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Salt Dancers

Salt Dancers By Ursula Hegi Edith Fowler Salt Dancers Salt Dancers is at once a brilliant portrait of an American family a story of the secrets families guard and a moving account of one woman s journey back to a past filled with elusive memories and s

  • Title: Salt Dancers
  • Author: Ursula Hegi Edith Fowler
  • ISBN: 9780684844824
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Salt Dancers By Ursula Hegi Edith Fowler Salt Dancers is at once a brilliant portrait of an American family, a story of the secrets families guard, and a moving account of one woman s journey back to a past filled with elusive memories and suppressed rage Why did Julia s mother disappear one day without so much as a word How did a loving father who taught her such a beautiful thing as the salt dance become suchSalt Dancers is at once a brilliant portrait of an American family, a story of the secrets families guard, and a moving account of one woman s journey back to a past filled with elusive memories and suppressed rage Why did Julia s mother disappear one day without so much as a word How did a loving father who taught her such a beautiful thing as the salt dance become such a terrifying and abusive presence These are the questions which Julia must confront when she returns to Spokane, Washington, after an absence of twenty three years Salt Dancers, a superbly written novel, is a poignant and truthful chronicle of self discovery and the power of resurrection.
    Salt Dancers By Ursula Hegi Edith Fowler

    Salt Dancers by Ursula Hegi Jan , Ursula Hegi, Edith Fowler Designed by . Rating details , ratings reviews Salt Dancers is at once a brilliant portrait of an American family, a story of the secrets families guard, and a moving account of one woman s journey back to a past filled with elusive memories and suppressed rage. SALT Contemporary Dance The Look of Now Joni is a co founder and former dancer of SALT Contemporary Dance where she has worked with artists such as Alex Ketley, Brendan Duggan, and Gabrielle Lamb She is also on faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. Salt Dancers Hegi, Ursula Books Mar , Salt Dancers is at once a brilliant portrait of an American family, a story of the secrets families guard, and a moving account of one woman s journey back to a past filled with elusive memories and suppressed rage Why did Julia s mother disappear one SALT DANCERS Kirkus Reviews Aug , SALT DANCERS by Ursula Hegi RELEASE DATE Aug , A disappointing successor to Hegi s panoramic PEN Faulkner nominee, Stones from the River , revisiting that overworked world of troubled childhoods recalled years later by still obsessed adults. Experience the magic of PAN SALT Contemporary Dance SALT s longest running and most popular production a magical and inspiring reimagining of the story of Peter Pan that allows local dancers the chance to rehearse and perform alongside SALT professionals Audiences flock to this production to support their local dancers and to enjoy the heart warming narrative of a favorite childhood story. SALT II SALT Contemporary Dance SALT provides an opportunity for dancers to have a professional experience mirroring that of SALT The company performs SALT repertory as well as their own set of work from emerging choreographers Rehearsals are led by the company director and focus on developing strong technique, partnering choreography skills, and performance. SALT Academy Take Dance, Voice, Theatre and Music SALT Academy and Performing Arts Company in Gresham, Oregon offering instruction in various forms of dance as well as drama, voice and music. Exotic Kitty Mark McCormack February , Exotic Kitty Stripper Pay, Exotic Dancer, Exotic Kitty, Stripper Salt Lake City Strip Clubs Super Facts Mark McCormack February , Exotic Kitty Strip Club , Stripper Salt Lake City

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      141 Ursula Hegi Edith Fowler

    One thought on “Salt Dancers

    1. Ellen on said:

      I recently have read several books that I found depressing and this one certainly fits into that category It, again, has me pondering if a good book is a book that you enjoy reading or if a good book is one that is capable of allowing you to experience the extreme emotions of the characters In Salt Dancers, the main character, Julia, has returned to her childhood town after a absence of 20 years to seek answers and heal her troubled childhood As those who has experienced turmoil in childhood wel [...]

    2. Diana on said:

      I hate to give Ms Hegi a 3 on anything her previous novels rank among some of my favorite books This book, however, didn t move me on nearly the same level It s not so much a novel as a really long character study I didn t connect with Julia on any level and end up far fascinated with her brother what s the rest of his story I guess that s where my disappointment is rooted in books like Stones from the River, there s such a weaving of lives, stories, etc Here all we get is Julia, who s not very [...]

    3. Sandra on said:

      The salt dance of the title refers to a family tradition that walking over a line of salt will mean leaving cares behind The novel clarifies that this is not so simply possible, but it also indicates that a new beginning is possible.

    4. Andrea on said:

      I loved Hegi s Stones By The River, but I wonder if I ve now been spoiled by my MFA turning into a discriminating reader Or maybe she just wrote a thudder on this one Bits of it were lovely, but mostly it lacked tension, had slack dialogue, and was ultimately a character study, not a story And, in that, I fear what I hate most about this book is what I do the most of in my own writing i.e sit back and study a character and fail to actually tell a story.

    5. Marcy Rae Henry on said:

      this whole review contains spoilers liked the approach she had with dancing in my mother s palm, but this book was a far cry from the best parts of that the plot is simple, but thint of the lispector attitude it it thru tremendous effort that i keep my life simple i don t care enough about the narrator to get involved in her drama the characters, friendships and familial relationships are somewhat infuriating the whole premise of the book rests upon the confrontation with the father but is he tr [...]

    6. Debbie Bateman on said:

      I have only started this book, but already I love it The writing is gorgeous, imaginative and brave Did I mention gypsies Well, I finished the book While I still think it is beautifully written and I m glad that I read it, I was disappointed in how the story unravelled It seems to me that she backed away from the depth of betrayal the daughter must have felt over her absentee and abusive father I found the psuedo reconciliation between the two of them unbelievable.

    7. Cecily Bobrowski on said:

      It s hard for me to decide whether or not I enjoyed reading this book It was sad, and the action was sparse among the extensive memories and thoughts of the narrator What I can say is that Hegi s writing is so realistic her characters felt incredibly real and deserving of the empathy I inherently gave them I connected with and understood the narrator very well I appreciated getting to know her in the focused manner established by Hegi This novel, though it could have used a little story, thankf [...]

    8. Dominic Dawson on said:

      It was ok Normally she is one of my favorite authors but while the language and descriptions were well written in her typical style it felt slight like not a fully fleshed out story Enjoyable but not my favorite of her books.

    9. Jamie on said:

      Hegi writes another emotionally compelling story about families and relationships When 41 year old Julia finds herself pregnant and unmarried she decides to confront the emotional issues from her childhood regarding her parents divorce and her father s subsequent decline into alcoholism and abuse She soon finds herself also trying to deal with the fact that her mother abandoned the children with their father and trying to find the truth about her mother was as a person rather than this idealized [...]

    10. Austen to Zafón on said:

      Let s say Hegi had never written Stones From the River I might have liked this book But SFTR is a hard act to follow and I found this book fell flat for me It s too bad Nonetheless, I ll continue to read what Hegi puts out because she is a superb writer and you never know when she might again reach the heights of SFTR.

    11. Suzette on said:

      A wonderful portrait of a woman searching for the truths about her family which fell apart when she was very young The story examines the stories and lies we tell ourselves as part of our family history Hegi s prose is always excellent and, although this is a very raw story of abuse, it is also very illuminating about family interrelationships.

    12. Erin on said:

      I don t know what to say in this review I m very ambivalent towards this book It started out slowly and I didn t think I would bother finishing it, but then sections got much better and interesting, but even as I was drawn into it, I just didn t care much I finished with a feeling of Why was this written

    13. Kelley on said:

      a pretty confusing book about a pregnant at 41 woman s complicated relationship with her abusive alcoholic father and her absent mother who left when she was a child I thought the language of this book was really beautiful and it didn t take me long to read the book but I wish there was a little resolution at the end Instead of a crescendo, this book pretty much ended with a thud.

    14. Jeanmarie on said:

      Simply beautiful writinge story of a family, splintered and devastated, and told by the daughter Julia s fantasies and remembrances are sprinkled throughout the narrative, italicized moments in phrase or long imagined scenes Though the pain, inflicted by both mother and father, cannot be retracted, there is reconciliation.

    15. Rebecca on said:

      I remember liking Stones from the River, but this book seems heavy handed, clich , and, well, boring Sorry Ursula.

    16. Lee Roversi on said:

      sometimes i stick with a book because of the compelling writing, even though the subject matter is emotionally dark so it was with this book for me.

    17. Doris Powell on said:

      I was disappointed in this book I had read previous books by this author and really liked them In this book I could not relate to the main character, Julia I found her a little too whiny I did like her brother Travis and would like to have known about his character, why he took care of his father and why he specialized in yard sales The ending was also abrupt Very little was resolved Did Julia forgive her father Did her mother come to see her in Vermont or even keep in touch Had her father reall [...]

    18. David on said:

      The language in this one functioned interestingly There were times when despite the simplicity of the sentences, it was almost difficult to sort things out, like it was keeping me at a distance from the character That mirrored when the character was having trouble, so perhaps that was intended It worked either way It added a great deal of depth Or, maybe I m just imagining things Difficult to say for certain.

    19. Jan Dunkle on said:

      An empathetic story of abandonmentBe careful with your children if you have any for they are fragile creatures with raw emotions regarding their parents It is so true, the parent that stays behind gets the anger and the one that abandons is glorified Ursula as always is very wise and her stories always evokes salty tears I feel beatings is a euphemism for something darker.

    20. Bamboozlepig on said:

      Protaganist was overly whiny Father was a mean drunk Mother abandoned the family and went off to lead another life while not bothering to really look back or even seeming to feel regret that she left her two kids to be damaged by the drunk and abusive dad Pretty cliched and overly angsty, with plenty of why me navel gazing.

    21. Maggie on said:

      I wanted to love this and did enjoy getting into it, but so much after that felt unrealistic or unresolved.

    22. Moni Novak on said:

      I couldn t remember the book a week after I read it I found the writing beautiful but the overall book very depressing.

    23. Stephanie on said:

      Salt Dancers, by Ursula Hegi, was wonderfully composed Ms Hegi draws out her story of her main character s, Julia s, return to the Pacific Northwest Spokane, Washington, Lake Coeur D Alene, Idaho, and a town whose name I ve forgotten on the Oregon Coast and her meetings with her father and brother, uncle and aunt, and mother after absences of many years almost as though Julia were telling her story to a friend After all, when you are telling a story to a friend, you have to stop sometimes and ba [...]

    24. Nicole on said:

      This novel left me feeling disappointed and disallusioned A story of a woman Julia who returns to the home of her childhood to confront the abuses inflicted by her father when she was a child This is fostered in part by Julia s pregnancy she feels a need to find resolution and closure as she brings a new life into the world Her life has been scarred by not only her father s abuse but also her mother s abandonment of both her and her brother when they were youngsters The novel is a quick read but [...]

    25. Lanea on said:

      Salt Dancers is the story of a woman coming to terms with her own history as an abused child before she gives birth to a child she never planned to have Like most of Hegi s books, the novel is intensely emotional, and deals with questions of childhood, family, abandonment, loss, friendship the biggies.I love everything the woman writes, but I didn t like this one quite as much as I liked the novels set in Germany I wanted a bit of a story to surface connecting the protagonist and the father of [...]

    26. Emily on said:

      This book is Hegi s second novel and, though it received less acclaim than her debut, I found it quite good It s the story of Julia, a recently divorced and unexpectedly pregnant woman who returns to her childhood home and is forced to confront memories of abuse and abandonment Her relationships with her father and brother and her concept of her mother are excellently described by Hegi in the context of a youth spent at a home on a beautiful lake A focus on water and swimming add to the hazy, in [...]

    27. Annie on said:

      I wonder if my lower rating here is based on aspects of the crafting of the novel that did not work for me or the content Maybe both It is important to read uncomfortable books about child abuse and abandonment I guess I was expecting the abuser in this novel to be exposed and stood up to rather than getting lost in a selective memory.It so often is up to the abused to come to terms with their unaccountable abusers on their own From a need to go on and make our own lives we forgive the one who l [...]

    28. Cathy Klein on said:

      Salt Dancers was an interessting story about love and betrayal Julia Travis grew up with their father remembering and longing for their mother who just seemingly up disappeared one day without even a goodbye Julia tells the tale as she is trying to come to terms with her childhood since she is about to have her own daughter She has not visited her father in than 20 years since he was abusive to her as a child so this is a major part in her healing.I enjoy Hegi s writing as it is almost lyrical [...]

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