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Floating in My Mother's Palm

Floating in My Mother's Palm By Ursula Hegi John Collier Francine Kass Floating in My Mother s Palm Floating in My Mother s Palm is the compelling and mystical story of Hanna Malter a young girl growing up in s Burgdorf the small German town Ursula Hegi so brilliantly brought to life in her b

  • Title: Floating in My Mother's Palm
  • Author: Ursula Hegi John Collier Francine Kass
  • ISBN: 9780684854755
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Floating in My Mother's Palm By Ursula Hegi John Collier Francine Kass Floating in My Mother s Palm is the compelling and mystical story of Hanna Malter, a young girl growing up in 1950 s Burgdorf, the small German town Ursula Hegi so brilliantly brought to life in her bestselling novel Stones from the River Hanna s courageous voice evokes her unconventional mother, who swims during thunderstorms the illegitimate son of an American GI, whoFloating in My Mother s Palm is the compelling and mystical story of Hanna Malter, a young girl growing up in 1950 s Burgdorf, the small German town Ursula Hegi so brilliantly brought to life in her bestselling novel Stones from the River Hanna s courageous voice evokes her unconventional mother, who swims during thunderstorms the illegitimate son of an American GI, who learns from Hanna about his father and the librarian, Trudi Montag, who lets Hanna see her hometown from a dwarf s extraordinary point of view Although Ursula Hegi wrote Floating in My Mother s Palm first, it can be read as a sequel to Stones from the River.
    Floating in My Mother's Palm By Ursula Hegi John Collier Francine Kass

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    • [PDF] Read ✓ Floating in My Mother's Palm : by Ursula Hegi John Collier Francine Kass
      299 Ursula Hegi John Collier Francine Kass

    One thought on “Floating in My Mother's Palm

    1. Aubrey on said:

      Hegi s Stones from the River is one of those read books whose memory is caught in the mists between pre GR and post reviewing, when literary enjoyment was a hobby and any career other than engineering a pipe dream Like many books I loved before my understanding of them began to yearn towards holism, I will eventually return and pull from it some sense of origin, grounding the sensibilities of a younger self in the analytic soil of an older I will not indulge in lazy disdain and withering remarks [...]

    2. Elizabeth (Alaska) on said:

      This is the first published book in Ursula Hegi s Burgdorf Cycle I haven t heard the term cycle applied to books before, but it certainly makes sense in this context than does the term series The events in this book take place after her well known Stones from the River.I would characterize this as a collection of stories with the narrator and setting the same throughout Hanna Malter is a young girl who tells of her life and town following WWII when she is perhaps between the ages of 10 and 14 [...]

    3. Linda Lipko on said:

      Profoundly insightful, incredibly haunting, both heartbreakingly sad and heartwarmingly charming, lyrical and poetic in dealing with some very difficult life experiences, this book is destined to be one of my top reads of 2011 In small town post WWII, 1950 s Burgdorf Germany, pre teen Trudy Malter provides insights into colorful characters, rich in history and life experience Possessing the soul of her artistic, carefree mother, and the kind, gentleness of her father, Trudy listens to the storie [...]

    4. Sharon Huether on said:

      The honesty and innocence of a child is expressed by the author as Hanna Malter describes her friends and neighbors in a small town in GermanyLife centers around her friend Trudi at the Pay Library, who knows all.Hanna and her mother are very close and like to take risks.Hanna does her best to make sense of an uncertain world She turns out a strong young teen.

    5. Stacy on said:

      Reviewers felt that this book could be read as a sequel to Stones From the River which is one of my all time favorite books However, it read like a series of short stories than an actual novel Because of this, I felt no connection to the main character, Hanna I even had to check the book jacket to see what her name was, and I just read the book , and I even felt out of touch with the character I had loved so much in Stones Trudi Montag , who has cameo appearances in this book In fact, after hav [...]

    6. Chris on said:

      Absolutely beautiful writing I actually felt the warmth of the people in the town, and felt their sorrows and pains as well The relationship Hannah has with her mother is complex and loving Hegi does an amazing job writing from the perspective of an adolescent girl, and touches on so many cultural post war issues in Germany I highly recommend this book The chapters are like small stories about different people in the village, so it s a great bedside book, easy to read a few chapters and put it d [...]

    7. Jade on said:

      Sensitive, poetic, and gently bold Genre wise, it s right in the middle between a novel and a book of short stories Although much of the subject matter is deep and often sad shocking, Hegi s style is sensitive and subtle enough not to overemphasize the drama The book centers on an adolescent named Hannah s life and the people in her town in post war Germany, whose lives and stories overlap Many of the stories feature characters who have certain oddities about them, and while the book is honest, [...]

    8. Florence on said:

      Hanna, a young girl lives in Burgdorf, a German village on the banks of the Rhein in the postwar 1950s She flits about the village in the carefree manner of a child collecting stories about its inhabitants At first, the tales seem whimsical and lighthearted As Hanna grows she seems to become cognizant of the adversity that touches the lives of her neighbors Some events, though they are macabre, still retain an element of whimsey Does this sound contradictory Ursula Hegi is a masterful writer wit [...]

    9. Maureen on said:

      This was a pleasant enough story, just not especially simulating Short and quick The writing is very nice For the most part, I did not really have a sense of what the novel was about I finally decided it was the coming of age of the central character and her relationship with her mother I have the other book in this cycle, and won t hesitate at all to read it when it comes up.

    10. Judy on said:

      Looking for a very good quick read This book is well written and interesting story More appeal to female than male but a great little book.

    11. Judy on said:

      1950s GermanyTo my surprise, I liked this little book Now I m wondering if I should read Stones from the River again Maybe I had to get comfortable with the tone of Hegi s writing The first sentence plunges the reader into Hegi s style When my mother entered her tenth month of carrying me, I stopped moving inside her womb.Overall, the writing is dark, somber There s no joy or attempt to focus on the positive aspects of life This book is told from a young girl s POV, and she already views the wor [...]

    12. Sue on said:

      Ursula Hegi wrote Floating in My Mother s Palm before Stones from the River , although the events in it come afterward I m not sure why I picked it up, much less bought it, because I was lukewarm about Stones Yet, when I saw that Floating might give a different perspective on some of the same characters, I had to get it It was an easier read that Stones, with chapters like vignettes, and a main character, Hannah, that I found likeable than Trudi in Stones It was also a lot shorter, so I read i [...]

    13. Katie on said:

      I would nearly classify this book as a collection of short stories, although by the end of the book, the reader is aware that the main character is Hanna From time to time, this distinction is unclear as you learn about the lives of the people in town.Hegi has a very pleasant writing style that feels naive and whimsical, fitting as reality is filtered through the mind of a child This stands out in stark contrast to some of the darker undertones of the recollections and backstories recanted about [...]

    14. msleighm on said:

      Five stars, second in the series The first book, Stones from the River, is linear in the telling of a German town WW1 WW2 This one is a generation later, told an essay format, between the chronigal timeline of the daughter of some of the principal characters from the first book, interspersed with slice of life stories about other characters It is a beautifully designed tapestry Coming in under 200 pages, I would have enjoyed twice that much There are two books in the series, I m looking forwar [...]

    15. Diane Webber-thrush on said:

      I read Ursula Hegi s Stones From the River years ago and loved it, so I m not sure what took me so long to pick up another one of her books I heard about this on an NPR show about the book and mini series Olive Kittredge A caller chimed in and said she thought this was a successful collection of short stories about the same characters Hegi wrote it before Stones from the River but it takes place after in time sort of prequel and sequel at the same time It totally worked for me One of my favorit [...]

    16. Jasmine on said:

      While this book isn t technically a collection of short stories, it did read sort of read one each chapter focused on the life of a person living in Burgdorf, with Hanna Malter as the uniting character I generally don t like to read short stories, as the stories usually don t feel satisfactory to me, and just end, or they feel pointless or confusing But in Floating in My Mother s Palm, I enjoyed each character s story, and felt satisfied after each chapter.This book is under 200 pages, and becau [...]

    17. Chelle on said:

      The multiple stories in Hegi s novel were absolutely wonderful Each one was so good, I just wanted of them once I got to the last page I wanted to know about these characters lives, for the stories to continue on The stories were just crafted so wonderfully and immediately took hold of you My favorite story was Through the Dance of Her Hands Just absolutely lovely writing through and through.

    18. Mindy on said:

      I was disappointed by this book After reading and enjoying Ursula Hegi s Stones from the River I looked forward to reading of her books I m a fan of books with a story and found the short story format to be frustrating and actually kind of boring I did enjoy the second half of the book than the first half after I figured out that each chapter was like a short story.

    19. Mmfniteowl on said:

      At first I didn t like the story Halfway through it picked and was enjoyable

    20. Sally on said:

      it was so so it seemed like a series of short stories the characters seemed real but boring.

    21. Melissa Samson on said:

      This was such a beautiful read I m glad my teacher turned this novel of wonderfully crafted vignettes into an assignment.

    22. Kathy on said:

      Though written before Stones From the River, it takes place afterwards Told in the style of vignettes focusing on certain residents of the village.

    23. Veda King on said:

      More like a collection of short stories I was kind of bored And, I still don t know what the title means.

    24. Beaux Cooper on said:

      Floating in My Mother s Palm is a warm, tranquil read that is equal parts tragedy and growth I know that s a complete and utter contradiction, but I have no better way to explain it My reflections on the book cast memories of lyrical writing and original characters Each chapter brings you to a level of secreted voyeurism over the town some exposing every detail while others dangle on the edge of mere inferences It reads as a history than fiction to which fact I would not be surprised if such a [...]

    25. Taylor Moran on said:

      the book is about a young german girl named hanna malter, who is growing up in burgdolf in the 1950s The story is through the eyes of hannah as she relives her childhood and some of the people who lived in the town each chapter is a small story about different people in the town and some chapters go into depth about a certain event but some are also general Hanna tells the story of Trudi Montag, the librarian whose developmental disability caused her mother to lose her mind and whose one chance [...]

    26. Mary on said:

      AAAAaaaahhhhI m scrambling to find good quick reads so I can reach my goal for the year Decided to revisit Ursula Hegi of Stones From the River , one of my most beloved reads from the last ten years I blew through Stones From the River , Hegi is wonderful at creating truly complex, deep, characters Floating In My Mother s Palm was written prior to Stones but is set in the last pages and following the conclusion of Stones I m excited to get started since many of my favorite charcters are in this [...]

    27. Talia Carner on said:

      In the tight community of Burgdorf, a girl observes the foibles of the town s people as they go about their lives Each neighbor young or old somehow touches Hanna s life, unintentionally parting with a lesson, depositing a memory that makes up a childhood The events unfold in Hegi s lyrical, mellifluous voice, rich with the texture of the people and smells of the place Floating In My Mother s Palm is structured less in a novel format that in the form of interlinking short stories Eventually, the [...]

    28. Elena on said:

      A beautiful and touching collection of stories, Floating in My Mother s Palm invokes a small town on the Rhein in post war Germany The book is driven by characters, from the all too recognizable neighbor resting her elbows on a pillow as she gazes out the window all day long to the dwarf librarian who fuels the town s gossip mill Although described as a novel, the stories are fairly disjointed, with each one focusing on different characters and situations until we emerge at the end with an idea [...]

    29. Christina Ramos on said:

      Although I agree with many that this book is not as good as Stones From the River I still think it is a great book The stories take place in the same town with some of the same characters years apart but there are some major differences This is a short read, the story of a young girls life told in a series of vignettes which could stand as short stories on their own and flicker back and forth in a nonlinear manner between her childhood and teenage years Stones is an epic novel, and though the ch [...]

    30. Laurie on said:

      This is a short novel that in many ways reads like a collection of essays It s a series of short vignettes about the people who live in a small German town in the 1950s The narrator is a teenage girl, born just after WWII, and much of the novel deals with the consequences of war for the various townspeople This is a town populated by a truly eclectic cast of characters Hegi does an excellent job of delving deep into and developing each of her characters and their relationships to one another Th [...]

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