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Tree Girl

Tree Girl By Ben Mikaelsen Tree Girl They call Gabriela Tree Girl Gabi climbs trees to be within reach of the eagles and watch the sun rise into an empty sky She is at home among the outstretched branches of the Guatemalan forests Then o

  • Title: Tree Girl
  • Author: Ben Mikaelsen
  • ISBN: 9780060090067
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tree Girl By Ben Mikaelsen They call Gabriela Tree Girl Gabi climbs trees to be within reach of the eagles and watch the sun rise into an empty sky She is at home among the outstretched branches of the Guatemalan forests.Then one day from the safety of a tree, Gabi witnesses the sights and sounds of an unspeakable massacre She vows to be Tree Girl no and joins the hordes of refugees struggliThey call Gabriela Tree Girl Gabi climbs trees to be within reach of the eagles and watch the sun rise into an empty sky She is at home among the outstretched branches of the Guatemalan forests.Then one day from the safety of a tree, Gabi witnesses the sights and sounds of an unspeakable massacre She vows to be Tree Girl no and joins the hordes of refugees struggling to reach the Mexican border She has lost her whole family her entire village has been wiped out Yet she clings to the hope that she will be reunited with her youngest sister, Alicia Over dangerous miles and months of hunger and thirst, Gabriela s search for Alicia and for a safe haven becomes a search for self Having turned her back on her own identity, can she hope to claim a new life Ages 12
    Tree Girl By Ben Mikaelsen

    TreeGirl Intimacy with Nature TreeGirl Home TreeGirl Award winning author, photographer, forest ecotherapy guide, naturalist, conservation educator and certified arborist invites us to re bond with trees and the than human world to live a life of re enchantment, eco literacy and soulful engagement, reminding us that we are nature. Tree Girl by Ben Mikaelsen Apr , Tree Girl is the story of a young girl who loses everyone and everything she has ever known and loved It is based on a true story as told to author Ben Mikaelsen by a refugee who managed to survive massacre by climbing trees and fleeing Guatemala north to the Mexican border in search of hope despite all the atrocit Tree Girl Mikaelsen, Ben Books They call Gabriela Tree Girl Gabi climbs trees to be within reach of the eagles and watch the sun rise into an empty sky She is at home among the outstretched branches of the Guatemalan forests Then one day from the safety of a tree, Gabi witnesses the sights and sounds of an unspeakable massacre. Tree Girl, Book For Kids TABarron Tree Girl In her lonely cottage by the sea, Anna dreams of solving her life s greatest mystery the secret truth about her mother and her own origins To do that, without any help from the old fisherman Mellwyn, she must go to the farthest edge of the wild forest There, at the High Willow, she feels certain she ll find the truth at last. Tree Girl Summary SuperSummary Bolivian born Ben Mikaelsen s young adult fiction novel, Tree Girl published in by HarperCollins , is an adolescent girl s firsthand experience of the Guatemalan Civil War. Tree Girl by Ben Mikaelsen Published by HarperCollins Books, They call Gabriela Tree Girl or Laj Ali Re Jayub in her native language of Quich e Gabi climbs trees to be within reach of the eagles and watch the sun rise into an empty sky She is at home among the outstretched branches of the Guatemalan forests.

    • [PDF] Read ✓ Tree Girl : by Ben Mikaelsen
      118 Ben Mikaelsen

    One thought on “Tree Girl

    1. Sarah on said:

      ethicalela treegirl Because of my own research to meet the 2005 Illinois public school mandate to teach about genocide, I learned about the genocide of 200,000 Mayans in the 1980s part of three plus decades of civil war in Guatemala Ben Mikaelsen s prose, author of Touching Spirit Bear, appeals to the eighth grade students I teach making the Mayan culture, tensions between Spanish and indigenous peoples, and aspects of the war accessible to students and adults who, as I, were unaware of the U.S [...]

    2. Sunny Stone on said:

      Well written and very touching Reading the book was like watching a war theme movie It tells a shocking story through a young girl s eyes to show what wars can bring to human beings I actually cried when I read about Gabriela s little brother who was found dead painfully yet peacefully during hiding from the soldiers And it really terrified me by the genocide happened in Guatemala I was tortured to read through that paticular chapter of massacres, which made me want to throw up And all the descr [...]

    3. Amy Bailey on said:

      Wow This was a very real and incredibly distressing story I ve never been very familiar with the genocide in Guatemala, and I don t think I m the only American who can say that That s not surprising since the Genocide in Guatemala was caused by soldiers who were outfitted with weaponry, uniforms and military training by the United States Government It is and should be considered a great shame of our nation, one of many if I m going to be very blunt Gabriela, a happy girl with a wonderful family [...]

    4. David Schaafsma on said:

      A pretty powerful and sometimes pretty graphic meaning detailed, disturbing at times novel written by Mikaelson, who was told this story by a survivor of the Guatemalan genocide that even this summer will be dealt with in the Guatemalan court The details came from the girl who managed to make it, as a teenager, from her village in Guatemala, to the U.S Some images will stay with me, but one in particular connects to the title Gabriela is a tree climber, which is what she does as the Guatemalan a [...]

    5. Jessica chessey on said:

      This story is really deep So much was happening during the genocide and it s impressive to see how one strong little brave girl got thought all the pain and struggles Its amazes me how one person can think of that much stuff to do to try to save her family, friends and even herself.

    6. Crystal on said:

      This was a short but definitely not easy read The title caught my eye in the library, and when I read the blurb, I was intrigued by the story I didn t know that there was this sort of violence in Guatemala I d only heard of it in relation to El Salvador before It was a short audio book, so I thought why not cross another country off my international reading list, and learn something new After all, I relate to smart girls who like school and climbing trees, right Turns out my life hasn t had much [...]

    7. LaurenLibrarian on said:

      The only thing that kept me reading was the detailed account of the Mayan Indio culture in Guadalajara, Mexico The characters were all flat and had stereotypical personalities One brother was a follower who dragged his feet and laughed when other children did something but never had his own ideas Her parents were paper cut outs of people without real qualities, especially her mother who seems almost unnecessary to the entire plot I also had a hard time understanding why the main character didn t [...]

    8. Carola on said:

      They call her Tree Girl she climbs trees to be with the eagles and watch the sun rise into the sky She is at home with the landscape and branches of the Guatemalan forests.One day she is forced to leave her hole family her entire village has been chopped into pieces.But still she has hope the hope that she will be reunited with her youngest sister one of the only survivors, Alicia Gabriela s search for Alicia and for a safety Will she ever have her live again I think of these book is very nice I [...]

    9. Laura on said:

      This is a true story about a young girl who survived the brutal massacres or genocide of the indigenous peoples of Guatemala during the 1980s The military that brutally attacked them was trained in the US and received arms from the US When you start reading this book, things get bad, and then you start reading faster and faster so that you can find a place where things finally get better for Gabriela, the Tree Girl , but, instead, they get worse and worse If this book doesn t make you a pacifist [...]

    10. Joleen on said:

      I am not quite sure what to say about this book I thought it would be a real simple quick read It was easy to read but the content was a little bit harder It deals with genocide of the Guatemalan massacres during the 1980 s Gabriela survived them but saw them actually happen I would read the authors note in the back first It will help to put everything into perspective in the book I did give the book 5 stars I thought the author wrote it well and was able to get the feeling across without to muc [...]

    11. Rey on said:

      Tree Girl by Ben Mikaelsen is a very intense and great book It takes place in a little village in Guatemala The main character is a young girl named Gabriela She experiences a war, a war of her country fighting against itself She looses friends and family, and finds herself staying in a refugee camp.The book is called Tree Girl because Gabriela climbs trees to get away from the outer world With her skill of climbing so high so fast, she saves her own life I highly recommend this book.

    12. Alexandria on said:

      I really liked book because it used like a true life setting, about people living in a war zone And how they have to hide their own heritage, just so they can protect themselves from the gurillas.

    13. Ashley (Persephone the queen) on said:

      This is an amazing story I loved it a lot.

    14. Brianna on said:

      I finally finished this, lol It s actually better than I thought It makes me really sad though

    15. Maya Lashley on said:

      The historical fiction book Tree Girl by Ben Mikaelsen was an amazing read Gabriela lived in a Mayan village with her family and all of her friends She loved to climb trees because she says it takes her closer to heaven One day her village is destructed by guerrillas while she is at school This leaves her all alone so she starts on a journey to Mexico On the way, she finds a pueblo and war comes again After she climbs a tree for protection she witnesses rape and harsh actions toward the citizens [...]

    16. Daniel Pustynovich on said:

      Its a good book It is about a girl named Gabriela that lives to climb trees and loves to look at the sky through them She was the only girl in her family that goes to school She lives in a small village in Guatemala where the soldiers are fighting and burning down villages They don t care about the people in them and kill all of them That is what happened to tree girl She came home from school to find her village and everyone in it burned or dead Then she found her sister and brother under a bus [...]

    17. Victoria on said:

      I have read a lot of children s books about genocide, but this one is extremely disturbing and particularly insensitive to women s issues I stopped reading at chapter 9.

    18. Molly Preston-Medina on said:

      In Tree Girl, Gabriela is a fourteen year old girl living in her cant n in Guatemala Everyone in her village, including herself, is a native Indios Gabriela, the main character, struggles throughout the book alongside her Mam , Pap , three brothers and three sisters When war starts to break out between the soldiers from the government and the guerrillas, Gabriela s whole family and village are put in danger Gabriela must fight to survive The characters in the book seem believable to me because t [...]

    19. Jessica Meier on said:

      Mikaelsen, B 2005 Tree Girl Harper Teen.Harper Teen 0 06 009004 9, 7.98Review Source School Library Journal, Apr2004, Vol 50 Issue 4, p158, 1pSOL Correlation From World History Standards WHII.12 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War II by b examining the Holocaust and other examples of genocide in the twentieth century WHII.16 The student will demonstrate knowledge of cultural, economic, and social conditions in developed and developing nations of the contem [...]

    20. sprinkles_84 on said:

      Treegirl is a book written by Ben Mikaelsen and it is about a girl named Gabriela The book starts off by saying that Gabriela is going to have a quincea era soon and that there is a war going on People in her canton call her Treegirl because she loves to climb trees On the night of her quincea era, soldiers come to her canton They are looking for a man and instead they take Gabriela s brother Her family suffers alot for this and her mother becomes ill Gabriela and other people search for Jorge b [...]

    21. Rachella on said:

      So far the book is really good The book is very detailed as well

    22. Suellen Brown on said:

      What a heartbreaking story I was stunned at the violence portrayed in this young reader s book, yet I appreciate the fact that Mikaelsen does not dumb down the atrocities this poor child experienced As told through the eyes of a pre teenager, I will let the book speak for itself with the following excerpts At first I spotted only a single body lying in front of a burning home, but then I saw another and another Scattered everywhere among the ashes of our canton were corpses Many who hadn t been [...]

    23. Nikki Keegan on said:

      An intense and heartbreaking story of survival, Tree Girl by Ben Mikaelsen is the story of a 14 year old Mayan girl who witnesses her classmates and teacher murdered, comes home to find her family massacred, and witnesses an entire village tortured and murdered by the Guatemalan army She is able to escape on several occasions because of her natural ability to climb trees However, after witnessing the unspeakable acts by the soldiers, Gabriella vows never to climb another tree She struggles with [...]

    24. Gina on said:

      Tree Girl, a novel for young readers 12 A few girls in my 7th grade class read the book and commented that it was a heavy read, but it was worth it They read the book in no time They said it was hard to put down wanting to know Gabriela s outcome Gina, this was so sad Gina, I felt so bad for Gabriela Gina, I don t know, but I think the whole class should read this book My mother is from Guatemala I have a cousin who was involved in this war as a priest His life was ruined being tortured on behal [...]

    25. Kt on said:

      A heartbreaking look inside the atrocities of war This could be any war, really, from a victim s point of view There are heartless, mindless monsters in every conflict, and this reminds me of how sad and hateful humanity can be I wish I had read this before I went to Guatemala I spent five months there and knew so little about the civil war that had engulfed the nation I was in ignorance about just how marginalized the Indios really are, though I did see it in tiny little ways every day I don t [...]

    26. Daisy on said:

      well i must say that this book is really good i can really relate to this story not only that some of the traditions made form a sisteen year old girl This special spanish speaking young lady had witnessed many obsticles thruogh her life such as the death of her mother as well as the death of her beloved teacher This brave guerrilla girl had alwasy dreamed of living in thr clouds beneath the world.That is the reason why she clibs trees Not only was she brave on everything she had gone through bu [...]

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