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An American Tragedy

An American Tragedy By Theodore Dreiser Richard R. Lingeman An American Tragedy On one level An American Tragedy is the story of the corruption and destruction of one man Clyde Griffiths who forfeits his life in desperate pursuit of success On a deeper profound level the nov

  • Title: An American Tragedy
  • Author: Theodore Dreiser Richard R. Lingeman
  • ISBN: 9780451527707
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • An American Tragedy By Theodore Dreiser Richard R. Lingeman On one level, An American Tragedy is the story of the corruption and destruction of one man, Clyde Griffiths, who forfeits his life in desperate pursuit of success On a deeper, profound level, the novel represents a massive portrayal of the society whose values both shape Clyde s tawdry ambitions and seal his fate It is an unsurpassed depiction of the harsh realitieOn one level, An American Tragedy is the story of the corruption and destruction of one man, Clyde Griffiths, who forfeits his life in desperate pursuit of success On a deeper, profound level, the novel represents a massive portrayal of the society whose values both shape Clyde s tawdry ambitions and seal his fate It is an unsurpassed depiction of the harsh realities of American life and of the dark side of the American Dream Extraordinary in scope and power, vivid in its sense of wholesale human waste, unceasing in its rich compassion, An American Tragedy stands as Theodore Dreiser s supreme achievement.Based on an actual crime case, An American Tragedy was the inspiration for the film A Place in the Sun, winner of six Academy Awards, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift.
    An American Tragedy By Theodore Dreiser Richard R. Lingeman

    An American Tragedy Aug , I finally got to see Theodore Dreiser s An American Tragedy , with Phillips Holmes playing the young sociopath murderer that Monty Clift played in the later A Place In the Sun This picture was directed by Josef von Sternberg The print a friend loaned me was a real chore on the eyes, I am glad I didn t pay for this American Tragedy Aug , April , Columbine High School was under attack by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Sue Klebold, Dylan s mother, attempts to reconcile how the son she thought she knew, the son she loved could willingly be a school shooter If love could have stopped Columbine, she says, Columbine would never have happened. An American Tragedy Signet Classics An American Tragedy is a thought provoking story of a young man with an inauspicious beginning who aspires to of everything in his life Because of his sheltered upbringing, he has little to work with when confronted by obstacles, and it is how he deals with these problems that shapes the An American Tragedy novel by Dreiser Britannica An American Tragedy, novel by Theodore Dreiser, published in It is a complex and compassionate account of the life and death of a young antihero named Clyde Griffiths The novel begins with Clyde s blighted background, recounts his path to success, and culminates in his apprehension, trial, and execution for murder. An American Tragedy National Review Sep , An American Tragedy By David Harsanyi Whenever I try explaining modern controversies such as transgenderism to my whip smart American uncle, he likes to

    • [PDF] An American Tragedy | by ☆ Theodore Dreiser Richard R. Lingeman
      156 Theodore Dreiser Richard R. Lingeman

    One thought on “An American Tragedy

    1. Paul Bryant on said:

      I remember reading this one, years ago, in a really bad flat in Mapperley Park It was so horribly dusty all the time That was because I never dusted And when I looked out of my window I saw a wall And when I looked out of my other window, I saw a different wall Much like the hero of this brilliant novel metaphorically speaking And then, one day, in the wall, he notices a door And he wants to open it and pass through to somewhere better The very thing that other reviewers didn t like about this w [...]

    2. BlackOxford on said:

      Qoholeth UpdatedNone of us is born knowing what we want We are taught what we want by other people We do not choose these other people from whom we learn they just happen Our parents also just happen but in general we feel it is necessary to unlearn whatever it is they ve taught us to want, especially if it involves an unimportant looking family publicly raising its collective voice against the vast skepticism sic and apathy of life Learning from strangers is frequently regretted in later life b [...]

    3. Jason on said:

      Okay folks, only my second 5 star rating in the last 54 novels Read this bookTheodore Dreiser s 900 page tome moves slowly but inexorably like constellations at night slow, but grand and beautiful, and holding all types of matter in the sky This is not an epic of sweeping proportions Instead it s a complex, penetrating and fulfilling investigation of the human condition, a psychological chamber, a ground cave with depths to the devil It s the rise and fall of a man Battle between nature, choice [...]

    4. Lori on said:

      Yes, I know this is Dreiser and I have heard all the caveats against reading himHis mundane style and his need of an editore pounding over the reader s head with his pointsI was unprepared for the power of this prose to be sure.But the story overwhelmed me The character of Clyde became real for me I have known so many people like himyoung, vaccilating, dreaming of better things, chafing at the position in life to which they have been placed by an accident of birth and susceptible to flattery and [...]

    5. Richard Derus on said:

      Book Circle Reads 24Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Book Description On one level An American Tragedy is the story of the corruption and destruction of one man, Clyde Griffiths, who forfeits his life in desperate pursuit of success On a deeper, profound level, however, the novels represents a massive portrayal of the society whose values both shape Clyde s tawdry ambitions and seal his fate Clyde Griffiths is a young man, from the poor branch of his family but with ambitions of making the big time and se [...]

    6. Matt on said:

      This book sat on my shelf for 12 years because I defied my mother s advice I judged a book by its cover Literally The cover of my copy of Theodore Dreiser s enormous, ambitious, sprawling epic An American Tragedy is singularly bland and uninformative The back cover has a simple blurb telling me it is the story of the rise and fall of Clyde Griffiths I sensed that this was another of those typically American, Gatsby like novels in which the hero follows that great capitalist arc of rags to riches [...]

    7. Chrissie on said:

      After approximately 1 3 of this long, long, long novel This moves at the pace of a snail It is repetitive It is wordy A long novel is great but it must keep your attention every bit of the way This one doesn t I haven t given up yet On completion I struggled through all 34 hours and 16 minutes of this audiobook I like long books, yet this remained a struggle through most of it Why The writing It is repetitive Words and phrases are repeated continually If a character says no , here in this book t [...]

    8. Perry on said:

      Well is it known that ambition can creep as well as soar Edmund BurkeI m relatively sure that in 1925 this novel was bleeding edge based on a true crime, mixing an omniscient narrative, mostly of the anti hero Clyde Griffiths inner thoughts, with some reportage Dreiser based it on the notorious criminal prosecution of a young man named Chester Gillette for the murder in the summer of 1906 of a 20 year old lady found drowned near an overturned boat at Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks He was exec [...]

    9. Marvin on said:

      An American Tragedy is one of the short listers in the never ending competition for the honor of Great American Novel Yes, I know some say Moby Dick has it wrapped up but I just can t identify with psychotic captains obsessing about big fish Dreiser s massive novel resonates with me Even though its morals may be dated, the themes of class conflict and the struggle of desire over conscience still speak loud and clear Clyde Griffiths is not very admirable but he is understandable The only reason w [...]

    10. Ann on said:

      This book is a wide ranging indictment of American values, circa 1910s or 1920s Written by Theodore Dreiser in 1925, it presents his view that class distinctions, inherited wealth, and stringent social restrictions make a mockery of the so called American Dream of a meritocracy Other topics that Dreiser takes on are the not so just justice system, organized and independent religions, the shallow lives of the wealthy, the press and many .The novel begins with a look at the constricted life of fif [...]

    11. Ali on said:

      Are you an aspiring writer If so, have you been told that you are a little too wordy Do people complain that the dinner parties you write about take longer to read than they would to actually happen in real life When going through the editing process for your latest novel, do you watch in terror and sadness as your editor demolishes your creation, as the pages fall away and leave a measly pile of only seven or eight hundred pages behind If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have some [...]

    12. Eddie Watkins on said:

      This book raises dullness of style to sublimely convoluted heights It s really one of the oddest books, stylistically, I ve ever read I read it years ago and I still can t pinpoint the source of this oddness, though I suspect it s the sheer complex awkwardness of the prose, which reminded me of something Henry James might ve written if forced to type into a BlackBerry with his elbows.

    13. Kirsten on said:

      An incredible read and a page turner Part crime story, part trial story Based on actual events in the lake areas of the Adirondacks in upper NY state, I read this with the Classics for Beginners group Also, my mother lived in this area when I was just a toddler Dreiser s pure genius is that he makes the reader become very sympathetic with the protagonist Clyde Griffiths, son of religious evangelists who preach on street corners and are even poorer than church mice Nephew to the wealthy owner of [...]

    14. Phyllis Eisenstadt on said:

      An American Tragedy, is a tale of conflicts, conscience, and polarized socioeconomic classes, from stark poverty to ostentatious luxury and opulence It is narrated by an omniscient author, which makes it as believable as if the readers were eye witnesses It is also the personal story of Clyde, the protagonist a selfish, self absorbed social climber who places value upon wealth and luxury than upon human feelings.The characters in this novel are so clearly portrayed that the reader feels s he wo [...]

    15. Kelly on said:

      Wow Dreiser is no joke Make no mistake An American Tragedyis long and often times obsessive in its detail There are approximately 500 pages of exposition leading up to the climatic moment In truth it took everything in me to finish this book and not because I wasn t enjoying the story It just seemed like it would never end Yet in my moments of weakness, when I felt like I just couldn t go on, the story of Clyde Griffiths and his struggle to claw his way up the American social ladder was enough t [...]

    16. Bettie☯ on said:

      I see some have shelved this as banned books off to check up the goods on that.Found it Banned in Boston, Mass 1927 and burned by the Nazis in Germany 1933 because it deals with low love affairs Source 2004 Banned Books Resource Guide by Robert P Doyle.low love affairs hahahaA Place in the Sun with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift image error Summer theme 20133 SummertimeSmiles of a Summer Night4 A Summer of Drowning3 Holiday Memory2 A July Holiday in Saxony, Bohemia, and Silesia4 The Head [...]

    17. Duffy Pratt on said:

      This is probably the longest really bad book that I ve ever read I gave up several times, and really can t say why I came back and ultimately persevered through it I first gave up after this wonderful interior monologue passage Gee, life was tough What a rough world it was anyhow How queer things went Really Gee I might have come back to see if the writing could get any worse And on that score, Dreiser did not disappoint There s a literary atrocity on just about every page of this book By the la [...]

    18. Emily on said:

      I had no idea at the time I picked up An American Tragedy that it is supposed to be one of the most important American novels of the 20th century and so I read it without any preconceptions, and enjoyed it all the better for that Despite the somewhat archaic quality of the writing I enjoyed the book I guess because it s a social novel, commenting on such themes as the permutations of class distinctions, equality, status and social ambition, which are still relevant today and because even though [...]

    19. Naomi Blackburn on said:

      I can t believe I hadn t found this classic before What a great read this was Started off strong on page one, and with the exception of the court scenes, continued strong through out all 850 pages Once I got it started, I couldn t put this book down The author was masterful in laying out the storyline slowly and methodically without wearing it down Simply loved it.

    20. Meghan Fidler on said:

      Book One in which Clyde pursues abuseBook Two in which Clyde bestows abuseBook Three in which everything in book one and two is repeated for the reader s abuse

    21. Anna Kļaviņa on said:

      I ve seen Lithuanian TV series, and they were great, and Gediminas Storpir tis is so handsome.

    22. Lobstergirl on said:

      This was just relentlessly sordid, from page one a shabby family preaching and singing itinerantly on the streets of Kansas City, to the son Clyde s bell hop job, where he falls in with a brothel visiting crowd and is conned by a golddigger, to a deadly hit and run accident that shapes the rest of Clyde s life, to the factory floor of his wealthy uncle, and a series of rooms in rooming houses, an unplanned pregnancy, a dilapidated farm and its decrepit owners, and lies upon lies upon lies The w [...]

    23. Wendolyn Aragon on said:

      Yes this book is long, yes this book takes 50 words to tell the reader one idea But for the time it was written 1920 s this book touches on taboo topics that still stir emotions in many Americans in our current time such as abortion and capital punishment It is an amazing social study of the lengths that people will go to to achieve the American Dream If you really can t get through it then go to your local video store and rent A Place in the Sun for the cliff notes version which is actually an [...]

    24. David Sarkies on said:

      The tragedy of the American Dream26 December 2011 I m sort of in two minds about this book myself While it is a tragedy in the traditional sense, it does not really stand up to the great tragedies of Shakespeare, Marlowe, and the Greeks The story is about the downfall of the main character, who is a tragic hero in all senses of the word, but it does not have the intricate and complicated plot that the tragedies of Hamlet and King Lear have, nor is the character of Clyde torn and haunted in the s [...]

    25. George on said:

      LOTS TO BE ANNOYED WITH HERE as in the case of his politics and his religion, he had borrowed all his notions of what was right and wrong from those about him A single, serious, intelligent or rightly informing book had never been read by any member of this family not one But they were nevertheless excellent, as conventions, morals and religions go honest, upright, God fearing and respectable p 251 Theodore Dreiser s behemoth of a novel, An American Tragedy is a mostly annoying read, with only a [...]

    26. Greg Brozeit on said:

      An epic novel with enduring American themes Among these I am always amazed how Dreiser could write so incisively about women s issues Although it was written than a century ago, the consequences of unintended pregnancy that he exposes seem sadly as relevant today as they did then After reading this for the first time than 20 years ago, I became a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood Politicians who try to politicize these issues for personal gain ought to sit down and give his a read Unfort [...]

    27. Victoria on said:

      An interesting concept, butAn American Tragedy is too long for its content.

    28. Michelle on said:

      This author did an exceptional job with character development Yes, it was way too long and detailed, but the characters were so well developed It was heart breaking to see how some of them didn t grow and some went through awful circumstances.

    29. Saxon on said:

      Undoubtedly, this is a great story Dreiser methodically, and often painstakenly, examines the condition of America through the life of the young and impressionable Clyde Griffiths As we follow Clyde from his humble upbringing as the son of street preachers in Kansas City to Chicago to upstate New York in pursuit of altering his lot in life, Dreiser seemingly leaves no aspect of society untouched by his prodding, examination and questioning of its legitimacy, foundations and effect on us as human [...]

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