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في ظلال القرآن

في ظلال القرآن By Sayed Qutb سيد قطب

  • Title: في ظلال القرآن
  • Author: Sayed Qutb سيد قطب
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • في ظلال القرآن By Sayed Qutb سيد قطب .
    في ظلال القرآن By Sayed Qutb سيد قطب

    • ✓ في ظلال القرآن æ Sayed Qutb سيد قطب
      424 Sayed Qutb سيد قطب

    One thought on “في ظلال القرآن

    1. Mai on said:

      It s the best book I ve ever read so far makes me love the Koran becoz sayed Qutb May Allah bless his soul didn t just give us meanings of every verse but he went byond the meaning and what s the theme of every surat ,what the verses mean and its effect on the intellect and the heart.unlike most of tafisr books ,this one is so informative ,touching and it adds to u something ,it makes u feel that u understand things ,things u take for granted in everyday life s really Brilliant and I recommend [...]

    2. Hammad on said:

      remembering page 43 or 44 if I m not mistaken, hadith Al fatihah, I cried the moment I read it, the interaction that always has been in our prayers, 5 times a day, after reading just pages of this exegesis, you can clearly see why this always has been among the best interpretation of the Quran, the reason is that he, sayyid qutb is totally living his life under the shade of the Quran, written in two phases, with the ink of a poet and the blood of a martyr, one of his most memorable sayings is th [...]

    3. Ifreet_Mohamed on said:

      Why did I give it four stars Qutb is a controversial figure, this exegesis is a tour de force that really engages with the text of the Quran in a poetic and easy manner It was an up to date exegesis for Qutb s time and is effecting a lot of people to this day One of the strongest aspects of this exegesis is that a number of people from a wide variety of backgrounds will find it relevant and a must read reformers, scholars, academics, philosophers and simple lay people.I don t agree with everythi [...]

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