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Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories

Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories By Amy Hempel Tumble Home A Novella and Short Stories Long admired for her tough minded original and fully felt short stories Sheila Ballyntyne The New York Times Book Review Amy Hempel takes her art to new heights in her first remarkable novella wa

  • Title: Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories
  • Author: Amy Hempel
  • ISBN: 9780684838878
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories By Amy Hempel Long admired for her tough minded, original, and fully felt short stories Sheila Ballyntyne, The New York Times Book Review , Amy Hempel takes her art to new heights in her first remarkable novella was well as in her latest collection of stories that comment on life s ironies with decidedly offbeat intelligence As we read, we learn that to discover meaning in stray pLong admired for her tough minded, original, and fully felt short stories Sheila Ballyntyne, The New York Times Book Review , Amy Hempel takes her art to new heights in her first remarkable novella was well as in her latest collection of stories that comment on life s ironies with decidedly offbeat intelligence As we read, we learn that to discover meaning in stray pieces of our universe is a happy, curative act.Hempel makes haunting bits of beauty out of motley scraps Adam Begley, People
    Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories By Amy Hempel

    What Is a Tumblehome with pictures May , A tumblehome is a design feature in ships wherein the sides show a convex curvature on the bottom portion and continue up in a slightly concave line on the upper portion of the ship If the ship were to be cut in a cross section, its shape would resemble that of a pear, with its lower half larger than the upper half. Tumble Home A Novella and Short Stories by Amy Hempel Tumble Home A Novella and Short Stories Critically acclaimed master of the short story Amy Hempel s Tumble Home is narrated by people with skewed visions of home Not exactly crazy, they become obsessed and irrational as their inner logic leads them astray. Tumble Home A Novella and Short Stories Hempel, Amy May , Tumble Home was an introduction to Amy Hempel s work I adored this slim book Hempel indited a simple read that proffered a face to the everyday moments of life, whether poignant, fascinating and also amusing even when dealing with a crucial issue as mental illness Hempel allowed the reader to sit back and regard the most trivial of things. Tumblehome Tumble home Definition of Tumble home at Dictionary Tumble home definition, an inward and upward slope of the middle body of a vessel See . Welcome Tumble Home Learning Tumblehome inspires kids to envision themselves as scientists and engineers through the power of story With over titles on different STEM subjects for different age groups, Tumblehome is the leading publisher of STEM books for kids Tumblehome CRM databases, web sites, hosting and hardware TUMBLEHOME ENTERPRISES is a consortium of consultants who, working together, will meet all of your computer related needs. We re a small business located in Portland, Oregon We d love to give you an estimate today. Tumblehome a Boundary Waters Podcast with Erik and Adam That Old North Wind Tips, tricks and protocols for dealing with one of the most troublesome aspects of travel in the BWCA wind We also hear from Andy at Tuscarora on his strategies and stories concerning the wind and a harrowing personal tale from the July th blowdown. Front Page Reuben Smith s Tumblehome Boatshop What s in a Name Tumblehome is an old boatbuilding term, referring to boat shape The opposite of flare, tumblehome is where the upper part of the sides of a boat curve back inward. tumblehome a reflections blog site The name tumblehome derives from water craft terminology, for me, from canoeing in particular Literally, tumblehome connotes the shape of a canoe where the distance between the gunwales is less than than the overall width of the canoe.

    • ✓ Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories Õ Amy Hempel
      323 Amy Hempel

    One thought on “Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories

    1. Lukasz Pruski on said:

      This is what happens to me I start out being myself, and end up being my mother A big disappointment I liked Amy Hempel s set At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom, which in addition to unremarkable pieces has three or four memorable stories Unfortunately I find every story included in Tumble Home 1997 quite unexceptional and the cover blurb that says Tumble Home is a tour de force is a misleading statement.Tumble contains seven short stories one of them extremely short and the title novella of abo [...]

    2. Richard on said:

      Amy Hempel is a writer you don t want to read lazily Even in her 70 page title novella, you don t want to flash over a single syllable, for Hempel is an intensive writer of the unsaid, working with both what is on the page and what isn t to convey the complex emotions of her characters Also, since many of her narrators or narratives are disjointed in some way or, like in the title novella, unbalanced , their methods of storytelling are often indirect in form, but direct in emotion Hempel s clear [...]

    3. Keleigh on said:

      I kind of hate these stories A friend recommended Amy Hempel to me, not this particular collection, but raved about one of her short stories as an absolute all time favorite So I took a chance on Tumble Home when I saw it at a used bookstore and started reading it on a plane ride to Boston The stories are all supershort and spare, which I generally like, but I felt nothing while reading them Except vague annoyance I suppose I ll finish it, as I only have the eponymous novella left, but I m prett [...]

    4. Jim on said:

      It s not as if these stories are poor, because she writes well enough, but they left me feeling thing Which is strange They just didn t seem to go anywhere They felt like writing exercises I hope it is not terrible of me to write this I suppose some will enjoy them They could have at least made me laugh, if they weren t going anywhere, or spark some emotion, but they failed to do so The novella wasn t so bad.

    5. Cait Poytress on said:

      Oof I am so disappointed when I say that Hempel and I just did not click, at all I don t think her writing is awful, but the stories themselves did absolutely nothing for me in reality I found myself quite bored I m not going to give up on her forever though I have some of her novels, and her collected stories I will give them a try eventually, but not any time in the near future.

    6. Cooper Cooper on said:

      This book contains seven short stories and a novella by American writer Amy Hempel Actually, the short stories are like vignettes they concern themselves with the minutiae of middle class life in America what folks talk about and do at a children s party, for instance Hempel listens and observes well, but I don t find these pieces particularly compelling like thin slices of life that are quickly scarfed and excreted in toto No existential tang, little after taste All of the stories are in esse [...]

    7. Colin McKay Miller on said:

      Three stars Collected Stories review Amy Hempel s Collected Stories starts with my favorite short story collection ever, Reasons to Live, and then proceeds to highlight the author s decline to mediocrity.Don t get me wrong ask me who the best short story writer is and I ll still say Amy Hempel, but sometimes you have to be honest, even about the people you admire most Like many who got into Hempel prior to the rabid Chuck Palahniuk endorsement, I was hooked by the widely anthologized In the Ceme [...]

    8. Christopher on said:

      This is the first collection of Amy Hempel s writing I have read, my only other exposure being the book of dog poetry Unleashed Poems by Writers Dogs book show 3 she co edited with Jim Shepard and I enjoyed the vividness of individual phrases Many of her stories seem as aimless as her characters, however, and I found myself drifting in and out of focus and consciousness as I read them This was not always unpleasant, since I would return, dreamlike, to the last word I remembered and then proceed, [...]

    9. Clementine on said:

      Amy Hempel is a role model and inspiration for Chuck Palahniuk and having finally got my hands on a copy of her work, I was anticipating great things she did not disappoint.Her writing is captivating and each short story left me wanting to know what happens both before and after the small part of the characters lives she allows us in on The novella was gorgeously written I was close to tears at least once and laughed out loud at least an equal amount of times.I honestly cannot exactly express wh [...]

    10. Teresatobin on said:

      Tedious This author is one of those that likes to write about the the small and mundane in incredible detail and length and we are supposed to be impressed by their prose and language I was not On a side note the characters read so privileged to me Some of the themes are universal love, loss, illness but all I could think is imagine dealing with this and having a broken car or not being able to pay rent These people have problems and they have the wealth and privilege to explore them in excrucia [...]

    11. Leota on said:

      I loved, loved, LOVED Amy Hempel s first book, Reasons to Live , so it s safe to say my expectations for Tumble Home were pretty high Theywere not met Something just isn t there with this collection Maybe it s that sense of urgancy that s missing, maybe it s because every story has a dog in it seriously I bet you could make a pretty good drinking game out of this book if you took a shot everytime a dog was mentioned I don t know All I know is that this was a fairly forgettable book of short stor [...]

    12. Wayne on said:

      An amazing short story writer And by short, I mean way short Hempel can do in a few pages and in single sentences what other authors need pages for No words wasted, her stories read like poetry with a huge dose of humor She finds tension and hilarity in the everyday and opens your eyes to pay attention to the things in life you might otherwise miss Can t wait to read her writing again Highly recommended

    13. David Meza on said:

      Though well written, this book seemed to be a collection of obscure and interchangeable short stories, followed by a novela that hardly provided and sustenance This is my first reading of Hemple, following a friend s recommendation, but the entire time I felt a presence of a disgruntled stay at home wife and mother who longed for though she herself was unsure of what her end game was.

    14. Kimmy on said:

      For all the lead up I heard about Hempel, I could only give this book 2 stars Perhaps without Chuck Pahlaniuk s rabid endorsement, it would ve been three Her stories are well crafted, but felt too similar from one to another for my taste.

    15. Arnoldo Rosas on said:

      La cotidianidad Siempre la terrible cotidianidad Y una mirada llena de afecto.

    16. Linda DiMeo Lowman on said:

      I read this book in the 90s and loved it so much I read it again Hempel s style is unlike anyone I ve read, but her work is riveting The collection contains short stories, short short stories and a novella.

    17. Jim on said:

      This is the first of Amy Hempel that I ve read and it seems, for me, I ve picked a good book to begin with because, although unusually she has achieved fame famous as a writer of short stories the piece in this collection that I enjoyed the most far than the rest was her one and only novella, the titular Tumble Home The short stories that precede this will clearly written by someone who knows how to string a sentence together but I don t think I ll remember any of them for than a few days I m [...]

    18. Steven on said:

      Original review below I have actually read this a few times, but for this read I have a different take than before I still like The Annex best of the shorter pieces It is a great short story The others really seem like non sequitors They are kind of in that original Gordon Lish style from the early issues of The Quarterly, but I d guess these were the ones he rejected if, of course, he ever rejected his darling writers Yes, The Sportsman still fits as the only traditional short story in the col [...]

    19. Diann Blakely on said:

      While Hempel has since published a collection of her fiction, introduced beautifully by Rick Moody, in some ways her magnificent novella, TUMBLE HOME, retains a strong place in my personal literary pantheon, and I ve no doubt that this is because she works like a poet Such attunement to language, whether invented, spoken, or epistolary Not to mention the humor For example, I have made friends with the Southerner, we hear from the narrator of TUMBLE HOME, the Southerner in question named not iron [...]

    20. Blurred Snake Reviews on said:

      BLEH.My goodnesse time it took me to chew through this book I spent time trying to get through Tumble Home than I would like to admit All I found was a vapid collection of stories with vague and lifeless characters Not a single story gripped my attention, and they have all meshed into a bland ball of literature containing no direction and only passionless characters I cannot even bring myself to produce a review that is longer than a hundred words.Despite it all, it must be stated that Hempel h [...]

    21. Paul on said:

      A Book of Little Rough Cut Gems I was surprised by how many Amy Hempel hits I got when I searched for her name Amy Hempel has been saddled with that dreadful mantle of being a writer s writer To me that says, She s great but no one knows about her Why people don t know about her is kind of a mystery to me, actually Her stories and as immense in meaning as they are economical on words Many times, I ve read one of her pieces and thought, Hmmm What was that about But then I find it creeping around [...]

    22. Chinook on said:

      Weekend, Church Cancels Cow and The Children s Party remind me of childhoodg has died The need for the new love is faithfulness to the old He goes to pick up the steaks, there could be a stuffed effigy of the butcher behind the counter, Tony d engage it in conversation HousewifeShe would always sleep with her husband and with another man in the course of the same day, and then the rest of the day, for whatever was left to her of that day, she would exploit by incanting, French film, French film. [...]

    23. Eve Kay on said:

      Reading Tumble Home was breathtaking It was like my heart opened and let in things that took up space so air had nowhere to go for a while I think I had one of those moments when you read someone and you think This person understands me They write the words you ve been thinking or feeling for so long but you didn t know it I think The Dog of The Marriage and Tumble Home are legendary works of fiction for me They will always remain in my mind as pieces of work that opened my heart to truly realis [...]

    24. Kelly on said:

      Most of this collection is devoted to the title novella, in which a psychiatric patient explores her life through letters to a famous artist It s got lots of chuckle worthy dark humor but also a lot of heartfelt passages about grief and difficult relationships 4 stars The rest of the stories also deal with home and difficult emotions, with some flashes of lightheartedness I got a vague sense of unpleasantness from a couple of the stories, and was glad they weren t very long 2.5 stars for the gro [...]

    25. Philip on said:

      What s for me to say It is Amy Hempel What I can say is that I had forgotten the name of one of my favorite stories of hers and was ecstatic that I found it hidden in this collection It s called The Annex and it is masterful The other standout for me in this collection is The New Lodger As for Tumble Home the novella very close to perfect, in my opinion How it sneaks up like a rogue wave and carries you off, not to drown, but to ask you to ask yourself a lot of questions you are uncomfortable co [...]

    26. B. Mason on said:

      Amy Hempel s novella is a beautiful and moving piece in the form of a confessional letter to a painter the woman loves While I can t say all the short stories in this collection were of the same caliber there were some real gems, like Church Cancels Cow As I move through her work I am continued to be floored by Hempel s ability to articulate the quiet moments of pain with such sparse prose Her work has the mass of Pluto.

    27. Jenny on said:

      I give this book five stars I d give it six, if I could And they would all be pure gold And they d be powerful They d shoot lasers at enemies, protect little kids from nightmares and monsters, and bake cookies on the weekends They d lick your face, Amy Hempel, to wake you up in the morning like a best friend dog who feels nothing but love and protection They d be the best gold stars ever I love this book I love it.

    28. Nicole Smith on said:

      This was a fascinating, and a little disturbing read Hempel did a great job of weaving a number of threads through the novella where each time that theme or event came up again you realized it was profound that you would have ever imagined Human interaction and the way we respond to events in our lives and the people who come in and out is a very fascinating, very complex thing This novella highlights that well.

    29. Carol on said:

      I selected this after seeing Marissa had read several of her books As I read the dust jacket, I saw that Raymond Carver called her a precisionist and I love his short stories If he gave her notice, she must have talent This was an enjoyable book I especially liked the short story Annex She has the ability to create mystery and tension in the seemingly everyday.

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