a review on a whole manga series and the same review would be on every volume But certain manga series like this one are over 20 volumes So I decided to it the series piece by piece and for this review I m going to go over the first volume and then volumes 2 3 will be roughly the same So let s get started Before I talk about the plot I m going to talk about my past concerning manga Asid [...]

    3. Rose on said:

      Giving this manga one star seems harsh but it s pretty much the only rating I feel is right when I think about my enjoyment of this first in a series everyone else but me seems to love To be fair, though, it s like 1 star.Anyway, everyone who followed my Black Butler adventure a little tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once is what I m talking about might be a witness that it s hard for me to find a manga series where my enjoyment of it is not a constant rollercoaster ride I [...]

    4. Sesana on said:

      Why did I ever stop following InuYasha For a long time, I was reading each volume as it came out Maybe I got lazy, or maybe I forgot to watch for it Reading the first volume again reminded me of how much I loved reading it in the first place It is huge, and it s going to take awhile to get through all of the volumes But hey, at least there s a light at the end of this tunnel But after reading the first volume, I think it ll be worth it I really like Rumiko Takahashi s signature style, and I love [...]

    5. Melissa on said:

      I was surprised by how good this volume was I tend to be a lot into the recent anime manga, but this is an excellent example of an older work with a really strong storyline and the potential for a very cute romance I was rather upset by how much chest the author drew though If I owned this book, I d definitely want to censor it before letting my siblings read it.

    6. Giulia ➰ on said:

      Era dall inizio dell anno che volevo rileggere Inuyasha, arrivato il momento u.uCome si suol dire, il primo a non si scorda mai 3 Amo Inuyasha e ai tempi avevo anche fatto il cosplay di Kagome perch a detta di chi guardava l anime come me ci somigliavo XD Ovviamente non posso rileggerlo dai miei manga perch beh diciamo che ho le edizioni sottili del 2001, la colla potrebbe non reggere e non voglio rovinarli Sia santificato MangaEden Ah, ovviamente tutti i volumi avranno un rating non inferiore a [...]

    7. Mai Lien Nguyen on said:

      Add v o l k chuy n m nh t inu t i b n tr n tiki t p 1, b c s ch p l m nh ng m b n in b l i, thi u m t ch c trang cu i M nh ph t r l n sau khi bu i t i v nh nh n ra i u , g i i n nh n tin kh p n i t b n b k l kh c l c, k u than n tiki v tr i i s ch Nh ng do l i v i m t th i gian n n m nh hu lu n c i claim i s ch c a m nh D l c m i i claim th h ng h c kh th l m, nh ng c ch c x c a c tiki l n tr l m ng i d d i nh m nh b qua n i b c t c lu n M nh ngh c ng c c i k ni m v s khi m khuy t, ko ho n h o t [...]

    8. Jessica-Robyn on said:

      InuYasha is a series that I adore While I watched the anime I feel in love with the characters and would end up sneaking out of my bedroom late at night to catch the show week after week It was the show that introduced me to anime and at the time I didn t even know what manga was.It would make sense for my adoration to transfer itself over to the manga I mean, they did end the anime series early and it s one of my favourite properties of all time However, my love for the story and characters may [...]

    9. Chai on said:

      I love this series Rumiko Takahashi returns with a story that has all the comedy of her popular series Ranma 1 2 , but with attention to plot and character development.Kagome is a young Japanese highschooler in modern Japan When she falls in an ancient well on her home property, she finds herself transferred to ancient Japan There, she discovers she is a reincarnation of a priestess whose job was to protect a magical item called the Shikon Jewel Ancient Japan is littered with a cast of characte [...]

    10. Virag on said:

      Inuyasha was the first anime show that I really enjoyed I found it by accident, I even forget how, and then I watched all 167 episodes on Youtube it took me about 3 months to finish haha and then the Final Act on a different site What can I say I love Inuaysha It s probably my favorite anime show ever, but definitely top three It s funny and exciting and I can still not get it out of my head, even though I finished it months ago Oh, and Inuyasha and Kagome all the way.

    11. Nora on said:

      Inuyasha was one of the first anime series I watched, and so it has a special place in my heart While I absolutely despised Inuyasha, our half demon hero, at first, I loved seeing his feelings for Kagome grow throughout the manga I loved the juxtaposition of the past world of demons with Kagome s modern world There were parts hat were so sad they brought me close to tears, and parts where I actually chuckled to myself A true gem in the manga genre, I d highly recommend it to anyone who loves a g [...]

    12. Lauren on said:

      5 stars to the whole series My whole heart and soul Can t thank Rumiko Takahashi enough for this masterpiece

    13. Hybrid Creature (devours books instead of brains) on said:

      It s been years since I binged watched the entire Inu yasha anime, so I thought, why not give the manga a try My next question is if you read it from front to back like a normal book is it really a manga I ve not read many but the ones I have you read from back to front.Either way, from what I can remember the show must stick to the books fairly well Reading this just makes me want to watch the show all over again But, I guess instead I could continue with the books Even if the books insist on s [...]

    14. Marguerite on said:

      4 Stars.I ll be honest here, I ve already started watching the anime, so plot wise I know what is happening, but I ve got to say, the manga is really cute and fun I m excited to keep on reading Side note I m actually reading the bumper 3 in 1 volume, put I m going to mark as I finish each volume individually so I can keep track.

    15. Sarin on said:

      I personally think this book is really good It s filled with a lot of emotion, suspense, and adventure, and I would honestly recommend it to everyone The story of Inuyasha its self, is quite intriguing and it plays with ones emotions frequently I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    16. Christina (A Reader of Fictions) on said:

      This took approximately forever to get through There are so many freaking volumes At first, I enjoyed it, because it was kind of funny and silly Unfortunately, it s incredibly formulaic and repetitive, kind of like episodes of The Power Rangers You know what s going to happen, but it takes all of time to get there.Basically, for about fifty of the volumes, they keep having skirmishes with the big bad of the series, Naraku He s a hanyou like Inuyasha, determined to use the Shikon no Tama to becom [...]

    17. Lili on said:

      Once again a manga I ve read already several times before couple of years ago But can t remember really when But I think it s the first time I ve read it in English I really loved it when I was a child and I am glad that nothing has changed I still love the story and the plot oh and the characters Gotta love them The conversations still can make me laugh like I ve never read them before.

    18. Sevairi on said:

      EDIT I found awesome scans of this manga on my tablet s manga reader which is translated directly from the Japanese I ve edited this review after reading these My original review was based off an altered reprint copy.Okay, so once again, this review comes after rereading the first volume I ve always had a warm spot in my heart for InuYasha It was the first anime I ever watched, which I stumbled upon by flicking through television channels at ten o clock on a Saturday night It was the first manga [...]

    19. Rebecca on said:

      InuYasha is my very first manga and I had a lot of fun reading it I am very glad I never saw the cartoon series, so that I was reading InuYasha with fresh eyes I really appreciated the note at the beginning of the story explaining why InuYasha is set Between 1482 1558 They said because it was relatively easier to draw out a ghost story from that time period in the Sengoku Era, there was war, and lots of people died I had never thought about all the research that would go into a graphic novel or [...]

    20. Laura on said:

      I got hooked on the InuYasha series back when it was available to be viewed at a reasonable time of day on the Cartoon Network When I moved to a new home and discovered that our community cable service was running InuYasha at 5 30am my addiction to this series went on hiatus I wanted to know if the series had an end and if so how Ms Takahasi decided to conclude this story Happily I found the entire manga series had been scanned, in English, all 558 volumes I finally was able to find out what hap [...]

    21. Julie on said:

      the shameless manga reviewing continues with another manga that dominated my teen life, INUYASHA.I remember seeing the anime on Adult Swim before tracking down the comic back then when Adult Swim was still pretty fresh, I would TAPE yes, TAPE the anime hours and one night I happened to have an episode of Inuyasha on my tape then the madness started.Inuyasha is a story set in early medieval Japan which is what I think makes it so interesting the focus is on what happens on the other side of Kagom [...]

    22. Дени Проданова on said:

      , 20 , , 3 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    23. Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson on said:

      This manga starts off with a prologue that if you haven t at least seen the show and gotten the legend of InuYasha then shame on you Well a young half dog demon, InuYasha, steals a spiritual jewel named the Shikon no Tama Suddenly he is shot, by the head priestess Kikyo, with a sealing arrow While dying she makes her younger sister burn the jewel with her on her funeral pyre From then on the jewel had never been seen again.There the story stands.All of a sudden we are thrown into modern day soci [...]

    24. Starbubbles on said:

      i was addicted to this show addicted it was to the point where i had downloaded and viewed up to episode 167 that means i d led over 140 episodes over the couple year span that i had to watch it i must admit, i wouldn t have given the show the time of day if it weren t for that awesome ending credits theme song yes, you know the one, my way that song alone was addictive there were other addictive songs too, but that one remained my favorite but i think i m suppose to be talking about the book, a [...]

    25. Melissa on said:

      Melissa WickelhausGenre Modern FantasyVolume one of Inu Yasha A Feudal Fairy Tale follows Kagome, a typical Japanese high school girl until one day when an evil monster pulls her through the old well in the shrine behind her family s home Kagome is pulled from her world into the world of Japan s ancient past where many of the legends her grandfather has told her about turn out to be true Kagome may just be the reincarnation of a village priestess and she must work together with the half demon In [...]

    26. Mal on said:

      I ABSOLUTLY ADORE INUYASHA InuYasha was introduced to me through my cousin, Yue She and I watched the anime online Or rather, we watched the first twenty or do epsiodes together Yue went on with it and saw loads than I did, I only saw four or so episodes after twenty I enjoyed it so much, it s one of my favorites 3 Even knowing what s going to happen up to a certain point the book was an absolute blast two read and I highly highly HIGHLY recommend it Warning it has a few Well take it how you wa [...]

    27. Caroline on said:

      A very engrossing manga about a girl who goes back in time to a land full of demons There is all this stuff and nonsense about swallowing jewels, which is very Haruka like Which can be a good thingd wasn t this one written first anyway It s also kind of like Red River, because the girl gets sucked back in timewow This is like the Shojo Base.

    28. Rachel on said:

      3.5I had to edit this rating simply because I realized my love for the actual anime clouded my judgment of the manga For some reason I just cannot get into reading manga Oh well, I ll always have the anime Inuyasha.

    29. Christine on said:

      Although he s impulsive and stupid, you have to love a guy with dog ears

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