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InuYasha: Good Intentions

InuYasha: Good Intentions By Rumiko Takahashi InuYasha Good Intentions Inu Yasha s magic sword can only be wielded in defense of humanity But when the lovesick Nobunaga tells Kagome and InuYasha the story of a year old demon it seems that such a sword might come in

  • Title: InuYasha: Good Intentions
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi
  • ISBN: 9781569319604
  • Page: 459
  • Format: None
  • InuYasha: Good Intentions By Rumiko Takahashi Inu Yasha s magic sword can only be wielded in defense of humanity But when the lovesick Nobunaga tells Kagome and InuYasha the story of a 300 year old demon, it seems that such a sword might come in handy
    InuYasha: Good Intentions By Rumiko Takahashi

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      459 Rumiko Takahashi
    InuYasha: Good Intentions

    One thought on “InuYasha: Good Intentions

    1. Rose on said:

      This volume felt like a combination of volume 1 and 2 because everything that happened resulted in me being like AGAIN, REALLY Also, after 100 pages I couldn t help but groan when I realized that I had another 100 to get through And that s saying something, considering it usually takes me a little less than an hour to finish a manga in one sitting Anyway, I still have the next 3 volumes from the library here and as I said in my review for volume 2, if it doesn t get better with the next volumes, [...]

    2. Gʀᴇʏʜᴀᴍᴇ on said:

      Some of the best manga is the oldest.I was looking for differences between this volume and the early episodes but the story stayed very close to the same At the end we meet Shippo and the Thunder Brothers which is an enjoyable arc.We also get some creepiness thrown in between One thing I had to note was that I forgot that InuYasha s blade could only be summoned to save someone I m not sure how heavily that s mentioned in the show or even if it is Either way, I love that catch.

    3. Sesana on said:

      One of the things that I really like about InuYasha are the touches of humor, mixed in with the action I also liked how much time was spent in the modern world with Kagome The change of scene was nice, and I m pretty sure there s less and less of that as the series continues.

    4. Alpha on said:

      Just let me protect you Or whatever the heck it was, it was awesome And that was like a major turn of events at this point YOU GO INUYASHA Does it remind anyone else of the sword of Gryfinndor by any chance No Only me

    5. Christina on said:

      In this volume, Kagome and Inuyasha, wielding his new yet peculiar weapon the Tetsusaiga, attempt to save a Princess and many young maidens from a demon possessing the Lord of a village.Soon after, Kagome makes her usual break from the feudal era by going back through the well to the present day.While in attempt to study for her makeup exam and then go back down the well to the feudal era, Kagome is attacked by a demon right through her window With Inuyasha left behind in the feudal era with no [...]

    6. Starbubbles on said:

      it s amazing how fast she got almost half of the main characters out in the story already i mean, it s a 20 volume series and this is book 3, time can be taken here haha wasn t i saying earlier that it s a slow start anyway, sometimes i wish that series with lots of characters in the main cast would focus a little on the first, say 3 characters introduced before moving on to adding almost the whole cast well, there s still a bit of the cast to get here, so i m getting ahead of myself.

    7. Steph on said:

      I love InuYasha It has everything a good book or manga, in this case should have Action, adventure, romance, humor Rumiko Takahasi draws her mangas extremley well, and that makes it even better in my opinion.

    8. Vanessa Kay on said:

      This review is for the series as a whole with 4.5 out of 5 stars This series is absolutely the longest series I ve ever read so far, with a total of 56 volumes containing 559 chapters Yeah right I grew up watching anime and when I stumbled to this one, I instantly got hook I m so in love with this anime that I have the complete anime series in my possession Yep It occupy mostly the memory of my external drive haha sucker I know And it s just now that I finally had the courage to read its manga I [...]

    9. Marguerite on said:

      4 Stars.Another very cute volume in the Inuyasha series Looking forward to reading on, so looks like I have to put down some holds at the library

    10. Fernanda Muñoz on said:

      Inuyasha is so cute, he pretend be like a monster but he s so human, I love him That part when Kagome realizes that he can be gentle is my favorite.

    11. Ash on said:

      This review is for the series as a whole with a 3 star rating and will be included on every volume for my own organizing purposes This will probably be the longest review I ve ever written, and for that, I apologize I have a lot to say and despite the character limit, it will be said.InuYasha is honestly a classic in the sense that the anime is well loved, the manga is typically well loved, it was original ish when it was first published, but it went on way too long It s a 56 volume series, sitt [...]

    12. Sevairi on said:

      This volume is possibly my favourite one of the series thus far.The kappas at the beginning are adorable It s like a mini comedy show, which continues on with Nobunaga and Hiyashimaru Although, where Nobunaga s faults are made heavily apparent, such as his inherent clumsiness, he has redeeming qualities which outweigh them He has a genuine love for Princess Tsuyu and his determination to save her is unmatched Not to mention his compassion for others and his code of non violence He even brings ou [...]

    13. Kaotic on said:

      We meet yet another one of the main cast in this volume, Shippo A small Yokai who has suffered a great loss and now seeks to obtain the Shikkon Jewel shards to gain power to avenge the death He isn t one of the best characters in my opinion, I actually found him a little annoying throughout the series I found him a little boring an irritating at times Speaking of irritating, we also see one of my biggest pet peeves about this series The fact that throughout attempting to save the Feudal era Japa [...]

    14. Joti on said:

      They meet some guy called Nobunaga they go to this castle whose Lord has apparently been possessed by some creature has all these girls there from all over the country Inuyasha, Kagome Nobunaga show up to kill the frog lord but the lord s real human heart is still there so Kagome Nobunaga insist on saving him they do luckily for the lord they retrieve the piece of the Shikon no Tama anyway, Kagome s gotta get back home for exams Inuyasha won t let her go so she uses the sit command on him LOL go [...]

    15. Brittany on said:

      Spoliers up to chapter 250 volume 25 of Inuyasha I ve actually read half of the mangas for this series, but that would take too long to put in, so I m adding this one for the first half of the series Initially I really enjoy these mangas, I flew through the first fifty chapters, but recently I ve grown a little bored I m on chapter 250 and I feel like it s hit a rut The same plot points over and over again with just another monster The romantic elements have also stagnated It s hard to keep up t [...]

    16. Bbabri on said:

      Kagome a 20 zad csod s szereivel ez esetben egy hajlakk vagy valami hasonl s gyufa seg tett Nobunaga nak.Ezek ut n visszat rtek Kaede any kunyh j ba,hiszen Kagome nak vissza kell mennie a saj t kor ba dolgozatot rni O.OKicsit megd bbent emiatt visszamenni,de h t Kagome ilyen.Most ppen az kor ban t rt nnek bajok.Inuyasha megs rti Kagome t,aki vissza s rti, s Kagome nak egyed l kell boldogulnia,de megjelenik Inuyasha, s megv di Kagome t.A kapcsolatuk m r sokat javult,de m g mindig vannak s rl d so [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      Kagome and InuYasha meet Nobunaga Who is trying to save a girl of course from a man who is gathering all the maidens in his domain and using them to sustain his demon soul which has possessed the body of a human lord Kagome and Nobunaga manage to convince InuYasha not to kill them both by killing the host body and as a result he sits this fight out Go Kagome Also in the volume, Kagome returns home to practice and write her entrance exam, threatening InuYasha horrible pain if he dares to follow h [...]

    18. Candice Snow on said:

      This episode is so trippy The frog guy still makes me laugh to this day When he turns back into a prince, it reminds me of the scene in Beauty and the Beast when the Beast turns back into a prince and he s way uglier than when he was a Beast LOLThe whole plot line with the mask that takes over peoples bodies EW She used to TERRIFY my as a child Seriously, the nightmares The nightmares This pretty much sums up my first reaction to the mask lady Another great episode And a really adorable characte [...]

    19. Lauren on said:

      What first drew me to this series was the romantic historical aspect I loved how a modern day girl gets pulled back into the past I don t know what it is about those stories that attract me so much, maybe it is the difficulty for the girl of fitting in and having to rely on the guy so much to be able to get along in the world.I also really liked the group aspect to this series and the corresponding relationships that affect each of the characters.I would really recommend this series to fans of R [...]

    20. Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson on said:

      We start this volume off with Mono no Ke no Shiro Spirit of the Castle InuYasha and the flea demon, Myoga oji, are questioning Kappa at the river All of a sudden Kagome s clothes are stolen by a monkey By following it they find its master, a klutzy guy, named Nobunaga He seems to be on a secret mission Come to find out there is a princess who left his region When the group passes through to the surrounding village has had girls go missing after visiting the castle Find out by reading for yourse [...]

    21. Kacey on said:

      Things are picking up in this volume of the manga The Noh face monster was by far the most gruesome yet, though of course I ve seen the anime so I know that worse will come.And Shippo has just been introduced He was a fun character in the anime and I look forward to seeing of him in upcoming volumes.There isn t much else to say about the manga The anime stays pretty close to the story I haven t seen that much of a variation so far.

    22. Julie on said:

      Another interesting volume Nobunaga not that one shows up, and I ll be interested to see if he comes back later Also, we re starting to see Shikon jewel fragment stories in the modern period As a time travelly story it s kind of weird thinking how they alter history back and forth every time they find one in the past like if they d found the one in the tree the mask was made of, all the people the mask killed through the centuries would be saved

    23. Rachel on said:

      The story continues to collect the shards, but this volume has a bit romance that previous ones.While back in her own time Kagome is attached by a demon who resides in a Noh mask and collects a shard from her She also misses a date with a boy from her school who clearly likes her and is quite na ve You also see how InuYasha is starting to really like Kagome, despite his efforts to hide it.

    24. Sara on said:

      Inu Yasha and Kagome are in a disagreement through most of this volume, but when Kagome gets into trouble, Inu Yasha still manages to come and rescue her We see them fight off a demonic toad, a demonic mask, and we are introduced to the Thunder Brothers The next volume will continue the Thunder Brothers storyline.

    25. Caroline on said:

      Still a very enjoyable series, although I don t generally like the parts where Kagome journeys back to present day Japan Takahashi s art remains excellent, and the amount of humor she can put in with very simple expressions or one liners is always appealing.

    26. Kara on said:

      DDDDDDDDDDDD inuyshaaa i loveeee uuuuu PPP but u get together with kagome in the endddddd

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